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Thinking about Harvard University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Harvard University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Harvard University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Harvard University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Harvard University experience. These Harvard University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hey, guys. Freshman at Harvard on today, I'm gonna be showing you around my room. First of all, we're gonna start with, um, our shoe area. This is where we keep our shoes way Have these nice rain and snow boots because it's really cold here, and these ones are mine. Just looked really cool. It's like for the aesthetic of the room. I never see dorm towards that. Show us what's in the fridge. So I'll show you what's in the French. We got banana, whatever that is. Milk. Um, hot pockets. All right, Now we're gonna go on to my jacket and the hook from my jacket. Our printer, this the window. This window actually doesn't close all the way. So we have a contraption here, call a pencil on there's black tape on it, and yeah, and make sure this side of the window closes. Oh, if I show you trash can and our compost bins. This is our chair. You know, every house has, like, a chair that you just put stuff on. Well, this is our check. This is the guitar. Um oh, over here. This is our nice cows that we like to sit on when I'm not sitting on my desk and doing homework, I'm sitting here doing homework. Here's a little nice thing you could do with it. Thank you. Okay. Uh, this is our table. Don't like cops. We put food on and we're eating. We put on work on it. If we're doing home where you work a lot here, Um, yeah. Who is that down here? Our floors really dirty. It's like if you don't wear socks or shoes or get all dusty stuff. Well, we don't clean it because we're This is my personal trash can because I don't like having to get up for this. My desk, My personal trust can I don't like having to get up all the way over there to throw man trash here. This isn't by my hero Academia poster I used to have up on the walls, but my roommates didn't like it, so I have to put it next. Um, and this is also where I keep my shoes right here, because I have a lot of shoes. Uh, and I've been reading it the recent issue of the Harvard Crimson. That's why it's on my desk. Harvard Crimson is the Harvards newspaper organization that makes newspapers. Whoa! Look at this article Senior killed by bird. That is like, really crazy. I don't think anyone should use the word cunt. Not even in writing, Christine. Well, Harvard Crimson has really cool articles. If you want me to do a video on that, just tell me from the Colorado section. Yeah, I do my homework here most of the time. I have scissors, tape staples, whole bunch if I need to use any of that on my homework. Hands, pencils, tissues. Oh, here are some books that I like. So this is my bad feminist for my one. My feminist classes from this is the filmmakers handbook for my filmmaking class. What else do I have here? Oh, this is my lamp. This is the home of Ford, My baby. Have some nice posters who run the world. There's my drawing of Pleiku in my favorite Pokemon done by my amazing Channel artist Caitlin defend diversity and our room A contract, um, be kind. Respect, privacy and space don't steal its all signed by all of our roommates. Um, okay. Okay. So as for my roommates room, there's four. Listen here two of them live in this room. Two of them live in that room. I live in that room for this room. They said I could only show one part of the room, so yeah, I can only show you this rug that they have in it. It's really spacious. This is really stages, but yeah, they have this next dragon in which we don't have room for in our room. Um, no. Um oh. What the hell is this On my roommate's desk. Oh, jackets. Now we're gonna go into my room. Wow, this shit. So, yeah, there's so little space right here for me to get through because this room is really small and I'm a picky. So I implanted These little device is working onto my bed. Um, this my fan, because it gets really hot in here. Oh, these are the pictures of my friend. I come Wow. Such cool, Good old days. Okay, um, trash can lotion, tissues. My closet exit sign for the extent, Um oh, no. We could go to the most important part bathroom for this dorm were connected to another very similar dorm. It's like the same thing that you guys just solved. And in the middle of the connection, this little hallway year, there's a bathroom. Now we're gonna check that out first. This is where I put my like showers. Welcome to the bathroom. So these are the things for washing our hands. Giving a demonstration. Good. This is the table that I bought on bathroom. I would show you how to use it, but there's no record of a grill. It's Let's see if there's any more. Oh, yeah, our You can get on it. Um, yeah, that's the entirety of my room. I hope you guys enjoyed this room tour, and if you guys would like to see any other videos this So this is huge In library, it's a library for are rare book collections, and this is Lamont Library. Mama is one of the most commonly used library's. A lot of students have a love fondue or rather stressful memories. Here. I actually pulled three all nighters already in this library. It's open twenty four seven. Andi. It's very nice because it has a cafe. The this window faces a cafe area and cafe can be used in these board, plus on copies. So boy Plus is something is sixty five dollars that you get on your ID card on every semester and it transfers over to the next semester, but not over to the next year. So fall semester transfers over to spring semester. But then it's gone for next year, so you get sixty five dollars a semester and you can use that, um on cafes, certain certain business, like restaurants of food places at Harvard Square and other places like that. But sixty five dollars really comes in to use when it's like one a m in the morning. And you're you need that extra jolt of like energy. So you go to Lamont, get yourself a little donut and coffee and it it's really refreshing. But, yeah, that's a month, and Houston is not as commonly used, but it's tough. But it's one of the few libraries that's open to the public so long, people like going in there. So if you ever visit campus, I'm going to see you can't go in there. Marching band. They just put on the little performance. I just missed it. That's a huge base that they carry around. Be strong. The daycare around. Yeah, and they're known for their like crimson colored jacket, black pants. They go around sometimes in the middle of the day, just playing for us today. It was because we had the Dartmouth Harvard game, which brings me to football games. So football games are bigger. Any other college here at Harvard, we don't really football games. It's less about the football games. It's really no law. People go. That's unfortunate. But we do have something called the game, and the game happens every year between Harvard and Yale. This year it's at Yale, and basically it's this huge rivalry game. It's really big. I'll be going to Yale in the month to see the game. It's something that everyone goes through. So even though football isn't stopped, big on the game So, guys, this is my friend Kevin. He's in UC under construction with Mito Acapella Group on DH. He volunteered to answer some questions. So coming Can you just, like, introduce yourself and explain why you chose Harvard? I've been in this company, you say? My name is Kevin, you say, And the reason why I chose Farber was because I want it. I wanted to top into the resources and the opportunities that campus had, and also to I like the community here, both the faith based community and also like a black community here. Great. So described this community that you're talking about what's like this doing body like at the school. So I went to the third most diverse public school in Massachusetts, and yet still, Harvard is extremely even more diverse than that school. So I really like the student body here. Everybody's really supportive and open until, like understanding each other's backgrounds and diverse perspectives. I actually very shocked by that when I came to What? What, What? What? What? Every single time that I wear my Harvard class of 2022 shirt. I'm asked the exact same question. Yeah. How did you get the Harvard? So I've decided to answer every single one of them with a YouTube video. Welcome how I got into Harvard. So first of all, for a little bit of back story, my name is Matthew, and I'm a junior at Harvard College. I'm 17 years old. I got into Harvard on December 14th 2015 when I was only 14 years old. While other high schools were doing things like sports getting a girlfriend. I had one goal in my mind to be the first ever Asian person to be accepted at Harvard University. I stopped trying to make friends and do other normal high school stuff to make sure I got into Harvard. Soas faras how I got in. We'll start with the very hard statistics. I had a 6.9 g p a on a 4.0 scale, which seems high because it is, huh? I'm a fucking genius. People always ask me how I got my g p s so hot after all. four point. Oh, like that's supposed to be the highest score that you're supposed to get on a four point scale. Well, I'm not gonna share all of my secrets, But if you know what the Salt Shaker challenges, then yeah, test scores. So I took the S A. T a total of six times under the name Matthew check. While my highest individual score was 900. My highest super score was a 1600 or a perfect score. Now I understand that your audit, my amazing school. So I started an S a T taking service. How it works is that people pay me for the score that they want. For example, if they want a 1400 they pay me $14,000. Once I got the money, then I would take the test for them. Simple is that it's been a great and very, very, very well paying job. And while my customer satisfaction rate may not be that high, check out the description. If you want to learn more about my service and maybe even test it out now for my mom, I'm busy now for my AP scores. Biggest scam ever. So I took 24 AP classes. And here they are. Well, I took a whole bunch of AP exams. You do not need to take that money, but make sure you take at least 18 or else you're probably not even gonna get into any school at all. So now that's all for the hard statistics. Now we can move on to my extracurriculars now. I was part of four clubs in high school. My first club and arguably the most important club was make America great again club and we will make America great again. God bless you on good night. I love you. Basically, what we did was parade around the school lunch and call out every single one of those damn snowflakes and made sure that every single minority we saw had proof of citizenship. I actually had a position of very high honor in the club. I was grand. Kludd, up make American Critic Club. Before we marched, I would give inspirational speeches and I had the honor of waving our Confederate flag around club number two. No cussing club, like the name implies, we made sure that cussing was completely eradicated from the entirety of our beautiful pure clean high school campus. No cussing club has even traveled toe outside of my high school life. I even call out people Regular World. So, guys, this is a curse. Watch where we stopped the streets from the devil's lettuce that is cursing. Let's get started with you. That's right, Stop cussing. So don't test me if I see one hecking cuss word in the common section. You don't know what club number three League of Legends Club legal legends is one of my favorite games in the entire world. Legal Legends Club was really a win win number one. It made my college applications so much better. And number two I even up my skill level. League of legends. See for yourself. Oh, like no. And the fourth and final club that I was in high school was Eastern European accent. Now I know what you're thinking. I'm not Eastern European, but, you know, from all the research, I don't I realized that Harvard really loves diversity, which is why I did everything in my power to be a diverse scene. That's why I joined Eastern European. Excellent. It was a rough ride. The meetings were kind of weird. Everyone kept looking at me, but whatever I got into Harvard so there stairs mean nothing to me now for the things I did outside of school. Not that kind of stuff. Outside of school, I have a job. I sell my body. I'm also a try platform Pokemon collector. I collect on iPhone, I collect cards and I collect on the D s The best way to show you how immersed I am in this is showing you some of my collection. We'll start with Pokemon. Go my favorite from this probably annuity. But it's we've I'll look how beautiful he is. I think some of my favorite cards for my collection. Top of Feeny GX, Die Aga E X Secret rare and finally mega Rick Waza two. I'm also part of my local Shawn Mendes fan club. We meet every Wednesday and Friday from 5 to 7 pm and we discussed everything. Sean Mendez, while listening to Sean Men is in the background. We even took a field trip to visit him at his hotel in L. A. Check out this picture I got and recently I even got to go to his concert. I'm still shaking now for my college essay is already made a video about my Harvard common app say, But if you do want to see that you haven't already go check out the description for Harvard. We also had the opportunity to write an optional supplemental essay that showcase something that wasn't already shown in our application. At first, I did not want to do it because, you know, extra work isn't cool. I'm cool. But eventually I decided to do it, and I actually put a lot of time into it. I'm gonna put it up on the screen in a second, but it's really long, so you should probably pause your video and read the essay. And now for the final part of my application. The interview. I did a lot of research on my interviewer before the interview, and I found out that my interviewer was on the Harvard tennis team, so of course I brought my tennis racket to show how dedicated I was for the school. I also brought a bouquet of roses, which everyone should do, and she really loved him. I recently got to see the report she wrote about me, and it was great I could read that two guys. And if you'd want to see that, make sure you have a common down below telling you that. Wait, guys, that's not it. There's a few more things that I think how we got into Harvard. What? I'm good with kids. Two, I know how to drive. And three, I'm a communist. I identify as a communist in my political beliefs. So that's all for the video guys. I hope in the only taught you how I got into Harvard. But what an ideal human being does during high school. I hope they gave you an ideal to strive for. And it is my greatest hope that you guys work as hard as you can to become like me. Also, I'm gonna be doing a video about the day in the life of an ideal human being. So if you guys would like to see that, make sure you subscribe. Yeah, you can. so I slept with the camera overnight, So you got my actual waking up. Okay, My name's Matthew. I'm a first year student here at Harvard. I'm just gonna take you through a day in my life. Right now. It's 10. 27. I need to get ready for my 10:30 a.m. Class. And yeah, I hope you guys enjoy this day before start the video. I want to talk a little bit about the sponsor of the video. Unique success. Unique Success is a very, very cool organization that helps high school students during the college application process and the transition to college. How it works is that you need success, can connect you with current college students, a top schools, and you can ask them anything, whether it be advice about college APS or about what life is like at a particular school, such as about dining halls, housing or certain clubs on campus. With unique success, you get the valuable opportunity to learn from students like me who actually went through and completed the college process themselves. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, you can use the link in the description with my referral code to get a free trial. So right now I'm making my bed, which is something that I do all the time, because making your bet is what good smart hearts didn't do. And now I'm about to take my bathroom utensils to the bathroom and get ready. Um, quick note about Harvard, the room's air kind of small, which is a benefit because you really get to bond with your roommate, for example. Sometimes me and my roommates are me and my roommate actually put our pillows and right next to each other. And just like while we're about to fall asleep, have a nice conversation fall asleep, staring into each other dies. The detriment to it, though, is that since I'm kind of like overweight, I can barely fit through this. When I get out of my room, I had straight for the bathroom. If you notice there's a hallway, we actually share a bathroom with four other guys. So this bathroom is usually disgusting. I go straight to the toilet. I'm actually surprised this time because we're usually out of toilet paper. But today we have one rule, so that was great. I stand next to the toilet for about a minute, and if nothing comes out, I head out and do my morning routine. If you guys didn't know already, that's me in the mirror. So if you're wondering why I'm not brushing my teeth right now, I do this thing where I brush my teeth once every other day. It really helps keep the nutrients in and keeps my teeth white. I leave it around 10:35 a.m. It's about a 6 to 7 minute walk, my first class, but I try to walk a little slower because I just love this weather like it so much better than sunny California, where I'm from. That big building right there is actually one of Harvard's most famous buildings in one of the largest libraries in the entire United States. Widener Library. One thing that I find super cool about that library that you can actually rent the entire building out for surprise parties in different events. So that's so right now we're going inside the carpet center. The carpet center is where my first class takes place. L O L 69 watching move. First of all, there's no homework for this class. So that's great. All we do during classes, eat popcorn and watch movies. Some of my favorites from this year have been 50 shades freed and the handmaiden, so that class ends at 11 45 and I rushed to the dining hall to get my bag lunch before my class of 12. So this building is called Annenberg. It is home to the freshman dining hall, and if you didn't already know, Harvard is extremely rich, so that means they're able to serve really expensive foods such as lobster, macaroni and cheese and caviar and things like that. However, that is only for the white people go to Hartford. I, on the other hand, have to get a bag meal every time I come to the dining hall. But it's okay. I still love the food. At Harvard, I get a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, as well as a banana and a water bottle for every meal, and it tastes pretty good. I can't complain thistles when I fell because I don't tie my shoes. So my next class is in one of my favorite buildings in all of Harvard. Seaver Hall, this'll next cost is called Police I 82. Why Communism Works. It's a very small class of 11 people. Actually, 1247 people applied for it, so I was lucky I got it. We learned about what Communist societies did wrong in history. Then for our final project. We all go into the mountains for a week, equipped with only a knife and attempt to live out a communist society. Our class has a communal grading system, so if we are perfectly cooperative, worked well together. We all get a B plus. That class ends at around 3 p.m. And after that I go back to my dorm to get ready to volunteer. So at 3:30 p.m. Me and a group of 20 other Harvard students go and drive into Boston to volunteer. What we do is we go to a local high school and read the high schoolers their children's books. To be honest, I hate it. I hate helping people. I hate volunteering, but my mom told me doing things like this would look good on my college application. So I guess I have to do it. I get back to campus at around 6:30 p.m. That I go to my dorm to get ready for a date that I have tonight with a really amazing awesome girl who just happens to be my TF. Then I head to the dining hall. Today, Harvard is celebrating the end of the Cold War and the brutal defeat of communism in the United States. So they went all out and decorated the dining hall super nicely tonight. After that, I had to. An early screening of Gaspar Noe is new film Climax. Now I don't want to say too much, but it's basically a two hour long Communist dance party where everyone tries to kill each other. I give it a nine out of 10. After the movie, I had to Widener Library to get some homework done. I head to the reading room to go sit down and work on a project for my class called introductory to drawing. Basically, they introduce us to how to draw, and I have become really good throughout the semester, so I'm gonna show you guys some of my work. I get back to my dorm it around 1 a.m. and it's been a really long eventful day, so I'm really tired. So I just go straight to my bedroom, jump on my bed, then pass out again without brushing my teeth. Hey, guys. So before this video, I want to remind you to check out unique success. Really cool organization. Click the link in my description, if you're interested for my referral code to get a free trial, so that makes you go check the map. I hope you guys really enjoyed this video. Make sure you give it a like and subscribe to me if you haven't already. And common down below. What other videos you'd like to see next? All right. Thank you for watching. I'm addicted to you. Itself. I just want to We're walking to Lamont Library right now while we're walking. I just wanted to let you guys know a little more about Harvard academics. So Harvard academics. So a lot of classes during two types of classes they're reading classes and your piece set or problem set classes so allowed to stem classes are problems that classes while ought to humanity's and stuff like that. It's reading base. You read a lot. You're right a lot on DSO. You want a diverse mix when you're taking out that makes here on Every class has a lecture, usually and from lecture. Use them off and do something called sections. Sections are where a little. It's like groups of ten to twenty people from your lecture who don't get paired with a TIA on which is a teaching fellow. A grad student who is supporting that class on DH US go either date. TF either read like teachers The entire lesson or yes, have discussions. For example, in psychology. What we do is we have readings for every section. We just talk about the readings to be about the psychological effects and stuff like that. I just want to show you guys wind your library again. The steps are actually quite famous. People go here, you know, out wine, your library house like the reputation of being like very quiet. You're not You don't really talk if you one of you when you go to like a whiner, it's like very much like individual studying, intent, working method and something really agree about Harvard is all the classes run on Harvard time. Harvard Time is, that is one you can be late to any class seven minutes. So it's not that you you're late. It's a class off classes always start seven minutes after. So for example, if you're on the sill of us, it's us. We meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from ten o'clock to love in a clock. It's really Tuesdays and Thursdays from ten o seven to eleven o'Clock. You're given that seven minute window period. Personally, that's very useful for me because I never wake up until, like, nine fifty a night rush and I get there by ten. No. Five and I'm still early and class hasn't started yet. Yeah, we're almost certain. Library. I'll show you gets more about Lamont and the So I promised to show you guys some upperclassman dormitories. Andi, I talked to you guys about the renovation project. Went through a pass right here was the most recently. It was most recently renovated. It was home to JFK, I believe right there, in between where that little power is. Elliot, how's Elliott house? Um, it is, I don't think has been renovated yet. Right next to is Kirkland. And Kirkland was home to Mark Zuckerberg. Andi, this is where he lived. This is really developed a Facebook and everything s oh, Elliott house and went to her past has something called the Grill. So the grill is This is a late night like snot, please. They serve burgers, french fries, milk shakes, ice cream. And you think that you can imagine, like, comfort food cravings. And they opened from ten to twelve week. We'd nights and from ten to two a. M. On weekends. So it's a great place to grab food when you're hungry at night. And do you accept board? Plus that sixty five dollars. But everyone gets in the beginning of this semester that I was talking to you guys about, um and yeah, this is the perfect time to talk about dining at Harvard. So every house upperclassmen house has their own dining dining hall on and all the first years an ember. But you're also allowed to, as a first, like Inter House is, like amongst different houses on certain nights. And on Thursday nights, most houses, how something called community dinners were only people from that house can eat glier covered your arse, um, upperclassmen, housing that has, like restrictions. So it's like if you live in the house, you can eat there and you can bring one other person. But if you don't know anyone who lives there, you're not allowed to eat there. But, yeah, they have that. And also there's something called brain break that happens from that happens every night from Sunday to Thursday. It's like from ninety ten ish. They have food out for you to eat. Sometimes we have like a mocking cheese bar, which is amazing, saying he has like hot dogs and stuff the other day. But other times it's just like toast and cereal, which is also find it fills you up. Um, but yeah, so you have access to all that So this is a faculty club. The host dinners and stuff here, so you can eat what the faculty the faculty are allowed. And yeah, it's really nice if you get involved, it's like on their date. Do you like different lotteries so that you can LA trade to eat with, Ah, professor on the send emails about it? And so it's a real honor, because not many people are chosen. It's about like six people that get to eat like a professor. So, yeah, a lot of things that Harvard, our lottery, especially because we have extraordinary people. Come, for example, we had Sean Spicer last week for three days, and you could lottery to be. His light is on So like, you just he just follows you around or you just all of him around all day, like except when you have classes and stuff. And then we hade different people. There was a Bernie Sanders a spotting I want a very cafes. We also had five Supreme Court justices and one retired Supreme Court justice here on campus a few days ago and stuff like that. People are just here all the time. We have famous journalist to be a famous TV anchors and stuff like that. People like that who come here and give like lectures and just talk to us. There is something called directors dinners where you can lock tree to have dinner with these people. There is a director. Most recently, it was Sean Spicer This week. It's what the political commentary Mom, a person who is also an author, real famous and self like God. So yeah, coming to Harvard has its perks and that people really like coming here and talking to us. The ice. We had Starbucks. Right now you're craving a late night drink tea bond. To be more specific, she's got me hooked on the mango. Blocky lemonades. Ten out of ten recommended. This Starbucks is open until twelve a m. What they didn't know. So yeah, it's a great place to work because on Sarah, these deliveries actually close at ten. Mom's a phaser close. The library's closed, sir. You really can't. I work here, but now it just