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Thinking about Harvard University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Harvard University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Harvard University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Harvard University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Harvard University experience. These Harvard University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So this is a faculty club. The host dinners and stuff here, so you can eat what the faculty the faculty are allowed. And yeah, it's really nice if you get involved, it's like on their date. Do you like different lotteries so that you can LA trade to eat with, Ah, professor on the send emails about it? And so it's a real honor, because not many people are chosen. It's about like six people that get to eat like a professor. So, yeah, a lot of things that Harvard, our lottery, especially because we have extraordinary people. Come, for example, we had Sean Spicer last week for three days, and you could lottery to be. His light is on So like, you just he just follows you around or you just all of him around all day, like except when you have classes and stuff. And then we hade different people. There was a Bernie Sanders a spotting I want a very cafes. We also had five Supreme Court justices and one retired Supreme Court justice here on campus a few days ago and stuff like that. People are just here all the time. We have famous journalist to be a famous TV anchors and stuff like that. People like that who come here and give like lectures and just talk to us. There is something called directors dinners where you can lock tree to have dinner with these people. There is a director. Most recently, it was Sean Spicer This week. It's what the political commentary Mom, a person who is also an author, real famous and self like God. So yeah, coming to Harvard has its perks and that people really like coming here and talking to us. Hey, guys. Freshman at Harvard on today, I'm gonna be showing you around my room. First of all, we're gonna start with, um, our shoe area. This is where we keep our shoes way Have these nice rain and snow boots because it's really cold here, and these ones are mine. Just looked really cool. It's like for the aesthetic of the room. I never see dorm towards that. Show us what's in the fridge. So I'll show you what's in the French. We got banana, whatever that is. Milk. Um, hot pockets. All right, Now we're gonna go on to my jacket and the hook from my jacket. Our printer, this the window. This window actually doesn't close all the way. So we have a contraption here, call a pencil on there's black tape on it, and yeah, and make sure this side of the window closes. Oh, if I show you trash can and our compost bins. This is our chair. You know, every house has, like, a chair that you just put stuff on. Well, this is our check. This is the guitar. Um oh, over here. This is our nice cows that we like to sit on when I'm not sitting on my desk and doing homework, I'm sitting here doing homework. Here's a little nice thing you could do with it. Thank you. Okay. Uh, this is our table. Don't like cops. We put food on and we're eating. We put on work on it. If we're doing home where you work a lot here, Um, yeah. Who is that down here? Our floors really dirty. It's like if you don't wear socks or shoes or get all dusty stuff. Well, we don't clean it because we're This is my personal trash can because I don't like having to get up for this. My desk, My personal trust can I don't like having to get up all the way over there to throw man trash here. This isn't by my hero Academia poster I used to have up on the walls, but my roommates didn't like it, so I have to put it next. Um, and this is also where I keep my shoes right here, because I have a lot of shoes. Uh, and I've been reading it the recent issue of the Harvard Crimson. That's why it's on my desk. Harvard Crimson is the Harvards newspaper organization that makes newspapers. Whoa! Look at this article Senior killed by bird. That is like, really crazy. I don't think anyone should use the word cunt. Not even in writing, Christine. Well, Harvard Crimson has really cool articles. If you want me to do a video on that, just tell me from the Colorado section. Yeah, I do my homework here most of the time. I have scissors, tape staples, whole bunch if I need to use any of that on my homework. Hands, pencils, tissues. Oh, here are some books that I like. So this is my bad feminist for my one. My feminist classes from this is the filmmakers handbook for my filmmaking class. What else do I have here? Oh, this is my lamp. This is the home of Ford, My baby. Have some nice posters who run the world. There's my drawing of Pleiku in my favorite Pokemon done by my amazing Channel artist Caitlin defend diversity and our room A contract, um, be kind. Respect, privacy and space don't steal its all signed by all of our roommates. Um, okay. Okay. So as for my roommates room, there's four. Listen here two of them live in this room. Two of them live in that room. I live in that room for this room. They said I could only show one part of the room, so yeah, I can only show you this rug that they have in it. It's really spacious. This is really stages, but yeah, they have this next dragon in which we don't have room for in our room. Um, no. Um oh. What the hell is this On my roommate's desk. Oh, jackets. Now we're gonna go into my room. Wow, this shit. So, yeah, there's so little space right here for me to get through because this room is really small and I'm a picky. So I implanted These little device is working onto my bed. Um, this my fan, because it gets really hot in here. Oh, these are the pictures of my friend. I come Wow. Such cool, Good old days. Okay, um, trash can lotion, tissues. My closet exit sign for the extent, Um oh, no. We could go to the most important part bathroom for this dorm were connected to another very similar dorm. It's like the same thing that you guys just solved. And in the middle of the connection, this little hallway year, there's a bathroom. Now we're gonna check that out first. This is where I put my like showers. Welcome to the bathroom. So these are the things for washing our hands. Giving a demonstration. Good. This is the table that I bought on bathroom. I would show you how to use it, but there's no record of a grill. It's Let's see if there's any more. Oh, yeah, our You can get on it. Um, yeah, that's the entirety of my room. I hope you guys enjoyed this room tour, and if you guys would like to see any other videos this so I slept with the camera overnight, So you got my actual waking up. Okay, My name's Matthew. I'm a first year student here at Harvard. I'm just gonna take you through a day in my life. Right now. It's 10. 27. I need to get ready for my 10:30 a.m. Class. And yeah, I hope you guys enjoy this day before start the video. I want to talk a little bit about the sponsor of the video. Unique success. Unique Success is a very, very cool organization that helps high school students during the college application process and the transition to college. How it works is that you need success, can connect you with current college students, a top schools, and you can ask them anything, whether it be advice about college APS or about what life is like at a particular school, such as about dining halls, housing or certain clubs on campus. With unique success, you get the valuable opportunity to learn from students like me who actually went through and completed the college process themselves. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, you can use the link in the description with my referral code to get a free trial. So right now I'm making my bed, which is something that I do all the time, because making your bet is what good smart hearts didn't do. And now I'm about to take my bathroom utensils to the bathroom and get ready. Um, quick note about Harvard, the room's air kind of small, which is a benefit because you really get to bond with your roommate, for example. Sometimes me and my roommates are me and my roommate actually put our pillows and right next to each other. And just like while we're about to fall asleep, have a nice conversation fall asleep, staring into each other dies. The detriment to it, though, is that since I'm kind of like overweight, I can barely fit through this. When I get out of my room, I had straight for the bathroom. If you notice there's a hallway, we actually share a bathroom with four other guys. So this bathroom is usually disgusting. I go straight to the toilet. I'm actually surprised this time because we're usually out of toilet paper. But today we have one rule, so that was great. I stand next to the toilet for about a minute, and if nothing comes out, I head out and do my morning routine. If you guys didn't know already, that's me in the mirror. So if you're wondering why I'm not brushing my teeth right now, I do this thing where I brush my teeth once every other day. It really helps keep the nutrients in and keeps my teeth white. I leave it around 10:35 a.m. It's about a 6 to 7 minute walk, my first class, but I try to walk a little slower because I just love this weather like it so much better than sunny California, where I'm from. That big building right there is actually one of Harvard's most famous buildings in one of the largest libraries in the entire United States. Widener Library. One thing that I find super cool about that library that you can actually rent the entire building out for surprise parties in different events. So that's so right now we're going inside the carpet center. The carpet center is where my first class takes place. L O L 69 watching move. First of all, there's no homework for this class. So that's great. All we do during classes, eat popcorn and watch movies. Some of my favorites from this year have been 50 shades freed and the handmaiden, so that class ends at 11 45 and I rushed to the dining hall to get my bag lunch before my class of 12. So this building is called Annenberg. It is home to the freshman dining hall, and if you didn't already know, Harvard is extremely rich, so that means they're able to serve really expensive foods such as lobster, macaroni and cheese and caviar and things like that. However, that is only for the white people go to Hartford. I, on the other hand, have to get a bag meal every time I come to the dining hall. But it's okay. I still love the food. At Harvard, I get a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, as well as a banana and a water bottle for every meal, and it tastes pretty good. I can't complain thistles when I fell because I don't tie my shoes. So my next class is in one of my favorite buildings in all of Harvard. Seaver Hall, this'll next cost is called Police I 82. Why Communism Works. It's a very small class of 11 people. Actually, 1247 people applied for it, so I was lucky I got it. We learned about what Communist societies did wrong in history. Then for our final project. We all go into the mountains for a week, equipped with only a knife and attempt to live out a communist society. Our class has a communal grading system, so if we are perfectly cooperative, worked well together. We all get a B plus. That class ends at around 3 p.m. And after that I go back to my dorm to get ready to volunteer. So at 3:30 p.m. Me and a group of 20 other Harvard students go and drive into Boston to volunteer. What we do is we go to a local high school and read the high schoolers their children's books. To be honest, I hate it. I hate helping people. I hate volunteering, but my mom told me doing things like this would look good on my college application. So I guess I have to do it. I get back to campus at around 6:30 p.m. That I go to my dorm to get ready for a date that I have tonight with a really amazing awesome girl who just happens to be my TF. Then I head to the dining hall. Today, Harvard is celebrating the end of the Cold War and the brutal defeat of communism in the United States. So they went all out and decorated the dining hall super nicely tonight. After that, I had to. An early screening of Gaspar Noe is new film Climax. Now I don't want to say too much, but it's basically a two hour long Communist dance party where everyone tries to kill each other. I give it a nine out of 10. After the movie, I had to Widener Library to get some homework done. I head to the reading room to go sit down and work on a project for my class called introductory to drawing. Basically, they introduce us to how to draw, and I have become really good throughout the semester, so I'm gonna show you guys some of my work. I get back to my dorm it around 1 a.m. and it's been a really long eventful day, so I'm really tired. So I just go straight to my bedroom, jump on my bed, then pass out again without brushing my teeth. Hey, guys. So before this video, I want to remind you to check out unique success. Really cool organization. Click the link in my description, if you're interested for my referral code to get a free trial, so that makes you go check the map. I hope you guys really enjoyed this video. Make sure you give it a like and subscribe to me if you haven't already. And common down below. What other videos you'd like to see next? All right. Thank you for watching. I'm addicted to you. So I promised to show you guys some upperclassman dormitories. Andi, I talked to you guys about the renovation project. Went through a pass right here was the most recently. It was most recently renovated. It was home to JFK, I believe right there, in between where that little power is. Elliot, how's Elliott house? Um, it is, I don't think has been renovated yet. Right next to is Kirkland. And Kirkland was home to Mark Zuckerberg. Andi, this is where he lived. This is really developed a Facebook and everything s oh, Elliott house and went to her past has something called the Grill. So the grill is This is a late night like snot, please. They serve burgers, french fries, milk shakes, ice cream. And you think that you can imagine, like, comfort food cravings. And they opened from ten to twelve week. We'd nights and from ten to two a. M. On weekends. So it's a great place to grab food when you're hungry at night. And do you accept board? Plus that sixty five dollars. But everyone gets in the beginning of this semester that I was talking to you guys about, um and yeah, this is the perfect time to talk about dining at Harvard. So every house upperclassmen house has their own dining dining hall on and all the first years an ember. But you're also allowed to, as a first, like Inter House is, like amongst different houses on certain nights. And on Thursday nights, most houses, how something called community dinners were only people from that house can eat glier covered your arse, um, upperclassmen, housing that has, like restrictions. So it's like if you live in the house, you can eat there and you can bring one other person. But if you don't know anyone who lives there, you're not allowed to eat there. But, yeah, they have that. And also there's something called brain break that happens from that happens every night from Sunday to Thursday. It's like from ninety ten ish. They have food out for you to eat. Sometimes we have like a mocking cheese bar, which is amazing, saying he has like hot dogs and stuff the other day. But other times it's just like toast and cereal, which is also find it fills you up. Um, but yeah, so you have access to all that in this video, I'll be going over the stats that got me. It's a Harvard, Cornell and a few other schools that includes my G p a in Transcript s A. T and s 82 scores. So if that is what you're looking for and stick to the end of this video, everyone welcome to J Space. I'm Jordan, and this is the second video in my how it got into Harvard. Siri's this video. Whoa! This video we split up into three parts. My transcript will be reversed for my S A. T and s A T tutor will be the second part. And the third part will kind of be a commentary on how I feel. Numbers play. A role in the admissions office is Decision s O. Yeah. Let's get the first part just to give you guys some context on my school. I go to a specialized high school in New York City. Very urban. I'm in order to get into one of your city specialized high schools, you have to actually test into them. But my school offers around 30 AP classes as it was post AP classes. I'll explain with those are later our GPS are unweighted and the median G p a. Is 91 I'm pretty sure and just another thing. We don't drink our students. I have to see. I really go to see In the course of my high school career, I've taken seven AP classes and I've taken the corresponding exams for each of them. In my sophomore year, I took AP Biology in my junior year. I took AP U S history AP English Language and Composition and AP Physics one. And in my senior year, I took calculus a B, English literature and comparative government with economics on all of those exams. I've gotten fours except for AP U. S history where I got a five Strange it up, but we'll see for Cao Cao, Gaby Concho and English literature. Hopefully I got a 500 but I'll find out next month. We're in two months in July. Harbert has kind of a mixed dance when it comes to taking Ap scores and using those as college credit. Kinda so I could make a video that later on. But just one thing that's really helpful going into the 2019 2020 application season, I just know that Harbored will no longer be accepting AP exams as credit for college courses. At least that's what I heard this year. I am taking to post advanced placement classes. I'm so basically what post a peas are is like they're kind of like a P classes except AP classes are there prerequisites. One of my post AP classes is called topics and modern physics. And in order to qualify, even apply to take that class, you have to have a 92 average and AP Physics one or two, I think I'm not really sure. And then for AP were post AP Biology, which is focused on genetics. You have to have at least like a 90 or something in your AP biology class. The curriculums of these courses are entirely designed by my school's faculty. A lot of the teachers that we have, especially when it comes to them, are like doctors in their field, so I think that's really cool. But because they're the ones making up the curriculum, it's hard for anyone, really, to getting talented go. These classes are. I took a examined modern physics today and I was using M I T class notes as a study guide in one of their modern physics classes and actually under civil was going on. So that's cool. Throughout my four years of high school, I've also taken three honors classes. One an Algebra two's last trigonometry, another one in pre Cal, which I took last year, and then the one I'm taking now, which is advanced Chinese conversational with a dialect in Mandarin. These honors classes are kind of a step in between, like regular classes and AP classes. And now, for the moment, you've all been waiting a boar s Oh, my g p a is 93.9. That is unweighted. My school does not wait t p s. I don't know how that really good birds on a 4.0 scale. But when I'm being generous to myself, I like to say, have a 94 average something to know about Harvard, all the Ivys and basically any selective school you're applying to is that these schools tense of super scores. And what super scoring means is that they take the highest score in the math and writing section. For all the sittings that you've had, I took the S a T twice once in March and once in August, I got literally the same score. But I got different scores on my own. Like the different sections s O. They took my highest math score and my highest reading score, and that gave me a total of 14. 70. Yeah, I know. Not the highest could be better, but it's fun. So super scoring is really nice. And because of it, I think you should take the S A. T multiple times. And you should also try the A C t. Apparently, apparently, the a CT is easier, but it's just faster. So if you're good at test taking, I would say Try the A C t. You might like a better I never took it, but I wish I did. So s a T two is more commonly known as s 82 subject test are a smaller tests that are kind of like a piece. I don't know why we have a peas, an S, a T. To me, it makes no sense. But the's s 82 subjects us allow applicants to show their expertise in a certain like feel to Harvard and all the IV's with the exception of some of Cornell is colleges require you to take to s a T twos and submit those scores one in stem and one in humanity's. However, I would recommend you taking math to one of humanity's and one in science just in case you're a science person. Because some schools like M I t your party to send a map and a science as 82 s a t twos I submitted were math too, and U S history. I also took literature, but I did not send it. I don't know why I took it, and I got a 7 60 in math to a 6 60 in U. S. History and a 5 16 literature. As you can see, I wy that it's with the literature one. All of these s 80 two's are out of 800 I would highly recommend taking math to over math one, because math one is basically useless. Also, good numbers. Kids who take the math to exam get a job like a perfect 800. Sadly, wasn't one of them. Hopefully you will be. So I recommend taking s 80 two's when you're taking no corresponding AP course. Of course, you can always like self study for school doesn't have a peas. It's just important to note that the subject tests often have topics that aren't covered in the AP curriculum. I wish I took the biology s 82 the physics s 82. While taking those AP courses, I feel like that would have been helpful for me and given me more options. So don't make my mistake. Take more. S a T twos. His name is a star actor. Sagittarius a star which is the black hole in the center of the Milky Way. So fun facts best Eddie wherever cost, like $25 rip all but hey, Harvard Gang. Nothing I say here is actually official. It's not like, Ah, Harvard admissions officer came to use like Jordan. This is true. No, this is a purely me on my observations and kind of some speculation that I've had over the past few years after seeing the stats. Some of the kids who got accepted into Harvard from my school in the past few years, I think if you have a 14 50 92 above Harvard starts looking at all those applicants. The same, like the kids with those scores so good with the 1600 is no longer weren't more than a student with a 14 50 or sitting with the 92 verses in 98. Like, I think they treat us all the same, and that's when they start looking at assays of extracurriculars. However, if you have the low the scores, don't let that get you down. Obviously, they make exceptions if you have it safely. Good extracurriculars. If you're really passionate and if you have, like special took it thinks about you, then I think you have a better chance of getting in, even if you have below those scores. But I would say if you're a junior or any kind of underclassmen or someone who's looking to apply to Harvard definitely came not Don't Labor board see 50 like Claudia says April the stars. So if you fall, you land on a cloud of so I would say Cambridge 1600. And if you get points 50 you're cool, too. It's not what you could do with your transcript once your junior, because Eugenia years kind of your last year that colleges will see. Actually, that's not true. Um, colleges request your mid year score reports of your senior year, and they also look at your final year scores to see if they will receive you. Hopefully I took every cent is Once you get all the students with above 14 50 the 92 average, it's really hard to differentiate them anymore. So you have to start looking at their essays of extracurriculars. If you want to see that essay that I wrote for the Harvard University supplement, I will link it somewhere on the screen or in the description. I don't know. It's my only other video. It's nice, like a video of. But yeah, I think if you saw this video, I thought it was very helpful. I would definitely recommend checking out that one, because I truly feel that essays play a huge part in the admissions process. Also, I'll be making another video on my extracurriculars because I truly feel that my extracurriculars, it really did get me into Harvard as well some of the other schools I mentioned. So, yeah, if you found this video hopeful like common subscribe, you know the vibes, but I'll speak in this video, I'll be reading the supplemental essay that got me into Harvard University and going over some tips. I could help you when starting your supplement breading process. So if that's your speed, six of Emily's video Room Everyone, welcome to Jay's Face. I'm Jordan Sanchez, and this is my first video of Harvard University supplements. Prom. You may wish to include an additional essay. If you feel the college application forms do not provide sufficient opportunity to convey in foreign information about yourself or your accomplishments, you may write on a topic of your choice or you may use. Or you may choose from one of the following topics. You can take something from that list, or you could write something completely different. I wrote something completely different. There is also no word limit, so that's important now onto the part. People actually care about my prom that I gave to myself. I don't know if I submitted it with little, little my promise. I think I did, but it was what is something you have always wanted to do? I was a professional makeup artist at age seven. My hours were limited to daily recess and after school play dates in the park. My specialty was dramatic problems being looks with limited funds. My primary medium was sidewalk chalk. This my associate and later best friend, was the best talk crusher in the business, and I have the pleasure of having her as my primary makeup bender. Every day, my fellow third graders would line up to get their eyelids carefully dusted with blue and orange chalk dust. Jordan's looks was a hit until oh, he have replaced it. Oh yeah, It was a musical Devo, consisting of my trusty top Chalk Dust supplier and I, our original song, Save Me, Who was so grand and produced. We plan to debut in the spring of fourth grade, giving us the entire winter to solidify our performance. We went from single to double threats when choreographing a dance routine to run the world by Beyonce 2011. As a singer and dancer, I felt unbreakable. The world was my oyster, and I was ready to harvest every pearl, even the ones that weren't spelled correctly. As 1/5 grader with a successful small business and music group. I did the only thing left for me to do Right on the school bus right home, I created a fashion magazine called Blue Skies. Skies Felt s K Y es. Our assets were sealed in a painted over a shoebox. Donate to us by our only sponsor, Dad. My spare time went into drafting magazine layouts, sketching look books and arbitrarily declaring what was hot and what was not after school. I made a website. Blue Skies was ready to take on the Internet until I realized skies was spelled incorrectly the entire time. How embarrassing. Maybe I should stay away from writing, I thought. So. I did. For a while, in sixth grade, I hit the ground running as a nail technician. The end of the lunch table was mine lines with napkins and half empty nail polish bottles. Everyone knew not to mess with Jordan's corner because she met business. My skills were confined to base coats and poorly painted flowers, but the limited supply and high demands kept business booming. Soon I outgrew childish nail designs and step into a new ballpark. Manufacturing I was a triple threat in a double sense duct tape products, rain balloon bracelets and handmade earrings as the only business of mine requiring financial investment. This industry was daunting to join that. First, however, my worries were silenced when I started to see quarters and dollar bills flow into my pockets. After making a grand total of $7.50 I shut down my business in fear of the demand for duct tape wallets exceeding the time I was willing to invest in creating them. Since eighth grade, I sat back and waited for the right opportunity to start a business. A real one. This time, the opportunity presented itself in autumn 2018 the Queen next door, my beauty pageant and lifestyle blogger. I just passed 1500 views and was starting to take space in the pageant community at every pageant I've attended since the start of the Queen next door in April 2018. I've been asked if I am, in fact a bakery next door and how in the world that I start such a thing. The queen like this door, the small then have the potential to grow even more. But how? It's answer that question. I consulted elementary and middle school Jordan, who responded with you should try fashion again, but spell everything right this time. Within the next few weeks, I spent countless hours and $2221.10 on my online boutique launching on March 1st Harvard College Admissions officer. When you see a four foot tall package in the mail room, do not be alarmed. It is only the inventory of a little girl finally realizing her dream of founding something in this great big world she has grabbed onto it with both hands and as tightly as their hold is you can see she never plans to let go forever in my group and always running in my mind. This is the queen next store. Oh, wordplay. So that was my Harvard and say it was 694 words. There was no street word limit. So this lighting is messed up. It's fine. We're just gonna live with it. So now I'm gonna give you guys some tips and take you through the process that I went through when it came to reading my Harvard University supplement as well, just the other supplements I did instead because I wrote a lot. My first tip is to be consistent. You're probably like Gordon. What in the world that means I'm gonna tell you right now when I say be consistent. I mean, showcase the same kind of themes throughout your entire application, even if it's not the same story over and over and over again, because it should it be. You shouldn't repeat yourself in your application or if you do, because I did a little bit, then make sure you're showing a different side of yourself. In general. When it comes to the college application process, your character should be made more and more clear and defined as the application goes on. So your activity show part of you. Your common app essay shows a part of yourself. Mention show part of you like all of these things come together to form this picture of who the admissions committee thanks you are because obviously they can't know everything about you. For example, my common app essay was about the blood I started called the Queen next door, and how that came as a result of me overcoming adversity in my school and my Harvard essay, as you just heard, was about me starting the Kleenex store and the development of that. Both of these have unifying theme that I'm not afraid to start something and that I won't let the environment around me, like, deter me from my dreams and doing what I want to do. Yeah, that first it is to be consistent and show that old though you're multifaceted person and your three dimensional character like you do have some values, that kind of a line you throughout the entire college process because they're gonna want to remember you as, like one or two things. So you wanna So you want to make sure those one or two things are really good. So the second safe is really cliche, and it's to stand out, and I know that's so much easier said than done, but the easiest way to stand out is to be as authentically you're so as you can because no one has the same story as you. No one has the exact same story as you. Okay? Even if there may be some like overarching themes that are pretty similar leg for me, I am a black girl that wants to go in Stem and I have existed in predominately white spaces my entire life, and that was kind of what my comment up essay was about. And I know there are a 1,000,000,000 little black girls who want to go into stem, who exists in predominately white institutions. And that's like just a fact that you have to do it like there will be a lot of other kids who have the same overarching beat, like maybe you live in a single pair of household and you and your parent have gotten really, really close or something like that. And that's been a huge part of your life, like there are a lot of people with with that same kind of story, but only you can turn it in a way or twisted in a way that's really authentic to you and is very specific to you. So, yeah, you just want to be a very specific in your story that you want to tell. So the second, the second and probably most obvious way to stand out when it comes to specifically Harvard Supplement and any other colleges that have open ended supplements like that is to just write something or respond to a prompt that isn't on the list. like write your own problems because one you just eliminated, like most the vast majority, 99% of the applicant pool from kind of competing with you directly because you two have very different essay topics. I'm allowing you to show different elements of yourself. So that's a very easy way. Like if I'm in the visions officer and I'm reading all these essays, I dear Future rooming to Your Future Roommate gets kind of annoying, but it's really refreshing when they come across an essay that writes about whatever they want to write about. So yeah, that's pretty cool. And with that being said, don't be afraid to use one of their problems. I'm a jerking the colors process in general, and this is gonna be really controversial. But don't be afraid to reuse essays like that Harvard essay that I just read. It was from my University of Chicago like application, like reusing essays is not a terrible thing. It's actually a time saver, and you're gonna end up doing it regardless. So don't hate joy. You know, if you're reusing an essay, just be sure that it's relevant. Like birds. The University of Chicago. It was basically, like, write whatever you want And then for this Harvard s A It's like write whatever you want. So because those two problems, like a line and they're basically the same and that they they're like incredibly open ended and big you could do that. But if I write a why want to goto Barnyard essay and submit it to Amherst? That's not gonna fly. It's not gonna be Q. Admissions officers can see right through that. So when it comes to having these open ended prom's, you can kind of treat it like a second comin up. Say, find a story. But you want to share and then share, Like if you if you had another common app as, say, idea that your teacher shot down or something, or someone shot down just like you know what? I'm gonna write about this because I want to write about it and yeah, and like Harvard will take it. And you should cockle take it. So yeah, stand out. And those stories that you like really, genuinely want to share, that you haven't had the chance to tend to be very well bring and very uniquely or so which help you stand out in summary of number two. It's a stand out one by truly being yourself in the most authentic way you can being very specific about your situation, giving anecdotal examples or to writing your own prom writing and responding to your own prompt because that already eliminates, like most of the applicant pool, because they're not right what you're writing about and it's the admissions office. Like, Wow, I remember that kid who wrote about starting their own business and being a business person that they were like, seven years old. It would be like, Wow, that's cool. And I want to remember that. So my third and final tip for this video is to take a rich. Don't be afraid to take risks on the college, like in the college application process. The first thing when it comes to taking a risk, at least now in this point is primarily your essays, because you can't take a risk in your transcript. Your s a t here, Jia, like you can't take a risk in any of those things you can in essays, and that helps you stand out and connecting the dots. Taking a risk, it looks different for everyone, like, obviously, for me, it took the shape of writing something that wasn't obviously expected. Like that was on the prom. Pless, and doing this shows that one your grades and breathe because no one does that onto helps you stand out. And three had also developed your character in the kind of risk you want to take. If I am writing my essay on how I'm not afraid to start my own business with my save the birthday money, then it kind of makes sense that I'm not afraid to take a risk and write about whatever I want in the college essay like it just stays consistent with that. Branding on the admissions officers will be like, Oh, wow, this is a girl who loves doing what she does and is not afraid to do what she does, regardless of what the people around you are doing. And that kind of person will contribute to the community. And that's what all of these essays and your whole applications about how you'll contribute to the campus community. Also, some other ways you can take risks in your essays is one like doing your own prompt only if it's allowed of to you taking one of their props and kind of flipping it on its head, like spinning in your own way or three. Directly addressing the admissions officer, I did that at the end of my essay, as you very and I thought it worked well, it worked over me. I also use that technique in my Cornell essay. Yeah, my Cornell University Human Ecology essay and I also got in there. So yeah, it works like if that's not who you are, that's not your kind of like vibe. They don't do it, but just know other people have done it, and it's worked for other people. So just to summarize tip number three of taking a risk, it helps you be more memorable. And the best place to take risk is in the essay writing process to your own problems, like completely have your own spin on one of their palms or directly address the admissions officer. Like all of those things I think are really cool. And I've tried all of him and they worked out pretty well well, in summary, because we all love a whole circle story video, whatever tip number one be consistent with your personal brand in the college application process because you only get to show the admissions officer a very small side of you. And you wanted to be a good strong son. 222 is to stand out. Doesn't be yourself. Be very specific with your stories. She have a stories that you want to share and number three Don't be afraid to take a risk because often times they fail. So, yeah, this is the first video in my how I got into Harvard. Siri's obviously the songs about essays. It will be doing more videos on my stats like buy tp a, um, just my course load in general s a T s s a t to subject us all that fun stuff. And then I'll probably doing another video going through my comment up, like going through my extracurricular activities, and I'll do one on my common app essay and how to start reading your common app. Say so. I hope this video was really helpful. Comment down below. What is the most confusing part for you in the college process? And I'll try to make a video on it because I know. I was really confused. Especially when it came to s a T twos and interviewing. I did eight interviews, Psychologist, which is lost. If you have any questions on that, you've been down below. I hope you guys enjoy this video. Like, if you want. Like a It was helpful. Um, and I'll speak to all my next review, please. So I just finished cross section and we just had a discussion on meditations I day card. And now I am in the tercentenary theory, which is the New York. It's right next to the car. Um, this is where they're different buildings. This is severed hope. That's where I have one of my sections. I just came of hope beyond this. Trees. This is Memorial Church. Your services here every Sunday That's a freshman dormitory. That university hall diamonds, Really? Another freshman dormitory. And this is wine Earth. This is like the biggest private library questioning. I believe, um, in all the world, and they're fifty miles worth of books like bookshelves. So you could basically run. You could be sleeping on team marathon. So without having two go pi a book friends. Uh, I'm here. I'm kind of speaking quietly and I'm gonna have to change. I am here for my pre orientation program. I'm doing absolute you. I hope this isn't too quiet. It's just other people are, like, right over there. And I don't want them that look. Okay. Anyway, it's day negative. Something work, like actual cleaning work for FC starts tomorrow. Um, I took the Amtrak here from New York City. Lost in. It was like four hours. And then I took the t Red one gang and Yeah, really excited. Um, actually, work starts tomorrow. I'm gonna go to dinner with care, Lena soon. And yeah, Now you can say hi. Hi, you two. That's it. That's all you have to say to the people too, By the way Personal. It's Alexandra. You recorded right now. You recording me? Oh, about Zoom in on camera. Lena stealing to soothe. Yeah. What? That way. The order on Come from the booth. Falling night. Please join our order. Hey, you say hi. Scare Alina. Right. They're recording it too. Okay. Oh, my gosh. Okay, so I'm back. Where? I don't know if I ever was in my dorm but I am in my dorm. It's currently 1 a.m. Wednesday morning. Um, I stayed out. Really. I made a whole bunch of friends and actually made a little squad like That's who I was kind of like hanging out with. We got, like, burgers and prized children coming from really conversations my first official night. Harvard, It's done. OK, finally. So let me show you my thing. My room it's actually doubled. It has bunkered, but I guess someone didn't show up. I don't know because I'm in here by Yea, I didn't want to disturb anyone coming in at, like 1 a.m. But yes, it's okay, We're good, we're good. So tomorrow morning the day starts like 7 30 for breakfast or seven records. Um and then work starts at nine finishes at 3 45 and yeah, today was actually really fun. Really happy. I got to, like, talk to the deep light. It's like a little squad. There's seven of us. We have a group chat. Um, it's really cool. So I'm really looking forward to the next four years. One night. Good. See you tomorrow. Hey, guys, Welcome today to Harvard. Uhm today we actually have work to do? It's about seven. In the morning. I woke up at six, took a shower, got ready, and I'm sitting on the steps of wide there. And there's actually no one here, which is really weird. I've never seen the stairs so empty or the library so empty. In general s o, we have work today. There's like, tug of war. There might be a movie screening today. I'm not sure, but we will see later. Um, I'm gonna get breakfast soon with some of the friends. I mean, last night, when we just by myself, I don't know, I'm chill like that. I could do it over. It's that mother. I might take some videos today because I did it yesterday. But Mother is honestly, like, so nice. And so is Winthrop. Like, honestly, I think it doesn't matter what house were sorted into because they all are pretty nice. You and candidates. Q Like it's not bad at all. So I don't know why people keep, like, get impressed over it. Oh, yeah. Airplane flying. Yeah. Harvard is pretty relaxing. It's like 66 degrees. Just pretty comfortable. I thought it was gonna be, like, really, really hot today, but it's not wearing my actually you shirt. It's really cute, you see? Oh, that looks phase. I was watching some of the fop fallouts, our program kids yesterday. Joo's. It's like Loki creepy, and I'll probably do like a little story time, whatever. But it was really cool enjoying myself so far. Okay, okay, So yesterday was our first day of work for dorm crew. My captain was Frankie Gang. He's, like, so cool. So to barely did any where it's like the last, like, two hours or something. We're working. Cab Cab is actually really nice, and apparently it's not even the best Claude House. Like, even though it's a bit of a hike, I probably wouldn't mind living in cabin because everyone gets a single. It's pretty chill. Looks like a little gated community. Like for real. I like it, but yeah, today we have work again. It's about like 7 15 there. There's like a tour going on in front of wide there again. But this one is from China, and I could talk some less Usual one. A slander fan every time. Like my friends are talking around me in Spanish like I want to learn Spanish. But every time I use, I would speak Chinese like I let us learn Chinese. Um, something you want to do? Chinese? Maybe I'll shop both. Probably Chinese. Today is gonna be fun. There are a lot of things going on, like there are a few different activities. Oh, my gosh. Yesterday I basically slept through everything. So, like after work, I went back to my dorm. I had, like, two hours to kill before he went to see good boys and I said an alarm. But then I fell asleep and didn't wake up until, like, an hour later. Then I should of, um kind of sucks. And then I slept through dinner. It was just not a good look for me. I ended up staying in my dorm for the rest of the night, which is fine, because the night before I was out with 2 a.m. I'm played the sins state upto one s Oh, not not as good or not as good as I'd like it to me. Yeah, I'm getting a head over to mother soon, and yeah, hopefully you'll meet William today, and hopefully, I'll actually get footage of, like work. I don't know. It's kind of like weird, but I like my group. They're pretty cool. Okay, today is August 26. 7 a.m. It's Monday, and it's the last day of love. Hopefully the last ankle. Okay, so I just finished packing my things. Guys, it's August 26. Let me show you something. Look at that. Why is it so cold? You know, I woke up. I was, like, literally shivering. I didn't I didn't have a real blanket. I just had machine sex because it was the eighties. All week. I was like, Okay, cool. I didn't bring any, like, warm other stuff. My devious jacket Just even, like, very happy. So that, after, like my subway by seven very practised build together. Overall, I think this week has been pretty fun. Like we were cleaning cabinet and then, which is a freshman dorm? I forgot we were somewhere else. We weren't expecting finally expecting, which is pretty nice, because it's light work some. Thank you, darling. I mean, everybody like you. It's because Catholic was, like, really easy. And Matthews Matthews is like, Matthews is now. Um so yeah, back. We're gonna form my pillow. I don't know. I'll figure it out. I should have just left without a little less. I met some really, really cool people, like actual friends I'm trying to keep throughout the years of Washington's or the little Yeah, today is early moving day on tomorrow's official moving day. My family's coming tomorrow morning, so that's gonna be nice. It's like I'm thinking of getting like one of the police jackets or whatever, because I'm like, really cool and I don't have anything. The room I stayed in for this, like the radio, is candidate 44. No elevator for four, no elevator. But this room is, like pretty okay. The common room, It's reasonably side. They're like two singles on the double in here. That's what their work, whatever it is, what it looks like. You were talking. Yeah, time. That's my phone. And that's my bag. The bag that I want to use, like for the school year, isn't here yet, like my mom told me. So we're gonna figure out what's gonna happen. I think she's gonna buy me a cheap bag that I could be used for a year. I could use that chance Where baggage Just like really heavy. And it doesn't have, like, a laptop compartment for my Hey, say hi. Say hi. Way worse, Frankie. I'm not trying to die, but break way blogged Blawg. Say hi. Hey, Florence Away! We already said hi. Yes, you're gonna be on you too, Brian. Say hi to the log way. Okay. I am on a You don't look happy. Yeah, man. Okay, I press record. We're gonna zoom all the way. That's going to be the thumbnail, or it should be bags. M V P. It's the last day here. We are doing light because we're doing ours today, so Oh, this'll is on camera. Congratulations. I don't know. Wait. I said I'm coming in. Weighs a video Started. You look at Brian Thesis pretty late. Ooh. Oh, I look so different without my glasses on O. Okay, so So this is Frankie's dorm info. Okay, So reasonably sized single bathroom this'll is reasonably size. Yeah, You have all the things that you're gonna have to go back to my crib. Say hi. Recorded so badly. Wait. Now it's a video. Yes, because you kept moving. Say something. It's like, Really? Okay. Used to be the door. You should be the north of the singles, but they converted as part of this. Abby. Abby, let's do this. Yeah. Wow, That's amazing. This is quality content. Oh, wow, Jason. Just like Wait, Jason, No, This is my camera. Yes, I do like since, like, April. I'm alone. I'm in Wells. Well, tall Best hall. I'm sorry. I don't know about that way. Today is not the best way. It's right here. It's years. I did everything we need, Hey, guys, My name is Sun. Welcome to Harvard. I am going to show you guys around Harvard today and show you guys what it's like to be a Harvard student. You'll see different buildings, different life aspects and stuff like that. I'm really excited to show you guys around. Hopefully, this gives you a really good idea of what Harvard's like, but to start off. I won't be telling you guys about the typical Harvard introduction, because this is the introductory video video I heard What you do is you always when you meet someone, you you always state your name, your grade, where you live, which is also called a house and your concentration in any other place. It means major, but here at Harvard, we call it concentration. So, for example, I would say hello. My name is Sung. I live in Hollis. I'm a freshman, and I am currently undeclared, but I'm leaning towards government or psychology. It just simply means that I'm thinking about taking becoming a government or it's, um, psychology. Concentrate. So anyways, I'm so excited to meet you guys and to show you guys around Harvard hope you guys The ice. We had Starbucks. Right now you're craving a late night drink tea bond. To be more specific, she's got me hooked on the mango. Blocky lemonades. Ten out of ten recommended. This Starbucks is open until twelve a m. What they didn't know. So yeah, it's a great place to work because on Sarah, these deliveries actually close at ten. Mom's a phaser close. The library's closed, sir. You really can't. I work here, but now it just