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Government, Psychology, Class of 2021



Sung raves about the services that Harvard provides its students! The Harvard Foundation for Intercultural & Race Relations

Spontaneous Starbucks run with Esther! Starbucks

Sung discusses different types of classes and talks about "Harvard Time". Lamont Library

Sung runs into the Marching Band and explains Football's role on campus - THE GAME!! John Harvard Statue

Sung takes you through Massachusetts Avenue and points out good food spots Massachusetts Ave

Sung explains safety on campus and HUPD Lamont Library

Religion on campus Harvard University

Sung shows you more from Harvard Square! The World's Only Curious George Store

Another view of the SOC and Cabot House Cabot House

Sung shows Lamont and Houghton Library while talking about BoardPlus Houghton Library

Sung explores the "QuadFest", and discusses Upperclassmen housing at the Quad Radcliffe Quadrangle

Final advice to Incoming Freshmen! Harvard University

Meet Sung! Harvard Yard

Sung talks about Student Housing at Harvard and explains the blocking system Harvard Yard

Sung talks about bikes on campus and Freshman Dorms Harvard University

Sung discusses what a "section" is and talks about his Hum10 Seminar Harvard University

Meet Kevin! And hear about his Harvard Experience Harvard University

Sung discusses the MAC Malkin Athletic Center, Harvard Athletics Malkin Athletic Center

Check out downtown Cambridge and Harvard square Harvard Square

Sung talks about HSA, more services locations, the Lampoon, the comp process, and Final Clubs HSA Cleaners

Sung shows Cambridge Commons and shares some Harvard history Cambridge Common

Sung talks more about security and services at Harvard Putnam Gallery

Ester provides an in-depth opinion on the Harvard Experience Harvard University

The Radcliffe Quad and the role of the SOC on campus Radcliffe Quadrangle

Sung talks about social life and the shuttle service Radcliffe Quadrangle

I missed the shuttle : ( Crimson Dance Team

Sung shows Annenberg and Memorial Hall Memorial Hall

Sung talks about the House Selection process, linking blocks, and theories about the process Radcliffe Quadrangle

You can run two marathons past Harvard's book shelves! Tercentenary Theatre

Sung talks about Cambridge Weather, the Harvard Law School's 200th Anniversary, & Science Center Science Center

Harvard has the largest private library in the world! Tercentenary Theatre

Sung shows how the key swipe actually works Harvard University

Sung discusses Freshman support networks and advising Harvard University

Sung shows Winthrop Courtyard and talks about Upperclassmen Housing Winthrop House

Sung explains the faculty club, lottery processes, and incredible guest speakers Harvard Faculty Club

Sung and Kevin sit down to discuss Nightlife, Dining Options, Academics, and more! Harvard University

Sung and Colin tell you all you need to know about the Harvard Experience Harvard University


Acceptance Rate
Early decision acceptance rate
Total applicants
SAT Range
1400 - 1600
  • SAT Reading 710 - 800
  • SAT Math 720 - 800
  • SAT Writing --
  • Student submit SAT --
ACT Range
32 - 35
  • ACT English 33 - 35
  • ACT Math 31 - --
  • ACT Writing --
  • Student submit ACT --
Popular Majors

Social Sciences

Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Mathematics and Statistics


Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services

Physical Sciences








Net Price
$16,205 /year National $15,523

Average cost after financial aid for student recieving grant or scolarship aid, as reported by the college.

Net Price by household income
  • <$30k $3,294 /year
  • $30k-48k $1,665 /year
  • $48k-60k $6,577 /year
  • $60-89k $11,222 /year
  • >$90k $44,238 /year

Data sourced from IPEDs