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All right, So I'm Andrew's comments. Like I said, I was gonna pull up. They got some fire music playing. Don't don't worry about this. I'll tell you about this later, but they got some fire music playing. But the bad news is there's no one here with this. I mean, there's a few people here, but it's not like you got a way for pasta night pasta. Nice is when everyone comes to Andrews. But the good thing about Andrews is that they always got a nice, pretty select pizza. Hold on. Okay, Okay. They got a little bit of that. They got some pepperoni down there. I see. So, you know, injuries is a nice place. Breakfast on the weekends is essential, Andrews. So if you ever want to get a nice breakfast burrito, I will personally recommend that there are also some study rooms, I think. Yeah, there's some study room so people can go in there, seclude themselves, you know, gets Here on Princeton Kwan. That's our statue of Caesar every weekend. He has a new head dress for prompt. Yeah. Uh, this is basically a virgin on Greek row. All these houses are mostly that we're going to passing. As I walk through, we're going to be a program housing, so fraternities, there's an international house, stuff like that. Uh, yeah, there's one for pretty much every sort of group of people, and it's all right. So it's definitely a send off party culture here. It doesn't get especially trashed, but the things happen. But I think I do want to say about Brown and party culture is that Brown is super chill. And if you're not about the party life, then like you just you know, I'm not feeling that everyone be cool, that no one's gonna like pressure. You, Teo, do that stuff If you're not about that. And I was gonna press you not to do that stuff. If you are about that stuff is very much about being yourself. Another note. Greek life has never really been ableto the firm rooting at Brown. And so every single one of these houses is not only shared by two program have programs, but also there's neutral housing that goes up on the lottery, which is how we start our dorms, So a legit. If you want to have this extremely convenient location to Sharper factory, it's and next to the center of campus and classes are super close. Yeah, you can totally get here and be close to friends and everything. It just it's a little louder, especially weekends, but yeah. No. A little chill people. Yeah. I'm back and I did a little bit change. Don't worry about it. It's a different day is Monday, but it's still beautiful outside, and I got something to show I got. I got something to show you. Behind me is what is locally referred to as Hotel Andrews. We have met care, Andrews and Miller, respectively. These are a few of the freshmen dorms that you'll stay in on campus as a freshman, and this is one of the things that she'll see as pictures of Brown because it's absolutely view beautiful. I remember I was. I'd lived in Andrew's my freshman year, and I will come back to it at night and all you'll be able to see is this clock at the very top. There's a clock right above my head at the very top and you see as you coming back at night, and it's just absolutely beautiful. One of the good things about Andrews is that there's a dining hall right underneath it. So as AH as a student that lives in Andrew's, you can wake up in the morning and then go right downstairs and get some breakfast. So let's see if any freshman are getting into some antics and Andrew's comments as it's called. All right. Right now I'm with my boy called. Hoover has called her and we are coming back from a weekend in St. Which is another suburban area nearby Brown. So right now we need a quick interview. Called her on the wall. So, Mr Hoover, give us a little of the reasons why you applied to ground. I have pride of Brown because I won the open vigilant and you'll take whatever I wanted to be in the perfect mix of an urban and suburban environment. Great college campus, but yet still open. So my two downtown a minute. Where's the script for your radio? Off down there. But it also has a really good point. And the end Brown's air. You know, I think I've emphasized, emphasizes a lot for all my videos. That is a really good mix of suburb, you see and urban, so no, really tired. Was going on. I ah, shot out to you whoever's watching this. And today I'm going to show you a little bit of what it's like, Toby. A full time brown university soon. That's right. I got the full wide campus cultural tour. We're going toe dive into any and everything that is brown. What the students do, Howie, any rat interact with each other and how we interact with the environment. We're gonna We're gonna call cover all of that. But first, let me give you a little bit of an introduction. I got Bruno right here behind me. Like I said, My name is Ike Marchi. I'm a junior high concentrate and business entrepreneurship and organizations, and I am on the board for the African Students Association. As secretary, I'm also involved with the black Christian Ministries and the black student union. So there's just a little bit of the things I do. Let's not waste any more time. Was a campus riel. I'm Nick Moreno from Sunny Southern California spending file chemistry here at Brown University. I'm here in front of the van with Gates. We have a tradition of going through them and during our commencement and our graduation. And legend has it. If you go through in any other time during college career, you just will not graduate. That's what I was getting stay closed the whole time. And those side entrances are open for people. Go through a pretty good place to start the tour over there is the rock, otherwise known as the John D. Rockefeller Library. But we're too lazy. And someone called the Rock better than Client John. And there's the Hey, those are rare books. Supposedly, there's a couple of books that are bound in human skin. Yeah, definitely talked to in the librarian's about checking that one out. Yeah. Going to get a cool tour of Brown University, and we're gonna have some fun. So I'm in my dorm building is the common room of our floor in Andrew's haul. A lot of students like to call it Hotel Andrews because we all have saints in our rooms. And we have elevators. Yeah, so not it's not so bad. There's a lot of people at this vision pen broke up the upper campus, which has thanks to sew pretty good living conditions here. Looks pretty much like any door. Honestly, yeah. All right. We're on my way to my door. I think my roommates inside hopefully not good about this. Right? Welcome. MTV to my crib. There's Evan on his buddy. Yeah, that happens from Texas, if you didn't notice. Yeah. Zare dorm room noticed the beautiful car molding my bed. They give us a bed to give us that like a pillow. And yeah, it's pretty much been set a pretty high or at a understandable height like Evan has. Yeah, I should have done that. But yeah, no, uh, sinks. Always good to have. And as you see in the reflection, my closet is a pretty good space and you will keep what I need. So it's a sort of a pantry. In my food noodles. You're a lifesaver, but yeah, no. And you get good views from the windows lighting. Keep your voice down here because of people studying for finals. But right now we're in this nice is library. It's fourteen floors of what people will come in a couple of ugliness. The floor's arranging from one which is basic to fourteen less. Basically, Yeah, plants plants it right now on the thirty for its sacks with some pretty intense stuff, but is as the major Reed hospital time here studying Mandy. Spend more time with the rock, and there's a couple other libraries study halls illegally. It was your options. It was really cool. But Silas is the view. You get downtown Providence from these windows. I feel so bad for disturbing everyone. Sentiments work, but you look at that view with problems. So we're I'm here with my friend today. We're in the Andrews burrito line. This thing is notoriously along. We've been sitting here, thankfully at the front of lines for, like, the past half hour. You've got to get here early, But I figured, well, I'm here just kind of studying, and today is just sitting here studying what we're doing is important. I thought you could, like, tell me like what you're doing about now. Yeah, so, um but I really enjoy about Brown is sort of community we have here where you have the support network throughout college, which is a really difficult time because you're trying to figure out what career you want to go into eventually. What? You're passionate about courses here definitely much more difficult than anything way probably ever experienced before. So it is a challenging time. And brown, it's it's very easy to find people who will help support you through that process. Time the there's plenty of academic advisers that you can always meet with, and they're always there. So passionate about the bear on DH, you know, meeting you during their office hours and, you know, going the extra mouth just to talk to you about any concerns. You have any anything that you just wanna bounce off them? Yeah. And that's That's what I found That I really love about grounds so far on Really excited to continue on with that my next year, So don't so much. All right, let's get those soon. Hey, remember how I told you I was gonna tell you all about that board later? You don't look like I'm moving a little fast because I'm cruising down. He scared me. Like I said, I'm cruising down their street right now. They're Street is the main place where you can get any kind of food from Providence that you want we got. Andre is right there. We got a new you melt place that serves grilled cheese. There. There's just got everything you need. So come by here If you ever want a little