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I'm back and I did a little bit change. Don't worry about it. It's a different day is Monday, but it's still beautiful outside, and I got something to show I got. I got something to show you. Behind me is what is locally referred to as Hotel Andrews. We have met care, Andrews and Miller, respectively. These are a few of the freshmen dorms that you'll stay in on campus as a freshman, and this is one of the things that she'll see as pictures of Brown because it's absolutely view beautiful. I remember I was. I'd lived in Andrew's my freshman year, and I will come back to it at night and all you'll be able to see is this clock at the very top. There's a clock right above my head at the very top and you see as you coming back at night, and it's just absolutely beautiful. One of the good things about Andrews is that there's a dining hall right underneath it. So as AH as a student that lives in Andrew's, you can wake up in the morning and then go right downstairs and get some breakfast. So let's see if any freshman are getting into some antics and Andrew's comments as it's called. Hello. Welcome back to the campus. Real tour. I'm on my way to the gym, but I figured I should do this room toward now since my roommate was out of the room. So let's begin. So little bathroom area, which I should start with their front doors right here we have, ah, door hook on top of it. Just hold our towels and bathrooms. So me and now you may have the luxury of living in Andrew's, which is the only dorm with us thinking the rooms. So we really love that. We used to space in the walls by adding little shelves, so this doesn't come with the room, but we put them up just because it's handy and then below this angry maximus to space by grabbing these little shelves for Michio, you can pick him up, and it honestly helps make things so much easier. So we have all our like bathroom supplies here, and this is how we get ready in the morning. Also, shower shoes, big necessity. So we try to keep a room as clean as possible. So this is our welcome mat, and when you walk in, we have, like a little jacket rack or, like you can throw your keys upon their just make it easier. And everything you may or may not notice is stuck up with command strips because we're not allowed to make any permanent changes. So also, when you walk into the room, the other side of the video, so again for reference, this is the front door. This is my room mates closet. I'm not going to go into it. Kind of see you peeking there. It's a square shape on. Guy will expand on that as they go into my closet. So this is a little pen of our room. Um, So I'm not going to show you too much my roommate side, except that she does have bookshelves. And this is because her closet is a little smaller than mine, for decorations are lovely. They make our room really cozy. Everyone really loves coming term room, and so the way rooms are initially set up is here. Where the micro Avis. The two desks, they're usually put there, and it kind of splits up the room. But we wanted to open up the room and have a nice, fluffy carpet on the floor, so we decided to move our desks around. So coming into my side of the room, this is a standard dresser included in every brown dorm, and you can use it just to the store, like everyday. Whatever needs you have. Some of them have three doors that are the same size, which I believe is my type. And there are some with a bigger bottom drawer. I feel like my bottom drives the same. I just use it to store miscellaneous stuff. And here I just have some other clothing items. So next my bed. I like to keep my phone charger, my d Mikey's little stuff like that In some succulents. There was a sale at the beginning of the semester. I may have gone a bit overboard on DH here, sort of like our pantry area. My roommate, as you can see, also store some snacks there way share a britta, a fridge and a microwave. So that's really great to have that in the room and then moving over to the bed, I put up some pictures at the beginning of semester from my room back home. That's my gym bag, as you can see him ready to go and underneath a bed, even though we didn't really need it. I did get extra storage just for some snacks and, like miscellaneous supplies. And then here I have, like a lot of socks, and it seems like a crazy amount. But trust me in the cold winters, it's a necessity. This isjust again. Leggings, leg warmers. So this door I used for my extra set of like sheets and towels and here is our cleaning supplies, trash bags, all that kind of stuff on Go. It's just to keep everything a little bit organized, so it's not too chaotic. And so now we move on to my desk so trash can recycling. Each dusk at Brown has these three tours here, or I believe there's an open space, but I'm not a hundred percent sure, Andi, As you can see, I built up this wall, and this is what I do film against for when I'm talking to you guys, because I think it's pretty and it's a bunch of memories of my first year on the wall Here. These two pages are just my to do lists for the week. You can see some stuff is like really crossed out because I'm trying to work hard and get on that grind. So I have everything organized on my desk. I like to keep it this way. Just because I don't know, it makes you feel good. And so coming here, this is the other view of the room. So again, those bookshelves, the front door is there. That's me and our mirror. And this is just some laundry that I had out today was laundry day. And so the final piece of our room is my closet. And these curtains thes curtain rods do not come with the real Mima roommate. Both decide to put them up just because we felt they looked nicer. So as I mentioned, my closet is double the size of my roommates. So I have sort of a rectangular closet, and this is kind of zoomed in, but there's really no wayto kind of zoom out. So I'm just going through. I use the top shelf of the pantry and then just hang stuff up here. No Riel. Reimer reason just whatever I grabbed except kind of after this, like middle section that's all my coats for the winter. And then below that we have my laundry baskets and then just some miscellaneous cleaning supplies and then looking here I have a shoe shelf and they use the bottom shelf for shoes and just moving up different clothes shelves and another really cool element that I like is back here. You can kind of see there some hooks where you can put bags, and that's usually where, like I hang my gym bag some of my purses just to make it easier. And also because this is a nice open space. I added these command hooks that I can hold like a little backpack and my other purse. So it's really great again. My other, my roommates closet is about half the size of this, so it does only have the bar and the shelf on top. But again, she does have that bookcase outside. And so this is a dorm room in Brown University's Here on Princeton Kwan. That's our statue of Caesar every weekend. He has a new head dress for prompt. Yeah. Uh, this is basically a virgin on Greek row. All these houses are mostly that we're going to passing. As I walk through, we're going to be a program housing, so fraternities, there's an international house, stuff like that. Uh, yeah, there's one for pretty much every sort of group of people, and it's all right. So it's definitely a send off party culture here. It doesn't get especially trashed, but the things happen. But I think I do want to say about Brown and party culture is that Brown is super chill. And if you're not about the party life, then like you just you know, I'm not feeling that everyone be cool, that no one's gonna like pressure. You, Teo, do that stuff If you're not about that. And I was gonna press you not to do that stuff. If you are about that stuff is very much about being yourself. Another note. Greek life has never really been ableto the firm rooting at Brown. And so every single one of these houses is not only shared by two program have programs, but also there's neutral housing that goes up on the lottery, which is how we start our dorms, So a legit. If you want to have this extremely convenient location to Sharper factory, it's and next to the center of campus and classes are super close. Yeah, you can totally get here and be close to friends and everything. It just it's a little louder, especially weekends, but yeah. No. A little chill people. Yeah. All right. Right now I'm with my boy called. Hoover has called her and we are coming back from a weekend in St. Which is another suburban area nearby Brown. So right now we need a quick interview. Called her on the wall. So, Mr Hoover, give us a little of the reasons why you applied to ground. I have pride of Brown because I won the open vigilant and you'll take whatever I wanted to be in the perfect mix of an urban and suburban environment. Great college campus, but yet still open. So my two downtown a minute. Where's the script for your radio? Off down there. But it also has a really good point. And the end Brown's air. You know, I think I've emphasized, emphasizes a lot for all my videos. That is a really good mix of suburb, you see and urban, so no, really tired. hello again and welcome back. So today I'm going to be showing you a couple of my favorite places on campus and buy a couple. I mean, just a few little spot that I kind of like to hang out. I think I'm supposed to go all the way around campus, But honestly, my favorite spots are mostly on the Pembroke sighted things just because they live here, and it's really convenient for me to come and hang out in these spots. So this is where I like to be most of time, and the first of those is the study room right here. So I will show you a proper look right now. Let's go walk in. So this is the main first floor study lounge, and when you come in, it's really simple. It's just a table with chairs. That's where I was sitting to talk to you guys earlier with a nice view of the courtyard patio and then just some couches in a TV that you can use. So yeah, this is the room. Most of the study rooms are not this big. I think they usually stop about with this window is on DSO on every floor in Andrew's except for the basement floor island. Because we have a kitchen instead of a study room, there is a study lounge like this, not as big used. Just has one big table in the middle and then seats around and some white boards on the side. So it's a really good work space. So the reason why I love this room is because it's so convenient for me and my friends to come literally. It's open all the time because it is residents hauled like me and, like for other people can just come sit down. We're gonna project together or work individually. We can have fun, weaken group off. We can relax a bit like I can come in my pajamas with the blanket. It's really great. And there is another study room that I'm going to show you. But that's not the one that I like is much just because it's a little bit more formal and it's a lot quieter. So I'm here. I have the chance to, like, talk and be relaxed, but in there it's a little bit more serious. So initially when I was filming this video this morning, it was a little bit gloomy and cloudy, and that is one of the realities of living in Providence. So the beginning of your day can be completely different to the middle and end of it and just kind of get used to life here. But I didn't want to show you this four yard when it is really beautiful outside. And just so you can understand why I really like being here and why it's one of my favorite places on campus, and you can see this is just a basic courtyard. But one of the reasons why it is just a place that I love to be is because, especially at night when you can see the stars, it's just very nice to be in a place that's kind of open. And it doesn't feel as restricting as other places on campus and sometimes feel on. I love to just sit here and talk to my friends and the stress after a long day, so that's just a really great place for some peace of mind. So that is a little bit of what it's like to hang out in some of my favorite places, and again they do revolve around where I live because very homely person. I love to be close to just be able to relax and, like, if I want, I can go home, change into pajamas and then come out here and just sit and talk with friends, absorbs sunlight and watch the stars. It's a really great place to be, and I hope you like that. So, yeah, this is also Pembroke campus. Remember College on DH Right now? Where I'm standing is down. There is Andrew's comments, which is what? You will see another video, so stay tuned. it is about nine forty ten PM in the evening. I believe. Andi. We're headed to this beautiful feet of architecture behind me. Also, there's a sci fi science school sciences library or the silo. Um, so let's go inside. It's kind of chilly out here. All right, So I just swiped into the science library and to this side, which is right when you look in there, some stairs down to the basement. That's what it was like. The biggest steady spaces. I often go there into my classes just to, you know, get some work done. All right, so this is my stuff on the third floor of the Sciences Library with Saltman on this, the science center. It's really great because their rooms, some of them passing by, you can see a big central room. Some review sections are held in their classes. She's on the call. So, yeah, Aziz was saying there some smaller rooms that you can reserve. It's really nice because just quiet, isolated places to study where you won't be bald ID. So these are the rooms up here, so usually that's where I'm headed. Those of my friends Oh, waiting for Yu perspective grounds. What she's a friend of behind the camera is mine. And she made me. Not that that's a contribution. This's supposedly my favorite place on campus, but really, I just picked the place where I study a lot, which is inside ten PM study session. So we're in the science lab. Re write out, so we want to talk to you a little bit. Word gets around, of course, that it's like a machine takes to take forecast that around on me. Usually that's three for great and one that is past fail on DH. I'LL explain a little bit more about that later, but so what do you feel like work? You know about it? Well, promise, Definitely intense. And this is that It challenges you a lot, and depending on the course you take you five years old thinking about things it was never did before. I feel like if you shoes, you're fast as well, Then you won't have a hard time If you on ly have really have it crosses that I'm going to have a more difficult time. But as long as your balance it out and take the methods scores or course that may be a little bit of a dimensional portal. Yeah, exactly. So basically, just take advantage of what we have. I think they expected for going to somewhere between fifteen. Twenty. Alms for me defies all week. Some used to find yourself working harder than expected. They really changes its up to whatever the week is. My personal recommendation is that when you're kicking your boss, they wanna take pass, fail. Don't take out one weird class that you want to try out past failed because for me, that ended up being like the classes, but loves the most what I'm most fashion about. So that's what I do. Really? Well, I say take a class class feel like you think you make me, but you're not sure. So then if you do end up really know, like, you could just, you know, do whatever you need to get that past. And then it started. You don't have to worry about it, so that helps a little bit. Thank you. Think also. Five classes. Yeah, you can Don't just don't do it way. Don't like all the catfish in that mean to run into your bloodstream? That Yes, Tio Tio. Was a campus riel. I'm Nick Moreno from Sunny Southern California spending file chemistry here at Brown University. I'm here in front of the van with Gates. We have a tradition of going through them and during our commencement and our graduation. And legend has it. If you go through in any other time during college career, you just will not graduate. That's what I was getting stay closed the whole time. And those side entrances are open for people. Go through a pretty good place to start the tour over there is the rock, otherwise known as the John D. Rockefeller Library. But we're too lazy. And someone called the Rock better than Client John. And there's the Hey, those are rare books. Supposedly, there's a couple of books that are bound in human skin. Yeah, definitely talked to in the librarian's about checking that one out. Yeah. Going to get a cool tour of Brown University, and we're gonna have some fun. Hello. Welcome back. This is John A. He's a friend of mine. She lives across the hall from me. Right now we're on our way to see F f. Yeah. So for contacts were headed to the Bernie Willie have actually known as the Vida. By round students. It is one of two. All you care to eat dining halls here, Brown. The other one is called the Sharper Factory, also known as the ratty. Don't ask me why Nobody knows on DH. The speed up as they call it on Fridays does have a special where they serve chicken fingers for lunch. So we've kind of made it our thing, and we go every week with a couple friends, so let's go check out. So we're at Vida. Um, so let's weapon. So I wanted to take a minute as we watched the lovely jen this pipe into the brainy, willing to explain how meals work for freshmen. So as a freshman, you are either on the twenty or the flags for sixty. And what twenty means is you get twenty mils per week. They don't roll over. You must use three per day. Otherwise you basically lose them and you also get points, which can be spent at different types of dining halls around campus. And the meal credit is worth eight dollars and twenty cents. And then on the Black Score sixty. It's called for sixty because that's how many meal credits you get for the year. So you get two hundred thirty your first semester and then the other two hundred thirty years. Second semester, when this planet's what's most recommended for most students who are not athletes and who don't need to be eating three meals a day. Solidly, I'm on this point right now. It's perfect. I use the meal credits, whatever I need. And, yeah, it's a really great plan for most students. You do also get two hundred and fifty points to use at the other dining halls. These are meals that do roll over, so if you don't use all of your meals first semester, they will come back second. So, Master, welcome back all show you a little bit later. Reason I want to tell you this is because it is probably the dining hall that I go to the most also because I live above it, which I don't even have to leave the building to get food, and this place is open until, like two a. M on most days. So it's pretty, so you don't show your fear returning, so let's go check it out. Starting off, I did just step out of the dining hall so you could see what it's like to come in. The store can sometimes get stuck. It's a little annoying, but you get used to it when you walk into the dining hall. When you go through this little and trends room and then on your left and then all the way on the opposite side of the dining hall on the right, we're just little study rooms. You don't reserve them, but you can go into them and then thes stares right up ahead. Lead to a more formal, larger study rooms. Taking a look at the dining hall. That's what it looks like. You can sit here with your friends. It opens at eleven a. M and closes at two a. M. So you khun, basically chill here all day if you wanted. Let's go take a look at the food, so first up we have the club bar I don't know if I'm pronouncing that right. This is full from lunch and then for dinner every night. There is, like a different items, so this could be like pasta night or curry night sometimes. And so this bar is adjusted all the time. Wei have a little fridge space here. There's some sushi, some noodles and issue some alternate dining options for you in the corner. If you want something to just go really quick. Here we have the coffee and tea station, so there's coffee, tea, hot chocolate in the center back. There's all these drinks machines, so you have vitamin water, ice, and then this machine, which I love. It has so many different drinks, like you just have to check it out. It's so great a minute made juice machine and then on the opposite side to the It's like the same style fridge we saw before was just filled with some different things. So many to go salad and drinks, and then next to that's where the bar was on the other side. You have a little speciality, uh, sandwich bar, and that changes on the weekends. I believe it is a sundae bar and then the pizza, which is always there. It's so great to go out like one. I am when I'm really hungry, and I just forgot I didn't have dinner. So it's always a great option. And finally, we have a salad bar so you can make your own salad. It's nice, but not my favorite Silent. That's at another location that you'LL have to figure out once you're here and then coming up to the main Passion Register. There's some chips and snacks, and then smack dab in the center of the dining hall is just little fruits, milk and yogurt station, and my personal favorites here are the oranges. They are so good. I didn't eat oranges for, like, two or three years, and then I had one here. No, I was in love, and now I'm addicted to them. And so now he's come back to where we Hey, remember how I told you I was gonna tell you all about that board later? You don't look like I'm moving a little fast because I'm cruising down. He scared me. Like I said, I'm cruising down their street right now. They're Street is the main place where you can get any kind of food from Providence that you want we got. Andre is right there. We got a new you melt place that serves grilled cheese. There. There's just got everything you need. So come by here If you ever want a little Keep your voice down here because of people studying for finals. But right now we're in this nice is library. It's fourteen floors of what people will come in a couple of ugliness. The floor's arranging from one which is basic to fourteen less. Basically, Yeah, plants plants it right now on the thirty for its sacks with some pretty intense stuff, but is as the major Reed hospital time here studying Mandy. Spend more time with the rock, and there's a couple other libraries study halls illegally. It was your options. It was really cool. But Silas is the view. You get downtown Providence from these windows. I feel so bad for disturbing everyone. Sentiments work, but you look at that view with problems.