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Here we have more of used the media love from the main entrance. Looking up, we can see some tidbits of the labs that our house here. So some quick, fun facts about the media love scratch was invented here. Julia, a popular programming language, was awesome invented here. And the media lab also has a really cool free food table that was developed in order to try to get rid of food from events. And it's actually become sort of a medium on campus. So we now have a lot of mailing list, including our free food mailing list that students take advantage of, uh in order to get food during day. I'll just take a little quick break and talk about fraternities and sororities on campus. So Greek life is generally not very well known, but the majority of students really do take part in it. So about seventy percent the males can't Mrs Wells. About twenty or thirty percent of females participate, and that means pledging to return your sorority. We have a good number return, although the majority of students, our male early, no great and generally the organizations are not only the center point social lives, but they do have a lot of land to be events, fundraisers and are generally really a good way to meet people at the same ball on campus. So I live in the annex, which is east of the East tower and McCormick, and it's a small building that houses about twenty or twenty five people. This is the kitchen where lots of kids like to make dinner for themselves, and we're going to take the stairs up to the third floor where we live. So this is my desk. I just have a lot of essentials in here. Pens, pencils, usual stuff. This is my roommate's bed. This is all her stuff, and this is my corner. I've decorated. I've organized my stuff into some bins, Daly products, food and some other stuff. Our dressers or pretty spacious. They give us a lot of room for clothes. In addition to our closet space, This is my closet. This is my room mates closet. And we also have a third roommate who lives here. This is her closet and her space. So our room is a triple and its pretty spacious. The amount of room that they give us is, I'd say pretty standard for a three person room at MIT. Obviously, rooms that hold one or two people will be considerably smaller than this in the quad, which holds four people. Maybe about the size, maybe slightly bigger. But, yeah, they gave us all this furniture, the beds, the desks, the dressers. If you love coffee as much as my roommates and I dio a coffee maker is very useful. Tohave and all of the coffee essentials. The calendar here we have our fridge. And snacks on top in my backpack. I just have a notebook, some pencils and pens. My laptop. This side bed storage is really nice. I like to keep my phone in here while I sleep. That's nice. A lot of under the bed Storage is also useful, something I also like. Is this the hard surface so that I could do my homework in bed, which is a lot more comfortable than at my desk? As for clothes, Boston is pretty cold, so I have lots of jackets and coats. I recommend a shower caddy with all of your shower essentials. This is the view outside my dorm room During the day. It's really pretty. You can see the Boston skyline as well as the Charles River separating Cambridge in So right here behind me is East Campus. It's one of the oldest storms at M. I. T. And A currently houses about four hundred students. It's generally known for having a very quirky and mighty like culture with a lost you into doing building things. Stirring Orientation Week has lost about the year. Each of the holes of East Campus essentially has a different theme or culture, and students are allowed to choose where they want to live, based on which hall fits their personality best. That's one of the really cool things about a mighty Gore booth fact that students are able to choose which living groups they want to be in based on the culture that exists at the living groups, as opposed to being randomly selected into whatever house they are going to be living in for the year. My name is Anna Bronski, and I chose my tea for the fun people and the rigorous academics. Oh, I'm so almost r and I should have my tea because it is close to my home, I'm from Boston and because of the excellent academics and resource is here um, the student body at M. I. T is really quirky, but also like very passionate about the things that they like. And I feel like when you talk to other people, even if they're not interested in what you like, they're able to find passion in your passion about things, which is really cool. I would agree. I'd also say that it's really diverse, and you can definitely find your people here no matter what you're into. My major is six seven, which is computational biology. I would say the act of academic climate is very collaborative, like you'll often find that you're never going to be working on homework by yourself. Like you always have people to talk through problems with, which is really cool. I'm so course three, which is material science, and I would say, Yeah, the academic climate is definitely very collaborative and working together It definitely is really rigorous. Classes are hard, but you can get through them and it's just like people have a lot of like pride and value take a lot of like pride in their work, which I think is awesome. My favorite part of that mighty is equal parts that people and like all the cool things you get to learn and do, and I don't really have a least favorite part, okay, My favorite part is definitely just like that. Access to just like everything here, like it can be really overwhelming. But like there's literally so much going on here, which is like, awesome. And you could just like experience so much, and my least favorite part would probably probably be the I'm like the knot. There's like no emphasis on Arts and the humanities, and that was a little disappointing coming here because I would definitely like to see more arts classes and people like taking the humanities more seriously. So we're walking up to the Walker Memorial, which is one of the larger buildings on campus. It's also in the newer buildings on campus, and it basically has headquarters for a lot of student groups are local campus bar that a lot of students like hang out, especially grad students, because they're, of course, over twenty one, as well as a rock climbing wall inside. Most of our tests actually take place in this building as well. And if we swing over to the other side to catch a glimpse of the sailing pavilion. So M I t has the varsity sailing team. Uh, that regularly competes throughout the year, and the ceiling pavilion is where they go. So it's also where old boats, so you walk up to catch a glimpse. It might actually really contrary to what? All right, basically, most of the varsity team within the Ws fellas division one team specifically for rowing. So wait with you stores and a gorgeous view of the Charles River. So over here we have Kreskin Auditorium, which has a large auditorium, souls, a smaller theater. And it's where a lot of the theatre groups and performing groups on campus like to perform. Over here is a student center, which is the main area where students like to go. Teo host club events, grab some quick food from Anna's. Huh? Korea or Dunkin Donuts s O There many restaurants and places to get food on campus. Uh, through the trees, you can almost see Lobby seven, which is basically where the great are the little dome is. And once again, at my teachable and behind me is another view of dorm Rose Massey Hall. Over here we have McCormick are all women storm over there and a few more dorms down the street. So I'm going to talk a bit about the academic environment and what academics are like here. So first semester, freshman year, I took four classes. They are eighteen o to two, which is multi variable calculus, eighteen o three, which is Differential Equations six hundred, which is intro to computer science and Python and Ada one, which is introductory physics. And it is really interesting because we number all of our majors one through twenty four majors, and we also number all of our classes. So the two classes that I took that started with eighteen were both math classes. I'm a math major, so I would say I'm course eighteen since all four of the classes I took freshman fall, where introductory classes I was in large lectures and lecture style classes. Physics, which was an introductory class. There were about nine or ten different times that the class was offered, and each class wass in a smaller style. They call it teal style. Teal stands for technology enabled active learning. So as a professor was doing practice problems on one white board, they would be projected onto another whiteboard next to us so we could see close up what they're doing, and we would sit at tables with groups of six to eight and work on problems together. For example, every Friday would be a problem solving session for just an hour, and we would get a packet of problems, give him our best effort and turned them into a, which is a teacher's assistant for my four classes. Two of them, which were both my math classes, had lectures three days of the week and recitations two days of the week, and each recitation and each lecture was an hour long for five hours total in class that week, my physics class had lecture three days a week. Monday. Wednesday was two hours in Friday was one hour, and my computer science class had lecture two days a week Monday Wednesday for an hour and a half each. So lectures and recitation were the main ways that I was able to interact with teachers, teachers assistance and grad students. Um, in addition, office hours are really big. Most professors would post their office hours online, um, on a calendar, and I would just show up whenever I needed help on an assignment, and they were always really willing to help. In particular, the office hours for my computer science class would have teachers assistance there, and they would be able to answer any questions you have. They would also ask me questions about my learning and help me better understand the concepts that I'm working on. For example, they would ask me to explain my code that I wrote and asked how I got to that specific answer to a problem. So at M I. T. The student of faculty ratio is three toe one, which is exceptionally low. And this really shows, I believe, because each of the professor's truly tries to make connections with their students. And even though I was in and into all introductory classes my freshman fall, I really connected with my differential equations professor, And he even invited me to do some research in his lab. Um, also got, uh, my tea. Almost seventy percent of all classes have fewer than twenty students. So Adam I t there are four and a half thousand undergrads in almost seven thousand grad students. It's kind of a small school. It's not like a big state school. They're aren't like tens of thousands of kids going here, but it's really tight knit. Everyone gets to know each other, and I met some of my closest friends here, and I made truly amazing connections with lots of people So in this video, I'm going to be answering some of the most frequently asked questions with regards to M. I. T. And campus life here. First question is, what is my tea's campus eyes. So last year there were nearly twelve thousand students, four and a half thousand of those were undergraduate. Nearly seven thousand were grad students off those students, about two thousand undergrads were women, making up nearly half and twenty three hundred grad students were women, making up about a third. Another frequently asked question is, What is the student body like? So at M I. T. The student body is very academically focused, passionate, driven, but also very fun and very diverse. You'll find that there are a lot of different kinds of people here, and it's really interesting to see all different cultures and all different types of people coming together as one student body. Another popular question is, What is the academic culture like? So at M I. T. The classes are very intense and difficult, but at the same time, they're also manageable and rewarding because there are a lot of people who are willing to help you. Other students are willing to collaborate. Professors are willing to talk and work through problems during office hours, so the homework and the classes themselves are difficult. But if you do as your resource is, you'll find that they are manageable. There's so many resources on campus. There's free tutoring offered by several different groups. Lots of students form study groups to work on their homework. So at a mighty there are five schools. There's the School of Architecture and Planning, the School of Engineering School of Science, the School of Humanities and Social Science and the Sloan School of Management. And when you apply to admit you don't have to select one of these five schools, they will ask you which Major you might be considering. But in no way are they gonna hold you to this. You are free to switch your major Any time between the five schools you don't have to apply to a certain program Are certain school. Once you're at the admit any of the major Zehra available Tio, the most popular major, Adam, it is in the School of engineering, and that is course. Six, which is electrical engineering and computer science. The second most popular major is course, too, which is mechanical engineering. Also in the School of engineering, the third most popular major is math, which is in the School of Science, and the fourth most popular major is physics, which is also in the School of Science. Of the five schools at M I. T. The school of engineering is the most popular, with over seventy percent of my tea's undergraduate population. The school science has about twenty percent of the school's population, and the remaining students are in one of the other three schools, which aren't nearly as popular. Greek life at a mighty is also a very frequently asked question and greet. Life here is very popular. There are seven sororities in twenty seven. Greek life is pretty popular in nearly half of students are involved in Greek life, and you'll find especially on the weekends. Lots of fraternities have parties, and these are popular events that lots of students go to sports culture Diamond. He is also very popular. M. I T is the largest division three program in the country, and enmity is just very successful all around in terms of athletics had a mighty in terms of art, music and theater. These disciplines are very popular in terms of major. However, for extracurriculars, they're extremely popular. So there's tons of Acapella groups, uh, dance groups, theatre groups and comedy clubs. And I myself, him and wind ensemble. There are tons of other like symphony orchestras, and the art, music and theater scene is very big here Hi guys. My name's Anne. And I'm a freshman at Amit studying math and computer science. I'm from St Louis, Missouri. I'm gonna be taking guys on a tour of amity and showing you what it's really like. So our room is a triple and its pretty spacious. The amount of room that they give us is, I'd say pretty standard for a three person room and admit they gave us all this furniture, the beds, the desks, the dressers. So most mornings my roommate or I will make coffee or tea. And it's just a really nice way to start our mornings off. After drinking some coffee, I'll get dressed, grab my backpack and head down to the dining hall. So the five dorms that have dining halls are Baker Massey McCormick. Next in Simmons. I live in McCormick, but the dining hall I'm in right now is Baker, and it's an all you can eat buffet style, so you just Once you swipe, you can eat as much as you want, and every morning they have custom made omelettes. Well, we have all this pineapple, so after breakfast it's time to go to class. So I will gather my belongings, cross massive and walk up the steps past the famous columns. So to get to most of my classes, I will walk down the infinite corridor, which is eight hundred twenty five feet long, making it the second longest hallway in North America. So first semester, freshman year I took four classes. They are eighteen o to two, which is multi variable calculus. Eighteen o three, which is Differential Equations six hundred, which is intro to computer science and Python and Ada one, which is in introductory physics. Since all four of the classes I took freshman fall, where introductory classes I was in large lectures. This is a pretty medium sized lecture hall. It holds about one hundred and fifty students. And it's also where I had calculus for my four classes. Two of them, which were both my math classes, had lectures three days of the week and recitations two days of the week. Each recitation and each lecture was an hour long for five hours total in class that week, my physics class had lecture three days a week. Monday. Wednesday was two hours in Friday was one hour. My computer science class had lecture two days a week, Monday, Wednesday for an hour and a half each. So after all my classes are done for the day, I would like to get a workout in. So I'd usually had to one of the many weight rooms. This one I'm in right now is the main weight room at the easy center. What? So here. So at this gym, there are bikes with virtual reality headsets that I tested out. This is what? Hi guys. I'm here with my roommate and friend Simone. Simone and I are in the stud, also known as the Student Center, and the student center has a lot of places to eat, such as subway, Duncan doughnuts, Anna's Talk Correa, which is a really good Mexican place I like and a store called Love Air Days, which has basically everything that a normal grocery store would have. And I'm vegan. So I'm lucky enough to find some dairy free ice scream. After a long day, I'll head back to my dorm. I live in McCormick Hall, which is the on ly all girls dorm on campus. If I need to work on homework, I might work here. The Green Living room, which is a great place to do homework and relax. Another great spot is one of the two penthouses East or west. Right now I'm headed up to the East penthouse. It's just a great place to work on homework or study, and it also has a nice view of Boston upon the penthouse floor. There's also a workout room, which is really convenient, especially in the cold when I want to work out but don't want to go outside. So that's it. I hope you guys enjoyed watching a day in my life at M I. T. And I hope to see you on campus.