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Hello There

Noelle Mercer

Theater Studies & English, Class of 2021



Political Science, Class of 2019


How's everyone today? We're going to be talking about my extracurricular commitment at Yale, which is one of the main reasons I haven't had the time to do. YouTube is nearly impossible to do. Extracurriculars and academics and everything. Yeah, let's get started. So here are some of the main things that I've been doing at Yale. One of the first activities that I am a part of his dance works, which is basically this big dance group that has multiple dance choreographers instructors, is a very big group. Um, and we host a very big show every year. And for my first semester I signed up for one dance. It was a pretty solid group. We performed be practice once a week. It wasn't too much of a time commitment, but the show was really fun. Everyone just had a fun time. Unfortunately, I will not be able to do it second semester because I have a lot of commitments for plays that I'm doing a deal with. You talk about next up on our part of the first year College council here. Hell is kind like the student council. I am one of the two representatives for Pierce in college. We were both voted in, and it's basically like the student council here. Yeah, we organized many events for first years, like a first year formal, the first Olympics of first year barbecue. Just a lot of things like that. There's also, like the Sophomore Council and the College Council, and it gets very of red tape, a lot of government kind of involved. But yet that's been a very funny commitment. Just weekly meetings. Very chill, very fun. I'm also part of this really cool group called the Tech Seal Group. Early on in the year we had, like this kind of interview things application thing, and luckily and gratefully I was able to get into the team. And I am the designer for the team for, like, any posters or whatever, A student speaker, coordinator, speaker, coordinator. And it's kind of a small group. So everyone kind of does everything, and we work together to collaborate. In April, we are basically going to be making a Ted Exhale conference, so that would be very, very fun. I'm very excited for that. But in the meantime, we've been doing these small speaking salons where we have speakers come in. We organize the small events for people to talk. But, yeah, it's basically Ted talk with feel very fun. Very cool. I'm also part of the intramural sports here. Hell, I've done soccer was going to do indoor soccer, but we didn't have indoor soccer this year, which really, really sucks. I did some volleyball, and I'm hoping to do Ben mention Intramural sports are very fun because it's not a huge time commitment, but also very fun because you compete with other residential colleges and there's just so much pride. So much fun. I was really, really Yeah, I'm a part of the Asian American Cultural Association and also a part of the Indonesian Yell Association and also a part of the question chapter and the first generation low income chapter here. Yale, Honestly, I don't have any official positions here, but I come to events. I helped plan events out, and it's just very chilling, very cool to be a part of people who also share the same identity as you. I was also a vice committee chair for Lyman, the yield model United Nations, which is really fun. Every year we close to conference. We hosted a conference early in January, and my committee was the Civil Rights Committee, and we basically facilitated a model organization simulation with a bunch of high school students, and it just went really, really well. And lastly, the main extracurricular besides YouTube, which I tried to do that I've been doing that deal is the Deal Drum Coalition, which is basically theater at Yale, which is also the Yale Dramatic Association. So this year I will be in four plays, and I've also held up for other plays, like being part of the set crew. I really love acting. So Semester one, I was part of a play called Death, which is really the story. That's really funny, because I wasn't. I didn't want to audition for any place for a semester because I wanted to ease my way into acting. But the actor for the play dropped off last minute, so I decided to take a roll, and I only rehearsed like three times before we actually performed. It went really well. I love the family was really funny. Play was a really deep in a cool place to talking about gun violence and the importance of it and it's just really cool, really awesome experience in a smaller stage. Now, one of the biggest time commitments that yield is the Yale Dramatic Association is basically like the official big, stereotypical cool on a big stage theater here. Yeah, there's a lot of red tape involved. There's a lot of money involved in it. We perform at the Yale University Theater. So I was lucky enough to be the only first year for the yield. Her Matt Spring main stage Fucking A. And we have a director from New York who comes Adrian. He was such an awesome director. He comes here. He basically treats us the students as professionals because we have every day. We have at least 4 to 5 hours of rehearsals. And there were days where we had, like fight calls and choreography stuff just a lot of things where a lot of hours required very long theatre at very fun because there's so many places that you can audition for. But it's also very stressful because there's the audition process and the callback process, and everything can be overwhelming. But Peter is also very fun, very is a huge stress reliever for me, and I love it so much. And I will also be a part of two more shows. Saw NdeR and Radium Girls, which is the yield Ramat freshman show, which is a show put up only by first years at Yale. So those children be awesome. They're gonna be fun. I have my lines memorized. Hopefully, and I'll also be a part of a short film here. You. So Yeah, I love the entertainment field. I love doing Peter. And acting is very fun, but it takes up a lot of time going off of that. I will be studying abroad in Bath, England, for this theater program, and I can also get credits from it. But I'll talk about that more in a future video. But yeah, theater is a big time commitment yield. I'll probably go more specific in another video like a home video about Peter, because it is very intense. It is very in depth, and there's so much to cover with. But generally speaking, there are so many hours of rehearsals every week he had to memorize your lines. You have to have good chemistry with the cast. You have to be able to make decisions acting, but yeah, that's pretty much it. In terms of extracurriculars here at Yale, I've been pretty involved, has been fun. And hopefully next semester, I am not going to be doing for plays in a year. That is way too much. If you have any more questions or anything, please calm down below. And maybe I'll make videos for the specific extracurriculars. Another video to talk about it. More death. Yeah. Thank you so much for watching peace How's it going, guys? My name's Arnold, and today we're going to be talking about theatre at Yield, specifically the extracurricular scene. Now the best part about theater at Yale is that is accessible toe literally anybody, regardless of your experience, if you can sing, you can dance, you can act. Or if you have never done any of that before, that is the beauty of it. People just explored the interest and you end up working along with people who've been acting for, like, 10 years compared to you, who hasn't acted at all. And I'm just making a very general assumption there. But it's just very, very fun, very interactive, very collaborative, but also very time now for the most part of the way theater words that yield is that we have the Yale Drama Coalition, which is basically the umbrella organization that basically compiles all of the shows and organizations that are performing theater at you and all through that Web site. You can basically find auditions online and just be so we have an audition times long. Prepare a monologue or a speech or whatever they require. Signed up for that time, show up on the day and you do your audition. And if they like you, they're gonna give you a call back, which is basically another chance for you to show who you are and what you can do. And if they accept you from the call back then they give you the world. Now the way the role is given is that we have a casting cycle which basically during that day, the directors and producers call people like on the phone. You have to wait, like on the daily, actually wait on the tail and you just basically have to wait for a phone call to see if you've been accepted as a role for that show. And after that, you get accepted. You do a re through of the play, you meet your cast, you do rehearsals, and it's just very fun. I didn't do theater my first semester because I kind of wanted to ease into things and maybe act second semester. But my first gig actually was with the planet death, and you probably know this romance took regular video. The actor for that play dropped out, last debated, and then the writer somehow found my email that she e mails me asking Oh, would you like to be a part of the play? And I hear that you're interested in acting. I thought was pretty cool. You know, that I was being recognized in that. Somebody reached out. So I was like, You know what? I won't take no for an answer. Even though I wanted to go and do acting next semester, We'll just do it now, have a little taste of it. So I said yes, and turns out the play was actually performing in less than a week. So I had to memorize all my lines. All of my blocking in my movements and all of my notes and all of my acting all in that way had tech rehearsals all that. So I only rehearsed about 2 to 3 times before actually performing four times, But it ended up being very, very fun. I met some of my closest and best friends there. You know, we still link up. There's a very fun process because nobody was so strict or overly professional about anything, you know, it was very laid back. I have my lines memorized, so we're basically just having fun cooperating, making sure all the lighting's and sounds and everything was going well. Macbeth was very fun. Bills, also very short production. We have some House parties after, but besides that, the show finished, and here we go to second semester. Now for a second semester, I wanted to audition for a yield dramatic association show. And for those you guys don't know, the Laundromat is basically the stereotypical big kind of theater scene here. Yellow. The Yellow Remark produces seven shows a year, and for each of the semester there's a main stage and that main stages basically big show where they bring a director from New York, a professional director, to direct this show. And it's just basically, there's so much red tape and money involved. Reason. I audition for the main stage because it's big and I wanted the cloud. You know, I just don't like audition, see, audition and test my acting capability. So, yeah, I auditioned for the show was pretty chill, and then I actually ended up getting a call back, which was so cool. But then they asked me to prepare a 16 bar song, and I was like, because, like, I don't sing, sing I mean, I can somewhat sing. I don't sing So you know, I mean, so I saying waving through a window by dear Evan Hansen It was funny because the director worked with Ben Platt himself. So, like, there was no pressure at all. You know, no pressure, but yeah, After the audition, after the callback, I actually got in. And turns out I was the only first year who was admitted as an actor for the Spring Mainstays show and by the way, is called fucking A. I don't know if I mentioned that video, but it was just so cool Being able to be a first year in the main stage. I got to work with so many cool, humble and talented actors. But at the same time, it was a huge time commitment, you know, every day, at least 4 to 5 hours a night. There were days where there were Hertzel Take on the whole entire day because there are things like costume fittings, fighting calls on transitions. I'm working on lighting, working on everything else. I'm just acting, working on chemistry, doing all these exercises. There were some times where I felt more like work fun, but you gotta work hard to make a very good show. Regardless, I am very blessed to have that opportunity. I still have connections with Director and everybody in the cast. And I gotta play four different characters doing the show. And I had to sing. So it really did push my comfort zone. And now the next three shows that I'm doing because I am a dumb ass who doesn't care about my time, our sauder and radium girls. The cool thing about Saunders is that the writer and director actually hit me up for that show because they saw me perform in Macbeth and they're like, Oh, my gosh, this kid's really good. Can we have him? And then I was like, You know what? I auditioned and I got the role. It was just so cool. Sandra, we have Tech Week next week. Since my active Sondra is only a two person play, it's definitely interesting because it's a very, very fast paced and we were really, really closely with the director because we're the only two people talking for like half an hour's. The next show is the Yield Ramat Freshman show, the annual show put only by first years, every single year produced, directed, they have lighting and the acting. Everything is my first years, and this shows radium girls. To be quite honest, I haven't been to too many rehearsals because of the conflicts of other shows. But everything is going well. I've I've really, really well cast. We have amazing chemistry because there's just something different about making a show with only people who are your age core of your experience. For the most part, it's just very humbling, very fun. And that show is also gonna be two weeks from now. And lastly, I am in a short film called Ladyfingers Movie. We are filming that next week as well. I haven't really done anything for it, really. Just audition for that. The writer actually reached out to me because word about and then I was like, You know what audition? And it went well, I got a rule and we'll see how that Yeah, but for the most part, theater at yield is very accessible to anybody. You just have to put in the work memorizing monologues, prepared your auditions, prepared speeches. You just have to really get into one of them of things, because rehearsals can be time consuming. But in the end, it is ultimately so rewarding and you put up a show and you just have a camaraderie with the cast, and you could just reform to convey a message to give voice to the voiceless. Just have a fun time on the state. That's pretty much it for theatre. If you guys want a day in the life of a theater kid, video or anything else, I just please calm down below and just thank you so much for Time has come for me to explain Yale's residential college system and housing and how all that works. So every year old student, every Yale College undergrad is placed into one of eels, fourteen residential colleges. So, for example, I am and Jae hee. Although last year I was in trouble and I transferred. But I'll get to that later. S o every student this place into one of these residential colleges and basically what you'll tour guides like to say is that the rest colleges are like microcosms of the Yale community. Each college, like student population, will represent what the Greater Yale looks like. So every residential college has its basic amenities a dining hall, a gym, a library on laundry, a game or a TV room. Basically, anything that, as a college student, you would want to have accessible and at your disposal and your residence hall. But the other cool thing about Yale's residential colleges that each college has its own unique history, traditions culture, For example, Jay has a really fun tradition called Wet Monday, where, I believe the first on the first Monday of March, all of the first year's that live in far known back in old campus. They come with buckets of water and like water guns and water balloons at midnight, and they storm the gates of Jay. And basically, basically, they're trying to get into the common room, trying to get into the entryways. And I can't the upperclassmen wet with the water that they have. But of course, they lose every year because Thie upperclassman is just dump buckets of water outside, you know, into the courtyard and onto the unsuspecting first years. But that's a really fun tradition that we do every year, and it's something that's unique to Jay on. A lot of colleges have, um, fun, little traditions and weird things that they do. Each college has a dean and ahead of college, and the deemed typically presides over the academics of the students, whereas the head of college presides over the social life and social well being and social cohesion of the college. And both of these people live in the college with the students, so they're very accessible. So unless you're placed into Silman, Timothy Dwight Benjamin Franklin are palling. Murray colleges. For your first year, you live on old campus and you live with other members of your class that are in the same college as you are on. Before you get to campus, you fill out a survey. It's very brief and asked you if you're a morning person if you like to listen to music loudly home if you're messy or meat, and then the university collects all that data, and then they put you into sweet according to your college and your preferences. If your place in one of the four colleges that I mentioned before you live in the college your first year and that's mostly due to space, there's just enough space in those colleges Toehold for class ears. But if not, if you live on old campus for your first year, you're second year. You move into your actual residential college. And the exciting thing about your second year is that you get to choose your suite mates. So a lot of people decide to stay with this sweet that the university aside them, because usually it ends up working out. But you can also decide to split up your sweet. You can join a different suite. The thing is, you you live with people in your college, or you can do what I did, which is I trance. It's heard colleges. So my first year I was placed into Trumbull College, so I lived in Bingham Hall on old campus with five incredible young woman. However, I found so much love, support, friendship and community and Farnum Hall, which is where the J E. The Jonathan Edward Edwards Kidsday on DH It just so happened that all my friends were in J. So I realized halfway through my first year that I really wanted to live with my friends. So I applied to transfer colleges. And now I'm in Jonathan Edwards and I got, too, and I'm living with whom My best friends And there goes my pencil hum and it's honestly, I'm so happy that I transferred colleges. I wasn't unhappy it Trumbull. I just really wanted to go live with my friends. And I think at the end of the day, that's the beauty of the residential. College system is that even though Yale can be a pretty big and almost intimidating space, you can always return to your small community and your rest college. But college is a RH, typically pretty small, so um, I know almost everyone and that I know almost everyone who lives in J because we're a This is john. It's college, my college best resident college campus. Because of our proximity to brandford, we can hear the bells toll at twelve pm and six pm every day. This is where our head of college lives. Listen, we're the smallest in size, not in population. So that means that our living quarters are great too. Very well. We're all just spiders, hammocks and picnic tables. We'll have events out here dancing. We used to have a swings come from the street. I don't know where it was, but i'm sad about Good morning, everyone. Right now, I am on the way to go to the gym in the morning. Uh, and I'm just gonna straight up break the fourth wall. I don't know what I'm recording. I just decided to a record A video in the morning, But I honestly don't know what this video is gonna be. I don't know when I'm gonna upload it, so we'll just go with the flow and I'll take you along my day. So that was a pretty good workout session. I didn't record any of workouts, but if you want to see me make a video in the future, calm down below. Let me know that now it's time for a quick job back. I'll see you in a bit. Now it's time to go and get some breakfast. Yeah. Now it's time for me to get some breakfast at the beautiful Jonathan Edwards College. Probably gonna get some breakfast, some food study for Chinese a bit before my first class. Yeah, Everything's going pretty well so far. Just look at this place. Oh, okay. That was in the best for you, but yeah, I'm gonna get some breakfast. See you in a bit now we're gonna goto way. I just finished Chinese class, and right now I'm gonna study for a bit before my Chinese tutorial section. Languages share really intense, but yeah, I'm gonna study for tomorrow's test, get some lunch, and then continue on with my classes. Now it's time for me to head to my Chinese tutorial section. Yeah, so I've been here for about 4 to 5 hours now, after my psychology lecture. So after doing all of that, I went here straight here to focus for, like, 4 to 5 hours to just study study from a Chinese midterm tomorrow and just honestly get a lot of the most unwanted forms done. I finally have the room to myself after, like, 4 to 5 hours with other people being here. But yeah, this whole tire video was very spontaneous. Nothing was planned. And today was actually a very boring day to record. I'm so sorry. I'm honestly gonna try to record better videos where the days are more fun. Uh, these from one of the days that aren't as busy but busy in terms of having to study and doing a lot of solitary work. So I've been here for a long time. I will, however, get dinner and a bit, catch up with a friend and maybe go to an improv comedy music show. But we'll see. And then after that, I have two hours of rehearsals from one of the place that I'm doing this semester. I'll probably mention this in another video, but I've been doing a lot of theater hair yell. It's very, very time consuming one of the shows that I just finished. We had at least 4 to 5 hours a night on a regular day and for tech week, we had, like, all day booked for rehearsal. So theater is a huge time commitment. Extracurriculars are a very, very big time coming. So please, as cliche as it is, balance out your extracurriculars, your social life, your classes and everything and just make sure you have a fun time. It is so cold wearing my hair like that. Morrison Dining Hall with Sexy Man over here, Arnold Morse Dining Hall with the sexiest man alive Richard lead he's got. So I rushed out of Puff Show because I'm running late to thee to our rehearsal from 9 to 11. It's fine, because way gotta have fun. But hopefully my directors is that good? Oh, my gosh. It's really cool. And I almost drowned, but it's fine. And I hope you guys enjoyed this very kind of boring kind of fun. Weird lot. Um, I'll catch you on the flip side of things you don't, my love. But actually, I just want to say thank you so much for everything. It means a lot to be making more contact soon. Hopefully soon when things don't get busy and I can explain everything for my end. Yeah, Thank you so much. best thing about us so far and the worst thing about us so far. I say the best thing about Yale, which is just such a cliche. Answer. Everyone will say this, um is actually the dining hall is not our food. Isn't that good? One of the best things about hell, I feel like, is that sense of just like the vibe there. I feel like the vibe is very, very good, whether it's you know, whether you're in the classroom where the extracurricular setting just collaborating with the people. The amazing, humble, fun, beautiful people just like, you know, just having fun. They're just like the environment, like always, having positive vibes and talking with such amazing people, such amazing, talented kids who are just so nice to you. And you can talk about random things like random topics because everyone is so unique and different, and it's just so cool. So I think, like the overall social atmosphere there is really amazing, because it really does help you with focusing on your studies and just making sure that you are an active and fun and studios and hardworking person. Worst thing about Yale, Uh, okay, I just try to be as unbiased as possible. I don't want to say this is the worst thing and I think this is more of a personal thing to me. But I'm very involved in terms of extracurriculars, so I have to have a very, very strict schedule. I always plan my day to the minute and I always tie myself. I'll have to go to class at this time, has to eat lunch at this time of to meet up with this person. This time I have to go to this rehearsal of this time and I feel like sometimes it does get a bit robotic because I always have to think ahead and always plan ahead when I should be like living and enjoying the moment. But I feel like that's a personal thing and I think it varies from person to person. But I think yeah, in college, you have to really you have to be really strict with their time and sometimes it does end of sacrificing your own fulfillment and presence in the moment. Academic rigor Is it too much? Personally, this varies drastically from prison. A person I know that there are a lot of people who are just straight up cruising and enjoying you and just like having easy classes while still getting their major requirement personally for me, I think my accident like my classes, which I'll talk about another video. I think the academic rigor isn't as much, especially if he took AP classes in college classes in high school. I feel like calling. She's slightly more manageable than that because you only see a class a few times a week. But you also get a lot of homework in a lot of papers and a lot of problems. That's to do so. I feel like the academic rigor is definitely manageable at a place that you, depending on your major stand majors good luck. But I think that everything is pretty manageable. For the most part, you have a fun time, hobbies, clubs. You're involved in that Yale hobbies. Um, I love doing a lot. I'm gonna make a seven video on this, but I love just like I love the arts, especially whether it's like Peter Performance. I'm part of the student council care Yale. I do a lot of Asian American cultural stuff there. A lot of other cool things. I'll talk about living with video, but for the most part, I just I also just really loved hanging out with my friends, whether it's eating out, chilling in the common room, playing music, just talking about were topics. Since you're a scholar and off smart. What extracurricular activities outside internships would you recommend or suggest for people passionate about humanity's Your cause told me about your chance. Oh, thank you. Well, Danielle, the humanities is a very broad field, so I can't really Taylor specifically because, like, for example, if you love performing, then you could do like dancing your dance club or like performing for theater acting, maybe shooting films, shooting movies, since filming replaces acting, made films, films, filming movies. So I would say to just try to find things at school that are related specifically to what you like and try to get a leadership position in it. But at the same time, if there's nothing at your school for it, then I strongly recommend for you to start the club yourself because it's always going to start from the ground up. If there's nothing provided for you, but you have confidence that you will do to do really, really Well, Come on. Come on, Mocanu. Misha Haiti. Your sister. Oh, soon, soon as my sister. Guys, drop my life. Maybe. Can you run for president? Well, what else am I yield for? You know, majoring in political science for a reason. So, yeah, my plan is to actually become the president of the United States later on. Once I'm 35. I think that's a requirement. That is total B s. Don't Don't believe anything. Please don't. I'm not. No, just when will the Q and A B I don't know. Still working on it. All right. So the last question is, can you talk a little bit about Quest Bridge? I'm a junior in high school, and I'm considering applying to be a quest for scholar. This is actually a really, really good last question. For those who don't know, Quest Bridge is a nonprofit organization. It's basically this program that supports low income, high achieving students. Students were academically basically really smart. Kids were also very passionate and talented. They basically help those kids by providing them with a bunch of resource is to succeed in college. Just help with writing essays and basically all these things. I was a very great resource. I'm definitely not describing quest for just highly as I should be. One of the main things about Quest Bridge is a lot of people tend to apply to the National College Match Finalist program for basically if you apply and if you get in, you got to match all of the partner colleges in a list of 12 I think, and the top college get accepted two on that list, you are getting beautiful, right? And in general, having the ward of questions. Scholar is just a really, really good award because a lot of the top colleges recognize it as a very successful and hard award to get. But as for your case, Emma, I think, is definitely great that you're applying early. There's also a Quest Bridge College prep scholar program, and I think that you should apply for that, too, because that gives you a lot of resource is and help when you're applying to become a finalist, and they also give you the opportunity to go to a national admissions callers conference, which helps you out with the application process and basically question it is just such a great resource, and it provides you with, like, all of these networking opportunities with other kids who are also in your same situation. Yeah, I'll probably talk more about this bridge in another video, but it's a very good resource, all right, so those are all of the questions for my human? A. Hopefully you guys enjoyed. If nothing, if there are things that aren't that specific, please let me know, because I'm planning on doing more Q and A's in the future, especially for those with friends at Yale and friends and, like specific departments, major departments. So that will be very, very fun. Leave more questions not below, and I'll try to answer them. And also please suggest what other two days you are due, like donate with my roommates with my suitemates with my floor mates with people in my certain extracurriculars. But just let me know. Thank you guys so much. I'll hopefully make more video soon and bye bye. Are you single? Potentially. this episode is probably going to be one of the quicker ones, but it is actually very, very important. Your teacher and guidance counselor recommendations now for this. I highly recommend you guys to first and foremost start early, because for Yale you need one guy that's concert recommendation and to teacher recommendations. Now you should give them ample time to write those recommendations because they have a lot of students that they also have to consider. Not for this. You want to choose teachers who have known you for a while, you know? Hopefully, teacher, you know, you've known for at least a year and hopefully in some really good academic subjects. But once again, you don't need to have a teacher in like, you know, math and a teacher in English. To read information for you is truly important that you have somebody who truly knows you well know ser characteristics. That being said, it is important to make valuable relationships with your concerts and your teachers so they can put you in the best life possible. Now, what makes a good recommendation versus a bad recommendation? This is where you kind of well, to some extent, if you don't have, like good teachers or like counselors who rent good recommendations. That's where you kind of put in the work personally. What I did is I gave them a cheat sheet, which is basically a sheet of things like stories that I want them to kind of conveying. Talk about on their application because a battery combination is gonna be something that is superficial, like. Arnold is diligent. He's hard working. Those were very basic things. You know, a lot of students, our hard work and diligence. What called is wanted to see how a teacher has specifically seen instances where you conveyed these characteristics. For example, for one of my recommendations, it was from one of my close teachers and director. He, you know, I have passions for English and theater. He also had a passion for English in theater, and he got to know me really, really well, really personally. So he had specific, and it goes to show fly. You know, I was a good actor or why I'm a hard worker and why I feel unique across the other students that you have taught. You want to make it very personal. So it is very, very important. You said your consulate and your teachers, these cheat sheets that I'd say to, like specifically give it to them so they can showcase all these cool characteristics of the story is that you've got Yeah, that's pretty much it, you know, start early. Have teachers and concerts that have known you for a while, and if not, you can always finance it by sending them a document that has specific things that you recall that helped show gets you as a better person. If you have any more questions or request, please let me know. But for now, I'm going to end this video and Okay. It's time for the epic tour of Jonathan Edwards College. I'm here with my friend Sammy. Sammy's. Cool. He's in Morse. But, you know, we'll forgive him. Well, I'm I can learn more from the tour. That way. There we go. We're going to convert you into a spider. Just you wait. Okay, let's go. You are our music practice rooms we have for them on people are currently in them, so we can't really show you inside. But, Sandy, a test of the fact that he has written songs and he's very no that you have. All right, let's get going. So in here is the J Press. We have printing presses and I've never been in here. And Sammy, have you been in here? Cool. So neither of us have been in here, but it's still pretty rad because they do things like make things like this. So go J Printing press. This is our trash and recycling trash. Longer. There you go. Okay, So this is, uh, J Art Gallery. Right now, we're going through like, a very like, about card minimalist sort of exhibit. So as you can see, this is one of the exhibits. A work of art. It's called Man against White. Great. Very. Wait. Here where exercise and keep. To the J buttery game. Where Good destroy saying Yeah, yeah. There you go. I'm going to destroy him yet. Table tennis. Uh huh. Oh, Phil, critics. Well, anyway, this is what it looks like. This also serves as our buttery, which is closed right now because it's open. It's open from ten. Thirty two. I believe one AM oil Mondays through Fridays. And it's just an opportunity for students to hang out, Get some food. The good old CYA which or the grilled cheese? The buttery, is staffed and maintained by J students. And they make food for us right here. Uh, delicious. A fun late night snack area, right, right. Okay, everyone. I'm here with my friend Matty. So, Maddy, could you please introduce yourself where you're from? And your major? Yeah. Hi, guys. I'm Maddie. I am a junior here. Yale from St Louis, Missouri. And I'm a double major in theater studies and women's gender and sexuality studies. Cem. And what college are you in? I'm in Morse College. Okay. Okay. So, Maddy, could you talk a little bit about what? You do like Extracurricular? Yeah. So I'm in a cappella group here on campus. It's an all women's group called something extra. Um, animal center dance group called yield answers. We do all different kinds of dance. And then I courted often acting stuff here. So what is the kind of the type of shows that you've done? Well, last year, I am Korea to show that our speaker Noel was actually and cold in the height on. Right now, I'm acting the show called twenty fifth Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, which is super fun machine learning about theworld baton for it only. So, yes. Check me on that. And that I'm directing a show this spring called a gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder. Could you just quickly describe, Like what? The social climate like it's like here at Yale. And then also just like your own personal social circle. Yeah, I don't know. I was really surprised about the social climate here. It was only the opposite of what I thought it would be. You know, I don't think is, uh, super like, horny toity kind of ivy. And I was really impressed with the way that people are so, like, grounded and down to earth. Here I found so many people who were a lot like me and people who are super different and like in a way like our experiences here become universal even with different backgrounds. Like, we all have the shared experience here. And like I found that some of my closest friends or people who have lived completely different lives. But like, we're united here at Yale. No. And then last thing. What? What a piece of advice that you give to a person who wants to come to Yale or who's just thinking apology. Oh, my gosh. Um, I think just do things that you love. You're going to do best things that you love to do when things that make you feel like a better person and a better student. Yeah, just like, follow your heart. Like don't do anything that feels like a waste of your time. Thank you. Maddie was one. So young university in New Haven, Connecticut, which is a I would describe a small city. So one of the main strips. Is Broadway. Um, and we have a lot of different stores on Broadway. We have urbanoutfitters, Patagonia, the apple store. But we also have a very famous eatery called Good Nature Market. But wait. Call it Haley's. Call it Chief. Because a few years back, the management changed. They changed the name to major market, but before it was always called, uh, good heaven or something like that. I'm not sure changed before I got here, but everyone always calls it G have so I'm gonna show