Lawrence University Dorms

Hey, guys, today I'm just going to show you a small video of what other students dorms look like. So you can kind of see how they set up their rooms. Because what's really nice about the stuff that Lawrence provide these rooms is that all the equipment kind of fits together like puzzle pieces so that you could basically reshape the room toe however you or your roommate All right, So this is orange Ba Hall. This is the oldest resident hall that is on campus. And this is where I lived with my roommate. This's the Harley. Each storm has a set of our lives, which our resident life way. Also our chief, which is our present culture. Well, this is our loan. So each door has allows, which is three days for everybody to just hang out forward. Wait. Oh, my work fresh. Pretty. Everybody's kind of ***. Every door has its own little thing. That kind of makes it special. So he has hard with floors and walk in closet. Other dorms such as Solar and Pullman six. So a lot of people, like having way also have gender neutral housing. Sage Hall is the biggest gender neutral door there is on campus, and we also have other dorms that are gender by floor. So Kommen Hall is our biggest gender door. Here's while plants is also a storm that is very typical for freshman year. It is over next to the conservatory. So a lot of concern before students like to live there because of the close vicinity. I was there my freshman year and I absolutely loved it there. The community in that dorm was so great. And the community enormously is really great as well.