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Hey! Hello, you guys. Hello, you guys. I don't know what to say. Like I don't know how to start it off. Hello, guys. Keep on appeal. But come on. And I don't even know what today's they bag again? I didn't show you the first. Unless you dare you record. Oh, I may not put in the video. I don't know guys about order The home menu. Chick fil a Maggie is also YouTube as well. She's inspired me to start my own YouTube. You right? So So I'm gonna wink her channel down below. So you could also start. Remember? I will remember, While I'm editing this, I'm like, OK, moving her channel down below. Oh, my God. But today we're going home. We're going to chick fil a ordering home, and we'll order a whole menu. We're gonna do I like to believe so you know, it's a bag. What? It's a driver. My drink. This kind of Wow. So we're about sort of film are being much fun. Cool. What? It looks like someone just been what the world we got the chick fil a and we're about to film a video for her channel. If it works out. Oh, you know what? Didn't turn on the lights? I could be brighter in here. Look, how nice or camera is very professional. I can't even flip my screen. I didn't Nice What is here? Um, you might not get food. I know. What it Back over like you report? No, Um I just thought like a spicy chicken salad and fries. I got the whole meal. We wanted to get the whole mill. Yeah, next time we Well, well, next time you should try something else instead of chick fil a. The whole. Yeah, sure. I feel like they stayed so basic. Would you want to get next? I don't know. There's a lot of restaurants in the area. Oh, my God. Hey, you guys. So we are done with the mob bahng. Um, go subscribe to Maggie. TOC are full. Listen to the song. Yeah, um go listen to pretty much sauce Also. Good. Thanks, Tika. You want this guy just like me and I just started, You know, you could be copyright it. Oh, there's a basketball game tonight. Really? Yeah, so yeah, definitely could go because I don't have a three hour to ask Maggie's room. Look, look at this mess show, okay? You show them all. Oh, but her room is so cute. I like how she decorated the end and stuff. This? Yeah, I painted it. I see. And I make a little banner doing flacking. You know, you should really go check out her channel. She has more videos and better quality content. You you don't have quality content. I said better quality. You have to call you for a beginner. You suffer every cat I met in general. OK, thanks. I guess for you guys, it is the next day. I feel so bad because I said I was gonna vlog, um, the basketball game last night. But I forgot my camera and yeah, I was only there for, like, this second quarter, but it was pretty intense. I'm you should have gone, but I'm here Must fit. I don't know if I showed you guys my roommate or not. Here's just a little bit And, um, I'm a close the window because you re in the old freeze me, You know it is so Yeah, I felt so bad, but I'm a try and just combined the two days of logging. But today is Thursday. I never know what the day is. See, I'm not like I'm not gonna keep up with the D. Um, I'm just gonna let you guys know that right now. Um, and I have I just had, like, a 10 15 class, and then my next class is at 3 30 so I have some time before then. So I think I'm just gonna chill in the room and do whatever. I don't know. Uh, what about you? I'm still getting used to of logging. It's kind of like, awkward. Well, I feel kind of awkward, but I feel like I'm gonna get used to it eventually, but yeah, and Faith also has a YouTube channel, so only encourage you to channel down below as well. And, um, we're probably gonna do like the roommate tag. Yeah, the roommate tag. You know, Maggie suggested doing a room toward I mean, in my room. I mean, room is like it's not spent. Yes. Yeah, we Oh, my gosh. We upgraded. We have a story. Yeah, she's gonna put a story time out about our our dorm situation last semester, and, gosh, it was crazy but yeah, I think I'm just gonna I don't know. I don't know if I'm gonna walk the rest of the day because nothing interesting was going on the rest of the day. And I have classes toe like 9 30 at night. So I know I'm gonna be tired afterwards, so I don't know. I'm probably just gonna vlog the neck tomorrow, which is Friday. And I only have one class on Friday, so, Yeah, I'm gonna edit those tomorrow, maybe an upload it, So Yeah, I'm sorry. I realize my hair looks kind of gross right now, but I tried to look cute today with my face of makeup. A man. I don't know if you guys could see me outfit, but I have my little shirt on that out from other store. I got me earrings and all about. I got my jeans and the boots on and yeah, So I'm gonna talk to you guys later in the What? Hey, welcome back to new video or weak. I hope you were having a nice day. Um, magic Berries could see I am in a different setting. I don't have, like, beauteous post crap this video. I'm going to be talking about my freshman year experience at Marymount University. If you guys don't know, I go to marry my university. If you haven't watched my past videos, you wouldn't know that. But if you have watched my past videos, you would know that I did a video. Me and my former roommate, Faith. She also has you to channel ish I'll link down below. But we did a pros and cons video, which I will link down below as well. And yeah, we just kind of talked about the pros and cons about Mary. Uh, yeah, just what we liked and didn't like about the school. And I guess it was kind of further point in this video where I talk about my freshman year experience. How how it's like going to marry. You know, I don't have anything prepared, really. I just I just talk about my experience. So my freshman year went by really fast. It was very interesting, and actually, it turned out pretty good. Previous video for pros and cons. Alec Imagine how the school's like in a really nice area, and I like how it's a small school. It's not like huge school, like thousands of kids, and I guess students, they're not kid. We're not kids anymore. Alex. Students, like just in class like in a classroom will be like a few 100 students in a class. And that's like I couldn't do that. I made a lot of memories. I feel like I won't forget. I made new friends, started really close friendships on as you guys could tell the my friends and my past videos you have seen, um and yeah, I I feel like it was pretty good my first semester. Do I ever remember reference on Mr Filic? First semester should go by pretty smoothly just because it's your first. The master, like your classes, shouldn't be that hard and like you're just starting now you're still getting used to like college, and I guess, being on your own. And I like being with your family on Lee. Thing about it is like go the dorm situation for me um, and my roommate or who ever lived a certain dorm building? I don't know if I should, like, name the door building, but I guess if you like our student at committee about you know what I'm talking about. It was a lot like the first semester like that was only bad thing about the school semester was like the dorm situation, which I guess they're fixing now. Yeah, it was like the dorms, but other than that, like, my classes were good. The professors are, like, really good. I've never, like, encounter like a rude person are being on campus. Oh, the orientation. Like the freshman orientation, it's long for like, no reason. Like the orientation is like a bee along which I don't know why it's a week long, but it's a week. We have, like, this whole scheduled out, um, for a whole week of orientation, and I feel like a lot of that stuff is really necessary. I know, like a lot of kids eventually didn't go to, like, a lot of the things, because you you are forced to go, so yeah, I just think the orientation ways Who then? It should have been the changes Don't like other schools. Made the orientation one or two days, like, kept a ruling and just let the students, like, stay for a few days on their own, doing whatever you want to do things like that. I don't know what they're gonna do this year. I actually, we'll be there. I guess I won't be like an orientation leader. Anything but I will be around that. I will be there whenever the freshman coming spring semester. Your class is definitely get harder just because you got all the like introduction classes out of the way, I guess. And you're going on toward being class ooze this past, Master. I did more classes where, like, juniors were anything like soft. Just We're like upper classmen classes, I guess. And there was some classes where I was still a freshman. Yeah, the classes don't get harder, but it should be fine. Like you should be fine if you just do what you're told. I guess Try to understand material. I think that only think I I felt like I I didn't agree with Is the staff of life some departments? I will not say what specific department, but It's a certain department, seven departments, but I feel like that's that kind of goes along with, like, every school, like not you're not gonna find a school. That's like, perfect. But there is gonna be the school where we're like every school has there calms, I guess even prestigious schools like how weird or yelling? Um, you see, L. A Yes, I could give you some tips about choosing the right college for you. Okay. Said I got in comments and like my previous video about the amount, like asking questions about the school and things like that. And I have, like, I was in this position of choosing a school like last year so I could get some tips on how to choose the best school for you, I guess. The main thing in the main most important thing ISS two. Uh, see what schools offer the program that you want to get into, like the major. You want to study in like we have tohave what you're majoring in because if they don't, then why are you going to that school in the first week? So tip number two is to look at the price Me in school. Um, literally. It's, um it's what literally making make our break deal for a lot of people is surprising. And I mean, it's understandable just pricing, just seeing their financial aid. How much I wanted to give you. Sometimes, if you really don't know apology, go Thio. Just a guest. Go to the one out because you know me that's like reasonable agains. That's like the most logical thing you've got, like, really like the area that it's in. I feel like you. If you don't like the area that it's you won't enjoy your time there. Whether or not this school well, kind of help you scratched or kind of hope you after you graduate. Or, you know, like this school is really good for helping students find a job or pursue whatever their career they want to do. Like help. Boom. Um, I know, like honestly, it's not always certain that you'll like get the career that you studying. And that's worth like any college that you go to, Um, but it's a word which I know for me at, like that very moment you are required to do an internship, um, in order to gradually and that's I find that actually really good thing because, like, internships, normally if you do well, land like jobs, definitely visit the school that you're thinking about going to just because I wouldn't hear, like, first of all your pain, a lot of money to go to school and make you wanna like looking, I guess. Oh, yeah, It's like buying a house, especially after all that day you're gonna be in the wood. That's enough to buy a house. You wanna tour the campus because seeing online is one thing, but like actually being there's another I remember, like first looking at home pictures, like on a website before I visit the campus. And I was like, Wow, that's like, really nice. I thought it was gonna be like a medium sized campus, so, like, kind of a big campus. But I was wrong. Like, whenever I got there, I was like, What is this? It was so small and like, made me not want to go there anymore. But I, like, sucked it up and I was like, I'll go in and leaves. I feel like I really believe hopefully I have a good, but I just want to kind of, gradually the people that, um I got accepted into very long or, um, make their decision to go to me. I hope to me the right decision or you're happy with the decision in this school you go to Oh, and you know you have If you guys have any more questions about Mega Mount your general or, um I guess college related stuff like freshmen about my freshman year experience. Then just calm it down below, like our dwelling. I will see you guys next week Hey, you guys, welcome to another video. Um, so today is January e Don't even know. It's It is what it is today. Um, today is January the 14th and it's a Monday, so classes were supposed to start today, but I got cancelled because of the snow. You guys need to see the snow. What's going on? Like it is snowing outside. You'll get a better look at it whenever I go outside. But yeah. Um, since I have no classes today, um, I'm just gonna go to D. C with my friends, and we're just gonna walk around and then we'll see what else comes upon us like, I have no idea what I'm doing today, but yeah, I'm not to go over to my friend's door now, And I'm just gonna wait for her and buck her to come on, because she's always late and you guys get to, like, meet my college friends and stuff like that. So let's go. I have my shoes in the dryer, so I'm pretty sure making a lot of noise. Stop. You know, I'm filming you right now, right? You have to introduce yourself. I'm Renee. I'm Kevin's friend on uh, that's good enough. So where Chick Feli right now? And I'm with Renee and we're waiting for our other friend, Trinity. And we're gonna go to D. C. Because she's gonna get her belly but imperial cry. I cannot wait to film that. Yeah, so we're just waiting right now, So yeah, there are snuff. Zoom. Look, A trinity. John, this is creepy. You want to throw up, you say hello. And what you may names Trinity. That's good. That's good. But so we're out in Georgetown, and I cannot feel my hands. They're, like, frozen and my toes. Right. You guys okay? We're trying to find the piercing shop, but we don't really know what that is. Okay, it's down the street. These eyes over back from the piercing your shop on, um, remain. Got her belly button abused. How do you feel? I cried. I hurt like a bitch. And then eternity. Our friend, she decided to get her nose peers like, literally, out of nowhere. It was very spontaneous, you know, But now we're about to go to the dining hall and get some dinner. Um, they normally don't have anything good at the dining hall. but where broke and we have no other choice way were broken. We don't have any other options. We can't spend money and, like, Renee just spent money on her piercing. So, yeah, we're gonna go eat. And I think I'm just gonna end of walk here for today. I like in subscribe. Hey, guys, welcome back to my channel. So today's video is gonna be a little different. Instead of doing a walk, we're gonna do it Sit down, Video way. We're pretty much going Thio Total are pros and cons about college. So if you guys didn't know, I go Louis vocal toe marry my university, which is in Arlington, Virginia, and spot fund. Still, waters, honestly, just before we start at this claimers. So pretty much every school has, like, they're pros and cons. No school. It's perfect. So, please, But let's just say it's more so every every college should be like that, you know? So if you're interested in going to Marymount University, this video kind help you out a little bit where freshmen were in our second semester. So this is kind of just waited by power. First semester went and how our semester is going so far right now. So without further ado, let's jizz head to toe. So we're gonna start off with the pros and oh, I got you. Yeah, No license already issued. Do soothe its okay. Yeah, yeah. No, no. I want you to tell my own. So I live down. If you haven't watched my past videos, you know that. You can't go watch passivity. Shame on you. So the first row that we're gonna talk about is one thing for me, Blank. I like how the school's in a nice area. Blake. We're in a very Bujji neighborhood like a really nice house. Exactly. And like the living cost of living is pretty. So I won't be living here after college, but it's honestly, like overall, it's just really nice. You gotta worry about going out and having trouble with people you don't gotta worry about getting a It's Yeah, like cries. Rate is very low here. Yes, The second pro is of the professors are really good. They're really personal with you. Since this class size, they're very small, which is the cons are pro. This program's really hand in hand like they're really nice and personal with you. And most I have no problem, my friend. So far, the care about is you and your success. And they will help you if you needed. As long as you're playing effort into their class, showing up doing your work, when you do, they will help you out. It's only if you're slacking just like every other competition that they want. So the third co is that they have free laundry service is I know, like I felt like every school should have free. But I know schools that you have to pay to toe. You either get dollars on your student I d s with quarters and I'm like, this is the place for such a tease Coins So literally we just she doesn't do I don't believe you. The next one is that the student body is very diverse. Now it's not like, Yes, I'm not gonna lie. It's mostly occasions. No big deal to that at all. But what do you want? Me? Oh, there are also here. Go now and then. You also have, like people, international students as well. So and it's a very good international program. Enjoy the program and they have other international. So the fifth pro is that it is literally right outside. Did you see the nation's capital like it's really like, Oh, you only have to do like four Metro stops here take like, a lot of trips or they have, like, a lot of events that are NDC Yeah, our business class. We just took a tow national ball. It's just easy to get into clusters free shuttle service that takes you to the Metro station. And then you just get on the metro there, wherever you wanna go of the six Pro. Is that this really great study abroad program? Um, me and people have it done study abroad yet, but I just always heard about such a good study abroad programs. So many students, uh, have took the opportunity to go to the program, are do different programs through the school. And they said that they loved it, and it's very affordable, Like I've researched locations are studying abroad and it's very affordable. And, yeah, I definitely will be using a study abroad, talking here, taking a image of it. Our last pro, which is that here has really nice event. They really whoever is in charge of the activities, I think the Student Activities Board. They've really tried so hard to make fun events for students recently. If you guys also didn't see in my blast wall my last video, I went to the trampoline party and I was through the school so much running free like Come on now. Doesn't want, like late. And then New York is only 20. Yeah, they also have target shows. They had states madness a couple months ago, which I think was fun. It was fun to me. It was pretty fun. So it was like a pep rally type of thing. I'm going up the freshman one, like there was cheese cake for free it. Come on, now, Charles. Kate, Most these events either free or very affordable. So onto the team, I think not school. I just I feel like you want to start up with the car. Means to this. All right, The first con is now for freshman. At least the upperclassmen dorms are from when I Yeah, our first door was released. It was Really? Yeah. If you want to know more about why she what she's Yeah. It's just gonna be one of first videos, you see. And another con. I want out on his husband. It's pricey. So it's just like it's worth that. Academically speaking. Yes, it is worth it. You know, small class size is very campus wise. Yeah. Yeah. And tuition. It's well, that's another combat. I was saying the 3rd 1 is the food options now, obviously a sense. It's a small canvas. There's not that many food options here they have, like the dining hall. And then we had, like, this fast food, please called Bernie. And then we have, like, a little coffee. That's really Yeah, they're not horrible, but the main one, they have good and bad days. Yeah. I can't say there all. You gotta catch it. Really? You have to catch the right time. And the last con is a little school spirit. Now at C SPAN. This there's a lot of school spirit, at least on the freshman side, because we're all excited to be here. But after that, like there isn't a whole bunch. It's not a state university public. So that was the end of our Like I said before, if you are interested in going to marry, just let me know down below. And if you want to ask any questions about willing, even don't be scared, you know? Well, that will be honest with you, you know, don't ask if you're not ready for the answer. I hope that you like this video. And this video helped at all about the schools. And like I said, well, she has her YouTube and only no way are going to go to class. Hey, you guys, welcome back to my channel. It is your girl. Keep on sea. And if you're in Utah Channel Nice to meet you. So school is going to start in a few weeks. We'll, at least for college students, at least in this video, is just for all the, um, freshman better about to start college and matter about to move in and literally, like, a few weeks. It's crazy that I know a sophomore in college like I'm an upper classman now, so I don't like it still blows my mind. But today's video I'm going to give you five helpful tips for you freshman out there that I feel like we'll be really hopeful in that will get you a successful first year in college. Um, yeah. So I'm just going to go straight into this video. Okay, So tip number one is to first join your class, um, group chat or a facebook group or whatever You want to join it before orientation because it is just a really great way toe like, communicate with your class and, you know, other freshman better also gonna be moving in with you, and you're gonna be taking classes with the mainly, literally such a great way to just see, like, who your peers are gonna be and like, get to know them. And it's easy way to make friends before you even get to school and move in and things like that and be interactive in that group, you know, talk to people message people like, Hey, are you interested in being like my roommate or Hey, I heard you like this, but I Do you, like, just make friends up there before you actually move in and start school? That number two is to Onley buy textbooks that you will need. I literally I've learned this past year that you do not need to get every textbook that is in your class or syllabus, literally like in the spring. I took philosophy and our professor required 10 books. 10 books are I just put a 5 10 Wait, that's 20. I really financed my way because I was not gonna buy 10 books that I was gonna use once and then never use again my life and like the rest of my life. So just please save your coin by literally finessing your way and you know, barring a friend's book that did buy the textbook or if you just feel like, um, maybe throw out the first week of class to be kind of give you some time thio by your textbooks. But if it seems like you don't really need your textbooks while doing the work in the course, then don't get it, please. That is how you save your coin. I saved, like, hundreds of dollars already, and it was my first year because I didn't get, like, every single text book for my class. So just buy books that you know you would need for that class. Tip Number three is to join clubs and participate in school events literally. Your first saw your first year of college on your resume. For some reason, you might want a job during your freshman year. So for your resume, you are allowed tohave like your high school experience for just your freshman year while you're a freshman. But after your freshman year, like people do not want to see your high school experience, they want to see what you've done your first year college and literally like that's it. Like I just updated my resume, and I had to delete all my high school experience because it's not really want it anymore. Are necessary because I already did my fresh air in college and so normally jobs, or especially on campus jobs or internships. They want to see what you have done in high school, and that's it. Like, literally. That's why I'm telling you right now is to try to join things volunteer for, like, local events help out around campus because that will go really nicely going resume. And it was show that you've been such an active student around campus and in your school. And yeah, because you do not like one after your second year of college to have nothing on your resume, your resume going look like nothing's on. Tip Number four is to find a balance between school work and your social life. I know it's your freshman in college, you're away from your family and you're living on your own. And if you're living on campus, you're basically living with your peers the whole time. And peers living together can equal to bad decisions. Very bad sushi. Keep focused, Colon. The reason why you're there at school I know I feel like college is really fun. Like you have the freedom to do whatever, basically, whenever you want to do and like, go out party, whatever all that. But you need to remember that you are mainly there to get your degree and we, like, just please find the balance between school work in your social life. Trust me, like I love going out been hanging out with my friends. But if I got a 10 page paper due, um, on Monday and I want to go out Friday, then I like I can't like I can't do it because I know I got a paper to do. Tip number five is to be nice to your professors. I know they're professors out there that will just work your nerves and that you just disagree with all the time. At the end of the day, they are the ones that control your greed and whether or not you pass or not. So I listen just just being on their good side, because they could be the one toe we're like, you're filling. You almost fell into class, but you just need like that 10.5 points to you know, passed the class. But if they remember that one time, you get a little nasty attitude with, um they're probably not gonna give you that 10.5 points. So if you're nice to them, they will literally be nice to you. And we'll help you with your grades. Do all of your schoolwork. Please do all your schoolwork. I am telling this right now it is not hard to pass a college class. It's just it's not hard at all, literally. Just do the work. If you do all the school work that you know, your professor until tells you to do and all of that, you will pass the class. Honestly, you wouldn't even get a of the class like it is not that hard. You just have to be dedicated to your school word and being a student and really being focused. And you will passed the class and even getting a possibly be focused. Okay, You don't have no time for games. Okay? You are there to get your college education and leave so you could have a better life for yourself. Okay? Don't don't mess that. Those are my five tips for having a successful fresh year in college. If you find any of these tents hopeful, give this video of big thumbs up and I will see you