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everyone. As I'm sure you can tell from the title of this video, this is going to be my log. My personal experience of Rush at Wofford College Today is Thursday, Valentine's Day and we're starting our formal recruitment process for spring rush out. Wofford and I could not be more excited. I have honestly been looking forward to not only making this video, but going through the whole recruitment process for so long now. So I'm gonna take you guys along. And I thought I'd start out the video by just kind of explaining what I know before We've even started the week. The first day, which is tonight we have open house, and my understanding of it is that you're just gonna go with your gamma chi group. And for those of you who don't know when you go through recruitment, you're assigned to a gamma chi group there unaffiliated Panhellenic women who are there to just kind of help you along the way with whatever questions you may have. And they're there to lead you to all your different parties. And so tonight we're going to go to all four sororities out Lawford. So tonight is open house tomorrow night is sisterhood and philanthropy. So my understanding of that is that you go to three of the four houses, the ones that you choose to go back to and the ones that invite you back and you're gonna go through and you're gonna learn about their philanthropy. So I'm really excited to see what that night it's gonna bring. And then on Saturday, that's Pref Day. You go back to two of your houses, the party's air, just a little bit longer. And on that night, you get to just kind of talk with the girls, get to know them a little bit more. And then after that night, you're gonna write down your preference of what sororities You'd like to get invited back to you and get a bid from on a big day, which is gonna be on Sunday. So our recruitment process is a four day long process. I'm really excited to take you guys. I'm long and I'm gonna show you the outfits that I'm wearing on all of the nights and then share with you how I feel about the parties and everything. Okay, everyone. So I'm finally back in my room it is almost 11 p.m. And we just got done with our first night of recruitment. So I'm gonna tell you guys just a little bit about what happened. Um, first of all, we met in a central location all of the PM's, which are potential new members, and we left the auditorium. We went to our first house of the night, and at that party they lined us up outside an alphabetical order. And then they opened up the doors. And when that happened, pretty much just a girl from the sorority grabbed you by the arm, took you, lead you to a chair. We watched a video and all of the parties, and then we talk to one on one with some really sweet sorority sisters and just kind of got to know some people in the different sororities and get a feeling of what it's like to be part of their family. And so that was really exciting. My first party went really well. I really enjoyed meeting all the girls there, and I was very thankful to get to talk to some really sweet people. Um, my next party, we ended out my group didn't have any breaks between the parties. So we went from one house to the next to the next to the next, with no brakes. Then we left from that house. I went to the second house and I really enjoyed going to that house once again. Just really sweet girls. And it was all great. Honestly, all of my parties were really great tonight. There wasn't one that I could have said that I enjoyed way more than the rest. It was nice to get to talk to some girls that were just genuine and very kind. So that was really fun. And then after that, we waited outside of one of the dorm room lounges, which is where we held our voting tonight, and we use an app on her phone called I. C s recruitment, and so they were having a little bit of technical difficulties. But when we finally got past that, we got to go inside, split up so that we couldn't see each other's results, and we just sat down and we dropped one of the sororities tonight. So on our side, we just chose three of our top pick sororities and we can go to up to three houses for parties tomorrow we may only get invited back to one or two. It just depends on how the sororities rank you as well. But tonight we dropped of authorities and I will let you guys know as soon as they gamma Kai's come over tomorrow and tell me what parties I got invited back to today is Friday. And that means that it's the second night of recruitment and I'm really excited. So our Gamma Kai's came by our rims earlier today. Thio, give us back our parties that we've been invited to to go to tonight. And I'm fortunate enough that I get to go to two parties tonight at two amazing sororities, and I'm really looking forward to getting to know more girls. And tonight it's philanthropy night, which means that we get to learn more about the philanthropy and the passion of the sororities and the parties that we got invited back to tonight. So some girls got invited to three parties some, too, and someone it just depended on how your rankings happened and how the sororities rank you as well. So I'm really excited and I'll be in Leonard auditorium and then I'll have a break where some of the other girls you have three parties will be going to some. And then after my 45 minutes to an hour long break, then I'm gonna head out to my first party of the first sorority house, and then I'll go to my 2nd 1 and I'm really excited to learn more about the philanthropies and what these sororities have to offer. And I'm really excited to see everyone dressed up, because tonight is sort of a more casual dress. So, um, tonight I'm just wearing my hair is natural. I have on some really natural makeup, this dainty necklace, just some rings. And then I'm wearing this dress in some little wedge shoes. Okay, guys. So, like I said, I'm just showing you my dress. It's got this ruffle up top, and then this one sleeve a little flower pattern, it's purple, and then these wedges. So let's get on with the night. It is 11 o'clock, and I just got back from a night two of recruitment, and it was amazing going into tonight when I got the party's back. I wasn't necessarily the most excited about the results. I had kind of already placed what I thought I wanted in my head. And I had a really specific idea of what I wanted to be in sorority wise. And then I got my results back, and it was really not what I was expecting at all. But after tonight, after going to both parties, I can honestly say that it was just a breath of fresh air, something that I didn't really know that I needed. But I'm really glad it happened. So tonight and my first party, I honestly I'm gonna tell you the truth. I dropped this sorority last night. They were my last option, my last choice. And if I'm being completely honest, if I could go back and do it again, I would probably drop another sorority instead. Because tonight I had very intentional conversations with all of the sorority sisters, and I had the opportunity to meet a lot of different girls. There is a different atmosphere tonight. Everyone was just very passionate about their philanthropy, and I was just really excited to get to talk to you and get to know a few different girls. And it gave me a new insight into what that sorority could offer to me as a member. And then my second party was directly after my first party, and at that sorority, I honestly just felt like I was at home, and I don't know what to expect with the results from tomorrow. But whether or not I get a bid from that sorority, I honestly feel like tonight I may have made some friends or just made more tight knit relationships with people that I already knew in that sorority. I honestly think at this point that there's no wrong decision, whether that be one of three options that I get the first party that I went to, that sorority, the second party that's already, or if I don't choose to accept a bit of all, I really don't think anything can go wrong. And I have this perception that rush and recruitment was just gonna be like This is said. This is how it's gonna go. I'm sure I'm gonna get bids from this. This this and that's what I want. But honestly, going through the process with an open mind has been such a different experience, and I didn't really consider the sororities that I went to today as my top choices. And now that I have it was just an enlightening experience, honestly, as a whole. Everyone, Good morning. Today is Pref Day. I'm going to one party today and I have a little bit of a break before that first party of mine Really excited about this party that I'm going to in the sorority To be completely honest at the beginning of the recruitment process, I really didn't even have this story on my radar. I'm really, honestly had kind of a fixed mindset on what sort of experience I wanted. And right now I'm choosing to just kind of trust the process, which is what you'll hear a lot of the Gamma Kai's tell you to dio. And so today I'm gonna go to this party with an open mind, kind of see if I can see myself sitting there and then tomorrow we'll see at Big day if I get a bid from this sorority or if it's just not meant to be so just really quickly. I wanted to show you all what I'm wearing today. I've got this little necklace all doubled and then the suede green dress, and I'm wearing the exact same wedges I wore yesterday just cause they're comfortable. All right, everyone. So I'm just getting back from my Pref Day party. Like I said, I only had one to get to you and the house said I went to be sat down at the table and just had one on one conversations with two different girls in the chapter who we had been close with and talking to you throughout the week. And so it was really great to get to sit down with those girls today and just dive deep and tell them how I felt about accepting a bid from them. What the possibilities of looking at being a sister and their sorority would look like and different options of what I could do. And I feel so much peace about what I want to do now, really excited to hear the results tomorrow to see if I get to be a member of this chapter where I feel really comfortable, really loved, really accepted. And it was so nice to get to sit down and talk with the girls today, and they remembered my name. Remember the conversations we had talked about. And they obviously felt that there was some connection with me and they were willing to share with me different things that the sisters had said, and they just seemed very genuine. And their concern and willingness to help me understand whether or not I wanted to get through with accepting their bid or not accepting their bid. I did rank them. And I can't wait to hear about the results tomorrow before bed day. Okay? All today is the day its bid day. I'm so excited, and I can't wait to run home to my new sorority. And I will show you guys a clip of that in just a few seconds. But I just wanted to tell you all we had to wear just a tank top and some leggings today. So I've got on these star leggings and then they're gonna throw our T shirt over it. So we're gonna run home and I can't wait. Hi, Molly. Hey, girl. This is Emily and Anne. Your gamma kai's way. Hope this makes it to the block. Really? Camera shy, but really excited for you today. huh? Focus. Hey, guys, what's up? Welcome back to my channel. I know it's been quite a while since I filmed the video for you guys, but I've been waiting to get all settled in at Wofford said that I could finally show you guys my freshman dorm room tour, and I'm really excited. I think everything came together really nice. And I can't wait to show you guys what it's like to live in the freshman dorms at Lawford. Without further ado, let's get right on into the video. All right, um, welcome to my dorm room. You'll. So the very first thing that you see kind of when you walk in the door is this huge full length mirror. This actually came with the dorm room. And it's probably the best perk that Wofford has offered so far in freshmen housing. Um, I love this mirror. Use it every day right here on our door. Sorry for the glare, but it's just this cute little gold dry erase decals that Marley got. And every single day, she writes a reminder of the day. So the other day it was You are exactly where you need to be hashtag trust the process with a little heart. And she is so good about doing that every morning when she wakes up and I have classes afterwards that sometimes she'll leave me sweet little notes and it's so cute. I just love that she does that. All right, There it is, guys. The infamous candy basket literally right inside our front door. So if you are ever looking for some candy just hit us up because we have a plethora. That charger is one that people can use if they come to visit and they don't have one can sanitizer. Gotta stay healthy. Um, this is Marley's little jewelry dog, and it's a terrier. Um, we have that little light. It was just a little short. So he stacked on top of that bucks that I had at home. Then we have some string lights. Um, right here is this beautiful piece of artwork that Marley brought with her. It says I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart. Um, this is Marley's jewelry, and I'll show you guys where I keep mine. This is our little prayer box. So cute. Um, we're a little bit ready for fall in case you can't tell. But I got this cool little shelf thing. Or actually, my mom got it for me. And on this top part is a sweet little canvas that Marley painted right there. She signed it and she's just so art seal like, why can't I do that? Here's our little terrier black and gold box. And then these are the dressers that came with the dorm room. And I'm just gonna quickly go through what I put in each one of the drawers, these air, all of my colorful T shirts and some tank tops, thes air, all of my black, gray and white. Um, and a couple sweatshirts. I have to wear these colors for cheer practice, so it's just easier to have it all in one place. These are all of my shorts here, some spandex, these air, all of my running shorts, pajama shorts, too. So, you know, all right, this drawer is a little bit deeper, so these are all my skirts, and nice short. It's, um, some leggings and some nicer flowy pants down here. And then all of my jeans are in this little stack right here and bottom we have all of my extra towels, washcloths and sheets. Moving on here is our little living area, if you will. These black Ottomans from target I showed in my dorm room hole. If you guys haven't seen that yet, make sure to go check it out. Um, we actually got this credenza thing off of Facebook marketplace. And I highly recommend because it was only $50 it's so, so cute. Um, and then we have this little basket here with some playing cards in it for you. No entertainment purposes and then some tissues, cause everybody at college has a runny nose. Like, if you think that you are not gonna get sick at college, think again. I've already been sick. So that's good. Um, TV and then this. Hello, gorgeous tapestry. And pretty sure it's from target. But if you guys want to know for sure, then I can let you know. Marley brought that our suite mates actually gave us this sweet, little, um, flower. And you pour essential oils on it, and it helps make the room smell good. So shout out to you guys. I'm sure all of our guests love that inside these little cabinets. We actually have these canvas basket things filled with all of my unhealthy snacks. Marley has their healthy snacks somewhere else, so you know. Can't be too tempting. This is a little poof. I showed you guys are Roque, you promote and some cute little, um, What are they called? Coasters. Um, this is our food time we actually got from a friend. Thank you, Zane. Up. We love this food, Thanh. And spend most of our time doing homework on it. Um, the gold pillows where? Graduation gifts to Marley and the monogram pillow. She got me one, and she actually brought one herself. Now, in these Ottomans, mine is on this side. Hers is on that side. We actually have all of our shoes or Well, Marley, not all of our shoes fit in here. I mean, my shoes are in the bottom drawer of this, and Marley has a few in her armoire. I kind of just stuck my little laundry basket back their casino. Nobody really wants to hang around my dirty clothes, but do what you gotta do. This is our little arm law on top. I have this keep basket from home goods. It's actually made for a baby's room, but, you know, it's pink and white, and I thought it was cute. So that actually has all of my medicine. And, like, a heating pad. Just stuff I need for sickness. Um, the basket in the middle is our blankets. And the been on the right holds all of my laundry stuff, like my tide pods and my dryer sheets. So this piece of furniture also came with the room, and we weren't allowed to take it out. So this is my closet, I guess. Um, I just have my hang up clothes in here, some jackets. The bottom has a little been right there. That's where I keep all of my cheerleading uniforms. Um, that's actually a shower caddy, because I thought I was gonna have a whole bathroom. But right now it's housing some essential essential, um, laundry products. So this is fabric for breathe. You all you need this You don't think you need this, But you need this. This is actually a really cute lint roller that I stole from Marley. And then that is a steamer. Definitely essential. Another thing that's essential that I didn't think I was really gonna need is a drying rack. So this one is actually expandable, and it's really nice, because I could put my children in forms on it or any of my nice clothes. Um, this just has all of my sports bras and regular bras and then socks and underwear in the bottom one. And then I got this amazing little organizer for jewelry from I'm pretty sure Marshall's, but it's really easy for me to just pick out whatever jewelry. I think we'll go best with my outfit because I can see all of it in one place on the side here. Marley and I kind of did the same thing. We just have a command hook with our robe on it, and there's her command hook with her robe and this is my little cube. They're both the same size, and they're literally right next to each other. So, Marlene, I like to bond. Um, this is a cute little Wofford print that I was the first thing I bought for my dorm room. And it's so cute. It shows the Greek village Gibbs Stadium. Um, not really sure what this is. Oh, I think This is Papadopoulos. Um, just as Wofford, Old main, beautiful, iconic, and then our fountain. Here's a little overview. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you've probably seen pictures in my dorm room already. But we're gonna get through it piece by piece. Um, so on the back, I just have these hooks from Target. And I hang my book bag on there just so that it's out of the way. Because Because he can see there's not really much space here for anything. These are some pretty little flowers. And this little cross it says, Let your faith be bigger than your fear. I love that. And this bookshelf on the wall here actually was already built into the dorm room. Another bonus of living. And Carlisle, it's really nice. I love this. Okay, um, so this is where I plug in my apple watch. Okay? All quick story time. So I'm really, really, really thought that I had lost my apple watch because I remembered putting it on the counter in the bathroom, and then it not being there anymore. And I was freaking out for, like, a week that I lost it. And home girl put her clothes on top of it and then threw them in the dirty hamper. And my apple watch was underneath them in the bottom of my hamper for, like, a week. And so when I did my laundry, I finally found it. And, yeah, end of story time. Okay. This fan I actually had in my bedroom at home, I sleep with it on every night just because it creates a little bit of noise. And I can't sleep when it's totally quiet. This is a file Boulder thing. And so every semester, I'm gonna keep my work from the semester in one of these little things so that I can refer to it for, like, higher level bio classes, my sunglasses, my Bible. And then I had this. I have this really cute little organizer for makeup, and I just thought it was cuter tohave sitting around in a makeup bag. So I have that. And then my makeup brushes. Aaron, this terrier, this terrier. Don't ask me how I looked up on all of these things. You know, I really don't know. There's a light up m. There's two sweet signs up there. The 1st 1 says she believes she could, so she did. And then my mom just loves the 2nd 1 and it says, Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love where I have put my trust in you And there's my little Boston terrier and a beautiful painting that my roommate painted when I say she's talented, I'm not kidding. Um, these are all of my little canvases. All of them were in my dorm room hall, so make sure you go check out that video. Haven't linked in the description box below. This is my little corkboard with some pictures of Philip and I have some friends My dad blanket, bedding, pillows, the teddy bear. My boyfriend got me this and I couldn't just leave him at home. So there he is. And he just so happens to match my room perfectly. So, you know good job, Philip. Um, there's some curtains that we hung up with command hooks, believe it or not. And a curtain rod. So we just kind of stuck that command hooks up there, and they fell a few times, but they haven't fallen since I've actually been living here, so that's good. So I just have these sticky notes on my desk because I like to write down things that I just briefly remember, And then I'm probably gonna forget all of my Sharpie is extra pencils. Scissors. This is another gift from my suitemates. Is this little dream it planet? Do it. It's a weekly planner, and I've been using it since I've started classes, and it's been so helpful. So I definitely recommend having something like this on your desk that you can refer to an update daily besides just a planner. Because sometimes a planner is just not enough fuel. Um, this is my lamp touch on touch off, which is really nice, because when I'm in my bed, I could just reach over and tap it. And I don't have to worry about a switch, um, speaker stapler, you know, and then this rug on this chair my mom was like, That is not gonna work like you. Looks fine. I think it looks pretty good. And then this is a corkboard. That was kind of already on the wall, But I had this huge bulletin board, so my dad hung it up with some nails in the court board. and some fishing line, I think, or I don't really know how he did it. But thank you so much for hanging that up, Dad. I really appreciate it. I just I have such good friends, y'all. But I get to look at those every day, and it just reminds me of reasons to be happy. All right, so now we are in my roommate's room thistles, Marley's room, and I'm just gonna show you guys kind of what's here. If you want to see any more of it or any more detail, ask where some things from leaving in the comments down below. And I will let Marley know that you guys want to know where something is from, and I'll ask her and we will get right back. T o. So this is her arm arm. She has the same little been that I have a couple other ones on top, Just just kind of store things. Her laundry hampers also over there, and she drinks so much water. You all if you didn't know this about me, I hate water, but she drinks so much of it. And so it's there, um microwave fridge, my drink of choice. Um, this is actually our wall of name instead of wall of fame. We're both bellringer scholars at Wofford College. So we end up getting a lot of these name tags, and we just kind of stuck him on the wall and, you know, starting a tradition. And there's a little cart that our fridge sits on. Just hold a couple essentials. Keurig, coffeemaker, coffee sign. That was only $3 a target. You guys check the dollar section and this cute little painting, and then we have this card both of these roll, by the way, which is really useful, because if we need something on this side, we just roll it out and grab it. But the bottom has plates and bulls. The middle has all of our mugs and will not months, but like travel monks and water bottles. And the top is our cup row and our mugs for coffee. Thes sweet little terrier towels that Marley brought. So that's our little kitchen area. And then right here we have some tiny little gold hooks that we just keep our keys on. This is a little terrier pouch, um, for your keys, but we just keep it hung on here all the time. Just cause it's a cute And then this is a sweet little board letter board that my friend Morgan got for me. So thank you, Morgan. We love it, and it just stays right there. We have some hooks on here where towels usually go. Need to do some towels. I just fell over the few, Tonio, but that's usually where our towels hang, and then we're back to the beginning. Okay, guys. Well, that was my whole dorm. And I hope you guys loved it. And if you didn't, then you'll have to try and compete. Make a better cuter dorm when you're offered next year, or if you are at a different college. And you would like to just submit videos of your dorm room. Feel free to do that. In the comments below, I would love to see what y'all storm rooms look like. And I am so glad that you guys stayed through the entirety of this video. And if you liked it, make sure to give it up big old thumbs up. And just make sure that you go down right now, like right now and hit the big Red subscribe button, and it would mean the world to me. L thank you so much. And I hope you will stay tuned for my next Okay. E can see you in the blanket. It's okay. I'll move over here. All right. Makeup is done. Earrings or n nails or painted, courtesy of we're gonna head to Burwell. Go get some lunch. Okay. Update, um, have on the uniform now. And hair makeup. Bo. All done. We're currently watching USC play Coastal Carolina because he's a gamecock. How do you feel about wearing that, Lawford? Troops were fellow. Weird. There's my roomie. I say, Hey, that's okay. Getting ready for game day. This'll singer reporting live. All right. Hey, guys. Um, so the game is over. Currently eating Mac n cheese Shout out to you more, and we just got ready to go to a band party tonight. We can fly with my sweaty on shard self, and we're gonna have a good time, right? Yeah. Okay. So thanks for watching this video, y'all. And I hope you enjoyed seeing what it's like to be offered student offered to later game day. Whatever. You wanna call this. I'm not sure what I'm gonna call this video yet, but, um yeah, so thanks for watching, please, like and subscribe. And I'll see you in my next video by here. you like. Okay, everyone, and welcome back to my channel. I know it's been a while since I filmed the video, but I've actually been waiting just to film this one for you, which is my 18 4019 freshman dorm hall. I'm really excited to show you guys everything that I bought, and I'm looking down here because it's just a sea of literally, so many things. Um, so we're just gonna go ahead and jump right into the video? I'm excited to show you guys my comforter. This is an all white comforter that we picked up from home goods. It was a really good price. And my roommate actually has the exact same one. So shout out to morally, we're gonna be looking good, matching it all. It's just beautiful. It's very soft, and it has a flower pattern stitched into it. And I decided to go with a more neutral colored bedding so that I can add pillows and other fun things to kind of make my bed look fine. I guess you can't really go to college without having a mattress protector. But we just pick this one up. It's a twin x l from TD max. It ended up being about $20 which is good. I mean, so you don't get sick or anything. I would definitely rather pay $20 than be stuck in bed sick at college. So this is just my mattress protector. So I just picked up these micro fiber sheets. They were on clearance for, like, $9 for a whole set of sheets, which I think is a really good idea. So we just got two packs of those. They come in a little bag, which is really handy, and they're super duper solved. Since I'm going to offer, I've been really obsessed with our mascot, which is the offered terrier. And I actually was looking for a cute pair of pillowcases to go in my bed because all my beddings white and I wanted to add some kind of personality, and I happened to come across these super duper cute terrier, uh, pillowcases. I ordered them off of Amazon, so I can't use this. I went thio bed bath and beyond. And for those of you who don't know, they offered 20% off everything in the store until December For kids going to college. You can just go on their website and find out how to do that. But it ended up giving me a really good deal for this, uh, therapeutic tonight. Cell mattress pad. And I got one that's three inches, so it will just add a little bit of comfort to my college dorm in bed because they can't be all that comfortable. I definitely went overboard on the amount of pillows that I got, but I figured we have a through tommen too, so we can just go and put some pillows on that. I ended up with this. My mom actually texted me a picture of this. She found it for a really good deal. I think it was like $13 at Ross. I think people sleep on Ross, but they have good stuff. So if you're looking for doorman stuff, go ahead and look there for really good deals. But it's super duper soft, this blush husband pillow, and I'm just gonna lean it up against because I'm sure that I really we'll be doing quite a bit of my homework in bed, which is not a good habit, but it's comfortable. So the next thing that we got is this beautiful pillow from home goods and it's really long. But I figured that since my bed will be against the wall, if I could just lean it up against the wall so that I wouldn't be bumping into the wall while I slept or anything and it's just beautiful, it's white gold and it might be one of my favorite things that I got. Actually, the next thing I'm going to show you is this super duper cute, monogrammed pillow that my roommate actually got for me. She has the same one, and it's just gonna look super duper pretty on our beds together. So they'll be matching and I am in love with think smartly to more pillows and then I promise I'm done. It's this off. I got this from Target, and it was unclear in TSZ. I'm pretty sure it was, like $6 or something crazy like that, but it's just so soft I couldn't pass it up, and I figured if I was getting uncomfortable sitting at my desk chair, then I could just throw this on there and give my back a little bit of support, so check target. They have really good clearance sales. Everyone's seen these pillows that you move, this sparkles and it changes color kind of obsessed. But my roomie actually got one of these pillows as well, and I think we might put them on our Bhutan. And it'll just look really cute because we'll have two of them instead of just one. I got these two beautiful blush blankets from home goods. This one is like a quilted material and so, so soft, and the inside of it is just smooth. One of these will end up on my bed. Not sure which, but this is one of those really super soft ones and homes on the bottom. That's so cute. And this is from Stein Mart. Actually, we're gonna start off with one of my best purchases, I think Ramen noodle cooker. I am gonna be stuck in my dorm room studying. I'm sure a lot for many tests and stuff, and I don't really feel like going to the dining halls and so prominent is always a good backup plan if you don't have anything else to eat and I love wrong. So this is gonna get a lot of use. I actually picked up these beautiful bulls. It's a set of six. Yeah. Six. And they're blush pink, and they have cute little cactuses on them. I'm not sure you can see you might be uglier, but these are beautiful. They're from home goods. Another purchase from home goods is these beautiful cups like Look at that. They're so pretty for other sets of cups. I think these will be used a lot more than the beautiful cups. But these are just clear and they have little bubbles on the inside. They're from target. I'm pretty sure these were about a dollar each as well. I just picked up two of these bowls. They are $3 each. And they came from home goods and plastic. And we can put literally anything in them after I took my ramen noodles, you know, might stick him in here, but they're just good staple places to have. And I'll probably use them throughout my duration at college. These came from my mom and I used to basket. They're really, really cute. They are mustache bag clips. Mom got me these really cute ones and these cute little clips that I'll probably end up using for bad quips to have little paisley patterns on them. They're multi colored, and those were really cute. I'm sure a lot of our sex and the dorm room will be gold fish chips, just anything that you can close with the bag so those will come in handy a lot. The next thing I got is this water filtered picture forgot the words. But instead of getting a Britta, which is just insanely price, I picked up this up and up version from Target and it's gonna be the same thing just for a little bit of a better price. And it's just clear white I'll use it forever. So the next thing that I got is this really cute vented bull that you can but Superman or something if you want to heat it up. It was $4 it says, believe in yourself. It's really, really cute. I believe this is from home goods. The next thing that I got since I'm gonna have to be watching a lot of dishes is these cute little dish cloths. These are the room essentials version from Target and their blush and right, and they just are really cute. This is a beautiful mug that I ended up picking up for, I think, $8. It was something crazy like that from Anthropologie. And I'll go. I'm not gonna drink coffee in a mug like all the time. I figured that the cold seasons when I'm in my room studying it would be nice to have some hot chocolate or coffee. And, um um, Sonny, take this one because it's beautiful. And then I got this one from TJ. That's I think, and it's really cute. It has a little face on it and it says, Morning joined on the inside. So when you're sitting in, it just brings on Giant. I happened to find this beautiful camper, and it's like a canvas material and it says, Where me wash me. But the inside has this little drawstring closure, and I think that's just gonna work out really perfect. The next thing that I picked up disease little washed bags, in case I have anything delicate that I just need to throw in the washing machine. It's a set of three that I got from T. J Maxx and they were $5. So next thing I got from T. J. Maxx is this set of hangers actually ended up getting three packs of these. So we're gonna be hanging out some clothes. These are little hand towels that I got from home goods, and they're super cute. They're blush color, white friends on the bottom, and they have little White Hart stitched into them. So I figured I like to wash my face of this. Think sometimes in the morning. And this would be good just to drive my face off with instead of having to take my whole back child in there. I got 123 Okay, these air packs of five. So I picked up three of them because I'm not quite sure the quality of these how well, the hold up next thing I got is a shower caddy from Bed Bath and beyond. Like I said, they're having that awesome sale. Actually picked this up before the sale, but it's so cheap that it didn't really matter anyway. And then I just got this little scrubby. I call him, scrub these flu. Whatever you wanna call them. It's just plain white. Next thing I got, I'm really trying about pick us up from home goods and this is a cosmetics here. And so you and it's got magnification on the sides. Normal mirror. The 1st 1 I'm gonna show you is this beautiful white one that my friend Sophia got me as a graduation present. Shout out to you, Sophia. I love it. So this one iss from Target, I believe. And it's this beautiful blush color with some white detailing on it. And it's really just distinguishable, I guess so I won't get my towels mixed up with everyone else's. Ended up getting this plain white towel from Target. And then I got the same towel and blush. I ended up getting a north face book bag I'm super excited about. I used the same book bag throughout all four years of high school. So it was time to get a new one anyway. And I got this as a graduation present from my Aunt Margaret. So thank you very much. I love it, and I can't wait to use it. So this is my lamp. It's from target. And I love it. It's simple desk. Okay. Next, I'm gonna show you this little thing. It spins and it's gonna hold all of my pens and pencils, highlighters and whatever else I need on my desk. Next thing I picked up is a super cute stapler. It's clear ceramic with gold polka dots on it. And it's from T. J. Maxx. And if I need to staple something, I knew it. OK, next thing I picked up for these pushpins from Target I don't know if you can see those, but they're black, white and gold, and they're super duper cute. I had a bulletin board and a corkboard that I'm gonna need to put stuff on, like pictures or paper. So you're gonna be handy to have my friend Marly remain actually picked these up for me and gave them to me as a graduation present. And they're these cute little Steven. It's that our blush and white and they say hello on them. Super cute. Thank you more. I found these at T. J. Maxx Marshalls, and I just couldn't resist their secure. It's a limit. Watermelon and kiwi sliced, and they're sticking its extension cord. Pretty basic. But this one was blush. So, you know, I had to pick it up from Target, I believe. Okay, The next thing that I'm gonna show you is this super duper cute clipboard. And I know you guys were like, Why do you have a clipboard? But my plan is that I'm gonna get one of those clear command hooks and hang it on my wall and put all of my service or whatever. I get that important that I just need to refer Thio. I'll probably end up putting that on this so I can just flip through and find whatever I need really fast and have it on my wall with that Make us The first thing I'm gonna show you is this little three tiered gold thing that we got from Ross. Not only sure what to call it a basket. Think well enough just putting our sacks in it so we can grab him and go. So we'll just put Pop Tarts, Nutri grain bars, just literally whatever we feel like picking up a target, we'll go in there and we can just grab it. The next thing that I'm gonna show you are these cute little storage bins that I had monogrammed at a local place called Kathy's Creations. And they came from Target and their white polka dotted with gold. And so this one is my monogram. And then I got one with my roommates monogram. And the plan is to kind of put these on top of our arm water. The next thing that we picked up from TD Max, I believe, is this really cute fabric? Um, zip up, Ben. And I think I'll end up putting this in. My, uh, are more next thing that I got for storage is this trash can from that bathroom beyond its blush. Had to get it. I believe this is from home goods. Is this cute little just ceramic, bold type thing with the lead? I don't really know what to call this, and I'm not sure what I'm gonna use it for, but I just figured it with such neutral colors. I could use it for the years to come. It also next thing I found that Marshall actually is this clip on bedside shelf. And this will be good because my bed will most likely be wafted. And I won't have room for that side table. All right, so you guys are gonna think I'm the most extra person ever. These are little glass terrier storage things. So this one came from home goods, and it's actually a makeup brush storage thing. So I'm gonna put, like, my foundation and blush brushes. And this one, since it's a little bit bigger, and then we're cleared for this little guy is to put my eye shadow brushes and eyeliner. So whatever I need in this little guy, and then they'll just sit on my desk and hold all my makeup that I need. Those will hold my brushes, but I'll still need somewhere to put my foundation blush, eye shadow palette, whatever. And so I got this really cute little makeup storage thing from T. J. Maxx, All right? I mean, so our plan is to kind of have our food, John and then ottomans just sitting out so we can put our feet on them. And these are from target. Everything has probably seen them a target that they have storage on the inside. I picked up to these jewelry organizer. It has individual zipper compartments where you put necklaces, earrings. Just whatever you need. I'm gonna hang in my arm law, instead of having something sitting out on my desk that will just take up. I'm needed space now. This is probably unnecessary, but it's really cute. And it's this little basket that I picked up from T. J. Maxx. My plan is kind of have it next to our food tone and just put our blankets in it. So we have storage for link. It's it's a good thing to have for storage. Sorry. Cracking around Clark board from Russ. Really cute scalloped edges. And I'm gonna put pictures on this just so I don't forget all my friends. It's a bulletin board and it's blush and has gold on it, and I couldn't pass it up. So I got this at home goods and it's gonna go above my desk. I'm gonna put whatever papers I need on it. Probably some pictures on this to show you all these really keep things from TD maps. Their little succulents need to add a little bit of color to the room, and we can't have real plants, so, you know, do what you gotta do. This one has a little smiley face on it, and this one has lips and eyelashes. Next thing I got is this cute little picture frame with black and gold confetti on the inside. When you shake it up, it's gonna go on my desk. I'll probably end up putting a picture of Marley and I in it or a picture of cheer. The next thing I have are these cute little box signs. This one says she believes she could, so she did. And then this one says, Start each day with a Grateful Heart. I really want to put this one on my desk just cause I think it would be cute to like, Be grateful while I'm doing my homework. Next thing I got is this light up and it's cute. So why not? Right? Next thing I have is something that every incoming freshman has it. Is it iss, uh, just our Walford flag. We got it after he submitted our deposits for going toe. Wofford. It'll be hung on the wall, probably instead of a tapestry or something, saved money where you can write. So just hang this up. Maybe about the two tone or something. No. After I made offered tear, my dad kind of put together this cute little thing full of little goodies for me, a T shirt, a coffee mug and this cute little pendant and a little stuffed terrier. And so this is gonna hang above my desk, probably on my bulletin board or something. I'll pin it on there. I picked up this cute little grid frame cute little good frame from Target, and it would go about my desk, pictures, papers, whatever. I need to go on and go on it. Once again. I am the most extra person, but I also like to be comfortable. So this is a little white rug that I picked up from, like, 11 bucks at Russ. And it's so fuzzy. Guys, I love it, but it's super duper soft. And our desks chairs at Wofford stay in the room and they're not miss comfortable. So I'm just gonna drape this over the desk chair. So when I'm sitting there doing my homework, at least that little bit Mormon cozy Next thing I got are two things of curtains, and I know you only like y two things, but I'm not sure what doorman living and yet kind of see through material with gold polka dots on them. They're super cute. This I'm really excited about. It's one of those little poops. It's really cute. It's white and gold and make noise. Sorry, Our plan is to put our two black Ottomans from target with storage on them on either side of this and then on the poof. We got this little tray from home Goods, and it's so we can put all of our drinks whoever like if we're sitting on our future alone watching TV or something, and we're gonna have a drink. This is a cute little canvas that my mom picked up, I think from Ross yet from Ross. So I got really cute little blush canvases with black and gold makeup brushes on them, this one says, but first makeup. And this one has pretty with lipsticks on it. And then I got this one which says, You make me blush and it's a blush brush. So it was, It's cute and our colors air blush. So this is from home goods, and it's actually just this girl with the coffee that says more please. And our plan is to kind of hang it above our cure IC or microwave mini fridge, whatever set up we have for kitchen. Well, Hank, this about there, and it's really cute because she is dressed in Watford colors. So, you know, gotta show the spirit everywhere I can. I actually got this as a graduation gift from my friend Morgan. Thank you, Morgan. I love it and it's beautiful. So it's just the felt letter board. It comes with bags of pink and white letters in a week. Perfect. I actually have a few more things that I want to show you guys, but they're too big to bring up in my room. So I wanted to show you our area rug. It's lacking right, and I'll insert in pictures here and then. I also wanted to show you our TV console thing that we got and I'll insert a picture here. Thank you so much for watching my video. I really appreciate it. I hope you guys will go ahead and subscribe to my channel so that you can stay up to date on my future videos.