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Thinking about The University of Tampa and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting The University of Tampa in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet The University of Tampa’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to The University of Tampa, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the The University of Tampa experience. These The University of Tampa video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Okay, food on campus. We have a bunch of options for dining. We have one dining hall called Ultimate Dining, and in ultimate dining, there is a soup and salad bar. There's a thing called the granary, which is for all sorts of breads like bagels and stuff, and cereal and ice cream is in the granary. There's a dessert section. It's a whole case of cupcakes cookies. Sometimes they do like putting cops all sorts of stuff like that. Then there's the deli where you can make your own rap sandwich or sub. There's ham, turkey, roast beef, um, tuna chicken salad and then all the toppings you could think of. And then they also have a panini press type thing so you can get your sandwich other hot or cold that we have an international stand where there's a different meal made everyday lunch and dinner on the weekends. I think they just make dinner, and in the mornings, every morning they make omelets. There. I I really, really like the international station. They make crepes sometimes, which are so good. And then there's a classic stand, which is stuff like basic chicken. Meat loaf, huh? Just stuff like that and then side. So there's sometimes rice, all kinds of veggies, sometimes potatoes. There's also a vegetarian section. We have a pasta station and we have the grill, which is a favorite of mine. They make case ideas. They make hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, french fries. There's always a big bin of French fries out, and they also always have grilled chicken, which is a hit. There's always a long line to get that because they pull it right off the grill and they slice it up For students. It's great to get into our dining hall. Ultimate dining. You just swipe it with your card. There's someone at the front desk and then you're free to go in and eat as much as you like for as long as you like. You can also get a to go box and to go cup and fill that up and take it elsewhere. Sometimes I'll take my food back to my dorm if I'm doing homework or I will take it out to the park. Teo, eat lunch out there, didn't there? It's just a nice option to have if you're especially if you're in a hurry. So besides our dining hall. Ultimate dining in Bonn. Where are dining hall is on the other side way. Have a chick fil A express way. Have a Cuban place called Havana. Um, there's a place called the Grill, which is open until one AM You could order on kiosks. You could order burgers, hotdogs, case ideas, all sorts of things. Chicken strips are very popular there. We also have an Einstein bagels and a place called Fresh Creations, which makes all sorts of sandwiches and wraps. And then the other place on campus that you could get food at is in more sunny at more sanni. The first floor is a food court, and the rest of the floors are all dorms. So in more sunny, there's a place called Star Ginger, which is all Asian food. Then we have a dairy queen of the on ly dairy queen on a college campus, Salsa Rico, which is like an off branch of Holy, very similar to Triple A but not as good Gourmet grocer, which is a little grocery store. They have any kind of snacks you could think of as well a sandwiches, salads and fruit cups that you could use a meal exchange for They also have a little sushi booth. We also have a place called Paninis, Okay, So now I wanted to give you guys some final little advice before tour ends. Um, I don't know. I mean, I think the transition from high school to college regardless, if you were going, like, twenty minutes away from home or twenty hours like it is a huge change, like it's it's setting you up to become your own independent adult, essentially is what it is. And it's good because you still have enough enough to fall back on with your family and your parents and everything. And obviously there's not to fall back on at the university that you're not totally off on your own. But there's also enough that, like the further into your education goes, the more independent you learn to get, um, two high school seniors, I would say, Please enjoy it. I know like you're probably so over high school and you're so ready for college. I know Islas and like I'm too good for this like I'm so over it. But like I still miss it. Sometimes I do miss it. It was it was nice not having a whole bunch of responsibility, so don't take it for granted, because that is one thing I wish I didn't d'Oh also don't just not about college. I know it's really nerve wracking, especially if you're if you're moving far away or even if you're not, it's just like you're kind of like you're living on your own s O It is really nerve racking, but don't psych yourself out about it. Yes, college is, ah, lot different from high school. The work is a lot more intensive. It is more difficult, but it's also a really fulfilling experiences. It's so much fun. I think that's what people forget is I mean, essentially like once you get department your friends, it's like having a sleepover. They're best friends, like every single night, like it's just it's so much fun. But also it's important to balance that with work. I mean, like, you know you're going to school for something that you're going to be spending your life doing, and you should know you should be good at it. You should be putting all of your hard work into it. But take breaks, too. It's really all about balance and time management. I think that is the most important thing. It was really difficult for me to kind of used to how to manage my time in college, especially because you're so especially because you're schedule changes like every semester. So it does take a little while to get used to it. But once you do, like, like I said, I worked really hard Monday through Friday and then I get to spend the weekend just hanging out, chilling out with friends. And it's just I think that is the best way to experience. College is putting your all into everything you do, putting your all in to work and So you know, she has a typical freshman. Dormer will look like this is a naive on center. So you will have you either being a double or triple. Unless you decide to request a single s O, you will share a bathroom. Usually you'll share it with to other people. So your seatmate. So to your roommate and then to other people, we have your shower and a mere hello. So usually this is a corner room, So they actually this is just one big room. There's no sweet. There's no other room that they share it with. This from like here over usually will be cut off. Unless you're handicapped student and you need to be in a corner room. You knew the success ability. So this option for you lock in. There are three beds. So this is what a trip it looks like they're really roomy. This is definitely one of the factors that help me decide where I was going to school. I loved the space of the rooms and everything. So everything you see in that, like the dark wood is included when you move in so everyone gets a desk, get little drawers you get a bed frame in a mattress and then? And then you either get wardrobes or a closet. Just depends on Ben here. So if you pay like a salamoni for each semester for the whole year, maintenance will come in. Andre will put in the rented fridge and microwave. It's really convenient, especially living cross country. I don't want to look a fridge all the way across. You know, the country sells really convenient. This one actually is a pretty nice of You get two similar campus that's Plant hall over there with, like, the little minarets that you see Looks like a castle. That's the Sykes building. I will show you guys. You get to see some of the city, which is What? You'll be more sorry. It's why I Hi. My name is Princess. I am a senior here at the University of Tampa. I'm from Nigeria, and I'm also a resident assistant in small people. Can you describe the student climate here at UT? Let's say that you kind of it's a mixed bag. There's a mix of different kinds of people, but people here are pretty nice. Like once you actually try to get involved on campus and meet new people. It's really nice. Describe the academic life. I'm a communications major. I really love with calm department. I feel like I get a lot of support kind of faculty. But one thing I will say is that once you start going here, that's very mindful of the classes that you need to take before you graduate. Because if you're not mindful of that, you might have to take late, stay an extra semester, which is in front. So how would you describe the work flow here? Okay, so I don't know if it's just me or are leg. I just like to be busy. But I would definitely say that. I mean, you're very involved when you're taking classes. I mean, there are, like, usual easy classes that people can take to get a But I would say that usually you have to actually wear you like good. What are some of the pros and cons of beauty? To be honest, I really like you tease. I mean, I feel like it depends on the person you are, but I love the size of campus. I love how small it is. I love knowing. A lot of people are having a lot of you know me. I think it's really cool because it just feels nice. Warm community twenty five. I liked that there are a lot of opportunities to get involved. Like there were so many organizations on this campus on DH. You're just, like, a great way once. I don't like I feel like, especially since I feel like when you're a senior, it's more difficult in terms of housing into, like, a guarantee. And finally give some advice to your senior in high school Self. Well, okay, I would definitely save. Don't be so nervous. Like colleges find you're not gonna die on Also, like, don't be too hard on yourself. I feel like we've studied too much. So, you know, trying to go out and have somebody from time to time. Yeah. All right. Thank you. Thanks. We're talking, okay. So the reason I wanted to work with campus really is because I looked at over thirty colleges. Umm, before I chose one like in person, sat through all the information sessions, walked all around campus, and almost none of the tours were memorable. And I walked away from all the tours, feeling like I hadn't learned enough about the campus and feeling like I didn't really know anything about school. And then when I chose University of Tampa, um, for the months leading up to getting here, I was really stressed because I knew I didn't know much about school. I had no idea about the student culture for the academic culture. I kind of just chose it because it was in Tampa and it was stressful. I'm doing this because, um, I wish I would have had campus rial to look at before him. And I wish I would've known about it because I think it would have taking a lot of the stress off of choosing a college and made it a lot easier to pick one. Especially since, like I flew from Florida to Boston to look at schools and you know it's important to see schools in person, but I think it would've been helpful. Just Tio watch videos, too. And also when I was getting down to choosing, like final schools, to be able to watch videos and really compare them and see what you know student life was like also, my major new media is centered a lot around, um, making videos like this. I'm making online content. So I thought it was a perfect match, and I have been making videos like this since I was like, eight years old. I've been filming and editing videos for as long as I can remember. I just want to be a perfect fit. If I could take a little bit of the stress off of someone trying to pick a school, I would love to do that, especially since I feel like I went in so blind. So I just thought it would be nice to help someone out, and I thought the fit was perfect. That's why I chose to run I'm currently standing outside of absolutely iconic Plant Hall, which used to be the Tampa Bay Hotel. This has been here since the late eighteen hundreds and is now home to many. Concert space is a museum, and this was lots of room. Lots of places first. The's minarets are absolutely iconic here in Tampa, actually not just a school. So the first floor of plant hall is performance spaces, offices like admissions and the registrar's office, as well as lots of seating for students and then floors two through four our classrooms, as well as a couple different offices that belonged to professors. And there's also on the fourth floor of the purser's office. This is actually my first time on the fourth floor, and what I'm noticing is as you get higher up on the floors, they get less and less busy. So, as you can see, there's no one around right now. But if you go on to the first or the second Florida, there's a lot of kids. Now, let's see if I can sneak into a few classrooms and she gets around. There's a class in session This is a conference room located in Plant Hall. It's used for different club meetings. This is the Saunders Rating center and this where you can take your essence for class, get help. I'm currently heading to my religions class, which is located in plant home. A thousand old master boy. Legendary. I don't know whether existed or not if you did, you look like that means yes. Every Wednesday afternoon. There are student recitals held by the music students. Today it's in Fletcher Hall, which is right behind me, so that's going to go future. Hall is in Plant Hall by the Wind. Hey, guys. So now I'm going to show you my dorm room. I do live in an upperclassman dormers called palm apartments on this apartment style full kitchen. I'll show you guys we'll start over here. This is my bed s O What? The beds. I mentioned it earlier, but they do come with the mattresses. But you do have to get your own magic stop because elections are really hard. But I did try to make it as homey as possible. So I have my stuffed animals that I required from some friends over the years. Um, all my pictures, my dog is in a lot of love, but it's my friends from home. My family. A lot of my friends here. Some things are important to me. I have up here. So make up. Coffee film, of course, was the coordinates of my home University of Tampa. My other home. This is my word. Drilled. Hes remind us my little shoe rack in my wardrobe, just on my clothes. Pretty roomy shoes and hats. Um, then there is a storage space appear. This is where I mostly keep my books and miscellaneous stuff on DH then under here there's a whole bunch self going on hearing of suitcases. Um, my yoga, ma'Am I workout equipment. A lot of my bags are under there. My laundry? Um, I I got that from Target, so it does not come with the room. But this does come with the room loser Still George with my workout stuff and beach stuff. And over here is in a little area closer where all of my snacks are. And those air, like my mugs are excusing travel mugs, my perfumes, miscellaneous stuff. This is a little messy right now, but, uh, this is where I keep. Like my protein powder is usually always on top. But we work out that kind of stuff. That's my jewelry box and just some miscellaneous stuff. Them in my own mini fridge has decided to invest in just because I will eventually be living off campus. So I decided, why not get my own fridge? Especially because the fridge and the kitchen is not large. And you have four people living here, so just kind of nice to have your own fridge. I just have that little quote to keep myself motivated on. This is my desk Most of it's makeup because you can see you. But I do study a lot there. This is my view. It's not the most amazing. It's cool. People got that way a little bit, but Palm is kind of set up in a U shape, so it's like one big you, so I'm just like people watching all the time. Sad. So the kitchen's a little messy right now, but this is our little dining room table. This is what the kitchen looks like. It's a really nice kitchen. I was like, one of my favorite things moving in here is I was surprised at how large and how nice the kitchen is. Um our serial. This is our record player. This is what we play before we go out to the clubs. Cure IG. I know what this place is for. That's kind of like our own pantry. So, like that's mine. Top shelf is someone else's the bottom shelf, someone else's their own. My printer is there. That's where everyone to use props and cute little artwork there. That's where we kind of keep stuff. We don't really know what to do with one thing. I will say. I wish the apartment had was like a closet, some sort of storage space. So this is one of our sinks. More search places that are bathroom stuff like this is just all my bathroom stuff. Hair stuff, face, wash sink. That's where to keep our Christmas tree. You can see. A man here is our bathroom. Nice does not come with the shark currency. Do you have to? Is your own for this pretty roomy? There are enough ta lorax for all four people living in it, which is really nice. Oh, there's somewhere Search beneath the sink, Of course. So the permits kind of split in two. So you see over there, uh, that is my room and fabulous room. And this is Brianna's room and sneaks them so they are essentially all the same size. This is the common area, the couch and the two chairs. And that table in the middle come with the room. My uncle gave me that. Really nice to you. Stand on. We got our own TV. I have a treat because of you, but it's the same as from my bedroom. We used to have a picture hanging up there, but it keeps falling sand dollars. Just some command hooks and So for meal plans going to talk about how meal plans work. There are a couple different options. You have Thie Unlimited plan, Thie seven Meal Plan twelve meal plan and fifteen meal Plan. So as a freshman, you can either do the twelve or fifteen meal plan. You can also use the unlimited as a freshman as well. So unlimited is essentially what it is. Um, you get unlimited meal swipes, but you're kind of stuck at ultimate dining. But you also get seventy five spartan dollars that you can use like anywhere else you want on campus for food, and you also get a free meal swipes that you can use this well, so that was an option for you as well. How it works is Monday through Sunday. You get to use those twelve or fifteen meals, and each place meal side includes, like couple different things. So it's also Rico. At our Triple A Mexican style restaurant, you could get like a burrito chips and a soft drink, and that is a meal swipe now, so how it works is you get a certain amount of spartan dollars with whatever meal planning choose. I believe that the fifteen year plan. You get like two hundred spartan dollars. Um, and then told me You're going to get, like one twenty five or something like that. And so the Spartan dollars you can use on anything on the menu that isn't included in a meal swipe. Usually most people sparking dollars go towards like Starbucks. That's right, can get all your drinks. Starbucks does also have meal slips. You could get like an egg whites minute trap. Um, that like chicken being like the protein salad, like the protein box you can get as a meal. So I believe in that comes like a small coffee, hot chocolate or tea. Um, otherwise, if you want, like, any sort of fancy drink, just besides, like, black coffee, that is your spartan dollars. However, I do want to mention that meal swipes do not carry over into the next week. So let's say something. You still got, like, five mil sipes left. You wake up Monday morning and it will reset and you'll be back to your fifteen or your twelve. So if you don't want it to go to waste a lot, people go to Starbucks. You could get like get like five Chris Sants. Then you could just save that for, like, a breakfast foods in the morning or stuff like that. A lot of people go to Dairy Queen. Just got a whole bunch of money. Blizzards, keep them in the freezer, and then you have that for the week, which is nice. So is the food good? Um, I'd say yes. Obviously, you get used to the food. After a while, you kind of get sick of it. So you kind of forget, like, if it's a good quality food or not, but I'd say it's pretty good. I know a lot of times when we have, like other teams that come to play us like for sports or whatever. They're competing against us, and it's on our campus. They always talk about how our food is so much better than theirs. So I'd say it's pretty good, pretty good quality. Obviously, you get sick of it after a while. So another convenient thing that I want to talk about is we have Wal Mart, Publix and Walgreens that air like in walking distance from the school, which is really nice. So if you're sick of all the food you want to get. Some, like my gribble dinners, snack foods, healthy foods like forget stuff like that. You can go to public school, Wal Mart, walking distance, really convenience. You can get other foods through, not just like strictly stuck to eating campus food. So who are you? My name is Thompson. Freshman it. My major is marketing. Where you from? And from Public Gardens, Florida. What brought you tea? I like your location de mix area. One of the kids like here Do you like them? You're wild. Left. Really good kids to think they care about what they're learning. But like Teflon symptom card player, how would you describe the kids here? Like stereotype wise, like what kind of people? Hey, kids, here you get like a really like a northern five. Everybody from lots of kids from a most everybody. But everybody's really nice. I'd say that people like care about how they look like they take time put here. Nice out. But you don't see like a lot of it's like that kind of person. But like but years old. Love you. So what kind of classes are you taking this semester? Great. I'm in global business. One of one make micro economics criminology. Time is writing class pathway dollars Pathway donors is a freshman seminar class for about research and life steals and kind of hard to get through the honors program present you rate downtown. The academics get it's manageable. The nightlife is really good. Where is your favorite spot? Any coffee shop off campus is where I've always do. We have many coffee shops outside of campus. We have tons outside of kids in cafes and rest the oh, tell me about Greek lights. Remember Data, and I love it. I went through recruitment beginning of the school year. It was a crazy process. It's a week, and it is madness. It's insane. But I was the lucky people through and joints data. And so far I'm loving it. Can you tell us a little bit about Greek life on campus, for example, is they're housing no Greek houses? This. I feel like going to UT if you do end up joining a sort of your opportunity of a really good chance like Kevin, that immediate so. But if you don't, they're like plenty of other things to get involved in. But joining Greek life is definitely a lot of people do. It is a pretty big thing on campus. If you could give any advice to your high school scene yourself, what would it be to Yeah, but it's Colin King. I'm a freshman at the University of Tampa, and I do not know what a way to change too. Are you from originally? I'm from a little town. Describe the student climbing here. That's very divers, different people. Do you like the people here? Yeah. Great. No. Why did you choose ut Fantastic question. Simple answer to accept. I apply only to you. Teo got into UT in October of last year. Didn't have to write an essay for the application of parades. Really? Or whatever Classes they're super. I got always pretty. A lot of great things. Like classes. Yeah, because I'm amazing. How is your work? That stuff pretty good. I mean, I got it. Get human stays here in their exams, you know, pros and cons of beauty throws. Well, Zell, very. I'm not like all new people. People get outside my comfort zone. Bonds. There's nothing really. I don't like actually. Bulls. Sometimes the dining more closing at eight o'clock on the weekends. I've got something even worse. Daylight savings doing any story that's messed up. I think it's breakfast and it's ninety. Speaking of dining Hall's house, the booth. It's good. But as anything goes, feed it like enough times you start. But there's good variety on campus, so you can't switch. You go tiny hole. Maybe to Einstein's breakfast one day. There's a pretty good variety. There's always a Kansas offense in your mind. There is a favorite dining spot on campus. The ultimate in dining hall like Friday's variety. But do you goto tendencies with these? What makes you different? Prince will crack college, so that's always different. So it's left like it gets a little too small. You like no people around campus that you don't just like See people never seen again. Everything's like walkable with nice. It's like writing downtown, too. Listen, operatively. Finally give some advice to your high school senior yourself. Don't worry about not knowing if you're doing