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Thinking about Valdosta State University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Valdosta State University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Valdosta State University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Valdosta State University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Valdosta State University experience. These Valdosta State University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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wait, The O. C. And today's video is gonna be my back to school. What's in my backpack? Video. Also, I'm gonna add in, like, a few essential school supplies, and I think you know every car seat it needs. But if you want to see what's in my bag packed, please stay tuned. Okay? So starting off with what? My backpack with those, like, looks like is this is super. It is a blue and gray north face. I've literally had to scale back since the ninth grade. My mom got it for me from Pak Sun and the super durable. It's like it don't look brand new, but it don't little raggedy like, you know. So, yeah, this move back. I've had for about 4 45 years now, so yeah, go get it. So we so on the side? I always keep something to drink. So I just have this water. It's like kind of height room temperatures, but yeah, but this is where it is. Morning. I've never finished, um, on this side. You just killed my charges. But I'm in my room. So obviously my charge is that in there, but I got some loot glows makes you see, period. There's a little glass. Go watch my glucose video if you want to kind of ease. And then I got a hair tie because data, as you can see this haggis big, and I just want to put it up. So yeah, All right, so now, onto the little small section in the front, I'm looking out my window. Yeah, I have my calculator for statistics. This is the Texas Instruments. Like, this is the tea I 84 pool is calculated. This idea $120. We don't talk. All right, so keep that in the front. Also in here, I just keep my pins, pencils, highlighters, markers, anything, like so right. With mostly, it's just pens and pencils in here. My holidays in my desk and my own markers also. Yeah, that's literally all that keep up here. Also on a day day. I'm not curing my partners. I keep my ear pods in there and my charges if my charges are not on the side of my book. Oh, all right. Now to the beach. Bang, baby. The real deal. Holley failed. Okay, I'm sitting down. All right, so just go ahead and start. All right, So the first thing I have is my English book. Technically is not mine. It's my remains, but she's letting using this summer. So I have my English book. Um, yeah. Explains where this thing is, like, I was $200. So the next thing I have is a notebook. This is a one subject number. I believe I got it from warmer. I'm not sure I'm sure I did, though. On this one is for my English class. Just one little Spiro. No bullets. One subject. You don't need it. It's crazy. The next thing I have is this notebook, I think Matthew. Yeah, This is my statistics. Notable this part. But that purple so pretty to me. So I have this one for the next thing I have is kind of use lose by having Anyway, this is my folder for medical terminology. Now, if you know my class much criminology, it is online. So like out with me. You like anything Like everything we do is online. I don't really need a photo for it, but I just put my service in here that likes to wear that will make and use a paper out, so yeah, and then the next thing I have is this. I need a cover. I even cover for these. If you have any ideas on what I should put on the cover of my anatomy notebook, please let me know if I like something super. My name with a human body. So this is my anatomy notebook. I know this is the last I'm gonna take the most noticing. That's why I got a big note boot. I'm gonna actually got a binder and she protectors in here and a lot of noble. So, yeah, and then the next thing I have is my planner. Um, I think two people dear me on instagram about my plan. I think I showed it in my, um, my room tour video and like to ask me about it. We had This is my plan. I got it from Arlington. I don't remember. The price was my sister bought it for me. I don't remember. The price would have to be like this for about $15. And I'm not his public a lot for a planner. But like, if you know me, you know, I cannot do my life without a plan for life. This is my baby. My players on my babies. I'm obsessed with NSO Pretty life. Erica Bligh's Baby, please. This is my planner, Mikey. I bring this with me, like, even if I don't see my will back to class take like a big party so I could be here back. Whatever. I put my planter in their life. I say this everywhere I go, even if I don't use it in class, I always have it with me. And I also cared around more now since I'm working on campus. So, like, if I need to write down some bait or something while I'm at work just right. Oh, Okay. So that's not a big so I don't know what I'm saying Here. Okay, I got it. Chewie, Granola bar. That is from my room a few days ago. And I just threw it in my bag this morning when I before I want to work because I knew I was going home today. And look, I didn't need it. Oh, I'm sorry. I'm loveless being crazy, but I always, like, try to throw light literally, like especially not running out of groceries, But I just had to throw something super quick and my bad. I know I'm not going back in my room for a while, so I'll just get this. And then this is this a starburst? I had a whole bunch of numbers. They were, and I told thing, but here's one I didn't. And the next. Okay, these are papers from worry. Like, this is my schedule. This is something I had to print off. And then this is licensed for medical terminology that I was doing their way, which I probably shouldn't be going on a quest. Um and that's literally everything that is in my book bag. This is alright, guys. That is the end of this video. Thank you guys. So much for watching. I love you guys so much and I'll see you is the locker You can boot and chart Yaar just in the air and you can lock it. My show is safe Also in the library you'll have access to the new media center. This has you can borrow technology to make videos like us. Because this thing here we borrow it from there. Look at this place. It's so empty You can come here story in quiet except us though What? Janu Brown? And you know what? The books in here basically free You can borrow it And really until you're finished as long as in the semester. Come in, my friend. Who? This is the new media center printing thing. You can three day bring Ting You can also got get help by the professional And here I want you guys want the best moment that you have never seen. You could choose to me You're welcome. A team The first floor is kind of finished. Oh, there's also something here. Let's go. I think I just remember this place. Very cool. Oh, his story had in school. Dr Body. How's she doing? They're good. Well, feel it a bit lonely there. Come back for you later date So this is the story room. Basically, you can come here, can't study with your group board so you can write down your project and stuck by that. And for me, I always used this room. Thio separate my darkest sorrow. also also, This is also a place for you to study a very beautiful place. I love this place while my favorite engines just like me. Come on. That's what's the good jokes. Like this place, because has so many color in it. And also I can have the view outside. This'd the third floor off all them library. I have to keep my tone down. Was handsome. Very nice view prime at you Say yes and also started. But the thing I like about this one is the view, the book abuse. This is one of my kind of co workers. Just I'm making it right. Delivery expenses. The salary revenue is gonna be 67,200. And if you just subtract the salary expenses and the cost of goods sold, that'll give you a net income of six grand. This'll math. Today's hates my camera, man. Well know as awesome face brought one person. So today we walk through again. Another place, Another location in Banda Aceh State University. Autumn Library. Important place. Definitely gonna check it out when you study in this school. Other Marie revise a lot. He say yes. It's just not his head. If you need help with your study, definitely check out. I kind of make support center. If you need to use like technology for your excitement or anything, you can also go to the Oldham Library. Renting a book kind of easy. Just go on the website. Check it out. That's it. N g a Georgia. They were shaped to you. You can have up to lie four or five months once again. Thank you so much for watching Drop like you enjoy subscribed and definitely have a cheque. Awesome place brought out. Subscribe to him. What can I say? You guys have the best Rex Miss Cameron has lied infinitely stroke. You know it. So bear with me. Hey, guys, look back to my channel. It is your girl, J Lo. And as you can sing, this is gonna be my 20 tips for college freshman. This applies to any college freshman, but it is mostly it's about us State university students, because that is a school that I attend. So are really no head life. The tea Okay on that us stay. So, yeah, if you guys really want some tips and tricks for college, stay too. Okay. So as you guys know, I am an upcoming software, but also State University. I just finished my freshman year about two weeks ago, so, you know, real fresh in my mind. I just want to give you guys some tips. So I started The 1st 2 that I have for college freshmen is to do everything early. I cannot stress this enough. You don't want to be last minute with anything when it when it comes to college, especially about Austin, because they don't care. Like they don't care. When it comes to classes. White rations for classes, getting your books, um, applying for scholarships applying for jobs. Most importantly, financial A guys get your financial aid done its earliest possible. Like me coming out of this video right now in the maybe get in June. Yeah, she already done okay. Yeah, she had the light. You know, we're not even done like it needs to be in the works. Almost the entire thing. You need to have your financial aid and as soon as possible because they will stress you out. It will likely they will make you cry. You'll be like, Oh, my God, I'm not going to school because financial is really serious when it comes to college. And my got a heavy. So definitely get everything done early, especially financially. Except that I have for you guys is I really know howto worried kiss. But I'm just basically be ready for anything I say. I wrote down. I said, stay ready So you don't have to get ready. You're easy, because in college, especially your freshman year, anything can happen. Anything can come up Something good, something bad. Anything could happen. So you need to be ready at all times. And when I say, be ready, make sure all your ducks in a row. Like make sure you know, you got everything planned out, everything schedule, everything. Like radio. Make sure you know, if this happens, this is what I'm gonna do. It. This don't happen. That's what I'm gonna do. What makes you always have a plan or a couple plan? Because I don't know how many times my friends have had to have backup plans because it didn't work out. Whether that's like parties or schoolwork or events, anything. I just make sure you are always ready. The next tip is stay on top of your word. Now, this is a big one, especially for your freshman year. Do not come in thinking this is going to college. You know, I could study hostage in college. I don't have to say it all like it is not the marks that you should have, because college is not easy. It's not gonna be like high school. It's not gonna be, You know, I just started today of a straight line. It's not gonna be like that. So make sure you stay on top of your work because that's the reason I came to college like that is the ultimate reason you are here in the first sight to do your work. So I stayed on top of your Grace's academia's. The next tip is get or gain a close relationship with your teachers and other staff members. Now, this is important. I mentioned this in one of my videos about my freshman year, but this is a good one because, you know, at the end of the day, these are the people that are in control of your grade. You are in control of it to a state, but they are the ultimate control. It's of your grades. So I feel like if you have a good relationship with them and the end of the semester when you know you need owes 8.5 or one points, maybe they can give it to you because, you know, you try. You went to see them in the office. I was. You went to the study session, you know, you actually tried in the press and they see that they see the effort, they see the work and it will help you in the end. So I say, get a close relation with them. And as far as staff goes, these people that you see around campus that are not professors but their life step. It was like they work at the school. They could help you in the long run. It's especially with getting a job, if you know somebody that knows somebody, You know what I'm saying? You can easily get a job. So just, you know, get to speak or, you know, say thank you when you know you're walking. I mean, when they hold a door for you or, you know, go to a certain events that they're sponsoring sponsor, because you'll you know you'll get emails about different events on campus. So definitely, you know, got to meet these people. Like these people could definitely help you. Okay, so the next tip is to get a job, if you can handle it. If you had a job, like all through high school and you know you can handle the job. I say you should get one. Because money is gonna be tight, is gonna get tight. Gonna be low Sometimes. You know, you don't go to the phase where you just be like name. Bring any like, so ass urges That should get a job if you can handle it. I, of course, um, recommend part time. That's probably gonna be a begin when you're a student. But I also request, I mean, Jay's that should get in on campus job because, you know, you'll be right on campus. Just you have to run to class. We gotta run your room or something like that. It's definitely way more convenient. Your first year's. I definitely recommend getting the job so you could know you can have constant money coming in, no matter how small. But you know you'll have money coming in and because you're going to spend money in college. So I should just get in a job because it will make things a lot. Number six is to be social, but not to social. Know what I mean by this is when you get to college, you're gonna meet so many different people, especially about Austin stays people from everywhere is gonna be, you know, people you've never seen before. People never let you know it's going to be new people. And so I suggest that you be so sure, you know, go out. Maybe friends, you know, get to know different people. But also be careful because, you know, you are in college. You are here for a reason. You don't want to, you know, get involved in something or get involved with a group of people that, you know you can, you know, see yourself growing with. So I suggest, you know, just be careful meeting people. Don't be shy. Don't be too shy because, you know, you just meet new people. Meet your people. You're gonna find your people in college. Okay? For the next tip, Tip number seven is to get involved to the best of your ability. Um, it's gonna be some meetings you can make. Some of it she can't make. It is gonna happen if you're used to being involved in high school like I was. It's gonna be hard for you to transition into the college life because it's gonna be hard to get involved at first, you're not gonna know anybody. You're gonna be slightly shot to go to certain things. And it is not gonna be as easy as it was to get him walking high school as it is. I mean, in college, as it is in high school. So I definitely recommend that. You know, you try to, you know, meet new people or meet people that are in the organization's or head of the events that you want to be involved in. And they, you know, you can work your way because it is gonna be hard at first, but I definitely think you can do it. I definitely don't think you should do too much. I feel like, you know, just paint one or two orders or maybe even want, or your first year or first semester just to, you know, see how you do with the and the, you know, gradually get better. Do more as you know, get for the Inter College. Okay, so the next tip is to save your money and spend it wisely When you get to college. I don't know how much money each person comes to college with or whatever, or how much you know, your parents are involved in giving you money. But me personally that my parents only gave me money when I absolutely needed it. You know what I'm saying? Or when I was begging for it and I didn't have money coming in because I didn't have a job But also I just had a summer job at home. So for me, like I had to say that it was like I had to say, salute kind of thing, and you're gonna have to save your money in college. You're gonna have to has been your money wise is gonna be so many opportunities where you spend your money because you have You've been given this freedom. So where, you know, you could do what you want when you want whatever you want. So just make sure you think about that. Think about your future. Start thinking about creative start thinking about. You know, future bills. You're gonna have to pay the lifestyle you want to live because those things are gonna come faster than you think. Like I'm already thinking about credit like because it's like something Siri's is something that's gonna get me. You know, all the things that I want in life. So, you know, just keep those things in the back of your mind when you know you out spending all your money because it's so easy money. I spend so much unnecessary money my first year. It makes no sense. The next tip. I know, you guys have probably heard a million times as your as you all the research and all these college two videos. But the freshman 15 is a really lady. It is so rude. It is the really saying that I have ever come across. Okay, um, sometimes it's the freshman 20. Freshman 30 baby boom. You talk about All right, um but definitely try toe workout and healthy as much as you can. It is very hard to be healthy in college because on campus they don't have the best options. But that's okay because, you know, there's different alternatives. If you have money to buy our life, you know, groceries every week, healthier groceries, I say Do it because it is so hard to be healthy in college and working out. You're just not going to do it. I promise you, even if you work out now, you don't get the schooling about today like you on my arm and I'll do it later. I'll do it next week, and it's gonna end up like you're not doing it. So definitely try to stay on top of working out and being healthy because working out is free at school, so I mean, you have the opportunity and the ability to do it. I say, just try to keep up with it and just try to be as healthy as possible is hard way. Just keep that in your mind, Okay? So the next tip is to check on yourself. This is a very important one when it comes to college, especially if you are going far away from home or, you know, you're going to by yourself or something like that. Your mental health is very important. Mental health is very important anyway, but especially for college students, because we get to school, we start taking on more than we can handle. We started, you know, stressing about works, just about all kinds of things. And like everything just started tumbling at some point. And then everything started going really, really good. And you're just like, Oh, my God was going on. And I just think that mental health is so important. And you really, really need to, like sometimes just take a step back and just, you know, sit down with yourself, figure out what you got going on and just handle it, because if you don't handle it is gonna start building up about end of the semester. In the year, you're gonna be like torrent looks different thing, checking on yourself and check in on your mental health. It's very, very important. The next tip is about relationships in front shoots. Um, I got a couple tips for these. Okay, First is the mindset you have to realize that you and people that you meet are probably not gonna have the same mind says. And if you do keep those people coast But if you don't, that's okay. Y'all come from two different places. Y'all have been raised differently and everything like that. So definitely remember that you know, you all have different mance is. And also remember that you have time like you have time to make friends. You have time to, you know, find your significant. They're all that doesn't need to have your first year of college. That is such a fairy tale. It will not happen like that. Like issues not, that's just not how it is. It's not real life. So just remember that you have time. Y'all are gonna have to remind, sits and also grow. You're gonna grow in college, you're gonna grow a lot your first year you're gonna learn things about yourself you never knew. But you're gonna grow in college and your awesome might My this is like it might have been my growth from people that you all your life all through high school after middle school you might grow from those boot. And it is okay to grow from people because, you know, it's part of the process. So, you know, if you lose friends in the process and you're probably gonna gain some more if you lose a relationship in the process, you're probably gonna get another one. So just be aware of those things and keep that the next time I have for you guys is to talk to your advisers early and frequently. When I say early, I mean soonest classes start set up a meeting with your advisor just to talk about you know, where you started all that if you came in with college credits or if you did in just where you started and where you're trying to go because you need to have a plan when it comes to academics, because the semester will Oh, actually took this plan for the year fresh. You should take all those classes or something like that. So make sure you keep in touch with their advisors and keep in touch frequently. It costs nothing to make an appointment with. It cost nothing to make a point with your advisers, it is free. It might be a little time consuming, depending on your schedule, but I promise you it's gonna take literally nothing. Just go see if I was just talking about what you got going on. What you want to do, what you're trying to do, and they will definitely be there. Okay, so the next time I have you guys, it's kind of a simple one, but it really, really is gonna help you guys learn how to study, learn what works for you and what doesn't work for you and learn it quickly for me being a nursing major, I had classes like chemistry and, um, of course, my core classes. But chemistry specifically, And my friend, she had anatomy. You have to learn how to study. May be in high school. You didn't have to city, but in college I'm like 99.9999% ensuring that you're gonna have to study. You're gonna have to find a way to sudden if that means flash cars. That means videos. If that means just re reading it are rewriting it is whatever works for you, you need to find out how you study and what works for you and what gives you the maximum grades because you need to know how to study. It's like it's gonna be a time where you're gonna like be, you know, taking a test or doing your work or doing homework or something like like I really need to study for it is and you're not gonna know house. I suggest if you're watching this video now and you have, like, a free summer for you, figure out how to set. You figure out how you know how to study or how whatever where is for you. And we get the school that way, way easier to transition. Thanks to have also goes with social life. It is basically staying true to your values. When you come to college when everybody comes to college, have a set of values or a set of beliefs that they live by or that they were taught. So, you know, go with the whatever and when you get to college is gonna be a lot of I guess, because I peer pressure or, you know, people around you that influence you, whether good or bad. And I just want you guys to know that your values are important. They're therefore stay true to your values. And basically, when a situation comes up in your life, I don't know if I should do that. Basically, go with what you know. If you don't feel comfortable doing it, don't do. If you do feel comfortable doing it, do it and have a great time. But I just say, you know, stay true to your values and beliefs and just go with what you know. If you feel like it ain't it ain't for you, then it ain't for you, Okay, I promise. It's like if those people like for you, those people before you that or game for you that we're getting for you. Just go with what you know and go with your values. I trust her. Good. Your good is being in college. Oh, sure, the next tip is change things are gonna change you going to college is a change in itself. And I just want you guys to know that you don't have to have it all figured out right now. If you don't have a major, go in deciding If you know you're deciding between majors, just pick one that you feel is good for you because your major is probably gonna change like, two or three times You're hurt. You're honest because I changed my major. I changed it once, but I thought about changing it again because it was just like I didn't know and I started getting confused. I started getting stressed out about my work, and I just all of this for me. But honestly, things are gonna change. Your mind is gonna change. It's okay just by, you know, keep going. Keep pushing. Don't just give up on this thing for me. College for me. Don't just give up that the next time I have for you guys is I see an opportunity grab. If you see Amy opportunity, where the does she created? Whether it's getting into an organization where There it is. Um, getting something for free at a movie. Okay? If you see an opportunity, grab the opportunity. Is gonna comment is gonna go in college. So definitely if you see one. Grab because it might change. A thing I have for you guys is time. Manage me. Um, you might feel like you're not gonna be that easy, but you're gonna get really busy really fast. Sometimes I could just don't come out of nowhere. And don't let time slip away from you because you could be doing something in this thing. You know, you have an assignment due in an hour or you have something to next week and you haven't even started on it. So just like, you know, makes you manage your time playing out things. Get a planner, I suggest. Get a planner. I have a plan and it works for me. Doesn't work for some people. Some people just use the calendar in their phone. Some people can write on their whiteboards just to know what works for you. Me, I use the white boy. He's my calendar. Before all my notes on the phone. And I use a planner. I have to have all of those things for me to like function and run smoothly. So just find words for you. But just make sure of all things you manage your time because it was the next thing I have is more of a It's, like advice kind of thing, while this is advice, but this is like a way I don't know. I can't explain it, but tip is do not go home every weekend. Whether you live fire when you live close. Like it does not matter. Do not go home every weekend. You like you're in college. This is this is your life for the next four years, maybe more college, but home. This is your home. This is where you're gonna be spent a weekend. I mean, spend a weekend in about all still I get no, your city get to know where you are because if you go home every weekend, you're gonna stay attached to home, and you're not gonna be able to really get your freedom or really branch out on your own. Okay? It's a tip. Number 19 is to ask for help and asked for advice. Yeah, I cannot knows it is okay to ask for him. It is okay to the comes from body snap. Somebody missed somebody on Facebook. Somebody that has probably been about Austin or even just fight somebody that you don't even know that will. It is okay to ask for advice, okay, that somebody for help Because they most likely will help you. They'll probably just, You know how you could shoot back with an answer. Like it's okay to ask for help if you don't ask. You're not gonna No, you know what I'm saying? Don't just think, answer. They're gonna come see you have to go out there and find those. Okay, So number 20 the last and final tip is probably one of the most important is to have fun. You guys gala in college. This is your first year of college. I want you guys to go out and have fun experiencing things, experienced people, and just have fun like you're in college. You only get this experience ones like, enjoy your hair fun. Okay, guys, those are all the tips that I have for you guys today. Thank you guys. So much for watching and learning. And don't forget the light comment and subscribe. Leave a comment if you see me on campus feel free to stop me and talk to me about anything, any advice or any question that you have for about us, the or just talk to me like I swear I'm a friendly person. You'll probably see me with two other girls, put their pictures right here, but shocking. Definitely hit them up to leave their social media's, either on the screen or down below. But, yeah, don't make feel free to hit me up on social media. It's will and yeah, thank you so much watching you guys next time. Hey, guys, Welcome back to my channel. As you can see how you are doing the roommate tag. And here's my roommate interview. I'm a like, oh, had away l a is still about yourself a little bit. I am a nursing major, just like you. And I'm 18 years old. Okay. I felt for the roommate they were gonna do the basic questions. The ones that we found on YouTube society that call. Okay, so the first question Did you know each other before you became roommates? Right? Talk a little. We've had a little way. We knew each other that the summer, the summer before we came. Cool way. No, but you got a first. What were your first impressions of each other? Okay. Okay. So when I first started talking to her light over Facebook, she seemed like, you know, me, like, you know, when I could, you know, relate to you. And we have, like, a lot of common. And then when I found somewhere you want me here, I think about you. I mean, you know, But I'm glad she made you sure. Okay. My first impression that we were tasting my own Facebook. I thought we were a lot of life of a row. Tars is both I don't know where a light. But when I first met, when I find the man I thought was gonna be weird, like e gonna be so weird And I was gonna deal with We're roommate, Was she not weird? She really do anything? I don't think she was mean. I thought I was gonna be really, really quiet. I didn't say that, but she's not quite No, No. Okay, how long did it take to become friends or where you framed book for becoming roommates? We weren't friends before becoming remains. And how long did they pick up? Some comfort. We'll see what happens. We barely talked my first few days, and then I just started venting. Yeah, like she was going through some stuff that she would like it to me and tell me about it. And that's really how we just like about Well, least Thank you. Bye. You try to give her, um number four. What do you most commonly? Aren't you about? No, we are used. Okay, girl, do not earlier. Yeah. No, not sleeping in the bed. She turned the water on yada water. I don't want no low pressure Water come from right? I feel like late water. I want my wanting to be auto. It don't. I wantto wanted to be all the way. What do you mean? It's Slough? She's a light sleeper. So, Amy, Mom, I've been one. Thank you. Listen over, and I'll be like, not e. I don't even be allowed in the morning. I know. What are you with you about out in the day? Okay, Number five. What the major roommate do that bothers you the most? Well, I just spoke here about that. We're running. Um, I don't know. What do you do that by me? The most everything. Well, they know. I don't know. What do you do that bothers me? Oh, I'm yard. It makes me so angry. Like, literally like I want to fight her. I hate when she downs herself, like all day. She just talking junk about that? I'm that I'm ugly. I'm dead on that. Any so freaking annoying. Okay, number. What do you think of your roommates? You too? Well, see, I haven't taught him. I don't know if I'll ever started. She would, but If I do, you'll follow me later. You know, it's outfitted up there. I like impacted, but I like hers. They're interesting in her pictures of cute. I like to open up there. You know who spins the longest? Getting ready in the morning. Wait, You heard we use it. Don't get ready at the same time. Last semester she always got up before me. And this semester, I usually get up before her, but so we don't get up in time. But if we argue and ready together in his heart because he well, now did I do my natural Harry commentating a little bit longer, but barely. No, I don't know. No way. What is something you didn't notice about each other until you became roommates? I don't know. Something you didn't I didn't know how sensitive she was. That's one thing she told me. Like when we take you, I I'm really emotional, and I just Yeah, I am, too. What kind of life Looking like, You know, girls are kind of emotional, but I didn't know she was It's not a bad thing, but I'm just, you know, she was No, thanks. Okay. Do you ever get tired of seeing each other. No. Last semester she never really seen me because I was never in here. But this image is always so she probably I don't Girl, I got time. Okay? I do. The speaker. I spoke to you today. I will be speaking when I'd be out in public. I don't be in the mood to be like happy go lucky. What? I like to be in the comfort of my own room, but I'd be happy. Oh, okay. Number here. How do you avoid attention while living together? We don't have. And every day we'll probably talk it out. But we don't Really? Yeah. Do you have a roommate agreement or a set of rules? Well, it was kind of mandatory, so yeah. Yeah, we made it. We made with mandatory. We hate like hell out saying Internet. Sorry, but we agreed on the rules. Yeah, like a great set of rules, don't we, Alexis? Okay. Number 12. Do you share a bathroom? And how do you deal with? Yeah, we share a bathroom with the whole hall. Um, have community garden or my last couple of years. Um, we just deal with it. I use this actually is the same shower you can use in Europe. It good. Then what? I you barely have one like him in a bag? No, you know, use the handicapped want when I want to believe. I've never tried it. I always do is steal them, I promise. But yeah, we deal with how everybody, um 13. Have your roommates friends become your friends harboring a friend. I mean, wait, her friend has become my friendly. She's not friends with my friends, right? I mean, you speak to them, but you know, I don't hang out, but I've loved her ever in K A liver. Okay, Um, number 10. Do you pre game or go to parties together? No, no, we don't regain your party to give. We will, Robert days probably remember. Turned up. All right, 15. Do you use your roommates things without asking? No. Okay, let me see what? You never use that. Thank you. Thank you, Phil. But because we share you too. I stole a piece. Go. That's how you feeling? No. Don't you remember your first week? And you had that those in the little the little thing? Yeah, I think I wonder. And I think you told me about you that I got to go this morning. Okay? Number 16. What are your favorite things to do with each other? We don't really do stuff together outside of the room, but if I have a room, we left a lie. She knows? Yeah, in my family. Got to new yapping. I'm finding that if you think I'm funny, You having me here she is. But yeah, we laugh a lot together. What else could we do? We listen to music together about Yeah, we talked a lot, you know? And then you give me gonna buy you. Yeah, you try to get it. 17. Do you cook together or separately? We don't cook. We cook my menu. Little spaghetti web, all ravioli in the microwave way. Don't go through the kitchen out there. What do they haven't? I've never even We don't cook together or separately. Don't. Okay. 18. Have you met your roommate? Family orb into their home. She's not my family. Over the phone. She met my mom in one of my sister. I'm not your mom and dad and Oh, yeah. You didn't know that? You did Oh, yeah. You did me. No. Yeah. When you help you today, she might marry one of us. Um, I've never been her house. And you? Oh, yeah, I thought your long I see her sister's on my face, but I haven't. She's not been in my home. What is the best memory you have with your roommate? We didn't make, um, this memory. I don't know. I'm trying to think of stuff in here. I'm Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Me, her and care. We're out in the lobby doing the puzzle. And, like, a girl came downstairs and she was talking about My shoes were weird, and she followed us into our room, like, gently in front of me and got it. I didn't ask, sat in my chair, Didn't ask you. I want to be in here with That's how it was so funny. Like, very It was so funny. Okay, um, have being roommates. The baby, your relationship. I mean, maybe stronger, because, I mean, we wouldn't have had a really negative way. No negatively, like, you know, being friends and roommates. Yeah. It could be like an issue where you're like, No way don't you. That's I think that's also a good thing. The fact that we don't hang out all the time with each other like we give the space and time to, like, talk about our day name already. Okay. Thank you so much for watching this video. Please. The light comment subscribe. Follow her on Instagram followers on Instagram and follow me on every day Like Twitter. Oh, yeah. Thank God for watching it off. I was gonna get me. Wait. And today's video is gonna be my room tour. I just moved into college yesterday. So we all see this. It'll be a couple of days after that. But I moved in on August 11th is currently August World, and I am gonna fill my room to a few guys for two reasons mainly for my family to see my room. And the other reason is for upcoming students that come about our state if they lived at Upper Hall so they can see what the private rooms look like. But, yeah, I am in a private room. I won't be showing my roommate's room just because she's not here. And I don't want to really invade her privacy or whatever, but I will be sure You guys my room where I got everything from and you Theo way. Oh, okay, guys, if you have any more questions about my room or my experience here living on campus, that might also State University please comment down below or hit me up on social media. I'll pop that up on the screen, but I think you got so much washing video. Don't forget the light coming into the sky, and I I'm here at, uh, Odium libraries, you see? Appear. It is very big. We go here, you know, in case you need help with tutoring. They got computers, books, any references. This is a place where everybody is that because they need to study to be a quiet place to study. It's rich. Trust me. Your find someplace. You can have many rooms, minister rooms they have. Um yeah, let's say like a little cafe in a way you could, like, find snacks and some meat. Um, they have many prayers, too. And, you know, just last that they got to help you out. Yeah. Millenium Library, the library. Just like you have the wrenching guide for us. That many study rooms. There is a student. This is the front of the building does. Or you can sit here and socialize. Taking the rap for that matter to him. He's right here. This is one thing. This is my favorite right here. Africa to America. Let it go. You know, show some African history. They love showing culture. So this is really cute right here. I love this one. And that over there. Just more books for a dictionary. Zach cycle PDO. They even have a phone and kay little phone in case you want to call somebody. This is where we study. It's I'm on the bare floor of the library. These are bucks. getting money. Hey, guys, they should grow. They will, and I am back. Okay, I know it's been a while if I'm gonna go way, But But I'm back and I'm here. And as you can see by the video, I am gonna do basically, like, an overview of my first Mr. Okay, so I'm just going to jump right into it. I So I'm a little note here. All right, So the first thing I'm talking about academics All right. So me, personally, I did not have a bed that could make some history for my first Mr. I'm a nursing major. I'm a freshman. Um, I took 12 credit hours instead of 15 simply because I didn't want to like working myself too much. But I also wanted to be a full time students. I chose 12 and also with 12. I need to keep my scholarship. So I took chemistry. 11. 51. I took sociology, 11 01 Psychology 11 01 and perspective only. Shoes. So those are my classes. They're not super hard classes, but not super easy either. What percentage? But I ended up with all A's in those classes for yet. Okay, Yeah. So academic glass. I did really well, a star As my teachers go. I had decent teachers. Some of them could have been better. But what is he like? My teacher Blondie said they weren't terrible. Teacher's arm Straight with that. Just make sure. You know, you get to know your professors. Talk to your teachers, make sure they know your name. Asked questions as quick questions like this big name and just stay focused in class. You should be good. Thomas. Forest class size goes, um, the classes for me personally, My first message, they were pretty be I'm I wasn't really used to big classes in high school, so big classes can be sure. Your sociology, they're my biggest. Like it was a lot of people in those classes. You really gotta pay attention and really, like, talk to professor because your class is being. But I think if I'm not mistaken, the odor like the morning, the more you get closer to your major, the more your classes will get smaller and more, you know, tight knit or whatever. All right. So the second thing I'm gonna talk about social life as far parties, friends, that kind of stuff Me personally. When I got to college, I wasn't really a party girl. I did party a little bit my first semester, but party really isn't my scene. I do party more now than I did in high school, but that's simply because I have so much freedom. The party now here are OK tonight. Like I mean, it's nice. It's Nothinto like brag about. But it's not like they're super lame or anything as far as friends go. I made a lot of good friends. A lot of people sell. I met a few people that I can trust, you know, I know they're like my friend, and I know a lot of people on the Campese, especially to Twitter. Yeah, there. Oh, but I know a lot of good people or whatever. In this night, I made friends, You know, you gotta be socially. Really. Just got to get out there meeting people. I also have a mentor. She had food Channel John on anything. I want to talk about his clubs and organizations. Okay, This is a big one for me, because in high school I was very, very involved in, like, different activities I want Nikki dead when I got a college. So for me, I joined two organizations. I joined Habitat for Humanity and replenish women in Christ. That's nothing organization. So I joined those two, and it was gonna be otherwise I was gonna join, but I missed a lot of meetings. I didn't make the deadline. So this semester I told myself I was gonna join those. And those are in double A C. P. Collegiate women about off State University. I'm thinking about joining impact. I don't know yet, but I'm thinking about it because I know somebody that people in that organization. I'm thinking about it. I don't know, Um, and I'm often in a joint care, which is Campus Activities Board would ever like, You know, See, I'm thinking about going to a lot of other organs on campus. A mag with the main attraction is a lot of different organizations in close, but those are the ones that I'm currently a Bobby Orr gonna be a walk in. Now I'm gonna talk about food because food is very important to me, you know, hold a special place to me. It's my smooth on campus. Is DC If it's good, I'm not gonna be let off. The food is trash is de se llama. But on campus we have palms, dining hall, blazer, grill, yeah, chick fillet, which we'd starve of mold. We got some other restaurants on North campus, but I don't know. There's been a lot of time there and this other ones at universities. And also I don't either. But when I do my job, my old is good life, the other of overall food. Good. I might change my meal plan one simply because I had a limited effort and I I'm not really using on this stuff, and they don't get a lot of So I take it the goal, which was Get more done. Dollars list, No sweat a TV. I don't know what I'm talking about. I'll either make another video or you can just come to me and asked me like what you talking about? Willis Wise? We're talking about Dinah doll like if you go to bed off, you know what I'm talking about. If you don't, I will let you are. The next thing I want to talk about is the campus itself. The campaign is beautiful it is gorgeous. Thank it's really what attracted me. The campus is what attracted me to this school and the nursing program. I really, really like both of them. So I was I gotta go here, but yeah, the campus is really pretty. I love it here like it's beautiful. And when I first got here, I thought it was gonna be, like heart and navigate hard to get around, but it wasn't. It will burn you like Well, it's really now. But when I find that I'm never gonna go for a state, everything's I really close. I was there, and it is like a small town. Valassis is a pretty small town, and I can say that because I come from the top. But basically, if you live in Thompson, I mean, you know what Gus is. So that loss is basically basically like our this so yeah. All right. But your mother never came with his beautiful. Now I'm gonna talk about housing housing. All right. So for me, as a freshman, I living in a traditional dorm, which means most likely gonna have a roommate, and I'm gonna have community showers. So I live in read whole. I love Reed is naive. Like it's a very small like we're like a little family. You on the island read. I have a roommate, but we share the same room and we use community showers. Her name was delayed, but reading minds is really small in me. Whatever. Of course, the only damn fall with Reed is it has community shower, just like a traditional. But read it also the honors halls. I'm in the honest program, currently currently, but yes. So that's like That's why I like small because it's just for certain people or whatever. Um, I don't plan on staying and read the rest of my career. I'm I plan on moving to eat their Georgia or Hopper next semester. I mean, you're my next semester, which means makes you I'm simply because Well, I'm not gonna get into what? I'm gonna move. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I will tell you about another Save that for later date, but you have been playing on Moving and Georgia Hopper. They are not traditional dorms there, like they have the private in a semi private room and they have their own bathrooms or whatever. That's another thing with the non traditional norms. They have their own bathroom, but downfall of dead. When you got community sharp, you would've got a squirrel. Squirrel. Clean, clean, Get curtain tower. I gotta tell you, you know, you don't decorate your home after living with the other one, you know? I guess I do, baby. Yeah, that's not the downfall. But I would I don't care. I would take that over. Showers anyday community aren't. I keep saying that like they're not bad. Like it's okay. Is decent. I got my one shot. I always get it right. That's my shower. Don't nobody better. You know, when I come in anyway. But yeah, I'm wrong. I really like about State University. It's nice. It's great. It is for me. I feel like it's really for me. Like a lot of people colleges, men, for them, going away from home is made from them. But I honestly think it is for me like, Yes, I have my heart struggle. Sometimes I wanna go home sometime, but like overall, I really, really like it here. And I'm not like I am legit. Love being in a state like I live, it is amazing. And I will recommend any of you like or if you hear a baby, If you have any questions about stay anymore my experiences here, anything about school, Anything about the town. General, just please comment below Messaged me on any of my social media and I will let