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right now. This is that does the Nevins Hall here. This is the front of the library. It really Biggs a lot bigger in his side. This is just the class is down here with some dorms. I'll let you. Yeah, Yeah. They have a blood drive here too, as you can see over there. Blood moon. Try something a little closer. We got some tents out here. Gets the camp in Sexy. Here's some more rooms and classes. Yeah, there is. The blood drive. Yeah. Yeah, they always have. They have They have where right now. They have, like, a nice water blue by now. Wait. Yeah, have fun activities. So this is the Bailey Science Center. Call it a college of science and mathematics. Does it see? No. Have that should never been in this building. Say they have these beautiful right little designs. Right here. It's beautiful. It's really nice. I did animals go over here. I've seen you, like, got no mats about dogs. Like how they are. See, this is a really beautiful building. I've never been here, and I'm glad here, you see? See the cute little fish tank? The low plants. It's really nice right here. There's some classes going on. We've got to be very quiet, too. There's a lot of classes up here. We're going to go upstairs in a little bit. That's why Give us cute this school tour. Look, that is really cool. And this is really cool, I'm here at, uh, Odium libraries, you see? Appear. It is very big. We go here, you know, in case you need help with tutoring. They got computers, books, any references. This is a place where everybody is that because they need to study to be a quiet place to study. It's rich. Trust me. Your find someplace. You can have many rooms, minister rooms they have. Um yeah, let's say like a little cafe in a way you could, like, find snacks and some meat. Um, they have many prayers, too. And, you know, just last that they got to help you out. Yeah. Millenium Library, the library. Just like you have the wrenching guide for us. That many study rooms. There is a student. This is the front of the building does. Or you can sit here and socialize. Taking the rap for that matter to him. He's right here. This is one thing. This is my favorite right here. Africa to America. Let it go. You know, show some African history. They love showing culture. So this is really cute right here. I love this one. And that over there. Just more books for a dictionary. Zach cycle PDO. They even have a phone and kay little phone in case you want to call somebody. This is where we study. It's I'm on the bare floor of the library. These are bucks. Now, this is a nice dome right here. No, that's okay. Wow. This is nice in the bathroom. That Wow, that's how about my room? Looks like Yeah. Okay. You could just say what, Major? I don't know. Nation focused. Sorry. It's a little blurry for some reason. Yeah, on a jet ski. And I lived on campus for two years now. Okay. This because I'm from Atlanta. I don't know anybody in the area, and it's cheaper, too. Well, not cheaper to live our campus. But I can use my financially to cover it. And I've always had good experiences. We get room inspections one semester, and that's gives us opportunity toe like voicing it probably had been there. They quickly fix them. And any time we need to put in a work order for anything, they quickly respond the next days. If there's room make problems, it's easy to get moved out of Roman into a new one. Overall housing is very good and very quickly responsive to Hi. My name is Leah, and this is my room's Really? This is my little cultural Trask. It's my purse right there in my joining us here. I have a cool. Okay. I wanted him up as a prize. This's my love. It would all mussed up my shoes and everything and most importantly, my posters. I love posters. You know, I got a bunch of haven't marvel DC watch. I don't have Marvin. I'm waiting to get one. My Riverdale. Oh, this is my desk. Such this is what I do like all my stuff. And I just I want to show you wash. This is my This is my stuff about you right now watching a soap opera. You found this Here. See, these are my fun. Coz I love collecting and I have a bunch. These are our more here. You can see right there. I have more money to bed right here. Thanks. A bunch of mom's gonna get some more soon, but this is pretty much Oh, this is my dressing for But yet this is my room, and this is pretty much what makes me mean I don't have my TV watching your mom on my laptop. Hammond Memorial Tablet right here. You that, too. To play games, we can get more, but mostly doesn't mean this good little, like adore me. But it's not just my ground myself, but to me, this is a normal guy. I'm always in here doing what I do. You know, it's trying to be a college student. Thanks for watching Hope you liked it.