2020 UCLA Dorm Tours and Info

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What percent of freshman live on campus?

According to our research, 98.0% of freshman live on campus at UCLA?

What type of housing does UCLA provide?

The below table outlines the different housing options available at UCLA, and how what percent of students are estimated to live in each type of housing.

Available Percent living in Accomodation
Co-ed Dorms true 66.0
Women's Dorms true -
Men's Dorms true -
Sorority Housing true 4.0
Fraternity Housing true 4.0
Single-student Apartaments true 20.0
Married Student Apartaments true 6.0
Special Houses for Disable Students true -
Special Houses for International Students true -
Cooperative Houses true -
Other Housing Type true -

What are the dorms like at UCLA?

You’ll have to watch the CampusReel videos to see for sure. However, UCLA dorms are similar to most college housing options. Most on-campus residence halls include singles, double, and suites. Floor plans vary from residence hall to residence hall. CampusReel hosts dorm tours of UCLA, and every one is different. As you’ll see, every dorm room is decorated in a unique and fun way - students are creative with their setups to make UCLA feel like home!

What are the dimensions of UCLA dorm rooms?

The UCLA dorms dimension depend on the residence hall. This information is usually contained in one of the dorm room tours of UCLA on CampusReel. Supposedly the average dorm room size in the U.S. is around 130 square feet, and UCLA likely has dorms bigger and smaller than this.

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A classic look at a ucla classic dorm
Dorms 5.0
Sproul Hall is a classic residence hall, similar to the freshman classic dorm buildings: Rieber Hall and Hedrick Hall. It's kept safe with access control. After 9 pm, only people in their classic residence halls and their guests can get into their respective building. Each classic residence hall also has private rooms that can be reserved to study in case the floor lounges are too crowded. FROM THE EDITOR As a domestic or international student, you ought to be concerned about your stay at UCLA. But even if you’re a local, UCLA housing is excellent, to say the least. It is a friendly and healthy community. It has everything you need for an amazing time at the University of California, Los Angeles. What could be more satisfying than having everything accessible at one housing facility? Access friends, living utilities and tons of amenities right when you need them. UCLA dorm rooms are spacious and consist of all the essential components you require to feel content, quite like how it is at home. In this UCLA dorm tour, you get to experience what it is like living at the housing on campus. This dorm tour takes place in Sproul Hall, a dorm and residence hall. Other residence halls include Canyon Point, Courtside, Delta Terrace, De Neve East, de Never West, De Neve Towers, Dykstra Hall, Hedrick Hall, Hedrick Summit, Hitch Suites, Rieber Hall, Rieber Terrace, Rieber Vista, Saxon Suites, Sproul Cove and Landing. The university provides everything you need, including comfortable beds and large storage sections. University of California, Los Angeles housing in Race Street Hall on campus makes it easy for you to appreciate your time at the university while securing full use of the amenities. The modern dorms vary from two-person suites, three-person-suites, four-person-suites, and six-person-suites. Most rooms are decently sized and often have room for a refrigerator. UCLA dorm rooms are great just as they are though you can always give them a unique look with inspirational decorating ideas. In this UCLA dorm tour, you will get to see what it is like from the inside of a dorm room to provide you with a clear picture of what to expect. With distinct residence halls on campus with different styles, you are far away from being disappointed. This UCLA housing video tour is an amazing way to experience life on campus. So be prepared to make use of the accessible and affordable housing on-campus to compliment your stay at UCLA. Different room sizes and room types are available to accommodate different setups and needs. Spend your time among the robust residential community and benefit from the variety of living options for your peace of mind. Making UCLA dorms your home means making the most out of the University of California, Los Angeles campus life. So begin your journey with confidence and progress towards becoming self-directed individuals. UCLA housing on campus means relaxing in the height of comfort with eco-friendly and stylish room furniture. So come live the UCLA life and use this University of California, Los Angeles dorm tour in Sproul Hall as your gateway to the glorious days ahead.

So I'm walking back from campus to my apartment and in there, those are termite dead termites. So, yeah, that's the downside of living in the apartments. They charge you a lot per month when the conditions Okay, Well, I'm going to give you a tour of my apartment in West L. A. This apartment is actually only two minutes from the dorm, so it's really convenient. And your keys, keys to get in kind of shit. Okay, So welcome to my apartment. And it's too bad. Too bad place. So let's go into the living room for way. Have this Jakey couch. It was actually free because my friend to us Yeah, I'm gonna show you. So yeah, This is college living, you know, you've got to be You've got his money when you can and is very empty. She's reading by furniture yet. Wait. And you of other parts, and the dorms are actually that way. But you can't really see it from here. Can everybody in this apartment complex has about these is we can see someone stole a moving car. Well, okay, so that's pretty much it for so let's go into the kitchen area. Wait study here. But it may be for you. What? Yeah. Have a great day. We have, you know, a kitchen appliance, Just, you know, normal kitchen stuff. And when you come over here. We have a hallway. I'm not going to show you this room because I don't live in that room. But it's basically a broom, a double, and here we are. A little. Yeah, I just, you know my roommate is building for me. Thank you. And And this is my room. No island triple. It was kind of difficult to figure out where to put all of the furniture. But you could see all of the beds are here way. Have death. This is our closet. Very spacious over three people is pretty good. It's nice because it's a large mirror. Your cover. Calling on Mr. This is my bed. Yeah, she's on the floor and we have another balcony here, which is nice. There's a fly. Okay, way. Have another bathroom here. Yeah, it's pretty small. So, yes. So that's basically it for the apartment tour, But, yeah, I was living in the dorms is actually a lot nicer because people clean for you and you get to eat food and you have a study space in. You also get to meet a lot more people, because here everyone kind of has their own friends. So it's not about social, but it's okay because we have the room. So, yeah, this is I used the in your butt. Hello, College, college. I have, like, four. Wait. Okay. Lets sleeping like he's kind of Yeah, I feel like I have something really important to d'oh! D'oh! Putting a decal on my car. Oh, wait. Let me get my stickers. I don't have it. You, Andrew, is our We're gonna ask him for help. Everything very lost and never lost. Right now this is our, like, first flogging experience. Look, you later found him. Should I allow You're blurry here. That never replies to my messages. Where? My car? Yes, they were gonna help me with. I think she goes. I got you in trouble. Get in. If you get me in trouble No, that the ship is going down. I feel like I'm your paparazzi. She doesn't know. Wait. Did you bring a ruler? Your ruler? You. Oh, Who the hell has straight hair thing working? Okay. Hi. We made it Thio Michele's car, and now we're trying to put the sticker we're helping out. And you do? I see he's using his straight hands. Very, uh, center it. That's okay. What with this hold? Go in shape for she's in right away. Colonel, In the bottom of the door. Make sure I mean it. No. What? Wait. You? I'm literally always wearing same sweatshirt. But it's just because this morning I woke up late class at us. Hey. Hey. 10 and I woke about 9 30 So it's like, I'm just gonna grab something fast. And I got the same things of the morning. Same thing, all the other wearing another shirt. Waas. Anyway, I am done with cross for this week. It is first day of classes. I I'm gonna finish grading like application right now, and then I'm going Thio. Dr. Um I'm kind of stressed just a little bit this weekend. Me Bill Bob. Like what I do on the weekends. I don't know if anybody's even interested in these, So I feel like anything non college related people are gonna be not interested. And then you, like, skip it. But Okay. One day, yeah, the night is it for today. Okay. Don't you Goldman? Good. Oh, I don't know. Okay. Today is gonna be a good day. Oh, no. Yeah. No. Okay, so I am as you can go dead. But it wasn't that bad. I had one class today. I saw my department head. Who heard? Um, I have to have a lot of things. D'oh! And I have a little friend that scared the living. This'll was near my plants. Plants. This is Fred. That's cork. Um, corks Court is right there. So it's weak to here, you silly. Yeah, this I feel like this block itself is gonna be really sparse and like, they're gonna be a lot of cuts because I didn't consistently log, but I'm hoping to do that. Starting It's weak. Maybe I have a lot of things done like organize my life. I will catch us a view either. The dining hall. Where were you? It was a movie. Hellos that my remains are sleeping quiet. So I'm currently on the balcony. But I'm going to show you what I'm for. Attention. I can't. I have to. So, Yeah. This is the apartment lane, which takes a little more time. Show What kind of people? You know what, So yeah, I'm just a person too close. So I am in the laundry, my apartment, and I'm gonna do my laundry. We never knew how to do laundry, so yeah, coming to college. I really appreciate my parents a lot more after a little like cooking, cleaning for you. Thing is really loud. Yeah, your parents do so much for you. So make sure you think Yeah, I'm just going to tours today, catch up on work. It's a Friday night, so it's kind of sad. But, you know, I gotta do what I gotta do What is up potential. So I'm right by Kobol Commons Right now, this is actually where the Koval dining hall is, and what's behind me is one of our events. So there's a lot of different events that happens randomly, like there might be a Bounce House night where these much like bouncy houses you can jump at and then tonight is the sustainable. So that's like a sustained Ability festival, and there's a bunch of free giveaways. We'll do that a lot. They're just a bunch of different things that happens. And when you're living in the dorms, you're always right. By these events was like your music open mike nights. There's different things. They offer a lot of different activities. What is a potential Bruin? So welcome to my home, a boat. This is going to be a classic triple, so classic is going to smallest. It's going to the cheapest housing. It's gonna have calm you'll bathrooms and it's gonna have smallest room and no air conditioning. But here it is. It's quaint, and I kind of like it, actually. So each person gets two closets, but there's this one long one. Hang stuff in and there's a shelf above. And then on the other closet, much of shelves and drawers, a lot of storage space and I was actually roommates posit his mind. I have a nice over the door shoe rack that I think makes everything more efficient, compact and then the other roommate actually has this. Instead, they have a closet that's below my bed. And then they also have this. He's under the bed drawers that are quite spacious to balance out room issues as well. We have all this space above. It's gigantic storage spaces, and then how the beds work is as a top and a bottom bunk and aloft in bed that is above the desk so we can fit three beds and three desks. So I actually keep a ladder because I am too lazy to climb up to my bed from the desk. But most people just used their deaths. I don't know. I freak out, and I think I'm going to step on my laptop or something, or he's gonna wake up and this fall on my face, I don't know. But I use the ladder, use the ladder and then there's enough space for a frizz. We have full fridge and freezer. Here's the view from my room and what's cool about this wall is actually comtech anything on the way this material you can put pins in, I have my photos up on my posters up and yeah, All right. So welcome your constant triples for the entire floor too. Four. So there's more. Those male No bean? Yeah. Results. What, like, well changing area shower. Shut up. No there. No. All right way classic malls. Work is it's just kind of like a hotel room down there's a bathroom this size. The bathroom's on the other side. All these rooms are most triples. There's a few doubles for second years. Each floor actually hands a lamp. There's there's two come up for air. There's a lounge chairs. Phew! Hutchins go work and study. Yeah. All right. Just a few things about storming. There's a few essentials I think you need. So there's no catches and dorm so I refuse his back rest from my bed. Many great use against the wall I love, love, love my ten foot charging cable. Khun, reach into my bed from the wall. You can take it anywhere, too. And some study spaces there might be limited plug, so it's pretty handy. And then another essential is a shower caddy if you have a communal bathroom. Um, I suggest the hard kind I started with this softer, flimsy kind. This doesn't cut it for you, so that's hard. It's all a shower caddy. And on a few things, roommates. I met my current real mates from the Facebook page. So when you're admitted as a student, there is a class of twenty, twenty two, twenty three. Whatever. Gods may be Facebook page and you can meet different people. And I was my roommates there. Great. Uh, these were the ones that shows a freshman year, and I roomed with them again. And, yeah, it's just a good time. We horse around. Um, some one of my roommates brought a smash set up. So we play smashing all the time. You know, sometimes all too late sometimes. Maybe until, like, three in the morning. But, you know, it's a good time. And as long as it doesn't cut into your study too much, that's great. But be wary. Sometimes some people have conflicts. They are either super knee or super on organized. And I think the most important thing is sleep schedule. You guys have to make sure like you can I sleep and not wake each other up something. If you sleep super late, make sure you're okay with someone who's sleeping early or vice versa, or And the organization thing. Just make sure that people are too un organized for you. It becomes a real pain if you swab all time. Uh, yeah. All right. What's up? Potential room. So this is Ron. They one of the dining hall that you see like this is my friend Matt on. We're eating together, so this is one of things you can get. There are two sides surrounding it going to be on East Side and a West side. The West Side's like polo and the side town like Paint express and way meal plans work used to like is there is either fourteen or nineteen meals a week. But there's two options with that. So you could get fourteen p or nineteen P, which is the premier plan, and you could swipe any time you want, and you get like you're fourteen times eleven weeks of meals at the very beginning of the quarter, whereas there's the regular plan where you kind of get your stripes each week. So I get nineteen swipes each week and it resets weekly. But that's how dining Hall's work and yeah, What's up potential run. So, Simon, never today I'm dining hall, so help Hold your speed. The Asian one rebel has value Justin now, which is the Mexican army? Last one. It's going to be to be played, which is healthy, beating off, I'm sure today's, but that's all furthers wings on. So how the dining halls are set up? Are you too? On trade places like one of them was wings. Today, the dessert bar is a stupid salad for and then there's going to be a place where there's like burgers, fries for peace To really make rules on this place, prints leopards. What is different about you need his wife in once and you need whatever you want. Whereas what? I showed you guys brought Nate swipe for one quarter take out places are wanting. And then there's gonna be a study. No, there's gonna happy nineteen ninety. There's a lot of creating, and usually it was number This is college living. When you live in the apart, you have to cook for yourself. Which is kind of bad because it takes a lot of time out of your day, it said. I'm going to swipe in at the dining halls, but Ho. So I just want to share with you what my schedule looks like. It's a little crazy. So this is Google calendar. It is so, so helpful. I have the app on my phone, and I can just easily on things that I need to do on here. But as you can see, it's organized by color. So pink is physics. Green is chemistry, Purple is research yellow in psychology, and then Gray is volunteering, and I also have office hours in here and, you know, meetings and everything. And who? It's a little crazy. I didn't realize how much I had in my schedule until now. So yeah, in college, even though you don't have classes all day like you do in high school, you're still really busy if you're involved in a lot of organizations and if you do volunteer worker research. So yeah, I just get a little freaked out when I see my schedule. But you know, college is honestly, so much better than high school. I don't know why they keep you in school for like seven hours a day. That's kind of ridiculous, but college is nice because you get to manage your own schedule, even though mine looks a little crazy right now. But I like it. And I think the reason why it looks so crowded is because I include office hours for all of my classes because I personally love going to office hours. I was a little timid out first todo because I was scared of asking questions. I was scared of my professor, other students, you know, but they are so, so helpful. So if you have questions in college, go to office hours. The professor usually explains things very clearly. And you could also go to your ta tas office hours and clear up any questions that you may have Hello. So I am currently at my apartment, which is actually only two minutes away from the dorms. So if you're looking into apartment around L. A, there are a ton super close to campus. But anyways, I wanted to talk about what I'm doing right now, and it might be a little lane, because, uh, today was the first day of classes for fall quarter. But what I'm doing, I am reading. Well, I haven't started yet, but anyways, I'm going to start reading my text book for this class, and this is for a psychology. It's a little dog, and this class is a title that I think the psychology of learning and behaviour. But, yeah, I was like a biology majors, so that's basically, uh, the biology major with some extra psychology courses. So it's really a nice break. Just tow. Have, like, a psychology class, because I really enjoy psychology. But, yeah, it's a nice break from taking the heavy stem classes like biology, math, physics and chemistry. So, yeah, I am going to start reading this because even though it's the first day you see Allah is on a quarter system, which means that you only have ten weeks to learn all of the material and all the classes that you're taking, and I usually take around three to four classes. So that's a lot of information squeezed into a short amount of time. So you really need to be on top of your work. And I know that as the corner starts to roll out that I'm going to get a lot busier. So I'm just going to try to read and get some work done before I get lazy, too. Vidia s o a pro and con of the quarter system is that will pro it goes by quickly. So if you don't like a professor or you don't like across that you're taking, you only have to deal with it for ten weeks and it goes by so quickly. Which brings us to to the Khan, which is, it goes by so fast. So you really need to keep up and, you know, go to office hours if you're not understanding something. But yeah, for me, I kind of had a hard time adjusting to the court of system just because it was so fast, and I do not understand how to study for things, but it's definitely helped me learn to focus a lot better and manage my time more and keep things organized. So yeah, there are pros and cons to everything, so I just wanted to share that with you guys.