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What percent of freshman live on campus?

According to our research, 96.0% of freshman live on campus at UC Berkeley?

What type of housing does UC Berkeley provide?

The below table outlines the different housing options available at UC Berkeley, and how what percent of students are estimated to live in each type of housing.

Available Percent living in Accomodation
Co-ed Dorms true -
Women's Dorms true -
Men's Dorms true -
Sorority Housing true -
Fraternity Housing true -
Single-student Apartaments true -
Married Student Apartaments true -
Special Houses for Disable Students true -
Special Houses for International Students true -
Cooperative Houses true -
Other Housing Type true -

What are the dorms like at UC Berkeley?

You’ll have to watch the CampusReel videos to see for sure. However, UC Berkeley dorms are similar to most college housing options. Most on-campus residence halls include singles, double, and suites. Floor plans vary from residence hall to residence hall. CampusReel hosts dorm tours of UC Berkeley, and every one is different. As you’ll see, every dorm room is decorated in a unique and fun way - students are creative with their setups to make UC Berkeley feel like home!

What are the dimensions of UC Berkeley dorm rooms?

The UC Berkeley dorms dimension depend on the residence hall. This information is usually contained in one of the dorm room tours of UC Berkeley on CampusReel. Supposedly the average dorm room size in the U.S. is around 130 square feet, and UC Berkeley likely has dorms bigger and smaller than this.

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Alexander Rodriguez Dorms N/A
A quick look at what could be your dorm. This video shows off the intense nature of dorming and all the nuances (at least tries). Check it out if you also want to see how the theme housing program works! FROM THE EDITOR As a domestic or international student, you ought to be concerned about living at UC Berkeley. That’s why we’ve created a complete guide and review of UC Berkeley housing and dorms, to help you figure out the best UC Berkeley dorm for you. UC Berkeley is a friendly and healthy community, and these video have everything you need to ensure you have an amazing time at UC Berkeley. In this UC Berkeley dorm tour review, you get to experience what it is like living in the housing on campus and off campus. This dorm tour takes place in Residence Halls Unit 3, an on-campus dorm and residence hall. There are a variety of UC Berkeley residence halls and UC Berkeley housing options, and CampusReel hosts videos from a number of the best UC Berkeley housing options with housing reviews. Usually, the housing options for freshman differ from housing options for upperclassman. What are the best UC Berkeley freshman dorms? You can watch all of the UC Berkeley dorm tours here to see for yourself and find a guide to UC Berkeley dorms along with the above video. The UC Berkeley housing and dormitory options for freshman residence halls include Residence Halls Units 1, 2 and 3, Blackwell, Clark Kerr, Foothill and Stern for underclassmen. The university provides everything you need, including comfortable beds and large storage sections. UC Berkeley housing in Residence Halls Unit 3 on campus makes it easy for you to appreciate your time at the university while securing full use of the amenities. What could be more satisfying than having everything accessible at one housing facility? Access friends, living utilities and tons of amenities right when you need them. UC Berkeley dorm rooms are spacious and consist of all the essential components you require to feel content, quite like how it is at home. Most rooms are decently sized and often have room for a refrigerator. UC Berkeley dorm rooms are great just as they are though you can always give them a unique look with inspirational decorating ideas. In this UC Berkeley dorm tour, you will get to see what it is like from the inside of a dorm room to provide you with a clear picture of what to expect. With distinct residence halls on campus with different styles, you are far away from being disappointed. This UC Berkeley housing video tour and housing review is an amazing way to experience life on campus. So be prepared to make use of the accessible and affordable housing on-campus to compliment your stay at UC Berkeley. Different room sizes and room types are available to accommodate different setups and needs. They include singles, double, three-person suites, and four-person suites. Spend your time among the robust residential community and benefit from the variety of living options for your peace of mind. Making UC Berkeley dorms your home means making the most out of the UC Berkeley campus life. So begin your journey with confidence and progress towards becoming self-directed individuals. UC Berkeley housing on campus means relaxing in the height of comfort with eco-friendly and stylish room furniture. So come live the UC Berkeley and use this UC Berkeley dorm tour in USC Residence Halls Unit 3 as your gateway to the glorious days ahead.

UC Berkeley Residence Halls Unit 1

UC Berkeley Residence Halls Unit 2

Because I wanted to tell you about the different housing options that you'd have assistant here at UC Berkeley. So first we have the units. Unit one into are the exact same you. No one is one block closer from campus. That's it. I'm in Unit two. Both units have six buildings. They have the courtyard. I showed you our unit to courtyard, and they do socials. They do a bunch of fun stuff. They both have highrises, have sweets in them. I'm in a suite right now. Unit three is down the ways a little bit. They do have their own dining hall. Where is Unit one and to share Crossroads Cafe three is the dining hall at Unit three. They have a lot of dietary restriction type. Food is the way that they put it. They have kosher food. They have gluten free food. They have dairy free food. If you have any dietary restrictions, you won't be able to find something to eat There. I eat there a lot because my room it's vegetarian. So we go down there. Uh, Unit three also has bear market, so you can actually spend your meal points there, and I buy a lot of fruit there next to my room. So those of the units then we also have Clark Kerr, which is I will try and walk up there. It's kind of far it's about a twenty minute walk from campus, but the rooms are bigger. It used to be where all the athletes I've now, anyone can live there. I have friends that lived there and they love it. The rooms are so nice. There's a pull up there. They have their own dining hall, which I have been told has really good brunch that I need to go check out. So it just depends. Kind of. Do you care how far the walk is? Would you rather have a bigger room? I have to walk a little bit. Um, also make note. They're all different prices, so just depends what type of room and where you want it. The last option is there's also stern and Foothill. I believe Stern as women on Lee. I'm not sure Stern and Foot Horrell are both on the north side of campus. A lot of engineering students live there. I have a friend that lives in Foothill, kind of a truck to get there. So once again, just think about, you know, would you rather have a bigger room? Would rather walk a little further? Foothill is, if you're an engineer. Wonderful because it's right. Next engineering quad. You're history, major. I don't recommend it because it is about day, fifteen minutes from campus. There's also Bowls Hall, which, for some reason no one really knows about. It's really cool. It's an old, renovated castle that was donated to the university. It is a supper application to get in because it's run by the alumni association. You have professors having in house. You don't have an R A. They have their own dining hall. It's really cool. Um, it's not technically a dorm, but it is a living option for you guys. There's also you can get apartment. You don't have to live in the dorms. So I have friends live an apartment off campus that our freshman Phew, wanna live in comm. You, um, you can get parking passes, so really just It's whatever's best for you, and we'll help you be All right, guys, that is the end of our tour of UC Berkeley. One last thing I wanted to share with you all as my own personal piece of advice. I know this whole process of picking out university, you really overwhelming kind of stressful, but stay true to yourself and stay true to what you know. You want people like your parents, your friends, teachers at school, guidance counselors are going to try and still you in one direction. But it's really important to stay true to yourself and pay attention to where you think you'd be the happiest. Because in all reality, you're the one that spending the next four years. They're not your friends, not family, not anyone else. So really picked the place that you see yourself being picked the place that feels like home. That's what I did. I love Berkeley so much. And I hope I did a good job of showing you guys all the different aspects of this incredible university. I would love it if every one of you came here and got to experience how amazing it is to be here. This is my favorite place in the entire world. But If birthday is not for you, it's not for you. Stay true to yourself and figure out what it is because that's way that you'll be the happiest and most successful version of yourself. So here we go. We're now in my release, the first doing walking in the open door and my roommate. One weekend when I left, he came back and he paying out with some of these No one's over my desk something. For some of you know, escape. Get rain premature walking there. Tell Rex she walking with you, Stevie, during the everything Always being overly stalling man assassinated but good laundry only See that such a club for students comes in questionnaires. This is my best dream big. This only you back from actual trees yourself St. Beijing Star police cars because Now, that is my little moves. Where? God, for several, appreciate this summer in Brooklyn Park. It was in July. Now these which is a community of past, kind of a month now, and this is kind of my life, my neighbor to me, you know, sexy star right there. And yet, you know, here is mine because it's just it's so much closer that actually might trouble product. Here is my water bottle with a base camp. Three little family of bears. My life of tragedy. And I never use that. But that's really going to snap. I just woke up from that. You can tell? Yes. There it is. My only wants him here right now. You really What kind of alone? Something he's driving. Love you that you don't have to. You decide stuff his desperate, minty, actually, that collage, it's our classes are really funny. It's just his stuff right there. His print was reciting. I mean every used his stressor and coming here, my guess which is right by the door, right about Tito first started, right? I use used just for you because you never do it. I will be nice and clean with video, but it's really created using usually a person so that's it. Get a living, unsuspecting girl, right? So be it, Joy. It's people. It's just a party school, different ones. You can look at a luxurious hotel isn't affected. Looks like so much joy there's the door. Door. A Qassam, Magdalena Mara. It's a team houses. I am very clear. Lee's Room one the first floor. And it's a hidden gem in UC Berkeley because it's a community that builds family. It's a house where, if it's thirty seven students off from a Hispanic Issa in which you basically cultivate and basically Shinza Taconic history and her rich past, it's very violent. Understands implications. Because these forty students live in one floor and there are bound. You're kind of forced to, in a sense to cooperate and converse to talk about the future. Talk about the nuances of being Hispanic and growing up in a low income community, because most times not if you see a correlation, if most times, not if you're a minority, you're probably broke or poor really low income. So we all sure lying common and I've, you know, gratefully have been a part of Castle's Magnum Ota and have really growing thrive based on its implications and just to hit it. Jam Berkeley because it will bring people together and the whale former society that's greater than anyone else can see. With its thirty seven members, I think Casa Madonna Mona is the best team house and is the best in gym because, no, never, ever. Well, somebody talk about it until housing comes out. Even when housing comes out, nobody knows until they fully understand implications. Once, once the school year starts and everybody has a form a said they don't know, they don't talk to me when you're in Casa all your form, it's becoming family. You know, about the name last name, their family rather from and we're part of the country or the globe there from it's really beautiful. It's really authentic. And it if I want, if I want to give you like something of a comparison, I compare it like a fryer, so already combined because it's still close. There's no hazing, and it's just something that's very beautiful. Very, very, very luxurious night. Can't thank you enough for being a part of Casa all his life is that it's gonna be a lot of time for nap, even if it's ten minutes before class. You do that? Thank you. You're not surrounded with people that, like, just get you know, you know, you're one hundred percent what you're going through. Be there. You know, like just know you. You know Dallas Something certain over frustrating. Yeah, starting over the constantly be like putting, actually. What? You're what you want to say, what you're feeling, You know, people don't donors that No, they don't get to us that they haven't been around you that long. So it was like, with time people certainly getting to know you, you know? And that's what was fresher. In the beginning, it was like, Whoa, why can't I just be at that level? You know, you can't be So I share my room with two other girls. They are fantastic. Um, and this is our room. So what comes with the room is a bunk bed and another bunk bed and aloft. So our room is actually a little bit smaller, if you ca n't tel because we only have two closets. So this room is actually meant for two people, but they stuffed three people in one room because that housing is hard. And Brickley. Um So this is my bed right here. I tried to make it look a little nice. Different today. What I did, is I actually So this is like, not my sheep. This is my mattress. And then I just put my dubay over it because I got hot in the night, and I don't really want my do they like covering me, So I just put it on top. And I think it makes the bed a little more comfortable, which is really nice. This is my desk right here. It's messy today. I'm sorry It didn't bother trying to fix it. Yeah, so I have a whiteboard calendar right here. I find it useful sometimes. Like I honestly, I used my Google calendar more than I used my actual calendar. So what we did with the closets is basically I am splitting this closet with another person, and I have that shelf, and she has this other shelf right here. So they did give us another dresser. But that's not much. Honestly, um, we have a mini fridge and a microwave s o with these. You have to rent them through UC Berkeley. They won't let you bring your own. But honestly, from what I've seen, no one really checks. So, like, whenever they come to do dorm room inspections, just like tosses she over it and let no one will know if you brought your own mini fridge. Don't you have a beautiful view of the courtyard here? That's another building right there. So I live in Unit one. There are, like, six buildings surrounding this whole court. You're down here. Um, and it's super nice. Okay, So what we did with our dorm is we kind of decked it out with some lights, As you can see, think they're technically not allowed because it's like a fire hazard. But they honestly make the rooms so much prettier because the room on Lee comes this like, bright, super like or be moon looking light thing. And it gets hard on your eyes, to be honest. So yeah, what we did is we brought in some string lights. It makes the room just feel a lot more like home. It's a lot of ambient lighting, which is really nice. It's much warmer. It just feels really cozy. So that's super nice. I love having that. What else? I highly, highly highly recommend bringing your own desk lamp like one of these, because at night it just gets really dark. And it's super nice to have this on a night just like shining at your workspace. Another thing that I have is my mug here. I love having my mug Whenever I'm studying, I loved have my drinks. I love tap my sax. I literally have an entire I have, like, an entire, like stash of snacks back here like those air snacks. I have a whole Lhasa choose. It's everything in here or snacks like I love it. I recommend packing like for sure, like a lot of my clothes do not fit in the closet. This might not be a problem for some people, but it's a little bit of a problem for us. We managed to keep the room pretty clean. My pro tip is if you're going to bring something or, like, buy something new, have a place in mind for because you don't want to buy something and not know where to put it. That's how let clutter starts, and it just becomes a mess. So that's how we keep our room clean. Oh, a shower Caddy is essential. Mine is pretty minus, pretty minimum. I'm a pretty minimalistic person. I just have like face wash, body wash all that stuff. Here's my recommendation. I recommend getting a life one of the shower caddies that you put over a hook because the thing is like you, I personally would never want to put my caddy on the ground like that just seems nasty to me because you don't know what's on the ground. I recommend getting one that fits over the shower hook. Um, you will need a laundry basket. You only laundry detergent. You will have to do your own laundry. We brought a little water filter, which is really nice. Um, whenever you want to drink water, you know, you have clean water right there. From what I've heard, Berkeley top water is actually really good. I've just never had it because we have the water filter. It's like, why not just use the water filter, you know, um and yeah, that's all I have. Is to speed friending and weapons very safe. Nine p. M. For lunch. So I said to have social pretty cool. I have a full length mirror it No. Yeah, here. Take it. Because I don't think plus. Now I claim my schedule so that I have a break medal day for lunch. One thing I really love about Helper, who does their scheduling is you do it kind of like an online matrix. So it's kind of like Google Calendar. It's cool because you can see what all your schedules will look like. She was a study. Here. It's Krystle board. I work with Great. It's a Tuesday fortnight. This is my It's my real name, which I'm not gonna show you right now because So that is a club called the Stress of Dogs. That is one of the different clubs that has dogged on campus, and they are my favorite. I love them. They're so cute. You will not appreciate dogs until it is the middle midterms, and you are stressed and you have been sleeping. And then you see a dog on Cuba's and you scope at them. So cute. I love it. Berkeley is really into mental health and making sure that everyone is okay and trying to manage their chefs. Muchas possible. There are times we're gonna get stressed that's inevitable. But he does a really good job of helping students get through that way. Have the tank center counseling, which is our kind of university health center, and they're counseling is amazing. You could just go drop in whenever we are now walking back to where I live. I live in one of the Doering centers, called the units. So we have the units who we have. Clark Kerr. We'll just kind of further, and we have three different units one, two and three. I'm in Unit two, and then we also have fools. Hall, come an apartment off campus. I'm gonna do Dan tell you guys all about that. But we're just kind of walking by. There's much of, um, little shops, so she does that. All right. Hey, guys. My room is not his messes. I thought it was gonna be something to give you a look of a photo. All those boards come on the wall, which you're really nice. That's my bed, that it's Underhill, which are just showed you guys. You can see people parked cars down there, usually bandits practicing when they give you guys a show, there has happened a practice right when I want to take a nap. Maybe they're not practicing, so I'm not tired right now. That's my roommate side. We kind of have matching betting, then do it on purpose. The rooms have Tell Arax and my room and I got shower covers. And using this cloth covers, shelves come in really handy. We have a microwave and a fridge. You do have to get those yourself. But what I like is you could rent it from universities, so you don't have to drag it up. I'm on the third floor. I didn't have to carry it. That is the room to our sweet. That's my roommate's room. So I am pin, as I said, a sweet I'm in what's called a double sweet because there's only two of us hears about it. Thanks. Tracks for towels. You have a shower in here? Go shower. Door's always really loud. And here we have a bathroom bathroom. Domestic maids live right there and my roommate and I live right here. So I and then what's called a Hey, guys. I'm here to show you a another door in the ocean. That's my friend Mary. This is her room, So we're gonna thank her for letting us show her room. It's really que as you can see. So this is a triple. So Mary has two roommates living with her. There she is in the corner. Um, so they have a bathroom down the hall, and I'll walk you guys down there and show you where that is. So yeah, this is what trouble looks like. Once again, my room is a double sweets. You can kind of see the difference one, but there the corner. It's a corner triple, so it's a little bit larger. Thank you. Marry married? You wanna say anything? All right. Hey, guys, what's up? It's Karen again, and today I'm going to show you around my dorm room. So I live in what's called a mini sweet, meaning that I am in a room. I have roommates, of course, and I share a bathroom with another room on. And this is different from the traditional dorm rooms because the normal buildings, what they have is they have an entire hall full of rooms and they have communal bathrooms that everyone shares. So it's like four five bathrooms in the hall, I think, and everybody on that floor shares those bathrooms and the showers. So I love the many sweets because the bathroom is literally right outside my door. It's so convenient. It's really private, which is really nice and like when you get up in the middle of the night and you have to use the restroom, it's right there and you don't have to like, put on shoes to go there. And you don't have to, like go out into the hallway on all that stuff. So it's super super nice. It is a little more pricey than the normal rooms. So as you walk out of our room, you entered the hallway. And what we have is like a little distract. Right here is actually a laundry act. But we just use the petitions and the bathroom is connected right to your room. There are two sinks and little shelf right here. You can see towel racks. The shower is in here. It's like single stall. It's really just a shower. I'm like so, yeah. Here one time they provided you with, like, toilet seat covers and tissue paper and all that. Yeah. So this is all shared by five girls, and we bought a full length mirror. Teo, you check out our outfits and stuffs, and this does not actually come in the room, but yeah, and everyone stayed. It gets clean by maintenance stuff. So the bathroom's get cleaned regularly. And yeah, this is what it's like living in many Hello. Hi. Pleased to yourself, please. Uh, my name's Elissa. Elissa. Oh, my Well, okay for the name. A l l y z. Suppose you listen. Okay. Explain what he chose. Cal, please. Over U C L A. Because you feel like trash on DH. I hate their campus. It's a okay, This you're supposed to count this first. I am having Oka. Oh, and I love, like Brickley culture and how we're not afraid, Really Speak up for what we believe in. And how cold here. Is that right? Every suppress you. Okay. Another night. Okay. I should say that I wanted Okay. Uh, describe your discredit. Anybody account. We're thriving. I don't know what you want for me were thriving, she said. So please describe your major, please. Okay. The's a preset questions Vatican roast. I've decided, but I'm going like maybe two under and women's studies. Described academic life. You're Berkeley. It's, um you hear a lot like Berkeley's like cut rodent, you know, But I haven't really experience. I mean, it's hard. It's like like I guess the transition is like a lot of reading, but it's good. I'm I'm living. Everyone seems nice, like the professors and the chief's eyes, like they want to help you. They don't want to see you drop out. Okay. Last question. This body. The hardest question. What is your favorite? At least your part at the campus, not just campus at school. Three shirts Number two stuff are two university U C Berkeley. Call them bears, go bears. What? What was the first for you? Lady went on, What's your least? What's your most favorite and least favorite part? Like three sources like General, What's your favorite part like you Come, You wake up like fuck you Wake up. You just wake up, and I'm like, Yes, really? Why? Because, like, I know that like, they're people who are like me, you know, like Mike. Think like me. They're, like, angry about the same things. That way we're gonna, like, move together. You know, she leased their part about Berkeley. Yeah. I love Berkeley and everything about it. What do you want to say? Like Carol, any of this before you guys get shut down. So here we go. We're now in my role as the first doing walking in the open door and my roommate. One weekend when I left, he came back and he went out with some of these once over my desk, something. For some of what you need to get a brain. Pretty much you walk in there's a door here. Tell Rex she won't get with you now This TV's and our way always being overly kind man assassinated but good laundry only See that time for student comes in class for years. This is my best dream big. Just only think you back from actual treat yourself right. The street Beijing Star Police cars Because I Now, that is my little moves. Where? God, for some, appreciate this summer you broke my Birkin was in July. Now these which is your past? No kind of months now. And this is kind of my my neighbor to me. You see that star right there and you don't know left from here is mine. It's just it's so much closer that actually might travel products. Here is my water bottle face came out feal family of bears I never used. But that's what you got. I just woke up from a nap. Good taste can tell. Yeah, there it is. My only want him. You're not really why? It is kind of alone. Something striking. I love you that you don't have to force out here first you decide they're family. Yeah. His death meant that our plot it's our classes are really funny. It's just his stuff, right? There is pregnant, which is reciting me. Never used his stressor here, Mike, we're just right back door. Right about Teo first started, right? I used used just for you because you never do it. I will be nice and clean with video, but it's really created using usually a person. So be honest with his heart. That's it. Get a living, unsuspecting girl, Right? So be it. Joy, these people This is what school is Nothing but a lot of different ways. You can look at a luxurious hotel, isn't it? Looks like so much joy. There's the door. Hi. My name is alexander rodriguez, and i'm gonna be your tour guide for this upcoming campus. Real tour guide for a uc berkeley. Now, that is a uc berkeley dorm. You're going to see this? Don't live more in my room. Tourist be the interesting thing is mommy isn't here. He went back to his orange county. He went back to orange county's hometown. So it's gonna be me myself tonight for this one. But i think i'm warning enough. I think so. But just a quick information. I always like to know what people are from and just get a good context of other culture is like and, you know, just something certain things to get out the way. Just so you have a country relation with me and the video at i think is very important and vital to understanding the relation between a viewer and constant creator. So my name is alex. Pleasure. Yes, alexander for long. Usually it's always they give you long me first for sure before me. I'm really odd. And that's the one thing. Sometimes they speak very fast, very odd. So odd in the sense and good sense. I think it makes me unique. The body is unique. I think that's my unique trait and physical facet that, you know, kind of. You used my inventions to make people laugh himself very lighthearted. You crack jokes like, however it these very shorts you can't really see. You know how funny i am not going to harm anybody really funny, really, really funny. But just a quick information about the videos. That video's gonna be really short and b, you know, kind of quick shots quick be rolled with the campuses. Like i know for me when i watch campus. I don't really like watching people because i don't know the person, right all they could tell me where they're from, you know how old they don't really mean anything to me. Everything in the world, even their big statement. I still don't know the prison, so i feel like you seem physically on cameras that think it's a good way of knowing campuses like and even if maybe it's not your cup of tea. You know there's going to be some personal things, such as, like some videos do videos, videos to other people and just myself, it's going to really find it really interesting to get to see how people in iraq here at berkeley, especially being a number two public university world. Now we got defeated by u. C l. A, which is fine, though, because we'll beat them in a football game. And i know that, sir, hopefully so. Campus. Sure, when that covers a lot about what you guys for a football game, because there's a football game tomorrow and but you guys will be waiting to see that, and we're gonna get to oregon state in a night game. So it should be really fun one. But let's talk about me. So exactly. Roger. Yes, alex rodriguez. A runoff from los angeles, california you know, you have two hundred miles away from berkeley. It's very far for a generation mexican american. I think that's a huge, huge, huge indicator for i am. I think i carry that all my forehead occurring on my back carry. That is a party. Not a negative connotation, but brain of hope in admissions. So that's something that hopefully i everything videos. Although they are very sure, i feel like a very passionate, very strong. So hopefully that comes a comfort comes about my character, and hopefully that shows within the videos. Now a couple about me, i want to global studies, and i'm hoping for a pre law track. I just came back from a three minute, meaning what should a recorded but basically really kind of planned every four years and hopefully eagles? Well, i speak english, speak spanish. So i'm going to study french here at berkeley, french for four semesters. Hopefully that goes well, hopefully, steven say abroad. So hopefully like campus free won. With a fourth year, i can start speaking french in my video and still make a whole video fresh start. Really cool. And i'll be really, really full circle. Just imagine, like a freshman, i'm a freshman. I'm a freshman, by the way. I'm a first year. Just imagine me now in like four years. You're speaking french is oh, my god, i just can't wait. I'm excited for the future. Hopefully, i could be i could bring this kind of content along with you this very going really long. Hopefully i can't pass a sort of quarter because they really want to talk to you guys. I really want you guys to understand how excited i am to make videos like you should be. Now, i'm not gonna be a salesman. I'm not going to commit you to watch all these videos i'm lacking, like try to commit you for anything. But if you really want to get a real idea, lfyou ofwhat berkeley's like wash his video now a freshman. Yes, that can probably stray some of your way, but hear me up. But i feel like my content shows berkeley in eyes of a freshman. If you really want to know what a freshman's like, you should watch these videos. Because not only have i been for three months because they do a summer, i know a little more the freshmen. It's not like i'm going to freshen up fully. Incoming freshman. I did print. I've been here for almost four months now. I know the nuance of the school, maybe not north of the academic wise, because i'm so lonely there. But no one's in school. The culture of climate and geography and general, i know it. And although i'm a freshman, i think i have my second semester freshman. I think that people want to see as a freshman. That's more celibate. And although people want to see a cloud refreshed, so klinger, i don't know what to do. Like obviously i do. But that's the fourth set, so i think it's very important. Bartender send implications of the relationship here, and i really want to hope that you guys are excited to watch these videos because they're coming from a filter. I think everybody has that prospectus that filters and the soldiers coming from a second semester freshman. That's first generation mexican american only embracing his race. His culture also simplicity and everything has to do it. Always intersectionality have attained to him. I can't talk. That's a joke. Obviously, i couldn't very blessed be able to speak english. They wish because it was not my first language. But i think it's almost dominant language. So hope you guys will enjoy this front with me. And i hope we have a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful run and once more gold bears. And i hope you guys enjoyed school. I hope you guys have the best time. I'm also contradicting myself if you guys want to watch my videos. I don't know if there's a comment section by. We'll try to put my actually human description room. Tonight we made a podcast, and we're kind of read your personal essay questions. And based on those you kind of see what it takes to get into cows because i don't have a cow. Easy, easy step to go over, right? So very blessed to be able to political university's number one when i got here. But number two now. But what's more, always to go bears it's very nice of you guys want keep in contact about my social media's down description that the description i don't know how you work. You get. But gold bears my little bears osti. I would put him in the head, put him in front, ski, keep this away awesome. All right under here. I'm not gonna go in there right now. But there is a man a room. There's a gym. There's a student lounge. People in there studying. This is the unit to courtyard. To have a grassy area. You have a bike. You can walk in there. I don't personally recommend you bring Abi. There's a lot of pills here, but we can't. You were all the buildings and this is my building. I thought it was towel for a while. I found out that it is not towel. Go and one safety feature we have that's cool is you have to swipe in to building. I just leapt into the stairs in your room, so it's very safe, very secure head on. A Qassam, Magdalena Mara. It's a team house design and very clearly. Room one, the first floor. And it's a hidden gem in UC Berkeley because it's a community that bill, it's family. It's a house where if it's thirty seven students off from a Hispanic Hossa in which you basically cultivate and basically shines the Taconic history and a rich past, it's very violent. Understands implications. Because these forty students live in one floor and there are bound. You're kind of forced to, in a sense to cooperate and converse to talk about the future. Talk about the nuances of being Hispanic and growing up in a low income community, because most times not if you see a correlation, if most times not if you're a minority, you're probably broke or poor really little income. So we all sure lying common and I've, you know, gratefully have been a part of Castle's Linda Motta and have really growing thrive based on its implications and just to hit a jam. Berkeley, because it will bring people together and the whale former society that's greater than anyone else to see. With its thirty seven members, I think Casa Madonna, Mona is the best team house and is the best in gym because, no, never, ever. Well, somebody talk about it until housing comes out. Even when housing comes out, nobody knows until they fully understand implications. Once, once the school year starts and everybody has their formation, they don't know. They don't talk to me. When you're in Casa all your form, it's becoming family. You know about the name last name, their family rather from and we're part of the country or the globe there from it's really beautiful. It's really authentic. And it if I want, if I want to give you like something of a comparison, I compare it like a fryer, so already combined because it's still close. There's no hazing, and it's just something that's very beautiful. Very, very, very luxurious night can't thank you All right, We are approaching the building that I lived called. Told Hall within Unit two. This right here is called Underhill. It's a parking garage, underneath and on top. Most people think that it is tennis courts. It is not so if you guess what it looks like, but it's where band practices this is. Unit two is where I live. Those are the buildings. Toll is the many seats where I am. Water is apartments for do your transfers and thereafter just kind of regular readies. This was our former decoration. This is their decoration. They decorated for Halloween. It's really cute. So this is where the bathroom is. There's a bathroom on all the levels you can see. They're very festive. It's a lot to be. Holy. Yeah, Andrea, There's a wandering illness for kind of looks like the one I should. You guys already. But the difference is they have a smaller one on their floor. Where is we? Have a big one, Two, um, a big one for the whole, willing to use the restroom. Care to describe what it's like. Well, I'm with the seven four. That's a girls only restaurant. But this is the girls and guys restroom. So there's three showers on and then another. There's like three stalled showers. But then there's another shower that's just like a curtain. And then there's four like bathrooms. Also, you have four toilets in theirs. Four to five. Six. Yeah, that's it. Quints. It's living your shower shoes. Thanks, Mary. Yeah, This is another housing. Often you ask, you get. And now you've seen a double sweet and a regular trouble.