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University of Oregon Hamilton Hall

Hello campus area. Also, I am in my room right now, and I thought I'd give you a little tour. So we live in a standard double in Hamilton. Here's my roommate side, so you're kind of able to decorate your wall anyway. You want, which is nice. My roommate did these by hand. How cool is that? Super impressed? I'm not quite that crafty. So here's my desk, and there's lots of built in storage, both above the desk, above the windows and above the closet, which is really nice. I found that there's plenty of storage, even though it doesn't look like it. I also have storage under my bed for my yoga mat, sweatshirts and things that I don't always need readily available. So being in Hamilton is really nice because the food is so close and Hamilton Hall does have the most food venues. I don't even have to go outside if I want to go in the dining hall, which is really nice when it's raining. So that's one perk about living at Hampton, even though the dorms are a little bit smaller. So living in the dorm your first year at U of O is mandatory, and I was so nervous about living in the dorms and that I was gonna fit everything and that my roommate and I were going to get along. But it's all worked out really well and I'm so happy I'm in Hamilton. Even though it wasn't my first choice, I wouldn't change Every gene ever. You got cereal sausage from spices? Treats. Course, they're all a bunch of Japs order cookies. Ducks, turkey crackers. More sex? Yeah, of course. Come on. There's also a bunch of root. Here. Plums. Bunch of milk. Yours, and then that thing over there in order to do that and distant right here. Is usually open. And there's there's also a place called big mouth creatures like to pull away, just obviously not as good. And then there's firing spice. Different spices you just got through make it's up close. They're fried. Stir fry it up. And then there's common grounds, which is a coffee place, and it's open until, like midnight. Usually there's there's some good food there, too. So you go in general has like really, really beating and food compared to like most college food, I think. Room and it's pretty healthy. I'm vegetarian and I find stuff. Tio. I know people who begin like it's very, very. They get school, go Teo, if you're like, have diarist Kitchen's because a lot of people in order and that kind of into, like, vegetarian lifestyle. All right. This is one of the best parts of you. Hamilton cookies. They're no joke. They're the real deal there. Really? Good. Do you love me? Oh, my God. Under. Oh, they're using cheeses, yogurts. Like everything, No. I struggle, is it? It is quite surprise chips and artistic. Burrito radio check. Yes, but what's going on? Hold your breath. What's up, everybody? My name's Nico and this University of Oregon. All right, guys. So that was short film showing my campus. How beautiful place that is so little bit about me. I'm a junior here at University of Oregon campus in the fraternity, and I'm the tech manager for the women's lacrosse team. Make sure stay tuned campus riel So you can see a lot more to come from the University of Oregon. It's a beautiful place. Hi guys. So this is my dorm. I also took a clip of my friend's dorm who lives in the same building because mine is was rearranged so much that it doesn't give you, like the best idea of what a dorm here looks like. So I'll put in the clip of her dorm. So these are the dorms in Carson. So when you walk in, there's a sink are there on the left or the right? And that's that's just in cars and whole. So in some of the dorms, there are sinks and some they're not. And some there's about the rooms and some there's on and in some theirs. There's no sink. And then this is about a small a storm's going to get here if, if anything, would either be the same size or bigger. And then when you when you get there like how they're all set up, is you're gonna walk in and they'll be here. Your wardrobes both on one side near the door and then your beds on either side of the room and your desks on either side of the room. And so the neurologic rearrange however you want so like in my room. We put both for desk right there next to the saying with her bed. There are cabinets here. We re arranged quite a bit. Um, so that's why I wanted to give you that. That shot of another room that's not quite as rearranged, so you can get a better idea of what the dorms here looked like. But overall, the housing here is fine. It's a little overpriced. It's pretty expensive, but the dorms are all grey. We've good IRAs and I like living here. I didn't at first, but then I got used to it, and it's honestly totally fine. Whichever dorm you end up in, you'll have a lot of fun, so that's a dorm room. So this isn't Museo. I've never been inside. Put over here. In the new hall. What's it called? Color. Fallujah, Fallujah. What? Or something like that? And that's going to start really doing food. It's really pretty over here. This is the law library. It's very pretty inside too. People I love trees. All right. Let's see what it's called. Call it color. Take one. Hi, guys. A roommate. Olivia. Olivia, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Um, well, she said, I'm Olivia. I'm a freshman here. It oer again. I'm from Danville Oxen Bay Area in California. And I chose University of Oregon because it was fun of campus and I came to visit, and I'm an undeclared major, so I didn't know what I wanted to do anyway. And I knew Organ had a lot to offer. Now that I've been here and experience some of the classes, I've decided that I'm probably going to dio journalism and do public relations through that. Hi, guys. This is my friend Ellie. She lives right next door to us in the dorm, so she's gonna tell us a little bit about herself. Hey, guys, I'm Ellie. I'm from Oregon City, which is kind of by the Portland area. I'm Morgan's roommate. She lives right over there. The best part about living in the dorms is I can just knock on the wall and then she'll knock back. Game we play. My major is journalism. I don't know what I'm gonna do with it yet, but story. I don't know what else to say. Okay, Campus. Really? This is all we have. For now. Ellie and I are about to watch a movie. Actually, we're gonna watch Animal House. We haven't watched it and is based off of the University of Organs. Greek life, which I heard is wildly inaccurate. I'm in Greek life and everything happens in there Does not happen here. But this has been so much fun. And thank you for coming along. What Throughout the University of Oregon SCO dogs. And welcome to my college dorm room. So this is the closet. It's pretty small, but it does have a coat rack and a couple of drawers down below that he can store pretty small items in. Up above is where I keep my snacks, trash bags and other toiletries that extra. This is my dad's working my computer and do my homework As you can see my makeups in the corner, I'LL execute some pictures up to remind me of cold when I'm getting lonely. This is my bed as I love penguins. Um, and this is the window, the back window facing Matthew Knight Arena What you can see right over there under my bed. I have my dresser, which is where I keep my nightly toiletries, some extra snacks and has two large sized drawers, and I keep my shoes down here as well. Now we're going to go ahead and head to the bathrooms, which, if the first one right to your left here is busy, is kind of a walk to the next one, and being you all have