Washington State University Dorms

So this is my side of the room. As you can see, I have left my bed up very high. I like to have a lot of storage. Aren't like we spread out everywhere. So I put my desk under my bed so I can have more floor space in my dorm. Um, it's beneficial. But it is a pain having to climb up every single night and then climbed down. And I can't get up in the middle of night because I hate coming down. So if you're somebody who doesn't like, I don't know, I just a lot of extra work. I definitely would recommend not doing that with your bed. Um, first, most dorms here, they don't provide ladders. You have to use the side of the bed or get your own ladder. But I know most people do. Like what? My remedy with her bed. And they just left it a little bit and use the bottom part for storage. And then they have one of these, like, little pads right here that they can use to get on their bed. I would definitely recommend that in the other side of our room, we have my roommate's desk and a mini fridge with the Curia? No, in this corner, we have some shelves for movies and books and other clothes in a TV and Xbox. Our fans back there, it's very hot. We have a large, beautiful window. Unfortunately, we got on the back side of the dorm room, so it's kind of just trees. You'll get a lot of natural light, but my friends on the other side do get a lot of natural light, which is really cool. And over here, we've got them. The main dressers You can see you look a little mirror, one half his mind. The other half is my roommates, and then just for like, another little look of the room. Here it is. We got very lucky. We have a very large room compared to most other rooms. We also have a corner room. Teo. I feel like it's a little bit bigger than some of the other rooms in this residence hall. Um, so in in our specific hall, we're not allowed to attack anything into the walls. Except for over here. We have a felt wall, so we can put a little bit more stuff in here. But apart from that, you can pretty much only use command strips and be very careful to because they can rip off the wallpaper and you can get fined if you damage the wall really badly. But command ships were very helpful. We have a time and we like to use him to hang decorations and stuff like that. I actually use it to hang my really big calendar, so they're very strong and they're very hopeful.