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What percent of freshman live on campus?

According to our research, 76.0% of freshman live on campus at UW-Seattle?

What type of housing does UW-Seattle provide?

The below table outlines the different housing options available at UW-Seattle, and how what percent of students are estimated to live in each type of housing.

Available Percent living in Accomodation
Co-ed Dorms true 51.0
Women's Dorms true -
Men's Dorms true -
Sorority Housing true 18.0
Fraternity Housing true 17.0
Single-student Apartaments true 6.0
Married Student Apartaments true 2.0
Special Houses for Disable Students true -
Special Houses for International Students true -
Cooperative Houses true -
Other Housing Type true 6.0

What are the dorms like at University of Washington-Seattle Campus?

You’ll have to watch the CampusReel videos to see for sure. However, University of Washington-Seattle Campus dorms are similar to most college housing options. Most on-campus residence halls include singles, double, and suites. Floor plans vary from residence hall to residence hall. CampusReel hosts dorm tours of University of Washington-Seattle Campus, and every one is different. As you’ll see, every dorm room is decorated in a unique and fun way - students are creative with their setups to make University of Washington-Seattle Campus feel like home!

What are the dimensions of University of Washington-Seattle Campus dorm rooms?

The University of Washington-Seattle Campus dorms dimension depend on the residence hall. This information is usually contained in one of the dorm room tours of University of Washington-Seattle Campus on CampusReel. Supposedly the average dorm room size in the U.S. is around 130 square feet, and University of Washington-Seattle Campus likely has dorms bigger and smaller than this.

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As I shout in my dorm to her, this is like my class schedule because I wanted to tell you guys about my daily schedule is like here at U Dub so far. So I have classes every single day of the week other than weekends, obviously, but my classes don't start until ten, thirty or twelve thirty, depending on the day. So usually all wake up, depending on what time I have class that day and I'll go down to the dining hall and grab some coffee because the drip coffee here is free. They give us like, this little mug thing, and it gets you like any sewed up or drip coffee for free with any of your meals. And I don't usually eat breakfast down there. But I'll like, make something in the room really quick. Grab some fruit or something. Um, so And then, all like get ready for class, which is just like throwing on a structure. Honestly. And then I'll walk to class. My class work is about, like, fifteen minutes. I would say to my classes, uh, and I usually get there pretty early, like, stylish minutes early. And then I only have class for a couple hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays, only have class for fifty minutes every day, which is super nice going into high school. I love it on then usually all walk back to my dorm from class and all kind of like make my bed clean at my dorm doll that do some dishes or something, and I'll go down to the dining hall and grab some lunch. I moan. Depending on the day, depending on how much homework I have, I usually will go to the library. I love going to see slow, and I'll goto Odegard if I'm like with friends or something, so we can, like kind of talk and stuff, you usually have the rest of day to, like, get whatever new dime. Sometimes they'll just like go hang out with, like, study with friends or just hang out with friends. Um, at night, all either just like Shell in my dorm. If I have a lot of homework and do some homework, or go out with my friends to the big system and hang out there or just kind of like go to the abv and get food at night, stuff like that So the thing about U dub is that on the weekends, it's a big, like, commuter school. So it's like dead on the weekends, like everybody goes home because everybody lives around here. Apparently. Um, so I've been kind of like going home, because I sense it's like, so early in this school you like, I've forgotten things, but I need or like I need to pick up packages from home or something like that. So I go home, see my dog and then kind of like, hang out, catch up with friends and stuff like that. So go to your village, go shopping. So like, for example, tonight, um, I just I just some homework and odegard today, and I went tio have to get some dinner. You don't feel like eating dining hall food. And then I hung out with one of my friends in my door for a little bit. Watch some, watch a movie. Ah, now I'm just gonna, like, kind of get ready for bed and everything. Get ready for class tomorrow. So yeah, it's like a typical daily schedule. I got a lot to exciting, but it is what you wanted to be. Hey, Simon. Brick man. Right now, I'm in one of my friend's dorm rooms there. Show you guys around. This is her desk. Got a nice view outside Little sunny Ari. Now stand up. You see, each person gets the shelf along with their desk. I also get a bed closet. It's pretty standard underneath. Most beds, you have storage space. You put your many fresh under there and yeah, that's I'm gonna show you on the lounge a little bit. So there's one of these on every floor like at the end of the hall. But basically it's like I come here to audition and then there's like an oven seeking my cook. What over? And then here's the view. There's some stables like study. I'm like there's like the couch on the TV and it's just like a nice place to come if you wanna hang out with friends, if you want to study. But you don't want to go the library and staff or wash dishes that was still around, so I'll show you in my door. Come here, freedom stuff. Cleveland. Bathroom a man here's my room. I'm going to show you around the rest of, like, my dorm building things, So let's go downstairs. Now let's get a tour of North time court. This is twelve months housing this's for undergraduate and graduate students. I'm No, let's go ahead and look at it. This is the office. So this is what it looks like when you first walk into the complex and it's townhouse style. So this is what he looks like. I live in building eight, which is all the way down there, which is its own actual little building. Um, so we've got the communities on right there, which is where people go to Hey, a study Also, you took your mail more of the community, center in side and then over here is the exercise room. It's really small, but I like to go there ninety and my workout in and then down there is called a pond level. There stares down there that leads to more apartments. So now we're at the end of the top level. This is an elevator to the pond level and just going down the stairs. We'll also take us to the problem. So that's building eight, which is sea building I live in. And as you can see, it's much different than all of the other buildings and then in there we've got the laundry room and you can see other buildings. Those are other apartments. But they are not student housing. Those are actual individual apartments on. If you take a right here, follow the path. You will be right next to the University of Ilich. So now we are inside. Building ate. This is he main level. And there stares you could take to go upstairs, obviously. And now Yu about the elevator. And now we're on the second level, which is where I live. So very much like dorms lash actual apartment building style. This is a two bedroom in Nordheimer court. This is my room. And then this is my room mates here. We bought the bathroom, and then we've got the vanity. This is how it is in every apartment. I moved from a four bedroom, two, a two bedroom. So the vanity, the mirror, storage, everything is on the outside of the actual bathroom. Here we have a little coat closet. This is where we're keeping coats, merriment, shoes, cleaning supplies. Over here, we have the kitchen. It's very spacious. And we have the living room and the living room and dining area set up is different in each apartment, depending on the actual set up of the building in the room and the number this's my view looks like, and if you take that path right over there that will take you to University Village and all those buildings are University Village. So North Hind is pretty close. It's just right next door, and University Village is just a shopping center, so that's where all of our residents usually shop. You couldn't do grocery shopping, leisure shopping. There's pharmacies. There's a lot of different types of stories there, so it's really convenient. There's a lot of bus stops nearby and restaurant. So nor time is in a really great location, and there's a bus that takes you directly onto campus, and it's about a ten minute bus ride to get to campus. And, yeah, that's no time court. And that is the end of this tour. Thank you so much for joining me, and I hope that you enjoyed it and that you choose the University But okay, I'm here with my roommate. Um uh, so we actually became roommates randomly. I wasn't supposed to be in the dorms, but then all of a sudden and I got put in the dorms and her roommate like, Well, I happen to know I'm not really sure. She kind of just disappeared. She disappeared. So we're here today. Why didn't you choose U dub? I showed you dub because it was the school that was going to give me the most credits. And I came in with about forty five credits. So technically, I'm already a sophomore, and I have my Jenna and already done oh, from like, AP classes, Yes. S So how would you describe, like, the student body here. So the student body is definitely very big. I mean, we have seven thousand freshman, and it's definitely like divers. Yeah, two Major. And what do you think is like the academic climate, Especially around your major? I'm trying to get into the neurobiology program at U Dub, which is extremely competitive. There are pre admits, but I didn't apply for nobody. So I'm not a reenactment, so it's extremely competitive, considering that they only take about sixty kids. That's not much of a crazy out of seven thousand. What favorite and least favorite part favorite part would probably be? The people, I guess. Like the people are really fine. Even though me and Lauren were random roommates like we get along really well, we have. But it's good sometimes that I was not study and and my least favorite would probably be. I mean, the campus is huge. So you have to walk everywhere Like everywhere, everywhere in the rain in the rain. It's writing. Yeah, What I know now. I got drenched this morning. Hello. You. I want you to know it's shot time. Here's my dorm tour. So I've been madrona, which is a brand new dorm. Uh, so everything is, like, super nice cell first. This is my side. So here's a little overview. A little pair? No. Okay, So first we have a little hangar. That's where we hid our key used. And here's the like thermometer. Think that neither of us could figure out how to use its always super hot here eighty two, like all the time. And then so they give us a wardrobe. So I have, like, a shoe rack that I hung up. That inside of the wardrobe is like, So I just have, like, switchers up here on my clothes, hanging in my bathrobe, my personal life belts and that they give you like drawers. So, like, I just feel like my shirt's in there and everything and that appear have, like, when I used to do my laundry. It's just like like taipan smell like different brand. And then, um, over here, I have just, like a little storage bay with, like, socks and stuff. And then I have like, my laundry here, birds and then here's my bed. So to give you a bed, obviously, and you can, like, raise it or lower it or anything I did. I just left, by the way, is because they don't like having, like, step up to get into bed. But I would recommend for sure recommend a mattress topper and a mattress pad. Also, because it just makes you bad. So much. Come here. And the beds that you get in the dorms aren't necessarily going to be, like, good at all. So I would recommend that. And then underneath, I just have, like, room for, like, storage and staff side of a couple crates. Um, and then they gave us this like a little. What do you call it? Like drawer, Gigi. So inside, I just had, like, all my hair stuff, and I have, like, our school stuff, my textbooks. And then just like a random stuff in here and then on top, I have my shower caddy. So this is, like, so essential and has leaked literally all my stuff. And I like my face lodge my toothbrush, shampoo, body wash, all of that. So recommend get yourself one of those, and then I have a cure. A good, because I need my coffee and like, one of my bugs with, like, stevia in a castle of stevia. So then I have over here is my death. So they give you a desk in a chair. I just put, like, a fuzzy blanket over because it's more comfy. Uh, and then this is my desk space, So I just have, like, makeup may make up brushes because I do my make up there and just, like, hair times, jewelry like o L E D lamp. So I'd recommend that because, like, if you want to study, like, really helpful, I love Here's my mirror. Hello. I'm gonna have just, like, dealer in perfume lotion on, like, some pictures. Oh, I've got to turn on my light So civic you and on this my class schedule Because, like, it's still like the second week of classes. So I still like, Forget where I'm going all the time, And I, my hydro, recommend a hydra for sure. And then I have my eye on trash can cause I didn't know that they were going to give us trash and recycle, but yeah, and then here's like my roommate side, which is basically the same being. And I'll show you our view. We have a full length mirror. No, we also have a mini fridge. So we just have, like, a bunch of stuff in here on. Then we have a microwave and I'm in here just like dishes and stuff. And then here's like, more food, and we have eventually food and hear so much like snacks and stuff. Um, and then this is our view outside of our door. Super cute love. Then you love being in the new dorms. Honestly, it's a blessing. So I'm gonna show you around the lounge a little bit, so there's one of these on every floor like at the end of the hall. But basically it's like I come here to audition, and then there's like an oven seeking my cook or whatever. And then here's the view. There's some stables like study. I'm like there's like the couch on the TV, and it's just like a nice place to come if you wanna hang out with friends, if you want to study. But you don't want to go the library and staff or wash dishes that was still around. So I'll show you in my door, so here, freedom stuff. Bathroom a man. Here's my room. Seven. Thirty. I'm going to show you around the rest of, like, my dorm building things, So let's go downstairs. To go take a shower. So I have my robe on and I have my shower caddy. Oh, I wanted to shave a the bathrooms because they're actually super nice in the store himself. He's in the back rooms. I'm sorry. So they have seen. And then they they have, like these here. It's a little bit, but these stalls are like, so now it's like super private, but they're like the ones that they haven't like Europe or whatever, Mom, years over here, a man over here, we have, like, showers I'm about to show. So I'm literally in the shower right now, but you know it. So in the showers that have, like hooks, like hanging stuff. So I usually take my, like, shower cutie in there. And then, like alleged Paul, you're like shampoo and all that. And not to mention, I mean money shower shoes. So what? Tyler, Command. Because the farm shout, this one's not as much, but usually dorm showers are like, really gross and like, you don't want to like your feet are other people's feel so, yeah. Come with me. But basically it's just like a salad bar. Only with market. I got like they should have physically subway a place like like Latin Bull. Here's a burger place they like, Yeah, like cries talk, man. Viciously, Carrie. The dish return. So you put all your dishes, but I usually get, uh, a man over here like a coffee shop. So there's, like, a Starbucks, and I'm like a noodle place. And then there's this partly on, which is, like, literally so dangerous because I eat pizza like every single day of my life. Okay, So this is my war room, Madrilena. We're in new. So you know those baby Paul? Right. Okay, so my Doremus super close to Greek. Gross. So we're walking to one of my friend's house is to be here, but here's a little look at some of the houses. Okay. Son of Grace and Galilee here to talk a little about Greek life. So what do you guys have to say about Greek life here? U dub? I actually feel so lucky. Like this. Relax system. Yes. I mean, it's still an intense Greek life, sis. No, come on. But it's definitely more relaxed than other schools gone. Tio Rush. Way different because the guy I forget that people don't. But as freshman you, it was really scary for me coming out of sea because they didn't know what was going on. So coming in, you have Tio hope for the best hope anyway, house, because that's gonna be a home immediately. You like, you don't back on and it's also different. We have so many houses, we have nineteen different options and really small classes, and we have about thirty two forty. And I think that allows for Group C M way closer. Finally got that really is perfect. Yeah, it's really cool that you job because we move in our freshmen year into the house. So you just, like, get involved in your story right away. And our sororities and fraternities are all surrounding campus overall, super close together. So it's a really tight knit community and super close to school. So it's really nice, like being a house and are specifically is like, very close to see. So yeah, super nice to just have everyone and then begin re client. You can just be like in the kitchen, eating breakfast and say, Wants to go class. There's like five other girls going to the same building is you. It's, you know, it's so nice. Like I had a friend who it was their birthday with three weeks into school and he had no ID. And I was like, I literally have not a moment to myself here, which is like a plus in it. Stumbling. I said, get this up last, which is very nice. Just getting to know somebody once. All right, So I'm headed over to McMann right now. It's all the way in North Campus. It's one of the older dorms on campus, but there's a ton of new ones being built right at this moment. Pretty cool. Um, he took me on because I'm gonna show you all couple of dorm rooms along with at the bar with a man like that there. Basically just a bit rude for one who is gone. You don't live down. You're still welcome to come and have a seat. There's just options like burger surprise. There's always pasta a sandwich place. And of course, there's also it's store basically built in three. Nice is open at most hours. Definitely in through there before when I lived here. Just Oh, good walking down. Yeah, Yeah, right. You're not. Sorry. Lunch time. You sell a car right there. There. Cereal bar. Younger things like that office things change out from, so there's lots of space. To go take a shower. So I have my robe on and I have my shower caddy. So I wanted to shave with the bathrooms. Could there actually super nice in the store himself? He's in a bad terms. I'm sorry. So they have seen. Walls. And then they they have like things here. But these stalls really so nice, like super private. But they're like the ones in that they haven't like Europe or whatever, Mom, years over here, man. Over here we have, like, showers. I'm about to show. So I'm literally in the shower right now. But you know it. So in the showers that have, like, hooks like hanging, Celso, usually my, like shower cutie in there. And then they were alleged to call your like shampoo and all that. And what's for lunch? I mean, money shower shoes. So what, Tyler, Command Because the dorm shout this one. Not as much, but usually dorm showers are like, really gross and like, you don't want to like your feet where other people feel.