What is a Cognitive Psychology and Psycholinguistics Degree?

Psychology is the scientific study of the way the mind learns and thinks. A degree in this field will see you learning more about the way information is processed, transmitted and retained.

Psycholinguistics deals with how the brain processes the language. Included in this is memory retention and a focus on why the brain can learn more easily through one method compared to another.

What Can I Do with a Cognitive Psychology and Psycholinguistics Degree?

A degree in the field of cognitive psychology can be a very lucrative one, as it opens up many pathways outside the field of direct psychology. A degree in this field can be applied to a variety of other career paths which may not directly relate to a position within cognitive psychology, such as business or healthcare. This is because the skills learned within a psychology degree are extremely flexible in being applied to a variety of professional circumstances.

What are the Jobs with a Cognitive Psychology and Psycholinguistics Degree?

The most obvious path for a degree in psychology is within healthcare. If you would like to refine your role within healthcare, such as becoming a psychologist or a counselor, this can be achieved with an advanced degree. These positions will then have sub-categories, such as a family counselor or rehabilitation counselor. Marriage and family therapists specifically earned an average of $49,610 per year in 2019.

Nevertheless, skills learned within this degree can also be applied to many other fields, such as working within human resources or any job which allows you to work with people and support them, mentally and emotionally.

Should I Get a Cognitive Psychology and Psycholinguistics Major?

Cognitive Psychology and Psycholinguistics careers can be extremely rewarding for those interested in the way the mind works, with a focus on emotional, cognitive and social processes of behavior. Coupled with psycholinguistics, it can be a valuable career path for those who also have a keen interest in languages and the development of the brain regarding language and memory.

This major will open up a variety of sturdy career paths, too, with a steady income. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Cognitive Psychology and Psycholinguistics salary was averaging at $80,370 per year in 2019.

Where Should I Study?

If you’re interested in attaining a Cognitive Psychology and Psycholinguistics degree, then you first need to be sure that you choose the most dependable place to study. Although naturally, you will want an institution which has a clear focus on this form of cognitive psychology degree specifically, there are also many other factors to consider, such as:

Choosing the right campus for you is going to be imperative in achieving a degree in Cognitive Psychology and Psycholinguistics, as it means you can enjoy your campus life, feel more focused, and ensure that you’re completely supported.

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