Cognitive Science Degree: What Is It?

Cognitive Science is the study of the human mind and its processes, from a more scientific point of view. This area of expertise will see you conducting experiments, explorations and in-depth research into why the mind works, thinks and feels the way that it does. This degree can also cover other areas of related study, such as mathematics and critical thinking.

Why Would a Cognitive Science Major be Right for Me?

Are you interested in the way the mind works? Do you enjoy scientific methods, logical exploration and applying scientific viewpoint to the brain, and other areas? A Cognitive Science degree is ideal for those with a very logical mind, and who have a keen interest in studying the behaviour patterns of the brain. It can also be ideal for those who enjoy development or technology-related categories.

What Can I Do with a Cognitive Science Degree?

The great aspect of a Cognitive Science major is that it can be applied to many job roles, making it a very employable choice. This degree can give you a broad scope within many career categories, such as business and development as well as healthcare.

Jobs with a Cognitive Science Degree

A primary area you can use your studies for within this major is research, development and data analysis. Because this degree will provide you with a solid background of logistical thinking and analytical investigation, this can open up many career avenues which require detailed analysis.

Cognitive Science careers could include:

Software Development, for example, shows the variety of opportunities for this degree, as software can be applied to many different processes and industries, whether it’s software for education, healthcare or for business. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Software Developers earned around $107,510 per year in 2019.

Medical research is also one example of how this degree can be applied to both health of the mind, and scientific study. Medical scientists earn, on average, $88,790 per year.

Therefore, a Cognitive Science salary has the potential to be high.

How do I Choose the Right College to Study?

To ensure that you get the most out of your chosen degree, then you need to be sure you choose the right place to study at. Alongside ensuring that a particular institution’s Cognitive Science course appeals to you, you also need to be sure that the campus itself is perfectly suited for you.

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