Communication Disorders Sciences and Services Degree

Many people suffer from communication disorders. This may be a complete inability to communicate through speech or other means, or it could be an ability to only part-communicate. A degree in this field will see you working with patients who struggle with communication disorders, from a scientific point of view, and offering a professional service to help those struggling with this type of disorder.

What Can I Do with a Communication Disorders Sciences and Services Degree?

This degree will open up many different career paths, with the main focus on helping others to communicate. This could be on a large or small level, such as supervising communication disorders in patients or working more directly through one-on-one communication therapy roles.

Communication Disorders Sciences and Services salary will vary depending on which specific job role you go for, and how much career development you undergo.

If you’re wondering which jobs with a Communication Disorders Sciences and Services Degree are available, read on.

Communication Disorders Sciences and Services Careers

Here are some examples of the careers you could expect, or work towards, with a Communication Disorders Sciences and Services degree.

Speech Therapist or Speech-Language Pathologist

This job role will see you working with a variety of people to assess and diagnose speech-related disorders. This could be in both adults and children. This role could see you working directly with disorders, or may see you providing therapy for those lacking communication confidence or abilities.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Speech-Language Pathologists earned, on average, $79,120 per year back in 2019.

Clinical Supervisor

This role will see you supervising healthcare roles and treatments when working with patients. With this degree, a clinical supervisor role in this capacity may result in you overseeing communication therapy work or treatment of disorders.

Expected salary will vary based on specific healthcare role, but Medical and Health Services Managers can usually expect to make $100,980 per year.

Hearing Specialist

As communication disorders don’t only relate to speech, this is a position which will see you focus on auditory problems and working with patients who have trouble with their hearing. Audiologists had an average wage of $77,600 per year in 2019.

Where Should I Get a Communication Disorders Sciences and Services Major?

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