Criminal Justice and Corrections Degree : What Does it Entail?

This degree will teach students about crime, law and the criminal justice system.

Corrections is a more specific focus within a criminal justice qualification. Corrections deal with the rehabilitation of criminals and will teach you about prison life or correctional facilities, as well as social reform. Corrections study can also be tailored for a desired group of people; for example, you could work in Juvenile Corrections if you were more interested in working with young offenders.

What Makes a Criminal Justice and Corrections Major Right for Me?

A Criminal Justice and Corrections degree can be very appealing to those who avidly want to pursue a career in law enforcement. Criminal Justice study is most suited to those who are interested in the workings of prisons, courts or with the police. Corrections can also appeal if you’re interested in the rehabilitation of criminals and wanting to support those on the road to recovery from crime.

Law enforcement jobs can also be good choices for a steady salary. Police officers earned $65,170 per year in 2019, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What Can I Do with a Criminal Justice and Corrections Degree?

This degree opens up many doorways. Law enforcement is very broad, with a variety of roles, meaning a Criminal Justice and Corrections degree can see you finding opportunities within prisons, courts, rehabilitation facilities, within the police, or even within schools if you wanted a criminal justice teaching post.

Jobs with a Criminal Justice and Corrections Degree

Criminal Justice and Corrections careers could include:

Criminal Justice and Corrections salary will vary depending on the role, and this could be a big variation. For example, Private Detectives can earn, on average, $50,510 per year, while Correctional Officers can make $45,300 per year, on average.

Where Should I Study?

To guarantee you get the most out of your Criminal Justice and Corrections degree, you need to be happy and comfortable at your place of study. While you need to be sure that the criminology qualification at your chosen institution works for you, you need to be sure that the campus itself is what you need.

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