What are a Culinary Arts and Related Services Degree?

Are you an avid cooker, or baker? Are you eager to get started with a culinary-based career? A degree in Culinary Arts and Related Services is a great choice for those who want to pursue jobs within the cooking industry.

A Culinary Arts degree means that students can gain in-depth knowledge regarding food, cooking and baking. This includes preparation and a variety of cooking techniques. Not only that, but a Culinary Arts and Related Services Degree will help students to learn about the restaurant industry, too.

What Can I Do with a Culinary Arts and Related Services Degree?

If you’re looking for potential jobs with a Culinary Arts and Related Services degree, then there are many options out there for you. Gaining expertise and knowledge regarding food and cooking, as well as being able to cook at an expert level, will help you to gain a career within many food-related industries.

Which career is up to your own personal preference of food and working style. You could use your degree to become a professional chef or baker, or you could opt for an alternative food-related career, like a nutritionist. Or, if you’re interested in the food industry as a whole, you may be tempted by restaurant or food management.

What is the Expected Culinary Arts and Related Services Salary?

Culinary Arts and Related Services careers will all carry their own individual salaries. A lot of job roles will also have a salary which depends on your level. Many food-related careers offer the opportunity for development and working towards a higher salary. An example of this could be starting off as a basic chef in a kitchen and working your way up to the position of Head Chef.

Chefs and Head Chefs, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, can expect to make around $51,530 per year.

Other salary examples include:

Studying for a Culinary Arts and Related Services Major

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