Fine and Studio Arts

What Can You Do with a Fine and Studio Arts Degree?

Are you passionate about fine art? Can you see yourself creating artwork that is sold to galleries, museums and art aficionados worldwide?

If yes, then a fine and studio arts degree could be the perfect further education option for you.

You could also earn a lucrative living as an advertising art director or get in touch with your caring side by working in art therapy. Whatever your career goals in the world of art, a fine and studio arts major are just the steppingstone you need.

Is a fine and studio arts degree the right choice for me?

As a fine and studio art student, you will develop a range of practical and creative skills, as well as gain valuable experience in how to build up your portfolio and enter exhibitions worldwide.

Furthermore, once you have completed your Bachelor’s in fine and studio arts degree, you have the option to hone your craft further through the pursuit of a Master’s in fine art, or another creative subject such as illustration or sculpture.

If you are worried about making money as an artist, you should know that graduates with an MBA or Master of Fine Arts degree can earn upwards of $100,000.

What can I do with a fine and studio arts major?

There are so many different roles that are directly related to a fine and studio arts degree, as well as some in other industries where this qualification is still useful.

Check out the most popular jobs for fine and studio arts graduates below.

Graphic Designer

To succeed as a graphic designer, you need to be able to create eye-catching visuals, work well with others and be able to identify new industry trends. You can work on a wide variety of different projects including websites, product packaging and corporate branding.

The average salary for a graphic designer is $52,100, with an expected job growth of -4% meaning that you may have to work a little hard to stand out from the crowd to get the job you want.

Advertising Art Director

If you pride yourself on being not only creative but driven and tenacious as well, then you might be suited for the role of an advertising art director. Responsible for producing innovative ideas for advertising campaigns, you could work in all kinds of different media environments.

The average salary for an advertising arts director is $94,220, with an expected job growth of just below the national average.

Fine Artist

There are many different types of fine art that you could focus your career on including analogue (drawing, painting etc.), digital (moving images and sound), live (coding and mixing) or conceptual (experiments and theories). As a fine artist, you need to be able to generate ideas and create publicity around your creations proactively.

The average salary for a fine artist is $48,760 per annum.

How do I pick the right college for me?

The importance of picking the right college to study for your fine and studio arts degree should not be underestimated. Not only do you want to find a college that offers the core subjects you want to study, but you also need to find an establishment that will support your learning journey and help harness your creativity.

You must look into the quality of campus life at your preferred colleges, including the dorm room facilities and the social aspect of the school. That being said, it can be difficult to get a feel for a place online, that is unless you have access to virtual walk-throughs from actual students.

Fortunately, this is exactly what CampusReel, a leading college review site offers. Simply sign up for a free account online and enjoy instant access to over 15,000 student-made videos all about campuses all over the United States.

Choosing the perfect college has never been easier!