Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education

What Can You Do w ith a Bilingual, Multilingual and Multicultural Degree?

Speaking more than one language has never been more important, with over 50% of the world now speaking at least two languages. Furthermore, the number of online job postings for bilinguals in the United States has more than doubled in recent years, rising to an astonishing 162%.

Whether you want to work in hospitality, healthcare, IT, customer service or communications, pursuing a bilingual, multilingual and multicultural education degree can give you a distinct edge over other potential candidates.

Within the below guide, you will discover everything you need to know about undertaking a bilingual, multilingual and multicultural education major, including how much you can expect to earn once qualified and how to choose the right college for your studies.

Should I pursue a bilingual, multilingual and multicultural education major?

If you have a flair for languages and want to be able to command a high salary in a wide range of exciting industries, then this is the degree program for you.

Not only will you learn how to communicate in more than one language, but you will also be better at understanding the cultural perspective of different individuals, allowing you to create long-lasting and favorable customer engagements. You will also be able to help your employer to expand into new international markets.

What can I do with a bilingual, multilingual and multicultural education degree?

As briefly touched on above, once qualified, you can expect to become valuable to companies in a wide range of lucrative industries.

Below are the most popular jobs with a bilingual, multilingual and multicultural degree.


Translators are needed in a vast number of organizations, as more and more businesses start to expand across the globe. Responsible for converting written material from one or more source languages into a target language, you can choose to work on a freelance basis or for a company.

The average salary for a Translator is $51,830, with an expected job growth of a huge 20% between 2019 and 2029.

Sales Representative

With many companies basing their call centers all over the world, multilingual sales and customer service positions have become highly valued. Responsible for selling a company’s products by identifying leads, having the ability to overcome language barriers can help a company to widen their customer base considerably.

The average salary for Sales Occupations can vary widely depending on the industry you choose to work in.

Hospitality Manager

The role of a hospitality manager lends itself well to being bilingual as hotels, resorts, and tourist attractions need employees who can communicate with visitors from all over the world.

The average salary for a Hotel General Manager is $160,090.

How do I choose where to pursue a bilingual, multilingual and multicultural degree?

Once you have decided that this is the degree course for you, you now need to undertake the laborious task of choosing a college.

That being said, this endeavor doesn’t have to be a chore.

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