Outdoor Education

What can you do with an Outdoor Education degree?

The possibilities are abundant if you choose to study for an outdoor education degree . The choice of careers in this sector opens up a wealth of options in general education and specialist services, including high-school teacher, instructional coordinator, special education teacher, and teaching assistant.

However, it is worth noting that while degrees in education are plentiful, outdoor education majors are limited in colleges across the United States. This means that when you want to select the right college for your career options, it is vital to discover where you can study to be successful in this area.

The guide below offers insights into whether a degree is the right choice for you. Plus, you can find out typical jobs in this field alongside outdoor education salary expectations.

Is an Outdoor Education degree the right choice for me?

If you are enthusiastic about providing a learning experience in the outdoors, then an outdoor education major is an ideal choice. This type of career involves transforming knowledge, skills, and behaviors using direct engagement with the outside world.

Many positions in this field required a minimum bachelor's education. In many cases, outdoor education careers include general teachers and require a state-issued certificate or license may be required to undertake this role.

Tops Jobs with an Outdoor Education degree

If you are wondering, "what can I do with an outdoor education degree?" you will be pleased to hear that it opens many career paths for individuals looking to specialize in this area. As the education sector evolves, outdoor learning is proving pivotal to ensuring success throughout a student's life, so there are opportunities to excel in this field. Typical roles include:

High school teacher

The job of a high school teacher is generally classroom-based. However, in recent years, outdoor learning is proving a valuable part of the learning experience. By specializing in outdoor education, you can bring a different teaching approach to private and public settings.

The average wage for a high school teacher is $61,660, and job growth is projected at 4% between 2019 and 2029.

Instructional Coordinator

An instructional coordinator oversees school curriculums and teaching standards. This role also involves creating material and implementing new processes to ensure learning success. As an outdoor educator, in this role, you will have experience in showcasing how this type of education can benefit students.

An instructional coordinator's average wage is $66,290, and job growth is expected to be 6% between 2019 and 2029, higher than the average.

How do I choose the right college to study for my Outdoor Education degree?

As a niche subject, choosing a college to complete your degree in outdoor education is vital to achieving success. The options may be limited in this area, but finding a suitable course and college experience will ensure the best results and outcome for your goals.

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