What Can You Do with a Social Sciences, General Degree?

The role of individuals in society and the related study of this can be a highly rewarding degree choice for many reasons. Social Sciences allows students to explore roles within society, and more closely work with ideas and policies, such as criminology and social work.

A Social Sciences, General degree will provide a general framework for understanding social behaviors and interpreting the relationships between communities and people. This degree can set students up to better understand roles within the general public, such as police work, support workers, charity workers and more.

As a general degree, the course involved will help students to build a wide skillset applicable to many rewarding job roles.

What Can I Do with a Social Sciences, General Degree?

With this degree, you can go on to work on the frontlines within society, such as in the realm of policing or legal work, or you can use the skills built to apply to many different career opportunities which involve working with people and understanding social situations.

There are many Social Sciences, General careers you can consider, and this degree is one which is beneficial for many different paths.

What Jobs with a Social Sciences, General Degree are Available?

With this degree, you may want to explore any of the following career options. The Social Sciences, General salary expectations are also listed here.

Social Worker

Social Workers help individuals in society to live healthy and fulfilling lives, often assisting with social problems such as vulnerable families or working problems. With the knowledge that you’re helping others, tied in with a generous income of $50,470 per year, your job will be rewarding every day.

Rehabilitation Worker

Rehabilitation Workers help vulnerable people to rebuild their independent lives, such as those suffering from physical or mental disabilities. A steady salary of $35,950 per year coupled with such a gratifying career position means a rewarding career overall.

Social Psychologist

Psychologists work to support the mental and emotional wellbeing of patients, in a variety of environments. Social psychologists may focus on the relationships between people in society, and any emotional or psychological effects of these interactions. The high salary of $80,370 per year reflects how important this job role is.

If any of these careers specifically appeal to you, or if you would like to explore further careers offered, then a Social Sciences, General Major could be the right choice for you.

How Do I Find the Best College to Study for This Major?

The right college is essential for a successful study journey, so you need the right college to gain your Social Sciences degree.

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