What Can You Do with A Social Work Degree?

Social work involves the practice of assisting those in need to improve the quality of their lives. This could be individuals, families or communities who are in a vulnerable or difficult life situation and need professional guidance on getting back on track. Social work requires an academic and skillful approach to problems, as well as practice in the field to ensure work is carried out successfully.

Social work may focus on those individuals or communities which come from a poorer background, or which are having more trouble with things like employment or personal problems.

Would a Social Work Major Be the Right Choice for Me?

If you’re seeking a degree and career which enables you to help others in a dedicated way and work with those people within the community who are in need, then a Social Work Major can certainly help you to do that.

It may also appeal if you enjoy working with other people, enjoy building one-on-one relationships of trust, and are seeking an extremely rewarding career choice.

What Can I Do with a Social Work Degree?

A degree in social work allows for not only many social work roles, but also the opportunity to work in many different environments, too, depending on which you would prefer. You may work as a social worker out in the community, or you may prefer to be based in a clinical setting, like a hospital, to perform social work.

You may also seek opportunities within non-profit organizations or educational institutions.

There is also the opportunity to go into teaching.

Jobs with a Social Work Degree

Social Work careers vary based on the workplace setting and the specific job role. Healthcare Social Workers can work in clinics and hospitals to aid in a dedicated healthcare setting, or social work degrees can work up to a counselling career based in a school or career-oriented setting.

Social Worker

A social worker works to support vulnerable people within society. Social Work salary, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, is $50,470 per year on average for general social work roles, meaning a highly respectable salary for a role which is so important within the community.

Social and Community Service Managers

General social work in the community can be accomplished by Social and Community Service Managers, who can earn around $67,150 per year, therefore concentrate fully on helping the community while relying on a rewarding salary range.

How Do I Choose the Right Place to Study?

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