What Can You Do with a Sociology Degree?

Sociology is a social science study associated with human behaviors and relationships within society. The subject matter of sociology could be anything from social class, education, crime, and race, and can encompass a variety of social issues and factors to be explored.

A sociology degree will set you up to better understand what impacts society as a whole and helps you to explore these issues better.

What Can I Do with a Sociology Degree?

The most natural jobs with a Sociology degree are those which will see you working within society. These job opportunities might include:

The skills learned within a Sociology degree can be applied to a wide number of job roles, due to the ability to work with people and better understand human behaviors within society.

What Sociology Salary Can I Expect?

Sociology careers can have varying salaries depending on what kind of career you would be looking for. To become a Human Resources Manager at the top of their field, for instance, may earn you more than working in the community, or in a counseling role.

Marriage and Family Therapists

Work to support the emotional and psychological wellbeing of couples or families, and earn a steady income of $49,610 per year, knowing that your salary is secure in the highly-important role.


Other sociology careers can include related career paths, such as Law or Crime. A lawyer can earn around $122,960 per year, showing just how respected and prestigious the position of a lawyer is in a working society.

A lot of salaries can also be variable depending on your career level, as some careers may offer promotions and the opportunity to work your way up your field, meaning a higher salary in the long-run compared to what you may begin with.

Studying for a Sociology Major

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