What Can You Do With a Sustainability Studies Degree?

The importance of sustainability and conserving the environment has been highlighted more and more in recent years, which is why degrees and educational courses are also turning to focus on sustainability through learning. A degree in Sustainability Studies equips students with technical and general knowledge regarding sustainable practices. This degree will not only highlight conservationism but also provide study from a scientific viewpoint in terms of renewable energy and ways in which science can help to protect the environment.

What Can I Do with a Sustainability Studies Degree?

Sustainability is fast becoming a key focus of every business, industry and individual, which means skills in this field can easily be applied to many job roles. In terms of specific roles which focus on sustainability, Sustainability Studies careers can include those within the energy industry, and namely roles which focus on renewable energy sources or may extend to careers in technology where research and engineering is used to build more sustainable solutions.

What are the Jobs with a Sustainability Studies Degree?

The following shows a few examples of the roles you could pursue with this degree. Sustainability Studies salary will be dependent on the job role you pursue.

Wind Farm Technician

Work to install and maintain wind turbines to fuel sustainable energy. With this role, you can expect to make around $52,910 per year, meaning a great salary alongside a role which is going to impact the planet positively.


Electricians provide a professional service in installing and maintaining electrical components, power, and control systems. Knowledge in sustainable practices with this degree can mean that you can look to install energy systems in the most eco-friendly way.

With this role, you can expect to make around $27.01 per hour, and this salary is also flexible if you’re self-employed as an electrician and can look to improve your client base.

Should I Get a Sustainability Studies Major?

This degree may be best suited to those who have a passion for sustainability and the environment and would like to strive for a career which focuses on sustainability. If you would like to extend your knowledge and passion in this field from your personal life to your professional life, then seeking this major can be very rewarding.

Where Should I Look to Study?

If you’re interested in pursuing a Sustainable Studies degree, then your next step is going to be to find a college to study with. When choosing the right place to study, you should think about:

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