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Rakiye Benjamin

English, Class of 2021



Yeah, this's meal. He works here at Lehman at the food pantry. And he's gonna tell you more about that. Yes. So I've been working at the food pantry that we have on campus for about a year now. Are over a year, actually no. About a year, because I started here last year. Summer Pretty much what the food country is. We're here too. Offer, give free. Pretty much give free food to students who are suffering from food security. We we pretty much I'm going blank. So, um, Wells just educated. You have to educate. You seem like so much today, supreme much. This is how the process works. Was just started their way. Have a whole system set up where the students can these legal create a profile. And then when they show up to the country we like, give them a quick rundown of how we give stuff out way pretty much trying to provide a total of three meals per person. So he's a total of ten items. We have all kinds of stuff in there. We have way, have fresh options, we have frozen options, you have lots of canned stuff, and it's all categorizing different past curries like their exclusive vegetables. There's greens, and then there's proteins on their stary. So we try to keep, uh, we try and keep up. Try to be. I'm trying. I'm trying some professional, and I think that's why I like getting tongue tied. I don't want to like jumping from access. Yeah, the part trees being much dear to help leaving soon. So we were helping Lee Mr. Wins for far sin for only years now. Like the food pantry has first be open in two thousand seventeen March. And since Dan wait, we give out food items on average of forty bucks per week. Currency? Yeah, Like last month alone. We give that a total of two hundred and turkey bags. We have funds and used to make my way. Well, yeah, settle down. Food pantry has been very helpful. Way tried accomplished. So way. Try to be able to be release possible and loving. Yeah, comforting. No, you first. If you want to make an appointment for the food pantry, you're gonna go toe on bank that morning. Great profile kind of white man for company is a real hole here, which is that This isn't when you come for your appointment way, have you sign in right here on this little book? Hi. Thinks people privacy after and after you sign your name and it is the first time we go through the whole process. Right over here. Wait. Give up the fight. Fruits and vegetables to grains and very imprudent fruits and vegetables. Fusion. This section right here we come a little right now. Well, you should really filled. French stuff is usually over here. You can see right now we have potatoes. Are those oranges you should have Spinach is You have carrots. You have stop here. Lots of juices. All these are grounded. Go items to grab this, please sign your name and grabbing going lists. And you could pick up two such again right here, right now. Right. And making a holdup point. Wei, have you have a full freight? The form. Delicious stuff. You have to laugh out Turkey wings. Get your hands off turkey! Yes, and over here is our protein. Lots of grain. Don't greet me, right. You used to get for her. Yeah, it's a simple process. We try to be as private as possible So, like, you're someone's any here? We have two other people were outside. Yeah, I mean, a place like that. We're trying to be as professional as possible. We follow these guidelines right here. That's how you know how many items off? What we can't give out in all this is from the food bank organization, which is who, thinking much work on there. And it's pretty much it if you're new to Lehman. Well, we're here at in the S L B, which is to live building one. Twenty. Yes, we definitely. We decorated this couch. Used to be over there. The desk of the computer used to be you over here and that we didn't use it because it wasn't set up. Um, so can I just like God, like, Just, like, took up space over there. His closet. Don't worry, because it was I think it was in the same area. Those over there. Is it here? Literally. Our magazine leaving college. Wait. Put a magazine every spring. We're currently in our tenth edition. So this is the tenth anniversary of the magazine. I'm really excited because our launch party is last in a month. It's coming up two weeks, actually. Enjoy Allow. Yeah, Well, yeah. We started the semester was about four or five members, including myself, Neil. And now we have twenty three. Who are you from? The president of the club. Really? Yes. And the president events coordinator for Obscura. So I manage a club. I helped editor in Chief. Whatever she needs, the magazine helped at the magazine. I planned all the events. I do all the budgets and you know, I buy always next I keep the room clean My cab, me uh, English or floss with minor business graduate this spring. So it's my last semester here. No way. Yeah, where you shoot my time. My name is Tio. I'm the CEO of Security. Europe can't even say the name. You know what? I would give you my most of it that way. It's not what you think. This is what is being in a club by running up, scaring me. Scared. It's fun. I don't like it. At first, I was wherever because I was like a lot of humble hands, all this work and school and how they get away. How much do budget, how my gun up in all the events myself. But I was really about myself because I had to help with the members. I had Britney's help but need the co president and chief. So you never really alone When your club, which is something I learned like you always have all these people to help you and if any questions and I'm like, Oh, I wonder, this will be a good idea. I just like actual club members. They'LL tell me it was a good idea or not, because they're the ones that were gonna benefit from it. So, yeah, that's what I like about Club says I call a wonderful people. You meet. That is a lot of people even have remained friends with for a long time because I'm from we've been friends for two years. Yeah, well, a while I got you something. Yeah, well, for a while. Almost two years. The summer of two years with you, too. Yeah. Rocky and me and you have been friends for a while to what you doing upstairs? We're friends. Like, I feel like since I joined the club, I actually got closer to you. And then I began building corporations. Yeah, that's cool. Yeah. Clubs definitely let you, like, expand your network. Your stuff amongst having my life being an intern, don't have names. What Every boss wants, Teo, just like I loved editing and being in the club. And then when we have our meetings, it just gave me inside us to, like, what is going to be like when I get my work and buy places and that, like, how you gonna how are we get a lot of other people? If I If I choose to do something editing I love Bourbons and I love going around promoting because a career creative arts is something that's underhanded, just like you asked Carrie. It's true. It is not their outcomes realized badly, what with being in a scare. I can't anyway. There's always like your work experience reflects some kind of It's hard to soft skills that you've built up, you know, I'm I'm guilty skills I should continue to promote. You know what? Yeah. When I seriously become about on the field. No, let me see it. Drive was the right girl obscure. I'm saying it right obscura. Okay, good. So I'm honestly be fr security. Even though it's not an English major. I think I learned soul March because, like, I keep telling you guys, I want to publish my will keep actually my cooking book. Because being this come I know everything about anything. Like like how you got to go about doing it. How many like money might need, you know, all the stuff. So that's it. You were helpful to each other. Comes personal. Things are just trying to Yeah, we're like a family. Like you have people in the club healthy. Free my paper Let me help you. Chimera Costume. Yeah, you, You! My resume. Yeah. I don't know if I'm going to chat right now and say, Hey, customer who freed this paper for me by three people? Give me that. And then the support is real. No, brother, we're transparent here. Yeah, that's true. is it recording if it's broken. Hi. I'm her friend. My name is this favor? I'm one off the Afro Latino If you use any of the events for counseling. Yeah, that they got anything going on right now? Actually, a picture to send back the night. Yeah, I think I have something happening. Three card. You're probably started. I have like, I want Teo wasn't, in fact, one of them, But it was part of help sensitive, and they were basically doing testing for HIV was like, okay, because they got too. So I went I found on my side. Yeah. What do you think it was? You? Did you? Yeah. Like last year. We did a chili cook off there. I love you. I love you. Do you are doing the cooking competition this time, but it will be a chili cook off. Okay. Have you guys seen chop? Yeah, I love that. It was gonna be They actually did. Like four country edition of child. We're gonna have a table off all ingredients and stuff you have in the country and you have free reign to come up with. So what do you want to call you so you can make anything I'm doing, You know, whatever spring interns for scary literary magazine. And I have the time of today being invisible. And I love my cure. Yeah. Thank you. Want patrons? Very guys. You have always here cars and spends what you've given us. He's let me be my shy, but so what So much love Wait, Wait of rights with a minor and fire. Sorry, I was creative writing, but I mean, it is friend of the arts to writhe like and drove by creative writing. Why did you free will. Okay, let me live. Just like this may seem like a really good reason. But what happened was right, right? I took I took a semester off after I graduated from LaGuardia. Within associates, in business at me. So I was sick of school. I had senioritis, so I took a semester off and I applied like a little late. So all the other colleges were already done with their admissions. Then leave. It was the only one that was like taking late registration. So I find the lead on here and we're happy to have you. Yes. That's a powerful one of all I wish they had the major I wanted. Like, whatthe college would be a lot more enjoyable if I was doing what I was actually passive, which is Yeah, I want to fly planes. I want to fly business jets, specifically patient management. They wear it because you think I feel a little bad. Move over. Could you wait? That happens when you write sounds. Thanks. Well, and what, you want to have it happen? So few, I guess. But when I dropped it and never split, so should I just wait here? Okay, so my major here is professional writing, which is basically English, but professional writers like business except writing form and dramatic and grabber. So I chose that because I have a degree in business administration and those two are related. I chose Liam Aaron because I need it to transfer from city. So I could like it's just further education for writing. And then because I needed more science classes and Reggie Bree was in the greens that it was the only school accepting that was afraid to see hunter or city was going. OK, wait. I'm gonna be in school to understand that I didn't make a lot of friends in prison by using different sorts. Two more semesters. This's dig, too. So it's kind of hard to get to know people and everyone sprawled out across the way. And it is not is that was friendly either. Unless you tears. Yeah, friends like you told me, when you turn like the clubs or like you know, when you have classes with people who are a sociable, you then begin to make friends with it. Otherwise, everybody just is on that mentality. Just go to school, take it, pass it and go straight home afterwards. Don't speak to nobody looking at me, but that can actually do you wrong because that that could be like your ultimate failure. When it comes to like, you know, things like networking because you don't know anybody you're not going to know you're not gonna have references. First of all, you're not going to know of any other job opportunities either, Like everyone likes, you know, everyone. Let's talk about this idea of being self made and they never need anybody. But at the end of the day, somebody gotta accept you into a certain job for you to be even you for. You don't even have that job in the first place. So it doesn't matter how many times you don't need people. You're going to need someone. door life. Dorm life. I wouldn't know what that's like. We don't have dorms there. Everyone confused to school. For the most part, it's pretty. Um, it's not bad. Like I said, a lot of people are like what other people have said before. A lot of people, they kind of just because they don't really feel any connection to school, they just go to class and go home, go to work, go to class, go to class, go to work, go to class. But we're going home. Good working class. Go home. Whatever. So, yeah. So the only way to I feel like a part of the campus is if you get involved, you join a club or something. Even if you see an event like sometimes I know from experience. Before I joined a club before I made friends, I'd see an event and think, Oh, that looks really fun. That looks really interesting. What I will lose. All right. I'll have a friends. I don't want to go. I don't have any friends. I'm extremely introverted. I don't want to go out with those so that I missed out because I'm too. I was too scared or too shy to go and enduring myself. So, like sometimes like especially if isn't event on the quad, I would just pass by e, maybe take a few pictures just, like stared down wistfully. Everybody, um, definitely. If you want to have fun and enjoy the campus, make friends. This is actually like a recurring theme, but everyone says the only way to really enjoy yourself here is if you get him off to join a club. Like a lot of people here, they don't even know the mascot way do have a lot of options, but sports is in a big being here. I think that's it because my arm is tired. So this is the outside the main entrance of the music. Really? They're undergoing renovation right now, so I can't really show the holding. This is where they have music classes. I had a film scoring class in here with Professor Michael Regan. Yeah, well, I was about to say, Come and pick. You know what his name is? Kevin Bacon is back there. Michael Weekend. His brother and I want to get mixed up. Oh, yeah. Had film starring classes with him here. I didn't learn how to score films, but we learned like history of him scoring. It's a little more iconic films like Joyce and how they can really set the tone for honor. Societies usually have their induction ceremonies in the faculty dining room when it's not being used. Students seriously, just hang out there and eat theirs. I'm going there right now. Um, also on the third floor. There's a band rehearsal room with a balcony with a fireplace and a grand piano is a pretty big room. Some sometimes events held them there, too. When I got inducted into five Beta Kappa Way had the induction ceremony in the rehearsal obscura. That's the literature and arts magazin here at Lehman. They usually have their annual lunch party at the end of every spring semester on third floor. In that room, Another club I know has that has been there is double doors Army. If you're a Harry Potter fan, you'LL definitely want to join that. They look like they have a lot of fun Every year in the winter, they have a winter ball there. I went once because I was friends with members of Uninvited s O. That's something for the foreword to O my arms are my Wait here. I'm here about this and I want something way. Come here. Waking up right now. Wait. I mean, bacteria are posted outside on this thing. Enjoy the sun. So this is where my friends and I said, sometimes if it's a nice sunny day if the caps areas to pull are we just want to enjoy the weather and that table there. I think this was another one. The one with the umbrella right there and has charging ports. Charging your phone is always employed. Here you go. This is the band. Rehearsal was usually locked. If it's not being used, I guess practice about starter. Just finished this open locally. Here is about you. Please looks very engine. That's important teaching your set up here with See, these classes are very big performing arts classes. There's only about ten pianos here and not with your professor. No, I know they also have some, like private rehearsal rooms. So I guess if you have a fear of music student and you have some sort of exam coming up, you can reserve time in the room. Teo, practice before the exam, I got guests like not everyone would have of keyboard or something. And over to practice on. So that's really cool. I heard some music coming from this room earlier, and he looks like, really focused. I don't want to bother the guy in there, so I'm gonna be a creep and hope I don't get cut. If I do, you're not gonna see this. Okay, so leave. When college is in the Bronx. Here in New York City, everywhere is like a bus stop or a train ride away. So if you don't feel like getting something at the cafeteria, you can just, like leave campus. And there's a bunch of places like across the street or around the corner down the road. I know there's a Dunkin Donuts. There is a subway that's a panda express. You walk a little further or get on the four train at Kingsbridge and take it out. Get off one stop later. Fordham Road. If you've never been to New York or you don't know trains, I'm probably speaking anything but English to you right now. But, yeah, there's a lot of offense for them, really is a lot more food options They have Popeye. There's another London doughnuts. There's, um, clothing store is like champion and model, we know. Is there a champion ism? O'Dell's. There are other places that I probably forgot here. I've been here all day. I'm hungry. I don't want cafeteria food. There's not a lot of variety is not bad food, but you don't want the same thing every day, so I'm probably going to stop by not doing anything, Treat myself to it. Doing it. Andi? Yeah. Even though leaving is nice and green were still in a very urban area. So you're not gonna get the same nice, lush greenery outside of going to see that we're never in here. You're not gonna get roses. There's a flower shop right behind me. So there's kind of irony, but there are no roses on things. So rude is on display. We're gonna walk to Ford. I'm afraid of getting people walk through the park. Yet campus is also this really cool. Maxwell St James, First St James. So the very first time I came, this park was like I was like, this very *** off. I'm going to say about something that happened at school. And so I came here to relax. This is where I can you for the very first time like this, walk around and take pictures of squirrels. I called myself down Train train train never fails, so I walks for Booth college students. Wait. Wakanda? Yes. That stuff so often with you that way. Thank you for waiting. I'm trying to get way that corner booth on. That's it. That's a your own Fordham way. Boredom, Boredom Plaza, Fordham Road. Picture on that. You have time to like a lot of time to go to maybe ten minute walk slowly. We have a lot of time to kill. You just walk around and shopping Explorer. Well, right now, I am in the speech and theatre building. I took a screenwriting class and a playwriting class in here. I know they also teach, like stage production and lighting and things like that. They also have speech and language pathology classes in here. Oh, it's Yeah. We also have a performing a performing arts theater, and they're called eleven. Just dinner. What it's for actually went that people off campus can come to a swell. So we have dance concerts and concerts. They have concerts and poetry jams on DH dance recitals and what not? And there's was not open right now, but I wanna show you through the door stages that boy to find out little I'm going to be happening. The box office. Just take it entrance to wait. Wait. I was right. Wait, wait. Classrooms are kind of small because, like, theater filaments is liberal arts college. But those are the most popular. So I guess that's why the classroom this way? No. Hey, waiter Vera had an open mic night here in the booth. Had a lot of people, but more that way in this speech and theater building here. In this way, also have a speech and hearing center for anyone make any students or any students who have cancer way have a speech impediment or hearing impediments from this corner is the theater lab. I had my screenwriting clashing here, but I think they also have acting classes and dance classes in here. I hear voices inside. I guess they're having a ballet class or something right now. I was right. Okay. This is one of my favorite places on campus, the art gallery. I don't know why I was bringing. It just feels Stop. Yeah, um, closes the art gallery. I just like it because there's something calling peaceful. Yvonne and I essentially creativity, which is why I majored in English and joined of Syria. I'm just going to show you around our calorie. It's made from a credit card with cruel. And since it's an open Campbells again, when can come in just of you and appreciate that who that's really that's really cool love like art. It's a big part of our culture here in the Bronx that swell from yards. Hm. The art gallery. They do different exhibitions every once in a while. Right now, the current exhibit they're doing is like everything is related to money, and I think it's really cool. Everything is made out of money. I I already showed they had, like, a little *** roots. I was being out of a credit card, you know, they have, like, little money. But er five, the school giant, she is Carrie having fun with the case here, and our talent is also where they hold? Um, they're in the art gallery is also where they hold award ceremonies for English Major that the end of the spring semester. Every year they will be English. Yeah, just English. Or neither would have English day. They have yesterday when English honor students, they complete their senior thesis and they give a presentation. And when they're done with the presentation, they come here and they have taken English word, sir. Money. They have essay writing, contest and stuff. And you come here. This is where they congratulate the winner and people who get scholarships, people. And at the end of the ceremony, the English honors majors. They get a certificate for congratulate them for completing the program. I can't find the button again. I pulled out my anybody tripod, That's my arm. Got tired. Uh, okay, so we're gonna talk about dorms, so even is not a traditional college campus. We don't have dorms here. Everyone goes to school here, take the train or the bus or the drive here. They live somewhere off campus. A lot of people I know going to school there. They still live with family. They have family live here. If you want to go here, I think you know it would be a good time. Tio. Reconnect with any family have living in New York. I currently live with my aunt and uncle in the Bronx, and I commute here bythe four drain. The closest reigns here are the D train and fortune. A lot of students, people of all shapes and sizes and ages come here. A lot of people here have jobs and they have a family and kids and things. A lot of people I think I'm not sharing. Collecting goes with traditional college, but I think a lot of them, but their life on hold and everything stuff so they can go to school here. You don't really have to do that. Just little school wear, taking classes going. A lot of people, that's all they do. They just go to class and think, Ooh, I do like that like you're not really separated from everything that's going on while you still exist outside of school while you're going to school. In a sense, I guess I do kind of feel like I missed out on a dumbwaiter part of the college experience. I know a lot of people have, like roommate horror stories from stuff for if they live somewhere off campus, relates in their apartment. Whatever. I would have liked that have that experience. I also really like meeting new people, but at the same time, I don't know. It's kind of a bittersweet feeling that I didn't have to deal with a door. I do still kind of wishing for something that I experience at least a little Needles. CoxNet Super now Super Also opinions with his own network of the people of the Bronx, Bronx. That television. Bronx net dot tv at Bronx. Net TV on instagram In the Web, you can produce your own show on your network. Bronx Net at Lehman College. Yeah, you. Yeah, well, actually, we're not Street artist zero one, the intern here last year. But I see the cameras and put everything is tucked away, right? We're doing some work in here setting up the lights, but when everybody's in here working on a production, it's exciting thing to behold. How was your internship experience? You have good. Everyone was friendly. I was, I think the camera person and I did the floor manager thing once. Well, welcome back. Thank you. Always have a home here at rocks. That TV You way out of Carmen. Way out of the building. I ran into one of the guys who own Bronx Net. They do use based on the bronze. They invited me into the studio to do a little tour of the studio. I forgot to mention that is in the lower level area in the cellar of Carmen. Uh, if you're interested in Fillmore journalism. That's a good place to go for an internship. I interned there last year for about minutes. Yeah, intern there last year for about semester. They're really fun and friendly. You can turn there if you're interested in Fillmore journalism. It's good experience on there. Really easy going and friendly is a good place to