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Thinking about Fashion Institute of Technology and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Fashion Institute of Technology in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Fashion Institute of Technology’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Fashion Institute of Technology, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Fashion Institute of Technology experience. These Fashion Institute of Technology video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hi guys. So I'm still just hanging out here in my dorm room. But I was thinking of other things that they wanted to talk about. Another thing I thought of that I've had a problem with in the past, for sure as well as a lot of my friends and other people go to school at that. I just talked to you about it is the fact people not taking you seriously when you say you go to the Fashion Institute of Technology because it's a fashion school? Yeah, I have definitely had my fair share of people saying fashion. You're going school for fashion. Is that a thing? Um, I don't think people realize that A the fashion industry is a booming industry, and it has so much like potential. But also just because you go Teo if I t doesn't necessarily mean you need to go into the fashion industry. I know people who are interesting going into, like the fitness industry or food industry or, like advertising or marketing for some other interests, stain like industry that they like or even like. There's toy design, even go into the toy industry. There's so many different things that you could do from F I t that people don't realize because most the time people here f I t fashion it's too. And they think you're going here to design clothes, and that's what you want, Teo. But she asked, There are a lot of design, Major's, and they are amazingly talented. I could never like amount to what they do. But just because you go here doesn't mean you're a designer and it doesn't mean that you're necessarily going into the fashion industry. And if you are, that is great because that's what I'm interested, interested in two. And if you are, then that's great. And there's so much potential in that industry that people don't realize. And I think it's just something that you can't let people hold you back. And just because they don't understand doesn't mean that you should let her get to you. Just take it with a grain of salt and, you know, one day they'll realize when you have a job and they're like, That's not what I thought you were doing. But yeah, and if people say D'oh oh, I hope one day I'll be wearing your clothes and you're coming here for, like, advertising. Just say yeah, maybe one day, because I get that all the time. So, yeah, just something I thought I'd mentioned because I dealt with it and a lot of other people dio and it can get annoying, but just don't let it get to you. People don't mean any harm. Okay, so I'm outside right now in front of campus with my friend Ashley. And so tell us a little bit about yourself. Okay? So my name's Ashley. I'm currently a senior at some graduating in May. I'm doing advertising and marketing communications. And ideally, you want to be having, like, a marketing job for either fitness company or like a fashion related company after I got it. Super cool. So what made you decide, Tio? Come to F I t Well, I really like Towelie. Everyone has a different style here. I thought it was really unique because, like another traditional college campuses, like everyone's the same when they dressed sweat, sweat, hand sweatshirt. But here everyone has completed. Ciao. Whether it's like it will just all black like just crazy out there things. But it's definitely always interesting. Yeah, for sure. So what's something like? What's your favorite thing about campus? My favorite thing about campus, I would say like you never know what you're going to meet. I have friends that are in design that could do, like, the craziest things. And I'm a business major. So for me, like that's that's so not my thing. But, uh, if I find that interesting is you never know who you're gonna meet. And there's so many different people in different majors and weigh all come together and make something really need. So, uh, so what's something that you don't really like? About half a tear? The campus, um, something that I don't really like about a tea. I think that the college, like, sometimes I wish that I went to more of, like, a traditional college, like my sister goes defense t um and here, obviously that's not not seen, but the benefits of coming here is that you can learn to be so independent. Campus is like this New York City. This is like my campus entire thing. So you learn to be more unique. Sound like so many internships, which I feel like I'm gonna help me when I actually get an actual job. Um, and it just prepares you so much more from future. So I would definitely recommend anyone who's thinking about Morning, guys. I mean story how? Walking past all construction in front of my door. It's a really easy walk, like like I said earlier, like about ten minutes less if you walk really fast. But something I forgot to mention that's really nice about Paul is that there is a shuttle that goes between coffin. And so if you ever feel like walking before wanna take a shuttle? Bad weather. You can either call it or sometimes will be waiting outside. What's really nice about it is you call it any time, any day, weekends, anything. So even if you're at school really late our weekend, whatever you call it here in college I'd be back safely. So yeah, I'll talk to you really scored. Okay, I feel I'm in the dining hall right now, which is super busy. Come, it's lunchtime. Here's Ashley. And so, basically, the dining hall is set up into different stations, so they have, like a salmon station, a Vedic and vegetarian station, burger station breakfast station salad, sushi, like pretty much anything. You could make up really good on you. Um, if you live in the freshman, our chance for storms, you have to have a meal plan. But if you have a kitchen in your dorm, you don't have to. But the mail pants are really good, like, get a lot of them for what you pay for them. And then they have like extra things like yogurt and stuff and like ice cream bars that aren't part of the meal plan. But you can add as extras. And then you could see, like the line is super Long night now, Tio by lunch, and then if you keep going this way. But we're actually, if you keep doing that site, here is the dining hall. Bert. Everyone is like eating lunch. It's really big experience. You can always find room to get here and then across that way is Starbucks. So if that's really popular, like in between classes or when people have free, they like come down to get Starbucks and bring it back to the classroom yet really, really nice time call. This is the only one that thinks he has, but it has like everything you could Hi guys. So I already gave you a tour of my room. But I figured I would give you a tour of the hallway that is the same on each floor here in Kaufman since I'm walking to the trash room anyway, isn't it's at the end. Just a word. Karen slightly closed behind me is that it doesn't. Time to go. The my room is right in front of the elevators, which is really nice and many alignment of rush and things. But if we keep going down all the way, there's a trash room. So just passing all these over dorm rooms most there. And at the end of each under hall is also doorway to the stairs if you want to walk instead of taking. Recycling mints because officially was really big on recycling. Yeah, definitely advocate. And then now I'm just going back down to my room and on the other side of the hall the other end. They're just stares that and there's not a mother the trash room. So everyone has to go down that one, which can be pretty inconvenient, I guess if you're on the other side of the hall, but I'm writing my low, so it's a problem, but yeah. Hi, I So Ashley and I are in the basement right now. I didn't say earlier, but she's my roommates. That's how you know each other. That's harborfront. So we're in the basement, which is where everyone's mailboxes are. So every person that living Kaufman Hall against our own mailbox. So if you get letters, that's where they go. But if you get packages and down that hallway is a mail room and you have to pick it up there. And then if we keep going right here, is being work. Study room, Jim Maris just tables and then Kat boards for, like, design students or whatever. And then here's the computer lab, which is a bunch of computers. If you want to work together with people on computers, not use your own, it is also a table in there to just set. Um, and then you're going down the hallway. There's the fitness center, which it's me man over here is the laundry where in which we're gonna go and have to pick up. Yeah, here, A bunch of washers and dryers in here, so there's never a problem finding one. If you need to do laundry, it's really easy. And when you get in here, this is the same for all the dorms. Get a laundry card that you just refill it. And then when Aries your laundry, it's a dollar, twenty five, a washer and a dollars twenty five tires, so it's really easy. My guy. So I'm just hanging out at my dorm right now. I'm all done with classes for the day. Yeah, I figured I would take this time to talk about little more of, like, a touchy subject with anxiety, which is the stereotype that it can get. Sometimes I have heard people say that they hear sometimes bad things about authority about the people that go here, that they're really stuck up, really cliquey or can be really mean. I do not think that is the case at all from my experience. This is my third year here, and everyone I meet is so friendly, so nice. People are so like encouraging of each other gas. It's competitive because just the environment in the industry itself, that lot of people are going into is very competitive. But people are really supportive of each other and really friendly get, Oh, everyone wants to get to know each other. And I've never had a problem with anyone being mean or not wanting to talk to me. You're excluding me. And I think if I cheat gets a bad rap for that sometimes which is totally untrue. And I think that if you've heard that your interest in coming here. Don't let it hold you back. I remember when I first applied and I heard that I just kind of kept it in the back of my head. I didn't let it stop me. I'm so happy that I didn't because I think coming here was one of the best decisions I ever made. And I'm so happy that I didn't let that get in the way of that. So yeah, definitely Don't. Don't let that get to your head. It's such a great school. And the people here are so great you're going to make so many friends, I Okay, so I'm currently walking outside of campus. Right here is like what you would consider our Claude, not a typical college campus, so I don't really have, like, a Green Claude or anything like that. But when it gets really nice out, this is where a lot of people hang out in between classes, eat lunch with their friends, and it's a lot of fun. It's like a big area, and then it's also where on Thursday is when it gets nice out. We have local like vendors come and sell different things and it's really close part of campus and you can see right there is our last shot. Hi, I So it's super raining gross out this morning, so I'm waiting for the shuttle to come so I can take it to school. So I figure in the meantime, I'm getting ready. It's a perfect time to give you a little more information about it. So, like I said, it is raining out. F I t is in New York City, so we do experience all four seasons really. Usually brutal cold wind turbines, a lot of snow. But at least being in the city, they're really good about, like snow management and pick up. So it's really never problem what it's like Armagh commute unless it's a really bad winter storm. And then most things air closed anyways, like school would be closed on DH. Then it does like we have spring. So right now it's like kind of Aryan off winter into the rainy season. Kind of like going back and forth start to get warmer. And then summer's really hot here, then starts to cool down and then we get to the brutal Winter Games. So it's kind of always changing the weather here and always very different because we experience all four seasons to like their highest potential. And yeah, but I really like that because I like experiencing all the different seasons, Mike, the different fashion that goes. Love that obviously, since our fashion student. But you know, it's really nice then, like I said, rainy days like this, I'm waiting for the shuttle comes for me. I have to walk, man, which