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Thinking about Carnegie Mellon University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Carnegie Mellon University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Carnegie Mellon University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Carnegie Mellon University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Carnegie Mellon University experience. These Carnegie Mellon University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So Vicksburg, in general is a crazy to live in. And I'm a fantasy, like working out running outside, etcetera, etcetera and one thing that will be blessed to have this huge thing. Call the Shanley Plaza like Sandy Park. It's one of the largest national parks in North America, and it's like a bunch of niggers like Untouched Mother Earth. And it's beautiful stride by campus. So all this thing on the right, it goes, chief like Acres. It's essentially like forest in the middle of the city and its beautiful like this. There's a golf course, ice skating ring, tennis courts, basketball course, baseball fields. What not. There's the largest Ah, full glass conservatory called Phipps. It's also right here and then it's just overall, a great place to be in. Well, like when you do stuff reflection. I'll just sit by myself, get away from the crowd. You can't see quite well, but what? Walking what we're walking towards something called defense. And it's actually the longest tradition that's been on campus. It's essentially a billboard on campus that keeps switching up everyday. What students do is they can paint this fence only between the hours of midnight and six AM, not a minute before. Not a minute after and essentially every day. There's a new thing being on the fence, and people advertise the clubs or advantage, etcetera, etcetera and fun. Fact. It actually holds the record for the most hated object in the universe right now, and it's pretty cool space. But fun fact being that back in the old days, it used to be the meeting point between the boy's school on the girl's school at Carnegie Mellon. Hi. Twenty six on Carnegie Mellon always bumped up. It's a CNN. It's a documentary. So in the center, the CS Building, there's something called the helix, and it's this little twisty thing that goes around the center area that has costumes in it, and you can walk all the way down to the first floor and two different floors, and now I'm walking down it right now, but I usually don't. I really hate this key looks because what happens is you never know when you're supposed to get off. Like, I think the first time I walked on this, I walked all the way down and, like I didn't know how to get out and I was like, stuck in here is really, really tragic. No, like there's actually classrooms in this center of this shit bricks. So I'm basically walking in this giant Spiro, and it's super inefficient, super terrible. For the most part, nobody really walks. Sound these because it's not fun. But what people have done is a sat on a swivel chair and race each other from the top all the way down two clicks. It's just a cool piece What's up? What's up? My name is Jake Nadia and I am a current senior studying architecture at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. B A. I'm also doing, in addition, minor in business studies on loving everything but academics. Funny coming from someone who goes to Carnegie Mellon on campus. My involvement include I am a member of Greek life. I'm also the co founder ofthe x E M U, and I'm currently serving as their president herder in a row. I'm also on the core team off dead ex Pittsburgh Assar innovation curator and serve as an ambassador for Carnegie Mellon. And I am so excited to show you around campus on all the fun things that do in Krisberg. Trust me, it's the best city to be. Hey, so many years on my commute to go get breakfast. So behind me here is my dorm building, not a bicycle. And it is also fall. So it looks absolutely beautiful outside this behind me here is Donner House. So this is Ahh, Freshman dorm. It's coed, and it's pretty cool. It's big and blue And where the big blue whale anyway? So let me show you where I'm walking too. So there's this beautiful tree outside of Donna that changes color. Um, so I'm from Miami. So this is, like one of my first fall experiences. It was really cool watching the leaves change color and everything, but definitely loving it. Um, yeah, you see the big blue behind me. That's Donner. It's one of my favorite for housing, actually, because of how much character has and the whole thing there. And whales love whales. But let me show you what All right, so we made it to the exchange, and this is my favorite place to eat on campus. It's in the top of building, and they've got some really nice deli food, and they're really, really good breakfast sandwich, so and I usually just order the same sandwich every single morning. Thank you. Right, something new, something Camille blocks on, basically different options, like a fucking sandwich comes with a side of drink, and that is exactly what The building and walking towards. Right now, it's called Baker Hall. It's one of the oldest buildings on campus and why I really love that. Billings cause the full quarters actually slanted. It's not straight like a night in this woman around. I used to get rolling. Turner just rolled on the corridor and, trust me, it is so much fun on throwing a pedes on your hand motion from McDonald's. It's match me and haven't pretty much All right, Let's hop in. A classic Super quiet. I love the space. I think that's one thing I dislike. It's just still quiet, and I don't like white spaces in general. Pretty fun spaces, He slammed a car door. Campus is a bunch of rooms like these physical media room's media clusters, and they have a bunch of Windows Lennox are Max even pick and choose the operating system you want to use kind of super helpful. I even have, like classic phones. If you want a nice cancel that noise out, more than happy to do it. And the wife is incredible. Like I stream Netflix Sonic HD. No buffering down Kika bites what stuff? Within seconds. Hey, guys. Good morning. So it's Thursday morning, and I just came back from my calculus recitation, so those things aren't really mandatory. Sometimes it depends on the class. So I just dropped in, adult off my homework, and I'm back in my room. I just came to grab the camera so I could take you guys around campus. So the first time we do something, go grab breakfast, some one of my favorite spots, and I just want to tell you a little bit about the camera that I got. So see me, actually, is this really cool? Like lend policy for electronics where you could go to the library and check out cameras and other equipment, just like you check out a book, so yeah. Okay, So here we are. This lovely, lovely dorm room could see it's actually quite big and large. This is my bed. Like a little boat poster. My Dega, Mickey ears like that. My desk. It's covered with stuff, as always. I'm doing a project on Abstract Expressionism. Cynic. Seven books there. Um, so, yeah. Uh, there, Samir. Here. Hey, what up, girl? Okay, here's my closet. So my closet is actually pretty big. Have a curtain over it to make the room feel bigger. But it's actually quite a big closet. Yeah, like we got pretty blessed. Honestly, this is the dorm. Much that everyone wants to be in. It's a freshman dorm. There's a drying rack. Oh, there's my roomies closet. Grace, she's not home right now. Come on. We got another meeting on the back of the store. We have lost the mirrors were just very vain. People here's her desk in her bed. She hasn't want to make up Come in her cute while art and yeah, um, so you can rent a micro first unit through the university, but we actually have our own. Like I got this fridge for, like, fifty bucks from my friend. I'll also use that. And then she got the microwave. Um, find it. We have a cute little crate with a cure and our little plates. And so where we have a big bowlful of curing cups because we'll never use it because we wake up too late and then for some reason, we have, like, five hundred chopsticks. Like I genuinely I don't know why we have five hundred six. His dark outside right now seem probably can't see it. But you get this cute little courtyard view. There's a playground back there. And that pathway leads to one of the newest billions on campus, that temper quad, which I'll probably walking us through later in the week. So I absolutely love living here much. It is a great dorm. I look so, so, so, so much. It's not airconditioned. And Pittsburgh weather is weird. So, like, it was really, really, really hot the first two weeks here. And then I got cold again, and then it got hot again. So we kind of got these fans going twenty four seven. Um, there's only one freshman dorm. I think that has a sea here on campus and honestly, like it sucks, but we'll get by. It's fine. It's not a huge deal. I highly recommend choosing your dorm based on other things like I chose much just because Wei have like the biggest rooms and you can tell my room is actually pretty huge for a college dorm. That's awesome. One thing we also have is Sweet Stiles. Here, I'll show you one thing about this from It's amazing. It's our sweet stuff bathroom. So there's two rooms, four girls total and we share one bathroom. It's not bad. Got a cute, little like cards over stuff on it. Here's the bathroom. I'm in the shower. It's not bad. I mean, we all share for sure. One bathroom, much, much more spread of any other option was like a floor bathroom. If you decide to come here, definitely look at much. Just one of the best storms ever. I'll probably take a bigger dorm tour later because I love it. And we have a courtyard in a koi pond with coefficient and we have a balcony with the hammock, and it's just very, very cool. It's an old renovated mansion. It's also supposed to be haunted, but I don't know. I haven't seen a ghost We're going to the underground, which is only a short walk away from art. It's one of the places this, like, the only place on campus that closes it to and closes at two in the morning. So we all go there for lately. So you both were working at the hut library now? Really? There are twenty four seven. Exciting. We're not what this is. No, we're not like the woman who works there, right? Hey, three. Is that road work? You're hoping died, okay. Hey, hey! Yeah. Just just be like, Okay? Where you at? Right now? Underground. Underground. We love underground. What? Do you love us? Underground. I love how you like running like Tio. It's actually about lately. Like twelve. I've been here for, like, four. Oh, that's fantastic. Get Get that environment will change only, Please. Okay. I haven't gotten a It's a lot for me. Okay? I'm a little person. Get a killing door. Chocolate raspberry, cinnamon eyes. It will be like food. Oh, my God. Take it. Any other words of wisdom? What? He's going deep, really quick in life. Always on recognized that when you made a mistake back. It is every failure, your craft, more so that you're a human being and it's more an opportunity. Just snap your contract, your loans. I have an opportunity. You. I don't think I showed the sign. But here's the sign for the underground. It's down these stairs. It's literally underground. That's why they call it the underground Sabrina in Greece or running away from me. This is a dorm around us. This's more wood. Very nice, much better.