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Thinking about University of Rochester and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of Rochester in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of Rochester’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of Rochester, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of Rochester experience. These University of Rochester video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So this building right here is called wilson commons, and this is where one of our main dining halls is located. Mabel pit, that's dying holdout was talking about. We can use declining money, which, obviously you are currency. One great thing about this dining halls. They use wipes after eight pm until that tool, you could see this building, wilson commons and the pitch is located pretty much at the center of campus, so very accessible to any scenes who live on campus. So let me walk in to show you what they have inside the dining hall, all right. Yeah. Read it. No. Outside like chinese food also, please. Wait. Obsessional. Sometimes your very own start here, chester. Okay, so right now let me take you to like inside the library to check it out from inside. Let's go. Okay. Door off the president. Here we go. This is me and Prince. As you can see, sometimes we have events over here. No. The suits. One part of the library. It's called Q and I you. And here a couple of desks, computers, desks with computers. Desks without computers. Great. So you take you upstairs. Okay, So this is the second floor. These are too beautiful. State your status status. I can never do Englishmen. And these are the four treats off the president's off school. I think this was the first president. Second present, third. Four. So this is. So before I go into the dining halls and show you what they look like, I would like to talk about how meal plans working at the university. So here the University of Rochester, we have be special cards, which are used only for us keys into your building, also used for swiping into getting meals of different dining halls. So we have three different values. Three different currencies that say on these on these specific cards. So we have swipes which we use the dining hall. Such is Douglas and Danford. We can swipe to get a meal once. Why per meal? And we also have declining balances, which you can pay for at the pit, which is other dining hall that we have here on campus. Souls that is was declining and swipes. We have euros, another university roster currency that could be used almost anywhere around campus, especially at the market. We have hillside. We could buy snacks whenever you want to an off campus and college down. We go to the University of Russia, Bookstore approaches stuff using this card. So inside this building we have a Douglas dining hall. I believe it starts serving breakfast around seven AM That's very food about nine PM waiting. Also get late night snacks past midnight. Let's walk inside with dying. Looks like, Look into it, you'll be out. Kenshin getting through the options the place. Hey, everyone. My name is Taylor, based in life and I am her first year at the University of Rochester. Made during a business and political signs and also mining in history. Chinese Rahmati, Kazakhstan Bullets went to boarding school in California for the past two years. So welcome to campus. Riel here will talk to you about academics extra Kirk, Oh, titties and things regarding social white here at the university hopefully give you a general sense of what life is like for steam, like me at the University of Rochester. For any student applying to colleges right now, I know it's a hard time. That's why I'm trying to make these tours to answer as many questions as possible about what it's like being at this university and being at the university in general. So one thing I would like to be very honest about is that whether was actually not a factor that was considering when applied to this university. But I just want to say they hear Rochester the weather. It does get pretty intense. It snows a lot, and sometimes you don't really get much of the sun. So coming from California, that's actually quite a shock because I don't get to see that the sun is often, but the weather is manageable. Take gets around here to be Fahrenheit at the lowest. Yeah, I can't say whether it does get pretty intense here. It gets pretty cold. One great thing about the university that we have very developed, what we call the tunnel system. It's in order to avoid the coal. We have these tunnels to get around campus. You could see this law word around, and it's just great because I could get from all my classes through these tunnels without being in the cold to us. Amiable art work around most Seabees air just club announcements. For example, right here we have the announcement for the drug usually tells you dates, places school, because when you get to walk. These tunnels don't always know what's happening Right now I am in front the entrance of Eastman Theater and as intel on these posters behind me, there's lots of events. Almost one every weekend. I would say that you could get a ticket to and come chill out, see a performance. Now I'm an Eastman Theater. I'm going to show you Kodak Hall. This place is filled with beautiful twenties decor such as it was creepy little faces. Take it. Let's take a look inside. This is where we have rehearsals for orchestra and wind ensemble. Right on that stage and we perform about once a month. What a cool space. Hey, guys. My name's Ada and I am going to be your campus riel tour guide at University of Rochester for the next few days. I am from rural New York state, and I am a freshman at Rochester, majoring in international relations and history and mine during in East Asian Studies. So I am sitting out here in what passes for spring, whether in Rochester in April to show you the freshmen club, uh, one of the two places that freshman Khun lives. I can see all these buildings. And next I'm gonna take you guys inside and show So now I'm in the lobby. He's been theater balcony and right through the store and ups and stairs. I'm going to go theory class. As you can tell the decor ghost the nineteen twenty six so on me. My theory class just ended and everyone cleared out, so I thought I'd show you the room. This is E. T for twelve. For Eastman Theater. We played a tonal compositions that we composed, and it was very fun. So, classrooms like this, you can reserve online for rehearsals for your chamber ensemble or just for solo practice ticket your sound going in a bigger room, so definitely would recommend using that resource if your school or your future school has it very neat. Also, the format of my theory class is we have three days of section with Artie A. So more one on one about twelve people in my class. And then on Friday we have a lecture, including the legit Professor. And so that's a bigger class, and it's kind of big summary of new information we're learning. So I think that's a really effective way So now let's talk about housing here. The University of Rochester. We have two main areas or first years live. One them is the first year quad where I live and hearing all we have doing, such as Tiernan, Hoeing and Gilbert all three doors for first years. On other side of campus, we have another area first his live during such a Susan B. Anthony and Genesee halls. Jealousy is the newest form. They have you on campus della Show T in the second, and for sophomores, juniors and seniors, you have other opportunities for housing. Such is living off campus, living in apartments, off campus, living on campus, living on the fraternity dorms and also potentially renting a red, renting a house or an apartment off campus. And you're throwing a lot of you right now. But in the second, all make more sense. If I walked you through the dorms, walking some of some of the rooms in the dorms to show you around, well, housing looks like here at the University of Rochester. So just to give you a general idea, well, first, your housing looks like this is our Chris trick. Juan. So over here we have my dorm turning wherever. There we have Lovejoy, another dorm, which is not for first years, but for sophomores. But then over here we have going and Gilbert also both dorm for first years. Everything about this blood is actually, when it does get warm here in Rochester, these air some great social space and also study space. And people get to hang out outside. Blind the grass. Just enjoy the weather. Rochester. When it does get, it's right here. Don't inside the first year quad. Let me just take you to this century, but it looks like here's something always singles and doubles triples all round. We just walk into So this will. Why room? Looks like so. I actually live in the triple interior, and this is because I asked to be in triple S. Actually, I said that would be okay, fellas. Placement triple. But if you do apply, you don't have to be in the triple because they're also doubles and sometimes singles refreshment as well. Yeah, this one triple looks like Intern Hall pre much all these sissies you need for a dorm room. And in a bit, I'll show you what doubles and singles looks like another dorms as well. So, one thing absolutely. Look what your housing is that every single dorm is equipped to some sort of thirty or social space. So the dome I live in tears at first your door. We have a lot of lobsters and conference halls beyond deal on work or just hang out. So, for example, this is a team in conference where it is personally my favorite place to study, especially before exams, because there's not too many people here. And so literally ten seconds away from me, people always study. It's ninety. Currently, you can see. But there are always people study, which is great. Because on the wall have trouble do something and I can always ask for help. People that are around this is an example. Lounges look like and most dorm. So, for example, there's a lot of things in here. Mostly this is used as a social space. But besides, that is also a great place to study. This is why I love your housing, because every single dorm essentially has a similar lounge on pretty much every So we have Maddie right here to talk about the University of Rochester of Somatic. Won't you introduce yourself? I am a name is Matty Fordham. I myself more here. And I'm double majoring in theater in American sign language. Okay, so about the University of Rochester. How would you describe the student climate like student here at the university? I like the suit life here. Like it's a smallish school s, so it's always fun. Just go around weapon to friends in the library and the dining home. It's not too big, but you feel like you're completely lost. But he's like nice range of class sizes to meet a lot of people. And overall, I just really like how nice people are. Not everyone's like, too competitive, all just kind of trying friends. What about the academic climate like or well, I do to kind of not traditional major to the University of Rochester. Double humanity's. So for me, the workloads much bad. I like my small classes, but I've definitely been like a couple of lecture classes that have been a little bit more intense. So I can definitely see like when it can be overwhelming. But teachers here really dedicated to helping us do our best and make sure that we're prepared for things and not just kind of throwing us to the wolves. So would you stand there like the pros and cons of the universe getting brutally honest, brutally honest? Okay. Cons. Dining home. I didn't think the timing, Nels. Here I have the lowest possible meal plan that I can't have. And I use my kitchen to cook up for food because we don't like the food here. Pros I love like a lot of studies. Bases with library. Gleason. Eyes only were a lot of really good study. I like teachers presence. Really approachable. I don't feel like I should be scared. They make themselves available during office hours or emailing him if you're busy during office hours. Um, I like the size of university. Like I said, Not too big, not too small. I like special interest housing. I live in drama house. I'm just surrounded by but to your kids, and it's a really great time. Great. So is there anything that Mesa University unique? European makes university unique. We're like a more general like, Why'd you come to the university do you love Or because I was looking for somewhere to do in American Sign language, Major and the University of Rochester is one of the elite universities that offers a major, not just a minor certification in SL. So that was personally why came here. Also, like the deaf community surrounding Rochester's really, really cool to me. So that's kind of a new Shan server. That really is my university. It's awesome. So when we're question a final question, you could give a device your senior self. What would you say? Oh, my God. Don't stress so much. See, your year is just so stressful because you're applying to colleges. Greetings, your back when you're ready. But financially, it's just so much stress. But no matter what you do, it's all gonna turn out finding again. So I would just my advice to face him yourself. Just being relax a little bit, you know? It's all gonna be okay. That's great. Thank you for your time. Andy. Hey, Ben. Hey. So this is my roommate, Ben, and he will be talking about the University of Rochester. Said that. Watch. Introduce yourself. I've been I'm a first year student at the University of Rochester. I'm from town, right in the middle of Long Island, New York, And I chose the University of Rochester, mainly because I want to major in computer science. And this school offered me the greatest flexibility so I could combine computer science with any of my other interests. Great. So why won't you talk about the student life at the University of Rochester? The student life say, is mainly centered around academics. There are so many clubs that you can join on campus. For instance. I'm a part of the event here. So we played at basketball games. We play Williams. But I would say that most of the activities here are centered around academics. So what do you think about some of the pros and cons of the university? Well, it's cold. It's Rochester, New York. So we get snow like every other day. Yeah, no, but for the most part, I really love this school. To selling factor for me was how flexible there is. There's no jennet requirements except for a mandated writing class that you could petition out. But you could really do whatever you want in whatever combination you want. Ten. Get it. Get a degree. You could make your own degree. So anything that you're interested in you, Khun, you can pursue, right? So if you could give advice to your senior self, what would you say I would say Kind of take a chill pill. I guess academics aren't everything. Getting an A in the class isn't everything, because in the long run it's not all about grades. That's not what the college experience is necessarily about. It's about all the things in between. So it's going out there trying to things trying to classes. Get that really embody the college experience. I've been thank you for your time. Thank you. Since my friend will rather here he will be talking about the University of Rochester, so we'll watch it. Juice, asshole. Hi, I'm Will Levy. And I'm a psych major university. So wil, what do you think about the student climate of the university? I think here students were very inspired friendly, and there's a sense of inspiration being here because everyone work so hard. It's just kind of makes you want to record to make sense. So what do you think about the academic climate? Like the workload? The university? Um, workloads. Tough. They pushed us hard here, but I've never felt like it's too much to handle five Budget my time, non. I recommend that everyone else, if you do come here, that you put your time. And I think if you do that, things like that. So what do you think of some of the pros and cons of the university on cons? Major league, I'd say, is the weather and partly the location. But get used to the weather and you kind of it was like, Find a seat. Go towards it because it makes you go through. And as far as the city first, you may not like Mason kind underwhelming, but there really is a lot you discover over time. I feel like I'm students have found that so about the pros. How pros, just academics are great here. There's so much flexibility with the curriculum. The professors are all extremely qualified and they're all here to help you and everything you need whenever you need. It never felt like I was. I ran out of resources to excel here. So what was the reason why you came to this university? I came to this university because one, the Rochester curriculum is excellent, and it allows me to study what I want in great amounts about having to be like over encumbered by Jennette's and also just because there's so much like research opportunity here as a psych major, I can easily go on be part of research if I want to, and not just the the curriculum itself. But just the quality of academic see. Like I said, for professors are excellent. Every course have taken is excellent. This has been a good experience. That so your advice to your senior self, What would you say, my senior self I would say take my time in picking which car Plus I made the right decision. But always be careful. And if you do, you feel right for you. Visit a river you're looking at. Just keep investigating, cause that's usually a good feeling. I like it. It's a helpful feeling when you have the connection to Are you looking at them makes anything.