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Thinking about Lehigh University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Lehigh University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Lehigh University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Lehigh University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Lehigh University experience. These Lehigh University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Anna Hollander

New York, Journalism & Communications, Music, Music Industry, Class of 2018


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London, Marketing, Class of 2021


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Hawaii, Undecided, Class of 2021



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There is. Hey, Tony. We're making a video, Vala. Just like to be a Lehigh student. Really? Any words of wisdom? I'll just enjoy life, Have a good time. That's good. Good veggie sandwich. Yes, we have a little problem like a hero. He knew. And I want one melted to Yes, please. What do you think? Um, can I get problems? Great. So far today, always a good day. Go, You can't go around. From Twitter. As you walk over right over there across the street P one. And if you come here, you have to go visit Lulu after a night out to get a fat chicken. It's the craziest sandwich in the world. It's got chicken fingers, french fries, uh, mozzarella sticks all in one, and there's bread involved. It's kind of ridiculous that across the street is, uh, Molly's. One of the bars. People will go, Teo, here's your job, which is a great Indian restaurant. Over there is La Lupita. Some Mexican on here. Oh, so I mean, you can really see how they do have some awesome places to go within like a block of campus Young. I'm so excited. Work. It's such a fun diner. All right, so I haven't introduced you. Hi, I'm Sam Scott. Yet I am. The girls love it all, Griffin, which is tthe e r A. Of Lehigh. Um, I am a senior of studying behavioral neuroscience on the pre med track. I have a psychology and each mess. Minor. Um, see. I mean, what you're involved in? I have been a member of S O, which is the Association of Soon Alumni. Since I was a first year, I was on the exact Borders director membership last year. And I am the director of Philanthropy this year. I am a member of NAMBY National Lines. Mental illness on campus. Um, I I'm a member of Blue AMSA, Lehigh University, American Medical Student Association. I am also a member of a Greek chapter on campus off AFI, um and No, I'm sure there's something else and missing, but I told her for now. Then why did you choose Lehigh? You chose Lee High because of the amazing alumni network. Amazing opportunities. They have a beautiful campus. I swear to God, I'm on hog words. Campus half the time, and it's two hours from my Here we are. For a nice room. What? Yes, Teo, a year a couple weeks ago. And they really love it. And I'm like, all settled their home. I are on the wall on stuff, Yeah. For you. So like I said before, Lindemann is definitely the less intimidating library. It's a little bit more of a laugh. Hello, this room. Now we're about to walk into the most beautiful room. And straight above. It's what we call the return. Which is the ceiling I three and Oh, instead of your, um and then the floor is just and there are little. Each of you continue working, and then also, if you could side of the library, they have long desks with land. Got a good first step. Over there is the printing section. So the cool thing about this studio is that everything is set up. Um, so all you have to do is hook in a flash. Strike one studio, Uh, I would always recommend bringing your own flash drive just because sometimes they can get a little bit. So it's good tohave Sacha. But I just and automatically all the lights came on and this screen came on, and you just press that button in. So this is one part of the studio. It's great for doing interviews to make videos, look super professional. And then on this set of camera, you can draw on that board and the lights come on. And the cool thing is, you draw how it would look normal for you, and then the camera flips it. So let's do a Little Pepper So you guys can Okay, guys. So we've reached a really beautiful view of the main center of campus, so I'm just going to give you a little panel and tell you what each buildings are, um, right in ahead of us. That's where our president lives. President Simon is the man. He is a close instagram. And I think the trademark of whether or not you've been successful during your time at Lehigh is whether or not you've made it on his in stuff. Um, directly next to that is the admissions building covered in ivory. Those were the best. Sure, what time? But sounds pretty. And they come from this building here, which is the university Center, which has to dining options in its upper court Lower coat. One is buffet style, and the other is little eateries that you can pay for with meal swipes, dining dollars or gold Plus. Definitely got the two twenty five block if you come here. Um, that's more than enough, and it's super flexible. If you got the unlimited, you can't pay at other places on campus with Neil Swipes. So definitely turning to twenty five. Um, over here, we have straight ahead. That's the library. That's Linderman, the one that's insanely beautiful, so will definitely take a peek in there. Here's just the front lawn. In the warm weather, tons of people will be hanging out, playing Frisbee, doing work, sitting in chairs, um, just enjoying themselves. There will be concerts on the front lawn sometimes, um, or events like tons of Greek houses will do there. They'll have their philanthropy event on the front lawn because there's a lot of foot traffic. And then that building with the Red Room is our chapel, which is also really, really beautiful inside. Hurry. So, um, let's head into Lindemann. Hey, guys. So we've made it to Barrington Square, which used to be called Campus Square. So I think a lot of people still call it that. Um, but anyways, here's what you're gonna have to mail center bookstore. We could buy Cooley high gear. There's Johnny's, which is an awesome bagel breakfast shot. I love to get breakfast. Most amazing cup of coffee on campus. You've got to try. The Colombian is to die for. But yeah. So I figured I could take you around a little bit. What's up? I'm making a video about Lehigh. Yeah. Do you wanna? It's for high school students who are looking to tour. What's your favorite part about going here? You know, I always Yeah, you like that I thought while we were in the one button studio, I could talk to you guys about my experience at Lehigh and give you a little bit of the insights that I learned during my four years here. I wanted to show you guys as objective of, uh, viewpoint before giving you my little two cents. Because, you know, any college experience, no matter where you go, is going to be different based on who you meet, what you do, what type of person you are. Um so, yeah, size that Lee Hae is great there about five thousand undergrad. So it's small enough where you will be known on campus, but not too small, where everyone knows everything about you. You know, I love that I can't walk anywhere on campus without running into someone I know, but I'm still meeting new people as a senior, so it's a great balance. Um, in terms of classes. It's really flexible between the three schools because it's so small. So it's super easy to switch your major if you decide you want to change what you're studying. Um, and also your professors will care about getting to know you and be invested in your academic success. School culture here is very group based, and what I mean by that is people tend to make friends based on what clubs or organizations they're a part of. So I would highly recommend getting involved in whatever you're interested in very early on. Um, to be honest, Lee Hae can be a very high stress environment. People are super career oriented, and this is something I struggled with on campus. I constantly felt like my priorities were different than most other students. That said, it took me a while to be totally happy here. I always say, I have a love hate relationship with Lee. Hi, because I kind of had to learn how to be myself on campus, and I definitely felt out of place for my first two years here help this pressure to fit a certain mold. But once I got over that, I felt like I had endless opportunities to take advantage of. So I would say one of the most important things to know about Lee High is that it has everything in the world to offer if you're willing to take the first step, and it can be a little bit hard to be happy here, but it's not impossible. And you'll learn a lot about yourself during your four Michelle. Hi, I'm Emma. We go to Lehigh University. This is it's really messy, but, you know, college life is messy. I don't have time to clean my room. Very true. Yeah. Yeah. So this is what a typical dorm room is gonna look like. You get a desk. Well, each person gets a desk. You have a bed, which they have very smartly stored things under, because room is limited. And then you have pretty good closet space. I would say, right? Yeah, really open. So you can see all over stuff, but it's five