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Hey, everyone, welcome back to my channel. My name is Catherine. And today I'm just gonna kind of film a little bit about so improvement and my own personal experience. Well, mostly, like how Drexel does. So you ever been here? Okay, so essentially here attracts holding card. Three technically kind of four days of recruitment. So you have Friday night? Friday night is the open house. So open house, What you're gonna do is you're gonna tour all of the seven sorties. You cannot miss anyone. And all of the different times that you're meeting, they're all considered parties. So you're gonna go to seven parties. You cannot miss any of you, miss any completely dropped out of improvement. That's just the way it goes because they want you to have, like, an open mind about all of them. And yeah, So you're gonna go visit also authorities. That's when you have B six fault. You visit the house and then you get a house tour. It's also like their sister one day just because the way that directional runs that it's very fast paced. And no, some schools do it for like a week. We do it for like a weekend. Hi. What's your name? What's your major? Where you from? Just kind of like more surface levels. Like Pretty. I don't remember how long it was, but it was pretty pretty long. So you're visiting? Never said, but only for like 30 minutes each. And then you have, like, a breaking between because some of the authorities don't have houses, so they're like their location or like their house. I guess you could say was over in for a kiss Crease Cree center, Because I can't Who knows? So you have some time till they kind of look over there, but you're pretty much sprinting. It's a very informal around. Drexel doesn't give us any T shirts to wear like some of the other. D'oh! But you kind of just wear more like casual. Where dress You could wear jeans and a nice T shirt that there's something like that. I remember we went through. I would like a dress like a sweater, and it's like booties on. You have around two from two. Is philanthropy round. So what you're gonna do is you're gonna get invited back to, like, a maximum of five houses. So the first thing you were going to seven. Now we're going to a maximum of five. You can go anywhere between technically 0 to 5. If you have zero normally, they're gonna call you ahead of times that you don't go there and awkwardly look at your schedule. And you're like, I have nothing. So you get your schedule. Uh, not ahead of time. You get it while you're there. Stanley, if you have any issues, you want to talk to anyone, you could just talk to a program and they don't really want you talking to anyone. That's like a really big thing. Don't talk to anyone in between the houses because I know like you matter what you say. Like oh, my best friend. Whatever. Like you're gonna sway other people's decisions. Somebody might be hearing what you're saying about a house behind you, like don't talk to him like make your decision based on what you think and how you feel and how you personally fit in with all those people. Somebody might be like, That's not the house for me, But it might be the perfect house for you. So, like, you just need to kind of go into my don't listen to what other people are saying. Don't read impressions of what other people are saying about us already, just like go into it with an open mind in the second round, which is fully with me. That's when you go to the houses that you weren't ready back to, and you learned about like what their philanthropy is. That's like their service that they do. So it's a very emotional around, like a lot of girls would be crying. You get deeper with the people like you, kind of at that point, that's where you start to realize, like this is a house that I want to go to. This is in the house. I want to be at stuff like that, and then when you go back to the room after you finish all your rounds, you can have up to five for that one. The new rank home. Choose your top two houses, so it would be like ranked 1123 Forget to mention that round people dress up a lot nicer. That's where you really dresses. I wear another dress. I think I wore a sweater and heels, Um, Friday you go back to two houses, it's called the preference around, like every single school has this. And that's where you get invited back up to two houses you get to know more about, Like what they do. Some of the chapters they're gonna do, like a ritual with you. They're gonna show you why they want you to join their chapter and most of time. When you get there, you're gonna be paired up with somebody you've already met. You already, like, talk to within the entire recruitment process. So So this is the ground that everyone gets most dressed up and normally, like everyone is wearing a dress. Hell is the one day where they're very strict, like no talking whatsoever. You, when you get back to the building that like where we were waiting, if you didn't have a party or something, then you go in there to like this room, and then they're like, if you need to talkto you about, they're all here for you. They're here for you to talk, to think about what you want to do, where you want a break, your chapters, whatever. And then you go upto one of the likes professional staff members and you, like, sit down with them. That's where you decide like you after. It's like a very official document, like you have to drink like one into on Monday. You have a good day, and a lot of people call it like sorority Christmas, because that's where you figure out where your home is for, like, the next few freshmen. Four years for me, for the next four years. And the way that it works is you go into this room and then, like they ask you for your name, you get a card right, and like your bid isn't there, you know your mid isn't there. You can't open it, so you have to sit down on top of your bid. Then they do this whole presentation for like, an hour law. It's like where they're like telling everyone like your row Gamma is in this sorority, almost like it's fun. It's exciting, but everyone still wants to know what they're sitting on. Woodhouse there sit down and like how it's all gonna play out. So you're saying your band, it's like, Can you hurry up and like, it was like, It's great meeting people that crying, What happens? It's like you're inside of the main building in the main auditorium and your chapters like waiting for you on top. So you have to, like, run up the stairs like you run up to them and it's so exciting. A lot of people were screaming and crying. There was so many people who were crying because they got the house that they wanted. Thio. I've seen people cry because they're like bigger. Their little was a row gamma, and then they finally got to reunite with them, and it was like, very sentimental moment, like all of that stuff. And then on the day you normally get paired up with somebody and it's like you for the day, I guess, and you can, like found with them for the day, like a T shirt. You take some pictures. That's a lot of fun, though. Some tips, I guess I would say is Don't over dressed in the first round because you're gonna be going toe all seven houses, and if you wear you those like six inch heels, you will regret it so much. Don't wear them or if you do wanna wear like actually, if you wear heels on any around, What I did is I had my purse with me. I had, like, flip flops in my purse because then you just put on your heels before you go into the room or before you go into the house, whatever. Like before you get there, here, walking around on flip flops. Then you put it on. And then you can let go into the house like you'd be a little bit more comfortable cause your feet won't be dying. But, like bring a pair of shoes. Um, band aids water here at Drexel, like Ro Gamma has had a bag full of like essentials, like they have some breath mints, band aids. They would have some water and, like a whole bunch of different stuff that you use to, like, help make it easier on you. Go into it with an open mind and don't during a sortie because you like the way that something looks or like there's a few chapters on campus that don't have a house. Don't only look at the chapters that have houses because you're going into it with a closed mind, and it's not a good idea, like go into it to figure out where your values alive, that's how they did it by year, is who had to write down your top two values on on your name card. And then it's like written on there. So when you go around told the different houses, you figure out where you're about use best a line where you would see yourself fitting in war with the other girls. Don't talk to anyone. It's OK. I don't like I talked to my guy friend who doesn't go to this school because if you talk to somebody who like person whom I remained, she did rush. She's on an authority. I don't think she plans joining us already, but I didn't want to come back and like, talk to her about it because then it might sway her opinion on it. Based on what I think it not what she thinks. So it's a terrible idea. Do not talk to anybody else because you're gonna sway other people's opinion. And another thing that I would recommend is, like definitely go out, Go out for recruitment. Do it like like if you figure out that you don't want to be in a sorority or like it's just not for you. You can drop in any time. But if you wait like if you decide that you don't want to do any sort of like a month later you you're like, Wait, no, I should have like, you have to wait a full year unless you want to do in for more on this breaking, which only a few chapters do like not everyone does it definitely go for formal work? Prevent? It's 100% 1 of the best decisions I made here on campus. Okay, Another thing is, don't share the chapters you've got invited back to, because let's say you get right back to your second and your third in your 4th 1 right? Like that's all you got. But you're This person's having. Actually, they got there your first choice, but they didn't want it. They're like, Why do I have to go back to like this tractor like? Don't do that because it's only gonna make yourself like angry or it's all legal, like put somebody else down like don't do that. Just kind of like go in. Don't talk to me like make friends but don't talk about recruitment with them. If you want to talk to people, talk about like how? School bell in, like, house freshman year. How are you liking it here on campus Home? I think that's gonna be all for today. Thanks you. As for washing, um, go ahead. And like this video, common 10 below. Any other videos you want to see you doing? And then also, don't forget to hit that subscribe button. All right. Thanks, guys. Oh, my God. This is nice. There's how lovely. Oh, wait. Is it coming here any day now? We'll Hey, everyone, welcome back to my channel. My name is Catherine, And if you're new here, go ahead and hit this. Describe button down below. Okay, so today is Friday, May 31st. And here at Drexel, we have the term system, so we move out later, so technically, move out. I think it's like the 14th 15th of June, but I only have one final, and it's on a Monday. So I am moving out next Saturday. So in, like, a week. So I'm gonna kind of do, like, move out flog, Because why not? And I'm starting to pack up some stuff today just cause I did finish all my design finals and, like, I finished putting them all together so we don't need it in my art supplies. I'm gonna pack all that stuff up and then, like, cooking and cleaning, I'm gonna pack all that stuff up. So I'm just gonna kind of take you along on the whole packing everything up, move out, log for the next week herself and updated. Okay, continue watching. Now, this is what I have here is my biggest portfolio bag, so I'm gonna put all of my life big paper stuff in there. So that's what all of this is in a national paper that I had to do projects on some. We're a cycle. I don't use it anymore. I'm gonna put all this into that bag, and then I'm gonna go through all my heart. So I have all of this extra school supplies that I have here and I have a bunch in here. Choose. So I think I'm gonna go ahead and pass out. Step up. You put it in this backpack. I have seen backpacks. This is just one. That dress will be to us for free. So I haven't used it. Used it to travel somewhere once. But I'm just gonna go ahead and put some stuff in there. So I cleaned out that drawer with the exception of some of my things to show you some of the other rest with stuff in here. It's like headphones, command, ship, like this stuff, like considerably decorations and then just charges. So then it's just like chargers and stuff. So this stuff I I'm gonna pack separately right now. Um, I'm gonna go ahead and put all of this stuff in here and see what other room I have left. So here's kind of where I'm at right now with packing. I completely took everything off of my bar card to the empty I went down. It's all clean. And then everything that was on it fit into this box here, except for I'd like coconut syrup thing. And then I have two bowls over here. Those benefits I'm gonna find somewhere else to put them. But I'm just kind of like putting everything in this corner right now with my keurig, my mugs, my cuts, creamer and then my bags are packed fare lier I had at my house with boys in one direction, duct tape. So that's what I'm using. This is my pile of everything. I need a recycle. I just haven't done it yet. And then I had this been that has art supplies, and then this entire thing that has our supplies, I'm gonna go ahead and, like, sort it out and clean it up, and then just take it up. Okay, So I'm not sure the last time I updated you, but I will give you a rundown of what's happening right now. I guess so. For starters, I finished running out on my earth supplies. I taped up this call cool. And I saw her a mess over here. This was the other part of my art supplies that he sat up. That's like kitchen stuff. This is like betting and stuff, but I'm gonna we today that I need I'm gonna pack away my life heading in there. So it's not taped up and that I like laundry stuff in there. I took off all my hooks that were on the side here. I hung up everything. The door can't really open that much, because I have back down there. I just kind of threw. All right. That was on top of this stuff right there. And then this is all packed and ready to go right now. I think I'm gonna go ahead and take down my reparations. Because why not? Right? I mean, the more get done now. Well, it's after worried out later. That was my fault. So I'm gonna do my decorations now. That way, that's all done. And then all that I have to worry about next week is essentially everything else. It's like on my desk. I just took down all of my decorations And now it looks so empty Headed my distance. Still a mess. But, wow, I have to live like this for a week, but it's fine. Hello. So I tap out for today I don't know about until next week, so I've actually got a pretty good head start. I'll show you guys where I'm at. I'm not gonna do anything else until next. Like Thursday, Friday time, French, Because I'm gonna get some work done, and then just enjoy my last few days in Philly. So three girls were batteries. Now, So here's one does all my stuff is generally underneath my bed back there in that blue bin. I have all of my toiletries. I haven't packed anything up in there yet, but I'm going to pack it. I'm just reading until closer to when I move out. Because right now I can't really hack away like my toothbrush, because I'm gonna need, you know, thes air. Just some empty boxes that I haven't used yet. And then there's some bags on top wolf plastic bags on top. Behind it is my comforter bag, which obviously I can't use and well, I can't put my complaint. And here's all my, um, decorations. But I have taking down Um and here's my clothes. I'm still using them like a stiletto work clothes right here. Living it over. This is actually an automated with, like, a bunch of shoes in it. So I'm not gonna do anything with this yet because it's super easy. All his views, like put cape around it and then pack it like it's considered packed already. And then back here is where a majority of the stuff that I have a kiss there is a box all the way in the back of my curious. On top of that is my K cups and creamers. And then right here is my portfolio that has a bunch of, like, big art stuff. Blue Thing has more arts up in it. Um, backpack has, like, just supplies on top is actually that I just just some teachers tonight that I hold it up because I wanted to get them out of a drawer. My sickness is actually empty because I still need to go through my George over there. Well, look at that. Proves that I've been cleaning is because trash can is full and then over here I have. This is my bar. Part is completely empty now, everything packed up. I just have some far off place from the top. I'm gonna leave now, just that we have to clean up after and like, from doing some things. I have more boxes a day that I can pack a losing stuff in and then over and here I just have three Benz and launder stuff on top and then the rest of my hanging clothes up there. Here is just my T shirts and another something of the practice of it was what my desk currently looks like. It looks normal, I guess you could say to other people, but to me it's like, completely empty. And then I also have absolutely nothing on my wall, which is so weird because Sydney's will still has old for decorations. So it's just kind of like, Whoa, it's like, actually happening like I'm moving out. That's crazy. So I will update you guys in about a week or so Or if something else happens earlier, I will watch you guys. All right, great. Here's a mature. The last time that I updated us Waas. But right now it is Friday. Yes, it's Friday. I've done a bunch of packing. I'll show you out right now and yeah. So my game plan is I get a pack of a little bit of more shift that day, but I can't really do that much more. And then tomorrow morning, I'm gonna wake up early. Finish packing. I'm going out to brunch with some of my friends, and then I'm leaving. So yeah, you guys were, uh so this is currently what's happening underneath my bed. I'm pretty sure it's about the same as it was before, where I have my curate back there some other coffee stuff. My portfolio with a whole bunch of big arts up. This entire boozing is filled up with art supplies. On top of there, there's some T shirts that were just like in my drawers that I couldn't He were else. Here's some more T shirts. Those are all like my DJ shires. Um, this backpack till my school stuff in it, that stuff has all my electronic stuff in it. Like right now, my laptops in there. So I think I'm gonna need it. Not really doing much today. This is all like decor and yeah, right boxes to court. Really? This is all closed. I just take it all of it. That way it's easier and, like nothing pull out my suitcase has some stuff that was in my drawers and that That's just like extra storage stuff that I don't know what I'm gonna do with it, But I'm gonna find out my ottoman my bed. I took home like a lot of my pillows. This is how my desk is looking right now, kind of I'll be displaced. Everything. But all of my drawers are all empty already. All of them, including this one. And I kind of put everything and it's just like my Vasily yes thing. And then in the closet, I have my clothes that I'm wearing tomorrow and then just be used. Then just when I haven't left yet. He's gonna do that soon and then back here to take home my closer on hangers. Just living trash makes it seems like it's the easiest way to keep it all together. So I have, like, three trash bags over here wearing jacket in case it rains, and then just my shower stuff down there, but yeah, I'm, like, almost on. Okay, everyone, um so I just got home. I kind of tried to film was thinking, but I did have a lot of stuff was a little hectic, but I did finally get home, and I'm gonna be home. Except I do have to go back to school and, like, 48 hours, But I'll form a video. That's a whole different story right there. So I am just gonna end this video right here. Thanks, everyone for watching. Go ahead and hit the like, button down below and comment how you're about what? My I was a little hectic, but I didn't plan on. Hey, everyone, welcome back to my channel. My name is Katherine. So today for my video, I'm going to do with 10 things I didn't realize until I came to college, So let's get started. So I have everything listed here on my phone, so I'm just gonna kind of reading them all. So the first thing is that money disappears, fashion anything here directly to terms. So in the first term, I spend literally, like $500 just in art supplies. $500. That is ridiculous, especially because I'm a design major and already had a lot of art supplies to begin with. So then, considering the fact that I had did buy even more in, like $500 worth, it's crazy. And that's just one of the many weeks that when he disappears, the second I have is that slippers are absolutely amazing. I'll use them to the bathroom to walk around my floor to throw trash away like anything. I'll even use them to watch the Bachelor Monday nights on their floor because we do that and it's great. The third thing is that college is way more competitive than high school, but it could also mean that I'm in a lot of classes with overachievers, and they all want to be better than the rest of people. Or maybe it's just Drexel in general. But college is way more competitive. So the fourth thing I have is that you never get enough sleep, no matter how much you get. Like, you could get 12 hours asleep and still be tired. You get one hours. Obviously, you'd be tired, but like he always ate Worsley, right? So the fifth thing is that there's always something to be done. And if you think that you have finished everything and there's nothing to be done, you're forgetting something like that just happened to me recently. I forgot about something to do for my design project. And thank God I've never had designed today because it was canceled because it's snowing outside. But I was able to get that done forgot. So the six thing, especially you living like a big city. Or maybe if you live like in the middle of nowhere is that APS that deliver food will literally be your best friend because it might be 12 the morning in your creepy in Chinese food. But then it's on the other side of the city, and you don't want to be walking there alone at night in a sketchy part of the city and 12 in the morning. So uber eats is definitely gonna be your best friend. All right, so the seven thing is that food trucks take cash, and I think maybe everybody else here knew that. But I did not know that. And I never carry cash. I only carry my credit card so I can never go to a food truck. I mean, not say that's like a bad thing, but Philadelphia has a lot of food drugs here, like there's so many. There's one right outside of my door with dorm room building outside my dorm building, and I mean considering some bird open, but like, there's still a lot of food trucks, and I still never ate any of them. So that a thing is that no matter how big your school is, you will always see somebody walking around that you know, every single day you will see somebody walking past, whether there's somebody you know, one of your classes, somebody who you never talk to you But you've only seen when you were instagram stalking or other random things. You will see somebody who you know if you go outside your room. So the ninth thing is that when you first get to school, you're gonna make friends and then they're going to start to fade off just because one of for like in the first few weeks, everyone's trying to put up like the best version of themselves even if it's not who they really are. But they just all want to make friends. And then you kind of like, See, they are like, they will be like, Oh, well, I don't really wanna make time and effort just that time with you versus spending having somebody else. So, yeah, you're just gonna kind of like me people and they're gonna paid off. And then you like to them on one of those awkward strolls around campus, for you see people who you know. So the 10 thing is that big cities equal wind tunnels. I did not know that, I think, because I toward Trachsel when it was warmer, but it is always freezing cold in the winter because of the wind. It's not because of the temperature. Really granted, it could be like 20 degrees. That's fine. But if it's 20 degrees with a wind chill and then that brings it down to, like five degrees or something like that, it's terrible. And then it's It's just a mess. Like literally. Chicago was supposed to be the Windy City, but, like Philadelphia is still free. 3 11 thing is that professors also have a life, so you will see them walking around campus and walking to and from their bosses like say hi to them like they're nice. They're people, too, like they're not gonna just blow you off unless you're in a 500 person lecture hall or something. But those don't really exist. You're a directional, so just say hi to them. So the 12 thing I realized is that you're going to see the people who live on your floor a lot. Maybe that's just cause I live in a communal dorm room or it's just were always around. But for example, here we share a kitchen. We share a bathroom, so you're just gonna walk out and you're going to see people like all the time or you'll do stuff together on your floor as a group or whatever, but you're seeing people who you share a floor with a lot. So the 13 thing, which is kind of like one of the bigger ones that everyone tells you, but you never really realize it until you get to college that the days are long, but over all the time flies by so quickly. Like I was talking to my roommate about this the other day. So we were talking about how we went to New York during Welcome week, and it seems like it was forever ago. But in the grand scheme of things, it wasn't that long ago, but it's just the days are forever. But then it seems like we also just moved in recently to it's a crazy thing. The 14 thing, which I never thought I would realize but I definitely did, is that stocks somehow magically gain speed and disappear. I don't know what happens to them. Maybe it's the laundry rooms or something, but I swear I came to school with a lot more socks that I have now, and I'll have, like one, like I'll have one purple one and I'll have one blue one, and I just wear them together because they're similar colors. But really, they're not a pair, because I lost the other blue one and I lost the other purple one. So I'm just left with a whole bunch of mixed matched socks. So the 15 thing in the last thing is that snow boots, great boots and just all in general, winter here an absolute must, because in college your process will never be canceled. You could have two feet of snow outside, and your professors would still make you walk. Tow us, trudging through the so but yet in high school class would be cancelled for literally raid, so get prepared to never have your process canceled. The only time they are canceled is when your professor can't make it in, which will happen. Sometimes some weeks you'll have, like, almost no losses because your professor is somehow all got sick of one week just good. It is lovely when that happens, but sometimes somebody else you know, we'll have, like older classes canceled in your city over here. Like really? All right, that's it for this video. Go ahead and hit the like button go ahead and subscribe as well, and then leave a comment on below something that you also realize. What you got to college. All right, I'll see you guys next time. Bye. Oh, my gosh. You know what's funny? I have my phone right here, and you can see the screen reflected on my shirt. So right now I'm at the Hunts. You offer Dining hall, which is one of two dining halls out trucks. University students mainly called Han Schumacher the Hans. Just because it's easier to say that these are breakfast on, then lunch and then dinner. And it's like a buffet style kind of place. You know, you got a plea, you write whatever you want, and there's different sections. There's like American food is like Kizza. There's like international food vegetarian and vegan sections on DH. There's like a dessert bar. There's always ice cream. It's delicious. There's brunch every weekend from, like, I don't know, morning toe like four. And that's actually my favorite part of the body. Because who doesn't love a good brunch on a Saturday? You know, uh, what's your favorite? They run ship us that it is. I love being with you. Hand takes on a brunch. Sometimes. Sometimes there's talking to pancake. Sometimes there's blueberry pancakes are delicious. Um, yeah, a little well, side of I was gonna say bacon, but I don't eat me. So I I e o Yeah, and you get to sit in the dining hall area with all your friends and have a nice little meal where you can sit alone. You know, No one judges, you know, it's really it's really comfortable atmosphere, you know? Yeah, there's about Here is what the dining hall area looks like. There's boots over there, and here is the drink area. Andi needs up that way, and there's North eating over So here is a tour of Drexel's main building. This is the outside of the main building, and it is really cool because it's a very historic building. Since it's the main building. It is the first building that was ever created on Drexel's campus back in eighteen twenty five. So, yeah, it has that really like old historic feel. This is the lobby right here. There's also a cafe that takes dining dollars was great, Um, and so yeah, here's the lobby. It's called the Grand Court. It's really beautiful there. Statues here, beautiful chandeliers, marble flooring. Also in this building, you'LL find Drexel Central, which is where you deal with financial aid and payments and some other important offices that I've actually never been to. And there's also a lot of hallways in this building. So since it was the first building ever created, it was pretty wasn't that big to begin with, and one structural got bigger, they expanded it further, so they added a lot of always and extensions to this building, making it a little bit confusing to navigate. But once you get a hang of it, it's really not that bad. Just your plain old hallway. And then here you're gonna have your plain old classrooms. Good, typical standard looking classroom of your registrar office here as well, which is pretty important because that's where you register for class and everything. Everything's made me online now, so it's not really as necessary. But it's still there and very useful. Yeah, here it just looks like a plain old boring school hallway. You know how it be, but it's pretty cool to know the history of the building because it is sold. I actually had a math professor here. My fall terms on my very first term here on my very first math professor. He was an alumni of Drexel, graduated in the eighties, and he teaches here now, and he loves it on. He actually told us a lot of history about the building, and when he was here, there was only like, two hallways and means higher main building. And here is one of the extensions. So, like, this is like a pathway that, like it's really cool, you can see outside of the campus and, like, mature. You see that like you're walking into like a different building. While not leaving the building at all. So make the main building is connected to two other buildings. It's connected to the Lobo building of engineering. There's two Lobo's. There's a limbo of engineering and then there's about of business. So it connects sellable engineering building. So I'm you know, I kind of got lost. Yeah, because I am not an engineering student and I never have to be here. This is my first time here, and I kind of just wanted around so they can really show you guys what the building is like. And like, where you can find yourself, I need to show you how it's really connected and like how you confined yourself going to different places like no entering one door and coming out like a completely opposite end of campus, which I did well from this video. So yeah, I'm just going to keep wandering around. So this is like I said, the engineering building. And if you're an engineering student, you probably have most of your class in here, and you'LL find that this kind of this building kind of becomes your home. I really had no clue where I was at this point because I said I never have to, you know this building home. But it was pretty cool able to explain. I campus a little bit more for you guys and he was like another, um, lounge area that I found. And I was like, Well, that's pretty cool vest. It's for, like, the engineer students from two till in between classes. I just kept on wandering until I found Wass. I found this balcony and then I realized that I wass in the bus own building and then I ended up out on Kennedy Boulevard. Everyone's where Iwas So, yeah, I hope that helps. Things that I love about school in the city is that way. Puns and times trucks. And I'm going to be showing you where a lot of our food trucks are located. On the street here, you could see one. The street ahead of me also has a bunch of food truck and they're really great. Please get some food. Usually like hundreds training. So I currently live in Race Hall with my roommates. Isabella gave up and Carly and we are room six. Nineteen. Here. There's a front door. This is a sweet stuff. So right when you walk in, you have a little kitchenette. It's a little messy. We've got some dishes to do, some cabinets. We brought this, Michael, even the cattle and the toaster and all those things. But you get the sake, get a full size fridge, just super nice. And then if you keep walking in, have a little living room area and you get a couch. We did bring an extra chair about this room. It's a company. We decorated it with our own personal style. You know, on we got a TV and a character, which is also super nice. And you have this painting a starry night on, um, going like we have a nice view of campus outside of our window. So there is more of the campus you can see a little Drexel told her. That's the academic building that building up the state. Drexel was called university crossings, and it is on an upperclassman, um, dorm you. It's a little it works a little bit differently than regular residential buildings. This is right now. It's called Calhoun Building. It's a distant underclassmen president building, but it has been vacant for a few years, and right now they're doing renovation on it and think it's changing its name tto Bentley whole where, like upperclassmen can live. Um, sorry. She storage. You're too. You keep going down the hallway to this on this door to the left is an extra shower room, and it's literally just it's a little weird, some nice, because it doesn't do that second shower and no one uses it except for me. So I gotta go in with Charter, which is pretty nice. Yeah. Keep going down the hallway, we have just a sink here with a mirror, and we kind of do all of our brushing of the teeth here and stuff. And then if you keep going, all way down is the full bathroom. Hi, that's me. How? Here is a sink and bathroom E. I mean, a mirror and a toilet. And then here is the other shower. The other mine. Everyone remains use. So yeah, that's the bathroom. And then over here is bedroom B. which is my two relates, um, bedroom. And the bedroom is my bedroom. And Drexel tells you exactly which side of the room that you have to live on and like, which bedroom we have, the one you're about to choose, Unfortunately, so this isn't my side of the room eso es decorated. Telling my personal style was, uh, have a tell Darrin. It's a little late word. My desk was like, Put your random things on a you know, scattered around that, like I need on a day to day basis. Here is my bed. The beds here you can raise and lower. So mine is raised all the way up, so you can see it's pretty high up, but it gives me a lot of under the bed storage. This is like a trunk that I just have some random things in that is my come on driven. And then I have, like, five Aurore like, tougher, where kind of thing that, like I kind of just store a bunch of random things. And what towels and pajamas and stuff like that. Yeah, he was my bed. And here is a little collage of what pictures of my friends from back home and my family and stuff like that in here, Prism, paintings that I got online from this artist on, etc. That like I really love. Yeah. And hear some lights. This is my roommate side of the room. Pretty minimalistic. Yeah, And then you have another view of the campus space of the same thing. I was in the living room. Um, yeah, All's my remains. Our product design. Major's there, you know? Pretty artsy. Like me. Um, I didn't go random with them, Actually, I chose them myself because we found each other online. But, you know, we all get along super well, all really great friends on. We're living again to get their next year, actually. So Yeah, that's how much we love living with each other. Yeah, Race hall is pretty fun. It is a little more expensive than the standard double, um, dorm that you would get. So it really is preference. You know, if you're willing to splurge. I really wanted my own bathroom, so I, you know, went that extra flank to do that. But yet it's pretty fun. I like it a lot. So yeah, that's Grace Maria Hope you like it? Yeah. I almost forgot to show you guys are a little hermit crab pet. His name is Michael on here, right in that shallow over there. And technically, we're not allowed to have it, but, um, I don't know. So he tells here we had to, but one passed away. Unfortunately, I really love him unconditionally. There he is. You are allowed to have fish as pets in the dorms, though, which we did have earlier in the year but unfortunately passed away as well. I swear way are great caretakers. here we have the Urban Center, which is the Antoinette Westfall College of Media Arts and Design Building. And it's a really interesting building. This is where you'LL find all of your classes for entertainment. Art's design classes is where I spend the majority of my classes. So here's the lobby of the Urban Center, and they're also getting out art supplies The day that I was filming, which is pretty cool, they do some fun activities like that every now and then. And right over there, we actually have where all of the advisors are of the Westfall school. And then, yeah, if you just keep on walking in, you see some more labs. Uh, like I said, Urban, the urban center is a very interesting building because there's a various amounts of, like different types of classrooms, including labs, hybrid labs like fully computer labs, just plain classrooms that you see every every day things like that, because it's a lot of computer work. There is one computer lab. Here's another, like just plain classroom. I actually have a class, and that this time it's one of my am classes. And then if you keep going down this hallway. You'LL see some more classrooms, and there's also some galleries in this building as well. To be quite honest, everyone knows this, but home the urban center is very, very confusing because there's like half hallways. There's half floors. It's very confusing, but you get the hang of it. Three years I still get lost there a lot, just pretty annoying. But you find your way. Eventually. There actually is an app that students of the Westfall College made to help navigate through the halls of Urban Center because everyone knows how challenging it can get. Um, yeah, it's pretty cool that it was made by students. Yeah, you like, shows you a map of this of the building and you can like type and where you want to go and it takes you. I like Chelsea Directions, like Google Maps is pretty cool, and the building was actually designed by some architecture students that were studying architecture er in West Fall at the time at Drexel, which is also really cool. So this building is really like student based, which is pretty awesome. People really enjoy that about this, and it, like, really ties in the fact that like, you know, students are part of the campus and all that fun stuff that way. So when we entered, we were coming through Market Street And this entrance last exit is located on the filter street and right across the street you have thie Urban Center Annex. If you're in Westfall, you'll be spending a lot of time. And either of those buildings Yeah, hope that helps. four of the WW Hagerty Library, which is the main library on campus at Drax University. It's located right in the center of the university, right across the street from the dock, which is the gym and right across from the main quad as well. So you walk in, you get your dragon card that scans you in and you can walk right in. And I'd be like Library spent a lot of time here whenever I have a lot of work to do. So here is the main floor, um, which has all the laptops and everything that if you go all the way to the left, there's a dragon's learning done, which you can, you know, be as loud as you want. I mean to respect of your students. And you can work in groups with other people's. You don't have to worry about being quiet, anything that are interrupting. Other students were trying to work in the library silently. Pretty cool. You could also eat. They're just all so nice. Yeah, here is just a plane. You know, the first horse, kind of just like playing library looking thing. There's an information desk and yeah, I like to just sit wherever I can. Whenever there's a free spot. I do have a favorite spot in the library, which I will show you in just a moment. So that's the main floor. And then you walk up the red steps to the second floor and there's four floors and total and right here. Is that you? My favorite spot in the library. It's us. The silent room in those red swivel chairs that look like they belong in like an evil like layer of Avila. Element is the movie. I love sitting in that because like it's like traps you often no one can see you. It's awesome. So he was a quiet area. There is some chairs on desks where you can do your work, which I find great. And then, obviously there's books. There's a lot of seating throughout the entire Henry library. You'LL never find that you can't sit somewhere. Sometime. You have to do sit next to a stranger, and it's okay. No one judges, You know, everyone's pretty friendly, and there's some classrooms that you have to preserve. You wanted to work, so this is the second floor, and there is the entrance to the silent room that I was telling you about. And there was also another one around the corner. And then right up here is the third floor, which is only accessible, high peak hours, which is Wednesday at six p. M. Other than that, you're not really allowed up there. And then those bathrooms, of course, I'm going to go back down the steps and I'm gonna take to the basement, which sounds sketchy, but I promise it's not. The basement is also a collaborative area like the dragons. Then where you can you are free to speak whatever respect the way you wish s o. A lot of people study and groups here and things like that. There's a classroom there if you want. You want to be silent beyond there's a plenty of seating, ample room, just the lower level. And you can see it's actually very helpful at the library that they have signs everywhere that says what the volume level is so it'LL be ready for silent will stay silent area It'LL be blue for quiet and say a quiet area Green is collaborative means that you can speak three Lee Sarah is a lot of work space here. Then you can work with students. You'LL find that fun during finals week, the lower level is packed because, like everyone studying together, So, yeah, that is basically the whole library. Since it's the first week of the new term, not many people are here because it's still this week. So not many people have a lot of work to do. That's exit. You just come back where you came on the main level and go through these things that if you stole any books, that will be so don't silly books. And then just go out there valve indoors, away from which you came. You come right out here is me totally doing work and being studio student on, um, not watching queer eye. Um, in the library. Um, you see, I'm typing, doing the work, Study hard, So this is the first building public coming in here from our work, their classes on there's a first. There's a lot of seating area for you, dear. We're really? Where's the basement? It is a resource center for engineers. There's right. I have a lot of the