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Thinking about University at Buffalo and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University at Buffalo in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University at Buffalo’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University at Buffalo, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University at Buffalo experience. These University at Buffalo video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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do not be anxious about anything but in every situation. By prayer and petition with Thanksgiving present, your request to God and the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus thing. Wait. Trying to time stuff. Whatever time number out of the country, I just to muss myself up place. Not supposed to be. Basically shots of what I was doing in the first place was to Chicago That was connecting flight in Chicago. Three, honestly, that 15 hours went by. So click I did by myself sleeping. It's like sleeping pills. They actually knocked me out, so Yeah, but the flight was good. Everything is cool. And it was a little difficult. Getting here in the hostel was pretty cool in here, actually. Now, basically, it's about to go to sea. I like my stuff on the program typically starts tomorrow. I don't know. I'm always gonna have a chance to lob like this since we will be going on company business. Way to perfection. Also, I don't know if I always talk to Camelot this afternoon. I'm gonna be able to put Bailey plugs, but I will pose as consistently. It's possible it's gonna try and get good shots every day here. Very, very happy to say She's beautiful. I just don't know. It's been encouraged being Yeah, this is a great opportunity. Perfect way to start the chopper. So I hope you guys enjoy this video. I know it was a little kind of bar inside because you guys were just watching me go through the airport and stuff like that. That was my foot's getting here, getting so I hope you enjoyed it. Another lesson, if you did, You are known to do a tree. Let comment subscribe if you haven't done so already. Make sure you understand, too, for my next video. And so please remember to be kind to everyone. What's up, You guys welcome back to another video. YouTube channel is gonna see you again. And if you're new to the channel has to go on. My name is about freedom from Regent University Buffalo studying accounting and guys today It's moving day. Yes, it's better if you didn't know. I'm currently in the middle of a new series on my channel, which I'm entitling back to school, where basically, are just sharing with you guys information before I head back to school this fall. And I'm so excited because this video is my move out of this disgusting dorm into my very first apartment. So I am very excited. I have most of my stuff cleared out. All of my music stuff is there. That stuff is basically all go into the trash dirty clothes. I have to wash when I get over there. Have to clear this stuff at my drum set with, like, my kitchen stuff. This some new stuff that I thought, which is what I showed the beginning of the log. This is some cleaning stuff I'm gonna take over their 1st 1 Clean the space to make sure it's ready some extra, like food stuff over there, and this is where all of my clothes and shoes are as well over here. So, yeah, I'm very excited. Let me just explain a little bit, since I know most college moving day plugs are like the traditional, you know, moving out of your house into a dorm space with people like saying by their dogs and stuff like that. Not this video. So long story, my second, Let's put it, there is my arms. Like I said, I am a junior and I've been living in the dorm since I moved here freshman year, and it's been disgusting. It's it's it's been a trial and tribulation, but, you know, we got to do what we got. D'oh! So yeah, freshman year I moved in and I lived in that dorm and most college students. They go home for winter and summer break. However, I am not like most college students, and I decided to stay on campus freshman year looking adore. Then, during the summer, I had to move to another dorm and then sophomore year moved to another dorm, and then this summer I lived in this storm, so I'm just sick of dorms like I was over it. And today I'm moving into my apartment because that's what kind of just wanted to explain it. So you guys understand why I'm not moving from, like, home or anything like that? Yeah, I'm just really, really excited. It's gonna take me a duty a lot of time to get it all done because you guys saw in that little paying through the room. I do have a lot of stuff. Have a lot more stuff than the traditional college student. I have all of my clothes, all of my shoes, all the music equipment, everything here. But we're gonna get a dime. Or troopers? Troopers, you've only moment is 9 47 That is my amazingly cute nephew. Um, I hope you didn't go home, and we're gonna just keep a track of time to see how long it takes me. But yeah, that's basically all for this intro. Probably a lot longer than I expected it to be. But let's not only brought down wound bucks, and I'm literally already exhausted that box. Have to flick my cleaning supplies in it. I recommend you should clean your space before you move into it. Like I said, I did work with campus living all summer. So I know that all spaces are clean before residents moved in. However, I'm a kind of person. I like things clean a certain way. So I'd rather know that it's clean my way. Then just trust that somebody else cleaned it. So right now I'm headed over to the apartment to check in and then start cleaning after I'm done cleaning Venal service. My stuff in just Yes. Good news, neighbor. Trash in that. Okay, one. This is it. Let's go check it out. Only a little letter literally. Literally love it already. What? Show you the kitchen. So finally, my own refrigerator. Real size for drinks. And I could meal prep cook, But I want to punch cabinet space Dishwasher oven. My Okay, this is this space side is the living room. Don't know how I'm gonna organize it just yet, But that's that. And then this half is the bedroom. That's called a Murphy. Good. So, like the blood comes down, you pull that down with you guys later and then I wish this was a car, that space, but it's actually not. This is almost like a boiler room type of situation. But this is the bathroom, okay? I don't know. Perspective on the cameras really showing how big it is, What this thing is huge, like, Okay, fill out. Kind of like a damage report. Kind of look around the apartment and make sure there's no, like, the images or anything like that anywhere. So that way, I don't get charged, and yeah, that's the move right now. So let me head back out to my car to grab all of my cleaning stuff and basically just get to work after auditioning like the most important part is the fact that my apartment's is right over the lake and I have two windows. Okay, that probably sounds weird that I'm excited over windows, but in the dorms, you get one little box window. That's, like, disgusting. I'm not even a real window. So the fact that I have so many windows on this side in the fact that my view is the lake makes me really happy. As a matter of fact, I take you guys out there because there is kind of gravity because it is kind of like a patio. Almost It's literally perfection. Here. Come on. So cute. I love it. And then outside here is just kind of like this. Kind of, I guess. Patty of the right word to describe it took area. I kind of want to get a chair and table to put out here. Just coming. Sit. Like I want to go home, record something. Just sit in general. But I don't know yet because I don't want people. Thio, take my chair. We'll see what happens. All right? I know what you're thinking. Rebecca, this is not clean. I did it. When I say clean, I mean, like, everything's right down disinfected. Everything is nice thing. I did go ahead a little bit if you guys noticed that. Because there entertainment center. I don't have a TV yet, hopefully working on that living area. Four back here is the bedroom down sharp, clean everything here on that. Now that all of that is due to time, it is It is literally almost, um, one thing is that I'm kind of working against time since I have to be out of my dorm by eight o'clock tonight. So I have four hours to get everything done, and I don't have anything, actually. Moved in. Like I said, I wanted to clean first. Move everything in later. So, basically, now comes the process of going back important up and down my dorm to get all my stuff into my car. Bring it over here. It's probably gonna take a couple of trips, so yeah, that's we're doing next. Are you Guys have just finished with everything in with your time. It is 5 26 Almost 5 30 Wow. Um, before you judge me, understand that nothing is organized. Okay, e I know. I know. It's good. Don't I'll be organized later, but I'm exhausted and hungry. I'm starving. I realized that I didn't eat lunch. All I had was breakfast this morning and for breakfast. I literally had No, that's it. So I'm starting. I don't know. I'm gonna just yet, but I need to figure it out because I got okay there. So corny, I'm disappointed. Okay, I'm back. Like I said, I was hungry and I had a craving for Panera. Overeating happen, era money. So what I did was by the same exact thing I would've got from Fanara from Walmart. So Let's give you a little hall's got 1/2 a sandwich. This is a black course him and baby sweat. So also Bonaire, Mac and cheese, like literally Panera Mac and cheese stuff is so good. Pineapple soda slaps. I don't care. I don't care. Import. And then two don't. So I was trying to decide between which one then realized, Why not vote? So that's why I'm gonna eat. That's kind of like my lunch, but also the same time. Like I said, I didn't eat lunch here. Um, over here is still a hot mess. It is only it is now 6 10 So it's not that lee it. So I'll probably end up on a bus to organize as much before I decided to be fancy and from my sandwich in the oven. So get nice and toasty, toasty, and you can see the cheese. Well, let let's give it, and I'm gonna do what I normally do in my dorm. I just have a piece of paper towel and, you know, be a trooper and pull out. But say, honey, we're grown way. Have her own apartment way up in minutes. You Oh, I'm so proud of so of stuff. Ground maybe is much clearer now. Got 8 43 So it's almost lined up and I am exhausted at the moment. I am washing clothes. Resident, You guys laundry room I see is done hall too much. I have a lot of postwar Think I'm saying earlier in this video, just case if I didn't basically I'm just re washing all of my clothes to make sure they're, like, fresh and stuff like that. At the moment, I'm also washing dishes. I've never used this dishwasher before because I didn't grow up having one. So as you can see, I don't know what I'm doing, Huh? Q. It literally said, Don't put up with this Russian there. But, you know, I was like, You know what? He's gonna do it. So I'm catching it with a little bucket bucket. Anyway, I know, like in here, it isn't look like I made any progress at all. As you can see, I still have a lot of stuff laying around, but I didn't make some progress. I did start putting away like my food type stuff that I have there that's like oils and things that I cook with up there in the need of some dishes that wants to get in a wash. They're not necessarily dirty. But once again, I just want to, like, clean, clean. Um, you see, what else did I D'oh. Oh, you and I started that load of clothes. I did start getting some of my bathroom stuff together, so that's our petty needed. It before when I was a doorman Don't need anymore, But it's just there for now. Shark your initial before and then just stuff around my sink area My bed. I didn't make it. It looks trashed. Don't come for me. I just wanted to lay this stuff on there. So that way, you know, I go to bed tonight. It's set because at the moment I don't feel like doing anything else. I know it's only like around nine o'clock, but or almost nine o'clock, but I was exhausted like I can't take it anymore. Have been up since what, like eight this morning. So my back hurts. I'm tired. I just want to sleep now. So what that means said this is Thea's end of the video. If you guys enjoyed, it makes you like comment Subscribe? You haven't done so. All ready. Make sure you have your staying tuned for all the rest of the videos that I'm gonna be posting in this back to school. Siri's. I actually have fun. Interesting. Different video that I'm gonna be filming tomorrow so that one will be uploaded after this one. So make sure you stay tuned to be able to see it. And that's all I have you guys. So I'll see you guys in the next one. And until then, please. Our is meant to be kind what is up to you guys and welcome to a typical college Saturday in my life slash self care, routine, mind, body and soul. So this started. I wanted to wake up around 8 a.m. I ended up waking up at 7 30 So that's cool. Usually when I wake up, I do random stuff like look outside, see what the weather's like lay in bed and contemplate the meaning of life. I think about college and contemplate the meaning of life. Think about food contemplating the meaning of life. You know the normal stuff. Then finally I rolled myself up. Now I want you guys to hear how my back cracks in the morning. So listen to this. Yeah, so I better go crazy. But anyway, after I get out of bed, the first thing I'm going to do is start with my soul. So on Saturdays, I like to begin my day with devotion. Before I begin my devotion, though I always pray just basically asking God for guidance during my day, asking him what he wants me to read and what he wants me to. D'oh! So after a brief prayer of guidance is when I actually begin my devotion. So for my devotional, I like to study with my regular King James version. Like physical Bible. I study with my prayer journal, and I use my laptop. So on my laptop I go to Bible Gateway, which is basically just a website of various translations of the original text. I personally like to read the new living translation as it gives a more modern outlook of the original text. But of course you can read what you like this particular Saturday. God gave me the concept of operating in Greece in my daily life. So that's what I'm studying. So after my devotional time, we're gonna move on to the next component of myself care routine, which is my body. And I'm basically just getting ready for the gym way. Jim, I always start with church. Never wanna pull anything. Always begin my workout with cardio. So I'm gonna warm up for about five minutes on a three point. Oh, just walking. Then I run for about 10 minutes on a 5.0. And then I walk again on 2.5 for five minutes. And then after cardio, I do very, very light weight training on my legs, you know, out here, getting swole? Not really. Um, but after the gym, I come back to my room and get ready for my shower. She's grabbing my caddy shower shoes, my towel for my face, on my body and for my hair. So only on Saturdays do I wash my hair. I typically style it right after I wash it this day. I just did, you know, slicked back bun. Next, I'm gonna move on to my face. So that was like Wal Mart version of the St Ives apricot scrub. Honestly, I love this stuff a lot, so I can only imagine that the St Ives one is probably 10,000 times better. But I basically just painted onto my face in massage. It'll in making sure I am properly exfoliating after exfoliating? I'm going to cleanse my face with my Noxeema. That is way too much product. But we just gonna let this be great. I'm doing the same thing. Is Mike's Willie and just working it in with my hands and making sure my face and neck are both completely coated or covered. I don't know. Whatever. So now I'm just removing all the excess product off of my face with a wet towel. I know some people are completely against using towels on their face. They say it's unsanitary, but to me, I personally think that it just pulls all the Exeter off of your face much better than your hands could. So I personally recommend towels. So now moving on to Tony my face with my Dickinson's witch hazel. This is another product I've been using since forever, and once again it has not failed me. I just put it onto a cotton around and then apply it to my face as so. Lastly, I'm going to moisturize. I use this wild all over my body. So, obviously, on my face, too, I take literally, like a dime sized amount, probably not even that much. And just make sure all my skin I'm so corny. Make sure my skin is moisturized. After that, I am making bricks is, as you can see on the wiles, mixing those potatoes with a knife. But well, unless it's live. So I have coffee home fries, baking. Got a little orange. That's, um, cinnamon sugar, oatmeal and then a random cheese stick. Okay, Yeah, full breakfast, looking good. So normally, when I sit down to eat my breakfast, I like to do something that doesn't require much effort. This particular Saturday, I just sat down to watch a few episodes of SpongeBob. So the next component of myself care routine is my mind. I make it a priority to wash my clothes and clean my room every single Saturday. I believe that keep being a clean space just helps me to stay in a better mood as well as just stay mentally healthy. So I like to make sure that my room is properly organized in properly cleaned every single Saturday. So while my closer in the wash is usually when I began cleaning my room, basically just clearing off my desk bases de cluttering everything, putting things back where they're supposed to be organizing my bed, making it up, that sort of stuff. So just approach it for you guys living in the dorms. The floors are absolutely disgusting. I clean my floor every single week, but the pad still ends up being so dirty by the end, as you guys can see. So just a pro tip. You should be cleaning your floor as often as possible. So after my entire room is cleaned, I like to go through and use some sort of spray. This is just glades. I think the scent is Hawaiian breeze, something like that. But I just brought it all throughout my room, even into my closet, just to make sure that my room has a nice fresh Except so just another tip for you guys is to roll your clothes instead of folding them. Traditionally, rolling your clothes just takes up less space than like regular folding would. So if you're trying to, like, save space in your dorm or in your room wherever you are, definitely rolling your clothes helps. So by this point in the day, I am eating what I'm gonna call lunch. Since it was my second meal, however, this was around like four o'clock, so you guys would probably consider it dinner. But basically I was just sitting down to eat in here. You see me preparing myself for my night routine, so I like to close my blinds, turn on on our little globe lights. Fairy lights. This is the scene we're working with, super cozy, and I'm basically just about to get ready to start doing my homework and begin studying. So for the whole rest of the night. So that's about maybe, like, four or five hours. I literally just study trying to get all of my assignments done. I find that doing my homework on Saturdays prevents me from being so slammed during the week. So I try to get all my assignments done on the weekend. So that weight during the week I can kind of relax way. So around this time, it's probably about like, nine or 10 o'clock. I'm actually about to sit in bed and eat that entire box of doughnuts because I'm growing and I do what I want. But thank you guys so much for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, make sure to light comment. Subscribe. Stay tuned for my next video, and until then, please remember to be kind to everyone. It's the way, Theo. So you have today's Tuesday on a wacky tell myself this one today until my foot that all morning it is not one thing. It's Tuesday, but today is Tuesday. Today is turn off the loop of different. Normally, I have two classes on Tuesdays. I didn't go to the 1st 1 I will go to the 2nd 1 at 11. Right now it's 9 30 And today I'm actually meeting a friend at the F. You. And so here's a little backstory, right? So you'd be It's kind of cool. And they give us free tickets to go to the movies and see tickets. But here's the catch to it is that undergrads cannot get three and you can't pick all three at the same time. You can only get them on Tuesday, so basically throughout the semester, kind of been going to get my tickets accumulating them. And I've gotten all free the things that I want to go with my church friends, and there's four of us. First, we kind of have this job, but you got to pay a fee on ticket tomorrow, taking out, getting out free, like fine. So I try to find someone who doesn't mind getting me the tickets. A friend of mine, she said, She's gonna meet me there today and I'll deal to get a ticket and then we all go. But yes, that's what the day is like. Like I said, it's like 9 30 right now. Way we're gonna meet at 10. So I'll be leaving pretty soon. And then after that, I rushed back here, Geo one before. So I have a class at 11. Try and make that class today. Since the testes Thursday, get whatever little information, Whatever, Whatever. Whatever. Yes, what a day's looking like so far. So of course I'm gonna be taking you guys alone. I was just curious. I'm not back in my dorm. Go. It is bitter cold outside, but I had a teacher. Yeah, the longest walk in a week. Take it right with you. Get really, really ride sitting in class. And I just couldn't do it. I could not do it. Um, it's hard for me to sit through lectures. Actually, no, it's hard for me to sit the election. Is this hard for me to sit through classes that I don't need that class is geo 104 and I'm a business student like I mean, it's good to learn about the environment and stuff, but that's just not something I needed. So I was sitting there, too, into him out. And I'm thinking to myself, like, What's the point in sitting in this class tuning him out? Actually, just go, like somewhere else and study, you know? I mean, like, do some productive. So that's why I left is actually really come out here. So now, about to go to, I think, the main lounge. Hopefully, nobody's in there and study there. Somebody's under. Then I'll just go somewhere else. But yeah, that's what I'm doing now. Just going a study. I actually to want to start applying for some internships. Um, I'm trying to either get one this spring semester. So this coming semester or during the summer during the summer would be better. But, hey, if I get wondering spring, that'd be cool too. So, yeah, that's what we're doing now. Yeah, also, you guys, I am exhausted to say the least, just got off work, and I got some foods. When should that burger? But this isn't just any burger. This is called the Beckham Burger. A pack of burger, double cheeseburger, problem or pepper jack cheese where you prefer lettuce, tomato onions, pickle barbecue and blue cheese. Best that's the official Yet with Colby. I'm just going to sit here and eat for the rest of night. That basically conclude this love. I'm probably also gonna finish watching The Polar Express since I started before I left. I finish it some girlfriends that tonight, but yeah, basically, that's it for this video. I hope you enjoy it. If you did, make sure you like comics described you haven't done so already. Also, make sure you check out my winter look book which will be linked to make sure you check out the website. I will. We see you guys tomorrow, Bloggers. Day five in a children, please remember to be kind can I stay? She put so some more water. What's up, you guys? And welcome back to my channel, your inner oh gee, to the channel. It's good to see you again. And if you're new to the channel, has it going money with your breakfast read. And I'm currently a junior at the University of Buffalo studying accounting. If you guys haven't noticed by now I am doing a video series entitled Back to School 2019. But he's basically just a series of videos for you guys that are going back to school, whether it's high school, middle school, but specifically called since I'm a college student myself, since I am currently a junior, that means I've been through two years of college freshman sophomore, and I've accumulated some knowledge, you know, when it comes to college information. So, of course, as you can see by the title of today's video, I'm gonna be sharing with you guys. My fall semester schedule for my junior year now actually did one of these my fall semester of sophomore year, so last year and you guys actually really liked it Now, before I actually happen to my schedule, I kind of wanted to lay a little bit of ground work, so you guys understand a little bit better. Look, I said I'd do attend the University of Buffalo here in Buffalo, New York I'm in accounting student, and I am a junior. So here at you beat you can either be a general business major with a concentration in something like finance. Human resource is, or you could be an accounting major, which is what I am, but are a bit of distinctions between the two degrees. So to be a general business major, you just have to have a 2.50 g p a. And for the accounting major, you have to have a 3.0, so it definitely is a bit more of an extensive program. But I know that I'm capable of doing the work. And I really, really love accounting. So that's what I'm going through with it and so honestly, your 1st 2 years. Whether you're a general business major or accounting major, you take basically the same prerequisite course is now moving on to what is called the upper level management courses. So when I sat down to speak with my academic advisor, which is something you're gonna have to do every semester here at the university. We discussed my options in terms of scheduling. It was my academic advisor is suggestion that I don't take any more than two counting courses each semester. And so that's exactly what I decided to d'oh. Now, even though I do have to take accounting course specifically dealer general business required classes that I have to take and all that the talking is out of the way. Let's get into the actual part of this video where I explained the classes that I'm going to be taking this semester, basically, just make myself a scheduled to put in my binder folder. Whatever type of utensil I decide to have to make sure I have all of my schedule in one place. Let's help right into my classes. Okay. So, to be completely honest, I decided to list these classes from the ones I think I'm gonna hate the most to the ones I'm gonna like the most. That's because I think this video should have some momentum. You know, I wanted to be cohesive, so it's not all over the place. So we're gonna start with the classes that I think I'm gonna hate the most and then move on from pair. So my first class is gonna be statistical decisions and management, which, honestly, is just a fancy way of saying Skype for business. So just like last year, this stats course is online. However, I decided to fit into my schedule the in person lecture. So even though it's online B professor of the Class Records lecture in real time. So if you want to attend a luxury, you can. And if you don't want to, then you just watch it online. But I really want to do well this semester. So I decided to fit into my schedule. Thean Person lecture. So that way I can go ask questions, get notes all that types of hands on. I believe this course has maybe like 400 for 500 students in roles, but the actual in person lecture is just gonna be 40 people, and I have that every Tuesday and Thursday from 11 a.m. To 12:20 p.m. That's right. So that's Class's Production and operations management, which is NGO 302 This one is a completely online course, which I'm not too excited for, because like I said, in the past, I haven't had the best success with online courses. But it's kind of like I'll just have to work into my schedule enough time each day or specific days out of the week where I'll work on that clasp specifically to make sure I'm doing well. And essentially, this course just introduces the process, these tools and aspects of the production and operations, portions of the business and that sound like a mouthful. And I honestly, I just feel like it's gonna be like manufacturing, I guess, because I mean in reference to the production in operation. That's what it sounds like a manufacturing company. But I guess at the same time, even if you don't manufacture a product, you could technically still have productions and operations management. I don't know. Honestly, I don't think I'm gonna hate the class, but I know it's not gonna be my favorite. Okay, so then that's class doesn't necessarily have too much to do with accounting in general, but I actually think I'm gonna like it a lot, and that is human. Resource is management and labor relations for managers, which is once again just a fancy way of saying like human resource is HR. So this one is also known as N G I 301 So this course actually has a lecture component as well as a recitation component. And just in case, if you're maybe like a high school student, you're not like, familiar with those words. Let's just means the class with which you get the information. So your professor goes over everything that you need to know where, as the recitation is a smaller component in which you kind of have, maybe like, weekly quizzes, you might take your test there. There might be like group projects for youto understand material better. But essentially, the lecture is where you get all the general information, and the recitation is where you get centralized help if you need it. So the left for this class is gonna be every Tuesday and Thursday from 12. 30 to 1 50 the recitation for the class is gonna be on Thursdays from 5 p.m. To 5 50 Now, my favorite part about this course is the fact that it is a 350 person lectures. Why don't I, like big? Left you so much because you don't have to really participate. Like you can just sit there, chill, eat, text shop, do whatever you want because you're an adult paying thousands of dollars for college. And so essentially, this course is just gonna focus on the functions of HR, which is like, selection, development, compensation, you know, things like that. So the next course is called Career Connections two with specific for accounting. I actually took career connections. One, I believe last year and essentially what the class was was just like to help you Network find out about different professional development opportunities on campus to help you get internships to help you with interviewing skills, hoping you with, like, resume writing, um, and things like that. Also talking about different types of study abroad in global projects, which I ended up doing and going to China. If you haven't seen those videos, go watch them. I am kind of excited for the course because as an accounting student doesn't do want to get my feet wet with some really good accounting internships. I actually, at the moment have already applied to Goldman Sachs in three different offices. So hopefully soon I'll be getting back from them and it'll be good news. But this course once again has a lecture component in the recitation component. However, this one is a little bit different. So the first half of the semester is gonna be the lecture component, which is every Tuesday and Thursday from 8 to 9 20 in the morning. In the second half of the semester is gonna be the recitation, which will be on Thursdays from 8 to 9 20 in the morning. This court also is 140 person left her which, like I said, once again, I do enjoy big lectures. But I remember last year when taking the first half of this course it even though it was a big lecture, still often has he broke off into smaller groups and we actually had to do work, which was tiring. I'm taking a total of six courses a semester in the four that I just talked about. All the general business courses that I'll still have to take as an accounting major over the last two courses I'm gonna be talking about are specifically accounting courses now this 1st 1 I don't really think I'm gonna like it that much, and that's because I love watching. Happy as Lynn, she is another YouTube, and so she's in accounting. Major actually think she double majors in accounting and finance, but I might be wrong, but I know for sure she does major in accounting. And so she had to take accounting information systems, and she complained about it all the time. No shade if you end up watching this, Abby, but I feel you like accounting information systems. It's basically like spats, but for accounting, and it sounds hard, and I don't think I'm gonna like it, but I know it's gonna be super duper helpful for once. I actually am out in the field of counting, but this course is also known as MG A 3 11 Once again, this one has a lecture in a recitation component. The lecture is every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from a T M. To 8 50 In the recitation is every Friday from ADM. T. 8 50 This one is a smaller course. It is just a 28 person lecture, and so essentially the course examines both the manual and computer based accounting systems for different types of firms. Because of that, the course delves deep into exile functions, which is good because I'm actually really proficient and excel. But it also offers another one that I'm not used to yet, which is called Enterprise Resource Planning. I just know that the course is gonna be difficult. It's definitely gonna require a lot of my time. So once again, it's just something I'm gonna have to work into my schedule to make sure I'm getting the assignments done properly. So the last course I'm gonna be talking about, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna like it a lot. And that is intermediate financial accounting one assets and income determination, of course, is also known as MG a 301 I'm gonna have it every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30 p.m. To 4 50 It is a smaller lecture again. It's only 35 people, but honestly, I still think I'm gonna like it a lot. It explores a theory of business, income recognition and asset valuation with emphasis on the accounting theory. Now, this is actually the real reason why I decided to do accounting. There are a lot of things that happen in this world that could be eradicated if the individual trying thio evoke change, had the right amount of money to do it until my first outside activity is my church. Of course, I go to church on Sundays, but I don't have class on Sunday, so that's not exactly you know, a part of this video. But on Wednesdays, my church has what's called impact, which is basically just our Bible class. But call it impacts and we have two classes at my church, one at 12 noon and one at 7 p.m. But the way my schedule works on Wednesdays, I'm only able to make the 12 noon one. So basically every single Wednesday I am going to be at my church at 12. Noon before Bible Class and then last but not least, is my actual job. For those who don't know, I do work on can Service at the food court in last semester, I was working four shifts a week and 18 hours. So this muster I'm only working three days in 14 hours per week. Gonna be Mondays and Wednesdays from 4 p.m. To 8 30 Fridays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. So really easy ships. Nothing too strenuous. And that is all I have for you guys in this video. I really hope you enjoyed hearing about my fall semester schedule this year. I am beyond excited to be starting back classes. To be honest, I really feel like this summer kind of just went by super duper fast. And I think that's because I was working every day. So I'm really just super excited to get back on the grind. Learning, taking notes, studying all that good stuff. If you enjoy this video on schedule in college classes, make sure you let come and subscribe. If you haven't done so already, make sure you guys were staying tuned for all the rest of the videos that I'm gonna be posting in this back to school. Siri's and I'll see you guys in the next one in until done. Please just remember to be kind to What's up, guys? And welcome to Waldman Estate 14. As you guys can see, this is clearly not a normal video for blood mist, as it's not a vlog. However, today it's Friday and literally The only thing that I had planned for today was to go to work at four. So there wasn't anything to actually record throughout my day. But I figured, Why not? Sure, you guys, how I make French toast, since that's what I wanted to eat this morning. So if you guys are interested, then keep on watching. So I'm gonna begin by cutting up the banana. Just gonna cut it into even slices until the whole thing is your stuff and it'll cutting too much. But honestly, it's not that big of a deal. So next I'm going to make the better. I'm gonna start that by cracking to eggs. Then I'm going to add any quarter cup of cream. But I'm leaving coffee cream. I know that song super algorithm like, Why would you use coffee creamer. The very first time I made this recipe, I didn't have milk or regular cream, so I was like, Well, coffee cream should work the same way. Plus, they already has sugar in it, so you don't have to add more. So, yeah, So now I'm gonna go ahead and add and all of my spices. As you can see, I don't measure anything out. I kind of just eyeball it. But I used ground close nutmeg, pumpkin, five spice and cinnamon. Of course, after I've added everything in just gonna give it a really good Wisc to make sure it's all combined. So the next step is optional. But it's something that I like to do to make the process a little bit easier. I'm just gonna put the batter onto a saucer. So that way, when I am putting the bread, like in the batter, it's easier to do. You can, of course, leave it in the bowl. But it's gonna be a little bit harder to coat the bread when it's in a bowl versus on a plate. All right? And so now that we're finally ready to begin cooking, I went ahead and turn the stove on. I think I put it on medium high, someone around there at it, way too much butter. But I mean, it's French toast you needed to do good and buttery. So once it gets hot enough, I'm also gonna add in a little bit of vegetable oil. The vegetable will is just going to kind of like slow down the burning point of the butter. I suppose so. That way the butter doesn't burn into the pan. So after that is done, once the pain is nice and hot, we're gonna just put our bread into the batter, as you can see, make sure it's like, pretty saturated, obviously, so we could get the taste. And once you're ready, you just put in the pan and let it cook another point that I wanted to make. His obviously Texas toast is better than regular white bread. But we didn't have Texas toast that we improvised. Also, once you guys see me flip over this French toast, you're going to say it's burnt. But that's just how I like my food. If you don't want your French toast burnt, then just don't burn it anyway. Next up in the process is to add our Nutella and banana, so I'm basically just gonna take a nice size amount of Nutella not too much, since I coat every piece of bread with no jelly. Just enough to like, you know, spread it to the edges. And yeah, it's basically spread it on the bread and then put bananas on top. And so now I'm basically just going to continue that process until all the bread is done. And that is it. You guys, I am all done. This is so much food. This is only for the days where I'm starving. And today I was starting. So yeah, hope you guys enjoyed the video. If we did, make sure you like Commons Drive. If you haven't done so already, I will see you guys in my next video. And until then, please remember to be kind to everyone, please. Abraham never wavered in believing God's promise. In fact, his faith grew stronger, and in this he brought glory to God. He was fully convinced that God is able to do whatever he promises. So today it's actually gonna be my first real day in Hong Kong since yesterday was kind of just traveling to get here. But I'm really excited, just won't go and I slept really well. But when I woke up, it was like I told myself, I just woke up in China. It's almost as if we kind of just hit me today where I'm at and like, what I'm doing. That's what you don't like, I said. Today is the first real day in Hong Kong. I don't have classes today. Classes start tomorrow. Today it's kind of like a program saving, explaining what the programs for what we're gonna be doing that sort of thing right now. It's like a little It's like a little past 7 30 I'm gonna be going down to get breakfast soon. So of course I'm gonna take you guys throughout the day. But what I didn't want to talk about right now and I'm trying to be quiet. It's kind of early and I'm sitting like on a tear it, so I don't want to disturb anybody, but, um, I didn't want to talk about how even though it's only the first day, I already started to learn so much about myself and I've already started to grow so much throughout this process and like I said, it's just first day and what I mean by that is in yesterday's Bob, I made a reference to the fact that it was difficult getting here, so basically we got for the flight. We were in Hong Kong airport and then we took a trade, a Hong Kong airport to Kalyan Station. Once we're at compensation, had to take a taxi from the station to hear and it was just difficult because people always traveled with. We kind of got separated for a second and I was so because I don't have an international call on my phone. So I'm kind of like relying on life I and stuff like that. But I was so confused because I couldn't really get in contact with them. Messages weren't sending. I could barely read the side. I just didn't understand and I was getting so frustrated. And I just remember thinking to myself, You know what? I shouldn't have come here. I don't know. So dramatic. I shouldn't come here. I don't wanna be here. I wanna go home. Like all the different stuff and long story short. Obviously, we went back up and I was able to get here. But my problem with myself is that as soon as something got difficult, I wanted to give up and go home. Like I said, it's teaching me so much about myself in the sense that I have to understand that when things get hard, kid, just give up. You gotta keep trying, understand? It's gonna be okay. Take a deep breath and keep moving through situations. So, yeah, I'm excited. What else? I'm gonna write about myself. It's so beautiful out here. Like this is so peaceful. Oh, my gosh. Yeah, Way e. Everybody. So wait. Alex, this is Alex. Your name? Andy. Okay, an album. So now we're weapon will get food, and this is everybody else. I say, what's up to the booth? Thanks. Yeah. Okay, so it's like chocolate or something. Is it Chopper? You know what? No Yeah. Okay. Lifted. Like like, uh, in China. You don't get served, Hilda. Where? It's just kind of in the table. Yeah. How much? What? Wait. How much did you say it was, like, six years, all of us. So that what we just It was like $6 in U. S. Money us a delicious meal. And we're all alone, feeling good. And so what we're talking about now is these houses real estate here is inflated because, wait, what do you say? You said okay. So also, I'll show in the bar when I get back, but basically, he's saying that our hostel room is the size of their entire house, like that's their entire space, and they're probably spending more than what we would spend in America. So, yeah, that's crazy. Any thoughts, Any thoughts? My thoughts are that this is ridiculous. Expand, But there's nowhere else, right. Like, world's gotta build up that way. Wait. Maybe this way. Now it's time for class, and this class is three hours, and I'm not mentally prepared for it. But I gotta Do we get it? Wow. Where's the bathroom? Inequality. Oh, my God. Literally. You could see the difference. Okay, Blah. So wait, Where we going right now? We're on our way to wait for the train station, and we're going to Victoria. Speak. Apparently. Eat egg waffle. Uh, puff thinking, whatever it's called. Never going way. Don't know. Way with a night light, right? We just gotta figure it out. Okay? Unfortunately, I have to be fixed. 15 actually, to be a four down there to start tomorrow's day, which means totally possible. But I really enjoyed it. So much fun. It was great. And I hope you guys enjoyed watching me getting home if you didn't already know, Do make you, like comment. Subscribe? You haven't done so already. Make sure thank him for my next video. And in the meantime, please just remember to be kind What is it, you guys? It's a girl. Could not Becca. And in this video, I'm gonna be sharing with you guys my fall semester schedule for college this year. Like I am beyond excited to be starting classes again, which probably sounds ridiculous. Like girls like school so much. I I love school love. I love it. For those of you who don't know I am currently in accounting, Major at the University of Buffalo is Well, where my shirt. You really basically, this fall I'm gonna be finishing my sophomore year. This past summer, I decided to enroll is a full time student. So I started myself for your summer. I'm finishing myself more year this fall, and I'm starting my junior year in the spring. So that's why I also on track to graduate early. I just figured this video would be helpful in general for you guys to understand my channel a little bit. So this fall, I've decided that I'm gonna do college weekly vlogs. So that way I can keep up with my life a little bit more and see what I do on a day to day weekly basis here in college. So watching this video first will help you guys to realize Oh, she has its class practice. She has. She has that without further ado. Okay, so the very first thing I want to do is show you guys my written out schedule. Obviously, I made this schedule myself. My school didn't give me this. Like I mean, come on. My school obviously gives me a regular schedule, which shows my classes for the regular weekday. So Monday to Friday. However, I made this for myself because it also has everything else on it. My work schedule, practice schedule, my church schedule, you know, stuff like that. So that way I'm keeping everything on one sheet of paper. I definitely recommend that. That's definitely a tip of mine is to make a schedule for yourself and put it on one sheet of paper or in your agenda, whatever you want to do. But that's gonna help you to lay out your life. So that way you know what you're doing every day doing this definitely helps. Like, trust me, hopes Very first course that I'm gonna talk about is communication. Literacy for business, it's prefix. Name is MG 303 It is a three credit course. It is a 25 person lecture, and I have it Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from money M to 9 50 So the point, of course, basically is to just strengthen your communication skills as it pertains to how you write, speak, operate, conduct yourself in the business world. I don't really think I'm gonna like it, and it's for a few reasons. So let me give you those reasons. Reason Number one is because it's a 25 person lectured. I do not like small classes. I don't really like human a direction. I don't like group work. I don't like human interaction. And so I hate 25 person lectures because they require you, like, literally, they require you to participate. Number two is because I know you guys don't know me personally, but when it comes to business, I articulate and I explain, and I am so proficient in terms of talking or conducting myself in a business professional manner. So having ah course specifically for communication, literacy, in my opinion, is not something I need. I just feel within myself that it's not gonna be like a life changing to bomb warm, but I just don't really think I'm gonna need it. I don't think I'm gonna like this course, but I got to take it. It is what it is. Okay, so this course is by far gonna be my favorite. I already know. It is the introduction to financial accounting. It's prefix is mg a two a one. It is where? Three credit. It's a 360 person lecture, and I have it Mondays and Wednesdays from 3 to 3:50 p.m. Okay, who is banging on the walls? So, basically, the point of the course is to present the basic framework of accounting principles that are used in the business world and current day. It helps you with the preparation presentation, understanding in basic interpretation of accounting principles. I know I'm gonna love this course for a few reasons, and here they are, Number one. It is a 360% lecture. A big lecture. There are no requirements. Well, actually, that's not true. There may be some requirements, like some professors may take, like an online attendance, and that attendance grade goes toward towards your greed. But for the most part, it's just free for all I like that. I have the choice to do what I want. Another thing I love about big lectures is the fact that I can basically sink into the crowd and not feel ever feel singled out on the other reason why I'm know I'm gonna love this course is the fact that I decided I wanted to be an accounting major. Back in high school my junior year, I took an accounting course of basic principles of accounting course in high school. I absolutely loved it. I did so well in the course and I realized, you know what? This is what I want to do with my life, but I know it's gonna be more difficult because this is college, and that was high school. But I just know I have a great foundation already, and I know I'm gonna do well, I know I'm gonna love it. I'm very excited for it. Okay, So my next course is called Career Connections One, it's prefix is N. G to 98. It's only a one credit course, but it is a 280 person lecture, and I have only one day a week on Thursdays from 3 30 to 4 50 This course is a 10 week course. The 1st 5 weeks, our lecture format and in the last five weeks are recitation format. And basically, the course is literally to help students develop a career action plan on bits. Also, to promote service, learning in internships. I don't feeling off. I'm gonna like this class too much. A little shaky on this one, but I don't think I'm gonna like it, because I once again, I just know what I want to do. So I don't need a career action plan, and I don't need, of course, to help me find my career action man, I know I wanna be an accountant. I know that I want to have my own private practice. I know you don't. I mean, like, I just know what I want to do. So that's why I'm not too sure on this course. Now, one thing I do like about the course is that they promote internships. This course talks more about accounting internships during this winter on how to apply for them. How to get the best ones, then that only a one and I'm definitely down for that. The next class is about to be the second most disgusting class I'll have to take. It's mathematical analysis for management. If prefix is anti H 1 31 it's worth four four. It's a 60 person lecture, and I have it on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4 32 6 10 Long story short. This disgusting course is calculus for management, and I'm not excited. That's the calculus in high school. That teacher ruined my life, literally ruined it. It was so bad that I had to audit the course so the terrible grade wouldn't show up on my high school transcript in, Yeah, it was just terrible. Yeah, and I just honestly need the Lord to be offense in my life. I need him to be my pencils, my pens, my notebook. I need him to be my understanding. I need the Lord to be my test taker because I'm not looking forward to this course. That's that's just that next course this course first, most disgusting. Of course I'll be taking this fall, and that is introduction to statistics for announces. It is also worth four credits, however, it's online, so that's not bad. but it's literally just stats for business might be good. It could be super hard. Or it could be super easy in obviously. So my last two courses basically fit together. Unfortunately, even though I am a business major, the university requires all students to take some sort of science courses. Though the lecture is environmental science, Geo One for it is three credits. It is a 219 person lecture. Have it both Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 a.m. To 12 20. It's just about, you know, like sustainability, environmental challenges that we face so talking about, like carbon footprints, plastic use, you know, basic stuff like that. So the lab for the course is called Earth Environment in Quiet Climate Laboratory and the prefix Where is Geo One? 05 It is only one credit, so that's good. It's a 25 person lab, which I don't like, but it's only one day a week. It's just two days from 9 a.m. To 10 50 so at least I won't have to go more than once a week. That's good, but basically the lab is gonna be using the scientific method to analyze the environmental stuff that will be learning in the lecture. I don't like science in general. I hate science. I've always hated science. You gotta do what you gotta D'oh! So those air all the courses I'm gonna be taking the semester. That is a total of seven courses. I'm taking a total of 19 credits. Guys. 1919 is the maximum credits you can take here at U B. And I'm taking the maximum credits because I'm an overachiever and yeah, I do too much. So now I kind of want to talk about my extracurriculars. The very first thing is working out. I personally love working out in the morning. I feel like when I wake up and I work out, it just speeds up my metabolism and my energy and gets me ready for my day. So I wake up at 6 a.m. every morning to basically just work out. You should work out for, like, an hour. And then after that, then I get ready for my day in terms of like showering, picking out something where eating all that type of stuff. But I always tried to start my day at 6 a.m. With a really good workout. In addition to that, I do have two jobs. So my first job is at the food court here in the dorm that I live in 21 hours. You do what you gotta do. So my second job is working with the athletic event staff here on campus. Basically, whenever there's a sports game, they need people to work, concessions, work, taking tickets, work, being an usher in the stadiums, whatever it is, you know that they need. That's what the athletic event staff is formed. So working that so far my schedule is like every other weekend. It's how the football schedule is that they have home games. So every other weekend I'll be working with them for those either. Don't know I play softball here. You be not the D one team. I play on the club softball team. Absolutely love. It's really fun. It gives me something else to do other than just focusing on only school work. So I love it now. We technically have practice three times a week. The semester, unfortunately, because from busy my schedule is I'm only able to make it one practice. I will be going to softball practice every Thursday from 7 p.m. T. 8 30 Obviously, I go to church Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. And then I go thio Midweek Impact, which is basically just Bible class at my church from a 12 noon to 1 p.m. On Wednesdays. So once again, here is my schedule for life was gonna focus There we go and everything that I have to d'oh! I am beyond excited to be starting school again this fall. My first day of classes is August 27th. I know this year is going to be amazing. So I'm just like I'm ready like Les go. I just want to say thank you guys So much for watching this video. If you stay to the end like clearly you enjoy, so, like, comment. Subscribe. And if you did like this video, make sure staying tuned into my channel for the next videos that I upload. I'm gonna be uploading a lot in terms of light back to college, that sort of thing. And then obviously, once the school year starts, I'll be doing so Make sure you're saying todo then please remember he is a little song. Don't be happy every life We have some trouble when you ever make it. Don't worry. Be happy way Guys. Welcome back. Welcome to my channel. If you're okay too. It is good to see you again. And if you're going to the channel how's it going? My name is at university studying accounting. As you guys know, I'm currently in a back to school Siris on my channel where basically I'm sharing with you guys. Information for college. Before you head back to school this semester, most of my videos does far have been me. Just kind of sitting down explaining some things. You guys talking things out, sharing personal stories, and in this video, I want to switch it up, just give you guys a little bit of different content and give you guys a campus tour. So in this video, I want to give you guys more than just that, Like cookie cutter look that you would get if you came into the campus normally and kind of give you guys an in depth look what the campus is actually gonna be like from to study spaces with passengers were like campus life in general. One of my favorite things about you campus is the fact that you use here are gorgeous, So be big. God worry. Be happy. So many housing options here. University State on campus for campus dormitories for apartments and talking too much about Greenlee Booth. First Residence Hall is governors is here only residence hall. I actually lived here my first year. I didn't like it that much, but I will be honest. I have a lot of amazing works that you would get elsewhere on campus. Next, we'll talk about his reiners. Greiner is absolutely gorgeous. Have first access. It's a new building. It's one of you is actually our campus. However, the downside to it is that you could only hear your sophomore year and you have to live in a group before because of the fact that it's set up apartment style in a quad. So I'm currently standing on helicopter right now, which is the biggest residents call on campus. You can actually live here all four years of your undergraduate study, and the halls range from Quarter Fargo red jackets, balding Richmond and looks. Three residence halls that I just mentioned are all on campus, and the last two are excellent. We'll be going South campus today because I just don't feel like it. But those dormitories are known as Good Year in Coming Home also has a lot of great teachers, right with residents. Problems, for example, is located in Richmond Study Center, a dining center, a food court and even in academics. Classroom we're standing in right now is actually Fillmore 1 70 This costume is so amazing. I actually had multiple classes in this room, and I like the class simply because the room is so dope. Okay, you guys, now we're seeing at the football stadium. It's actually ashamed that I've never been to one of our football kids. Hopefully, this year I'll do a little bit better about being more. But next we're gonna be moving on to Alumni Arena. Which is, of course, where all of the different sporting place we have the basketball floor of a fitness, an indoor pool, fitness rooms as well. A triple triple Jim is actually where all of the intramural and clubs sports go to practice. Okay, you guys, this is the Center for the Arts, also known as C F K. This is where all of like the theater based classes courses in events take place as well as like career and job fairs. I leave also Meet the professionals, which is for the Big Four firms. Come here is well and honestly, this is just another really great place on campus where you can come and relax and study with your friends. So we're now in the student union, just like any other school. The student union is where you get a lot of different dining options. You mean we don't just have a regular food court, but we also have some other styles of eating that you're more likely to know. For example, like Mo's even Bravo's Pasta. Here in the Student union, there are also a lot of different studies. Faces come here with a group of friends, get some work done. There are few plus rooms, a few theatres for different things that take place here and across the way of the student union is what is known as the comments over at the Commons. There are also other food places to eat with Chinese place. There's a CVS. There's a UPS store for like packing your shipping you have to do. And of course, there's a Starbucks because everybody students need their coffees right outside the student union And behind me is the academics. Fine. From here, you can get all of your classes right behind me is keeping hall keeping. Hall is where literally everything goes down. In here is the financial aid Office, the office for student accounts. There is also a cafe which also serves Starbucks. I literally lived in this cafe in my first year. There are a few classrooms which I did have a few classes in this building my first and second year. But really, I want to take you guys up to the third floor, which is where the Silberman library is located. Your mouth still very actually have books. It's more so just a library to come to do group and side study. So the room that I'm in right now is what's called a good study room. You can either reserve these or if you're walking by, sit in. But there's also the seven study room, a lot of different spaces and really nice views. This is actually one of my favorite places to come and study. However, it's really, really difficult to find a spot here after like news, so typically end upsetting somewhere else. But this is still a great spot as well now in Norton Hall. As you can see, this lecture hall is very big. Norton and Knocks Lecture Hall is gonna be where most of your first and second year classes are held. All right, so this is locked with library. This library actually had wrote books during the regular academic year. This is typically where study something because there are doesn't made it for sports a little cubicle so you can have your own space. I just really like the atmosphere here. It's super chill, relax as opposed to keeping, which is more lively. I saved the best for last. As you guys know, I am an accounting student, which is part of the school of management here. You'd be. So I'm gonna show you guys through the Jacobs Management Center as well as the Fear Center. Let's check it out. So I'm actually really excited because now that I am in 30 or county student here at the University of Buffalo, most of my class days are gonna be taking place in this building, which means I'm gonna be spending a lot of time here. So, as you can see, we do have a important first level, which is currently closed for the summer. We have a lot of group and personal study spaces, of course, Classrooms, the academic advising center as well as the undergraduate learning community, which basically just provide service is such as like tutoring, resume, fatigue, jobs, that sort of thing I have for this video. I hope you guys enjoyed seeing a campus tour more from the perspective of a student as close to a student tour guide. If you guys enjoyed it, makes you, like, coming and subscribe. You haven't done so already. Makes you following me on all of my social so you can keep up with me when I'm not. You too makes you guys staying tuned for all the rest of the videos that I'm gonna be posting in this back to school. Siri's. I will see you guys in the next one, and until then, please Always remember to be kind to everyone. I think I just need rise and shine, Fam. It's time for school and I'm gonna be showing you guys my typical college morning routine. Everything that I normally do. Um, the first thing I do, obviously when I wake up is get that good stretch because these college bids are hot. Miss, don't be fooled. I know most people look at their phone the first wake up, but I pray, I think, just for his grace and his mercy in his goodness that he's showing to me for waking up on this beautiful day. So now I'm making my bed. But you can also see I am dressed for the gym. It's still kind of cold out. I mean, it's been getting nice here since it's getting closer to spring, but it's still kind of cold out. So I make sure we're police T shirt, whatever. Pair of shorts of Nike, Dr Fitz and, um, whatever whatever sneakers I have or feel like wearing at the moment, I don't always make my bed, but I like to make my bed. Um, yeah, it's just a personal thing. I like making my bed in the morning. So after my bed is made, I like to grab my card. My kids don't want to get locked up my building. I'm gonna grab my phone. My headphones. I hate it when I get to the gym and realized I forgot my headphones. Like struggle, bro. Huh? Well, yeah. I grab my phone, my headphones, I grab my water, and then I'm out the door to the gym so I could do a separate video if you guys really want to see my gym routine. But, I mean, it's really basic. I start by stretching, Of course. Never wanna pull any muscles. Never want to cause injury to myself. Then I'm gonna, um, begin like a light walk. Basically a walk, I think on the setting, like 2.5, maybe just a quick walk. Just a warm up, um, And get myself stretched out. So after walking lightly for two minutes, then I started jogging. I think I dropped on the setting. Five point. Oh, um, and I drug often on. That's just because I'm out of shape and I can't jog for too long it too long. A period of time, but I jog for five minutes, Walk for five minutes. Shocker. Five minutes. Walk for five minutes, and I basically do this high, intense cardio for about 20 minutes. On some days, I'll switch it up. Sometimes I'll be on the bike or elliptical, but nevertheless, every day I start with high, intense cardio. So after my cardio, I move on to a bit of weight training. I almost never lift in my arms anymore. Usedto look a lap and I was younger and my upper body is like crazy tone. But my lower body isn't so. I usually just do some sort of leg weights. This is called the hit up duck. There's I'm gonna do this and then I'm going to switch the peds to the inside to do the same exercise for the inside. And I'm pretty sure I do 20 repetitions of each and I do and I go through twice, so I do, Technically, 40 repetitions of each exercise outside and inside. Now I begin to stretch, which I don't think I can't stress enough is so incredibly important. You never, ever I want to do any type of workout at all. Without stretching afterwards, there is no point in even giving your body the chance. The chance to have an injury in a torrent. Anything or ripped or anything. Anything. This isn't good. So stretch. Just stretch. So that's easy. It for the gym. And then I come back and I'm gonna get ready for my shower when I come back. The first thing I do is put my scarf back on, and it's because they don't want the steam from the shower or water from the shower. Freezing my hair. Now my hair is already a hot mess, as I could see in the dam. But remember, this day was Friday and Fridays are usually when I do my hair anyway. So Friday. That usually just don't care. But I head into the shower and then I emerge a second later, not even clean. I'm nothing. I'm going. But, um, the first thing I do when I get out of the shower, which you didn't see that I washed my hands, makes you wash your hands because it is a community bathroom and these kids is nasty. Okay? And I could make a separate video on community style dorms later, but I just know you should wash your hands. So then I move on to my face. I'm using my clean and clear morning burgs cleanser, which I love a lot. You couldn't necessarily see the amount in the bottle, but I'm a little B on its last leg, so I just got a little water, maybe put about, like, 1/2 pump in my hands rub it together to make a lather, Um, and just smooth all over my face. Oh, and also, I am so sorry about the light, but I completely forgot to change the setting when I came into the bathroom on the camera to accommodate for such a bright light that we have this super gigantic led light in the bathroom that is beams down. So I'm sorry. Oh, but yeah, for my face, I basically just go through a couple times with more water to create more ladders. And I just do that until basically until all of the sudden they're gone. Oh, also, I do have a ghetto spinbrush. Yes, I could say ghetto spinbrush aims at 5 99 from I think Burlington. Um, but I don't know if it's broken or if the batteries are just dead, but nevertheless, it won't turn on. So for now, I just have to use my my hands. But after I'm done cleansing, I used my towel, dip it under the water, and she just removed the excess cleanser. I know some people say that they don't like using towels on their face because it's unsanitary. Then what do you use on your body when you get out the shower, anyway? Um, but yeah. So I just get rid of all the excess cleanser with my tab. Pull next. I'm gonna move on to toning my face. I used the Dickinson. Um, which Hazel? Just a funny low side note about my life. When I was a little kid. I actually used this stuff in my hair, and it used to feel so good in my scope. Now, I don't know if which Hazel can be put in the hair, but, girl, I sure did. But anyway, I get a cotton around and just put a little like little You do not need a lot. Just a little bit of the witch hazel on that and just dab it over my face in down my neck. Line two. Next. I'm just gonna moisturize my face with my cocoa butter from Walmart girl. Not that special just low cocoa butter. And then I'm basically just gonna show you on my face nice and clear. Nice and clean. Ready to go. Then I start, um, moving on to the next prosecuted, brushing my teeth, and I clearly bread for way too long. But, um yeah, my team. I don't let the water run. I listen to you, um e don't let the water run because some people don't have clean drinking water. And that's not cool. And next I move on to flossing. No, this is not just for the video. Yes, I do floss every day. Flossing is a very important part of your dental hygiene floss, kids flaws in the last part of my bathroom. Portion of this video is switching with some mouthwash, even though the bottle says list, Doreen, it's just a story about stuff. I just feel it like that. And that's it for that. Next comes of the hardest part of my whole entire day is finding something to wear right there. I'm checking my phone for the weather because you never know if it's gonna rain or like snow or hurricane here. So, um, I do that and I just decided on something crazy. Simple, because it's Friday. I don't feel like being by their just Cem Roche A's, um, where my Nike hoody and a Nautica hat. Um, X. I'm just packing my backpack, making sure I have my folder, my Mac book on the stuff that I take my vitamins of vitamin D that I had to take. And, um, I'm gonna be making a separate video if it's not already up by this time on being vitamin D deficient, but yeah, as a vitamin d do a little crazy. I don't know what that was, but I do that too. My watch. Then I put my coat on. Um, now we're in the last letters video. Put my backpack on. He ready? Go grab my car to my keys. Never ever want to get locked out of your building because then you're looking crazy in front of a whole bunch of people. Now, normally, I'd do this before, but I forgot. So I'm just gonna fill my water bottle. And no, this is not sponsored by Pierre. Unfortunately, Then I put that into my low backpack pocket and grab my phone, my headphones and I'm out the door. Next, I make my way down to breakfast. Eating breakfast depends on a lot of things I normally do, but I won't like if I'm fasting. Or sometimes I don't eat in the dining center. I'll goto like Tim Hortons or Starbucks, or something kind of just depends on how I feel. But normally I'm. I come down to the dining center and eat breakfast, usually during my weekdays. I try to eat as healthy as possible, staying away from like heavy carbs and a lot of salty stuff eat high in protein. So I normally have a apart fae that I like to make. So I start with non effect Greek yogurt. There's a little honey on top of that, honey, just it's so good. Then I put a little cinnamon on that. Gonna go on with some dried cranberries, Um, which are just crazy ins. Then way too many chocolate chips in some flax seeds. Yeah, should definitely consider putting flax seeds in your part phase, cause yeah, lots, lots of benefits. Then I usually do some fruit, which is normally blueberries. Sometimes I might switch it up, but normally blueberries and honestly, what is a parfait without granola on top, like you have to. After that, I grab a plate and I get more protein. So normally, about three or four strips of turkey bacon. I also get normally home fries, sometimes scrambled eggs once again, depending on how I feel. Um, yeah, you never know with me, but just packed with protein. And then I grabbed my plate, and I bring it to my favorite seat in the world, which is this corner seat. That's literally just like by itself, like all deserted. And I just love it. Yeah, but, um, Then I checked my phone. So all that time, I don't check my phone in the morning. Like, I may look at it quick, but I'm not like searching through my phone. I'm not schooling through social media. This is usually the time when I do it. I like to focus my morning on me in my physical and mental well being before I even look at social media or my phone or text people back. So just in case, if you don't get a text early in the morning for me when you think you should cause you know that I'm up. That's the reason why. But then I kind of just go through some YouTube videos. Fine. When I wanna watch from my, like, favorite YouTube, you to ber, um, have a couple right now like joy. Wait, I really love her more. Ari. Um, yeah, I just have a couple that I really like watching, but actually, this is all I do. My camera or my battery ended up dying, but this is all I do. Anyway, I just eat, um, after I eat sometimes and they go to the bathroom or something before class or grab coffee to go. But that's all I really do. I hope that this video, it helps you guys, maybe if you're in college and don't really have a routine, healthy routine that you stick with, maybe this helps. Or if you're not in college yet, but you're kind of just like watching videos to help you before you get there. Maybe this helps and yeah, just thank you guys. So much for watching Makes you like comment and subscribe. And, of course, stay tuned from the next video