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Hey, guys. So this is my official Montclair moving out log. I have just wrapped up my Juries for these past few days. We had after injury yesterday, and we had vocal Juries today. I have finals tomorrow in a little bit next week and basically these next couple days we are just emptying the room, moving everything out into our storage units and going back home to Florida. So this is just gonna consist of all things happening this week and what my class is doing and what I'm doing in preparation to go home, take you over for Kristen. Beautiful day in the quad here. I'm taking over our stage left. This is going to get my greatly quad. No. As you can see, we have truly already got started. And everything is already pretty much gone from this part. Except for Bobby. And obviously that's gonna be a big moment. Yeah, I ruined our wall. I didn't get the memo that we leave the command strips on the wall in the last jobs are done, so I'm gonna have to pay a million dollars for that TVT playlist on spotify. We're going to go like one of our last night cable out. So Red Team kickball Day with and, um, first gonna dominate who I like your samurai way way to 52 wait. Running order running order Every day we're doing our last final and then we're gonna look so bad. Wait, Theo! Theo! Oh, my God! Way! Wish you luck on her. Great. I've been jumping back. Don't be good luck. Really? Oh, oh, so I look awful right now, but we're sitting here. Flight got delayed. I won't tell you something. Every time I fired United, which was an accident just like Louisville, whatever. Everything by united like the lead and wait every time it's always gets more and more. hi, everyone. So right now I'm in the school business waiting for my eight thirty class. This is the third floor of the school of business. Most of the costumes that we have here are like this one right now. My cause or liked twenty people, which is like most of the causes are like this, and it's really great because the professor gets you can. It's really accessible for you to talk to him, since they're not a lot of classmates, like students in the class. We also have tutoring, though, which is great because, like the closet I'm waiting for right now, it's Marco economics and it's really hard. And I was really bad. And like a course like the beginning, I had to see. And now having a minus thinks to the tutoring that I've been going Tio, it's free so you can just go to the graduate school in talent. Hey, I have a problem with this subject. Can you help me? And they'LL help you, which is the greatest thing. So most of the business classrooms are like this one. You will have your big lectures in Unity Hall that I will show you guys too. And Dixon is Dixon. It's right there, like you can see it from here. Um, you will have your jen. It's over there. So vixen iss dot building over there, the kind of like orange one. And that is the soccer field. So, yeah, um, they extend the classrooms and Dixon are, like, really small because it's one of the oldest buildings that we have. This is the newest one. Um, and it's New Jersey most innovative business school. So, yes, as I read said, I'm a business major, And because of that, I'm taking most of my cousin the business school. Even though I'm a freshman, I can already take a lot like next semester. I'm gonna take I think of the six courses, and I'm going to take five of them are business, which is great because you get to actually, you know, your major, that you actually want to do this. And if you're in declare, you can take a lot of different classes like you can take economics. You can take science classes. You can take music so you can get to actually know what you want, Teo, which is great too. I have a lot of friends on, uh, undeclared. And they're doing that. Half of them have already declared, So we're going to business some to humanity's truly great. Uh, also your writing classes. They're gonna be in verone i'll show you guys that bonus Also a freshman dorm. So we have, like, the dorms upstairs, and the causes are downstairs in the centre for writing excellence like it the middle all charlotte to you guys so you can get a sense of it. And oh, it's actually fifteen minutes left for my class. So I'm gonna have to leave you guys, but let's go to the next video. So right now we are at the venture today, which is like the one that's he didn't find his cookie cookie. Hey, you have right now you get a pineapple. So I actually like this is like the best place for me to eat because they also have salads. They have sandwiches and everything is really great. And it's really cheap compared to other places on campus. I'LL show you guys also the student center, and they have tomato, which is on the first floor of the student center. It's good, it's pasta, and pizza is not bad. But it's like my favorite place now usually get like if I'm here really early, I get a movie. Uh, Strawberry Banana smoothie would like four dollars, but it's really good and it's worth it. She's waiting for you. It's winning today. It was raining really hard. It's stopped raining now, but they canceled, Really, which is really sad because we were ready for it. So now we're not gonna have really anymore. And they already stopped raining like it was like a solid five minutes of brain. Yeah, but that's fine. It's fine. And now we're just gonna walk to the sentence. And I want you looking for this apple because it wasn't the bridge. What? Have a seat clean. Okay, so I lied. It's actually raining, was not it? Not it back, though. So right now we're at the student center. Kathy, he's getting his cookie. So we have on the girl I usually buy from here. Usually fight from here because, like, really quick and I between classes, does it have for class with back to back way California tortilla, which is like Mexican food. We have Chinese Panda and the Grill master, which is like the classic fried chicken and burgers and stuff. Okay, so I just got in here. You guys are so cute. There. People I love. Wait, wait. So there's the plane. Okay, so right now we're walking from a building that we were just in the Center for Environmental and Life Sciences. Teo ob A pen, Which is that a way. And also your lies. So, Dad, right here as our folks Teo Studio Theatre usually theater majors, re hairs there have causes. There have two friends that in theater, two meters and a half classes there. We're walking towards the other algae authority because we have to. This is the smaller one. A couple of weeks ago, which has had a concert at the spring concert, a boogie was here with the hoody. This here, this is a memorial auditorium. Usually in right hot day. You've got to come here. Um, I'm gonna of late games and all that stuff. I did that for my red hot day on my sisters. That too. So you're really going to be the same. It's recalled right holiday because first you get you get free food and I love free food. Also, we have free food. A lot of times like there's always, as I already said, there's always something going on on campus, so you usually get free food and what is not bad. So you'LL be fine. Um Okay, so here's another building who usually has. They said dance classes are here then right there is the School of Communication and Media. I love that school was like, Really It's new. Also like the school of business. We think that this one was before, like, a couple of months before the school of business. But it's also really new. He's one of the best ones in New Jersey. Um, sometimes New Jersey News comes here, and Polonius twelve, they come here and they record here, which Great, Because we get our name out there case or hear e r. This school of communication in media. It's really big. It wasn't us. Biggest address. Every said it's basically knew. Let me get inside so I can show you guys. Okay, so this is it. Yeah. So we're now out of the school, communication and media and we're walking towards this break Lavery and all the pain that is this break Claverie. And that is counter view. It has Obbo pan. This is one of the best places to eat. Teo. It's just a cafeteria. Like they don't have burgers are less oddly have, like damages crows on soups, salads and a list of I'm showing it to you guys. You were walking through the great Ivory, the slicked main floor we have searched through and upstairs That service basically most research books, college writing. They'LL teach you how to come to the library, and I love part book and reserve it and all that stuff a room for my first writing class. Um, I had to come here and find a book. I didn't know how to find it. Or like if I was supposed to just, um, give my I'd pay for it. I was supposed to park like never forces help you and then teach you how to do it. Someone from the library would go to your class. Did you have to look for it on the Internet? Because maybe he sent a physical book, But it's like an article that its online that we have so you can look for it. Hey, guys, it is Thursday, August 30 at about 8:30 a.m. I don't know what's up with me and waking up super for all these logs because I never, ever, ever wake up this early. Don't look these box for you. So basically, I leave for college tomorrow. Everyone has been so incredibly supportive of me and me going to college and what I want to do. And I cannot thank everybody enough. It's meant the world to me to be able thio developer family here, that's, like hard to leave. And this is like probably the first, like, genuine thing I've ever post from his account. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you a million times. Thank you. Because I don't know if I'd even be doing this if I didn't have that. That sports is buying me. And if I didn't have those people encouraging for the past 18 years of my life, just know that the littlest things and everything that has happened over these past 18 years and all the support I got from the smallest things to the largest things it has always meant so much to me. And it will continue to mean that much to me as I move on and go somewhere else. Montclair State University. It's all I need, folks. No Christians here to help me. Thank you. Thank you. Over packed. I don't know everything. He was pretty reasonable, I think. Like all of this makes sense. I'm exhausted from watching you. The nectar of the gods. I'm gonna miss you so much, baby girl. Okay, okay. Okay, That's fine. All right, guys. You ready? You ready? Yes, I'm ready. Don't kill me. So, currently, uploading a log on to my account. Driving for about what? Our in. Yeah, It's, um it's just a miserable The shuttle is gonna be driving. Playing poker? Not even a little bit. Mom, give me a little snack. Okay? I think we've got about nine hours left. We're not going to go all the way through nine hours. It's not gonna be like, you know Caesar's palace. What time is it? 1 30 How many hours we have left? Stay there. D'oh! Tomorrow. Really? Okay. Copy everyone. Should I coming to see her? That we all kind of agree responsible for each one of them? E keep like, turning around to make sure you call is still way Have officially made it to weigh our at our friend's house. I got a ton of packages. Okay. You here don't know? 9 40 Okay, so we're awake. It is Sunday. September 2nd. Most of us are awake when most of us. I mean me, love. Yeah. No way. So for the most part, we're done. What's going on there? Hey, I love it. Posted before and after saying Probably here. Well D'oh, D'oh! Wait. I love you. Bring in, John. Okay, um, I guess you guys, that's me being a good kid. That's all you're getting. I love you guys. I love you guys. Come back. Come back. Wow, Jenna, the room's done. We're very much insurance. Look at that issue. First day. Pretty much. We don't understand. I just have one more class. Yeah, let's talk about we're going to do, uh, like a Yeah. Tell the other auntie's. It'll be really great. Really funny guys watching. Hey, guys, I'm Kristen and thank you for watching my walk. If you like what you saw, please. Like it's described my YouTube channel christen alliances far stage business, Nicole. And this is a video of what we can call my adventure around the train to my past. So let me tell you a bit more. Among their what you guys enjoy that you were a national university and we were also rant in twenty nineteen efficient, best national University. So give it up for that. He had twelve months away from New York City. We have approximately twenty thousand students or student population. It's really diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, religions and sexual orientation. Which is great because I s a Latino student. Did you know in the ground because I just moved here a year ago? I have so much support from the school and there's so many organizations that help me. And he makes you feel at home, in fact, that everybody respect your traditions, your axe and your skin collar like everybody's really friendly. We were also name is a top twenty five lgbt Q lost friendly campuses. So give it up for that too. And last, let me talk of our community. As I already said, I'm a sister of Beta Phi Alpha. You were one of the five national sororities here on campus. We also have the Interfraternity Council has seven fraternities. We have the local council with six local organizations from the here, among where four sororities and fraternities. This means that you're not going to find this organizations in any other campus. We have the independent counsel that has four gender inclusive or musical organizations. We have the mph. See, that has seven African American organizations. And the United Greek coalition has twelve Latino on multi cultural organizations. It's great that we have such a broad, great community because of you guys know well. You are probably aware that in a lot of campuses are shutting down and we try tio increased Greek unity, and we're all great together, no matter the letters. And it's not about parties, is just about helping people in having a connection with everybody. I also want to talk about how great is that Ice, a commuter at the same college experience, acidic someone that lives on campus. It's since Mark wears a commuter campus. They really worry about all of our students having the same experience, so they have a lot of events, are really accessible with ours and everything. They have events everyday and throughout the week and there's so many clubs. Get Teo. It's really great. I love it. And as I said, you get the whole experience I want because I was really worried that I wasn't gonna be able to enjoy this four years of college. But I'm actually enjoying it and join us already hard, A lot of collapse. So, yeah, but let's get to the next video. I just did my first baby dressed herself on It is way are what? The space on Wednesday and then we open on Thursday. Just keep up with the weak. Good morning from the room. Basically, it's Tuesday of our tech week for Baby. We don't have rehearsal tonight because we are literally in such a good place with the show that we I didn't need it, which is cool and something I've never really heard of three before opening. So makes you feel really good about where we're at. So, yes, they were not doing anything. So I will check back in with you guys tomorrow. Welcome to Tech Here. There's Mom. So we are in the hole for the first time. Wearing a show tonight will be opened tomorrow. Tomorrow. So I see this until after it's over. Anyways, you saw it. You didn't see it. You're gonna love long stories. Start cool mothers feeling excited? What most excited, Absolutely be feeling. Are you excited? Song in the show ladies who love you're part of the process Singing, baby, baby, baby, You're very character. Obviously not your favorite character. My favorite character. Well, I have to say Arlene the baby. Wait. I brought me dot com Go 30 today and my perky hot as always Think Second Montclair State University Come one and all when it's over. 33 Baby, wait, T go, baby, right now and we're gonna see how it goes. Everyone, No way! Whoa! Take it to change. So hard to choose. Um, I have to say very end like it makes you wanna cry. Character Danny. What? What has been your favorite part about the process of baby Fair? Part of the process of being a thief? Spontaneity of in rehearsal. Sort of a freedom of just letting people are in each other and be real people inside your pregnancy has been amazing. That that's carried in a performance is that people are still sort of like growing that that we're not in a product, that we're still in process. It's incredible, baby. Sometimes they make you wait. My folks struck out. I want this kid for you, Dr. All it takes What right? Me like this Stop. Hey, guys. So this sex video is just me talking about how possible it is for people to have jobs outside of school while you're in school, Montclair. And how many options there are on campus for youto have on campus jobs. So I know it's like a spread rumor that it is very difficult to have a job but also to go to school. But what Claire makes up really easy, and it's a really great time management. So I decided to share with you some of the stuff that my friends and people that I know do outside of school as well, because there is a lot of time toe have a job, but I think that's really important. So I just want to share a little bit of that with two guys. Remind Zack Holograph Go Democracy University, and my job is I work part time at Abercrombie and Fitch. I work on the design team anthropology. Hi, I'm a lifestyle blogger, and I blogged about nutrition fitness just howto live your best life. You know, we're curing the theater office and I make copies and scans. I have a job off campus as a princess. I also work for an act. I'm social media manager, and I also teach me good theater workshop classes. I work for Postmates delivery in New York City. Hi, I'm Alex Burchill and outside of school music directing conduct shows. Um, um, I I work in the center of Science and Mathematics Building, and I do office work. I filed papers. I awesome must be helping with the social media. It's really exciting work. This video really clarifies for you that Mount Claire cares a lot about your education, but it cares a lot about your lifestyle to and the other things that you want to be doing. I hope this clarifies, but our questions you might have had about working and also going to school while being at Montclair. If you want to check out more, there's a lot more information on cleaner on this channel and feel free Hey, guys, it's a 7 a.m. On January 18. I'm gonna do a block on going home from Florida, back to be interesting, seeing everything again. And my destiny begins. So that's what I am currently doing. I am. So you sleep deprived right now. Hey, guys have essentially unpacked me room on home again. Um, back in my stuff, you little adorable timer. And I am going into the city tonight. I'm staying in a hotel for anyone. Auditions. Theo. Oh, my God. I'm officially on the train and it's freezing outside. We can reflect how a snowstorm, So I don't know what I'm gonna do. I don't know if I'm ever gonna make it home from this again. So pretty for me. And so it is Saturday morning, and I have just finished getting ready for my a one auditions, which is summer stock company auditions after 10. Pick up, break anyone's. We're just showing really cute. Really? I finished my dad's dance call and I finished singing, and now I'm taking a break before my tab called that. Of course, I also got a couple callbacks that are tonight and Monday, which means that I'm gonna be coming back here on Monday? Yes. Get way too cold outside for this. I just finished a really long I don't call that getting on my buzz. I look with lookin my big here. I don't know. I kind of just like, look everywhere. I'm like, here that there were really, really tired. Oh, good. You go look at this beautiful storm I love storms with. Oh, I hate this so much today. I'm kidding. Only God, this is the most dramatic. Elsa week was all time work today. Planes. I'm really not acute ways back Jell O and the same old boring people. Good morning, guys. I am currently of Oxy. Gets on a train to the city for more call ACS have today, and it's freezing outside the new Uggs big sweater again. And I'm gonna put on my big coat, and I'm gonna, um, haul ass that way all the way to New York City. Um, far the day to do some final callbacks and I will keep you updated. I probably won't make it. It's one degree outside right now. I like that. Oh, my God. Change clothes will recall that I just finished. Sandy You know, Catherine, and just really remember. And I thought this was more appropriate. So that's what's going on here. I feel like I'm being so bored. Control. Sorry to say we decorated our door is so cute. We're making a hot chocolate. Look how cute we are. We're back. She always says that and she's in back, like, three times the liver. Avery does gonna eat it way, Theo. First day of classes were walking Thio, Our second cost giving ass brownies for her birthday begin way. How did you do that? I broke some skulls. You guys look at this. So we got our food hall. You're messy at all. We just got our food hall and delivered over snacks to our room. We got chicken. Little Sue tried Rahman, we're officially back. Hey, guys, I'm Kristen. I am a YouTuber, and I am a student at Montclair State University. I am a sophomore in the musical theater program, and I'm gonna take you around to look at Montclair. Is different dining options today to see if the options we have because I know that was a huge deciding factor for me in my college audition process because I liked you. So I'm gonna take you around, and we're gonna look at some of those options. All right, guys, you have two large dining halls on campus, and I'm gonna show you where both those air located. They basically just have a different variety of foods every day, depending on what you want. They have a vegan section. They have regular section. They have, like, burgers, hot dogs and seafood, pasta, pizza stuff like a desert something too. So I'm gonna bring you around to both of those. Right now, we're starting at Sam's place. It is connected to a height. Machuca Heights is one of the doorman options of the heights of denial in the yoga. And this is my Dugas dining hall. It also has a really great snack areas where you can buy. Discounted. Actually, not so distressing about living in a chugga is there is a little place called Bistro, where you can go after hours after everything is closed and they offer different types of foods, like burgers and chicken and pancakes, like a random stuff like that. And that's really good. A lot of us went there a lot once everything is closed, your 100 at like one I am. I'm walking up on Glancing hall right now, which is just a regular dorm off center. But inside of this building, have a food court. This is one of the locations where you're going to find a little bit more familiarity. This also doubles as a little convenient story. Coming here and get a lot of snacks like this comes with our flex dollars fill. Every semester you get as much as I come in here and get little snacks like this a lot before dance of person. We have a chili's, which we use. Actually, all the time was also a Dunkin Donuts location in here as well. All right, so I'm walking into a student center where we have lots of different food options because It's basically the center of campus because another. So this portion of our campus way California way have a burger place here. And then we have Panda Express over here, which is my personal favorite, and I understand why. Stop doing something right now. Continue walking you guys to the student center. There's a lot of eating options in here, so this is the upstairs portion and then downstairs there is other options down here. Another kind of convenience software. You could get snacks, bucks, dollars. This is sort of a side note, but there are different many missions all over campus that you can use with your flex dollars. I love being anybody's fucks. Dollars never have actual money on me because I'm a broke college students, so being able to ride bikes dollars, all these places is super helpful. So this is a BP, which is our favorite place as musical theater majors to eat because it's right across from basically where we live, even breathe all day long. This has a lot of healthier options, such as like salads, Suze sandwiches, things like that. I come here and get smoothies a lot before and after class just because it's very, very convenient anyways. So basically, this building has been under construction since I've been here, which isn't even a year and 1/2. But there have been rumors that they're gonna be some really cool restaurants in here. I would share the rumors, but I don't want them not to be true. And then I get in a lot of trouble. So I'm not gonna share, but good stuff. We're obviously would be infamous. Freeman Andi Freeman Hall is another dreaming option for students on the other side of campus that is connected to our other dining hall, which is also called Freeman. Freeman is very cool because Freeman uses kiosks for all of the orders and you just go up. You look at the kiosk, and then from there you order and then your buzzer will buzz and you can go get your guys. This is business building and inside business. Berger is a little coffee joint. A lot of people think that is only for business people, and that's not true. I'm going there a lot and get coffee and hot chocolate when I am getting sick of Duncan because that is the only other copy option here, so it's kind of hidden business building. But it is a really good option for coffee drinkers and people that you aren't fans of Dunkin because I love what they have down there become near the end of our video here. This little piece right here is dying, which is open 24 7 which is fantastic is another place you can just go in the middle of the night. Also have these awesome food trucks are a tear. This one I know is open for breakfast Mondays through Fridays and that one's open just kind of on select days, one necessary. They're both Republican, all of youse, a really great opportunity dining in the right in the middle. All right, guys, As you can see, there is a lot of dining options on this campus on it was all really great food. We're very lucky to have a great food service here at the school, so I really hope you like what you're seeing. I really hope you look more into Claire's check out more than videos we have on this channel, and I hope to be seeing you soon.