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Thinking about Towson University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Towson University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Towson University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Towson University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Towson University experience. These Towson University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hey, guys. My and wax my channel in today In this video, it's a new log. Hey, guys. Was so I'm finally back. I'm making a new video. Sorry. College is hard. So that's all I'm gonna say about that. Oh, today I'm blogging because tonight there's wild and out on campus, like all the organizations are doing, like this wild and out thing. It is gonna be really fine. And yeah, so that's later tonight. And tomorrow is our first home game, so that's gonna be really exciting. It's gonna be tailgating and all that stuff. So I was like, Why not flog this weekend? It's gonna be a fun weekend, but right now it is like 11. 35 I have to go to this meeting Almost. You guys, my outfit really quickly. There's Pia. Good morning. Okay, so my Alfa is really simple. I'm just why this green body suit from Marshalls, and it's like crisscross in the front like that. And then I just have this denim skirt from Paxson and my jacket is also from Pakistan. It's just like a khaki colored jacket. Um, I'm wearing my vans because I always arabians and yeah, So I have to go rush to this meeting really quickly and yeah, I'll see you guys later. So it's almost four o'clock now on. I was just in library was my friend Nina, Like we're doing like, homework and stuff because it's Friday. So yeah, it's Friday. Okay. Yeah. So the campus is, like, so dead right now. Ruled those girls on campus. They're ruthless. No mess with Thompson Square was like, They'll just come up to you. Eight o'clock is wild out event, and I'm a member of the lunch table, which is like a social media like multi media organization here on campus and have it on other campuses, so want you ahead of follows at TLC. Blawg show people from different organizations like the different teams, and it's gonna be really fun and money People from field see on different teams. So, like my friend Dom and Mason, So they're gonna be upon the stage and everything, so it should be really fun. I'm really excited for that. Little Wayne's album drops, so comments on below it Should I think about little wedding album so far. I like it. He had a teacher with eggs, which was really good. I really like that song. But comment on the low resting about that album. My room. I looked at my roommate. She's washing dishes from the first week of school theme from the first week of school test sexy. My pizza looks like a CSI. I got it. The regular red sauce like regular marinade sauce, mozzarella, onion, spinach and chickens. So Well, this is what I'm Williams. We're in this tube top. That is P s because Ali still has my black to top. It's okay. I really don't care. And none of these fashion over jeans that my friend Pierson gave me because they were too small for her actually put you in this mirror. There is the outfit. We took out the trash, by the way. But yeah, this is the outfit I'm wearing some band. So it's not like, really like you don't have to get dressed up for this type of event or anything. But just once, you know, look a little bit Q or something. You know less. I'm so excited. So my little channel way black lives matter to me. I don't want any game, my love. Wait, why? It's Kofi. Of course he has. Thank you. Because wait. Morning eyes. What? So today is Saturday and it's game day. Oh, yeah, By last night was so much fun. Oh, my gosh. Well, I know it was so good. Like, shot out a cab for putting it on. Shut up for a shuttle to T L t. Our host, Tim and J. They were really good. And brother participated like it was really funny. I had a good time. The details. Very good. Oh, it is currently 1 33 light up. I woke up earlier and Mom went back to sleep like, you know, it's Saturday. So I'm just chillin being lazy or whatever, but the tell ginning starts at, like, two o'clock or something, like I don't really know, but all my friends and I, we're gonna meet up at, like, 2 15 So I see the shower and your makeup and get dressed. All that good stuff he is wearing. Let's see her outfit. Wait, I'm stuck. Okay. Toshio himself. Okay, here's p o throughout the tank top Urban Outfitters Shorts. Hollister. That's it. Guys like yes, goes on. Okay, so this is how my makeup looks really cool. I don't know if you guys could see the lighting. It's weird. Okay, here go my makeup. Super simple. I just did concealer. And then I just flashes along these air the RTL foaming clashes. Uh, you were the last of her problem. I really like them. My shirt is from Paxon. My dude, they're also from Pakistan. And don't look at my feet. Okay, so we're at the game right now. It's really chilly NPR, and it's really hot right now, like I'm on a bad idea, but the game doesn't start for another like 20 minutes, so we're just chilling. Well, hey, guys was so is currently and 03 right now. So the game was a lot of fun. We beat Citadel was like, 40 41 of 27 years, like, you know, what's it like 20 on the official one. I said we'd be sited out 44 to 27. So go. Zachary's was a really, really fun game, but it was really hot outside. So I was, like, really tired after I got done for the game. But now we're just chilling appears over there watching movie. We're eating cookie dough because Because we can. Because we do. That's the other half for you guys today in this block. I hope you enjoyed this little flog that I did. I don't know. I hope you guys enjoyed the log. Don't forget to give this baby a big thumbs up comin down below Hit that subscribe. But if you're not done so already, if you made it all the way to the end of the video want to go ahead and common thief all emoji Because, yeah, it's fall. We love football. Um, yeah, that's all that I have got saying this video, I don't see you guys excited piece. Welcome. Welcome back, Channel. And today, in this video, I'm going to doing a college morning routine for you guys. So, yeah, let's get into the video. Three classes a day. I've class from 99. 50. Um, and then I don't have class again until, like, two o'clock, as I don't have class until five. So closet really spread out. So literally after I get back from my nine o'clock class, I literally just come and go back to sleep, so All right, guys. So now I'm gonna make myself some tea to drink because I'm definitely not a coffee drinker like Everly. Don't drink coffee in the morning, but I definitely drink tea. And I recently been sent this teammates skinny tea from t me blends. So thank you so much for spending this to me to try. And this any tea version is supposed to help reduce cravings. It's a pressure bloating increase your metabolism. Also most like, increase your energy levels. All that good stuff. So I got a call for you replacement. And of course, I had to come through with a coupon code for y'all could save some money so you could use the code Maya E 15 15% off. Also use my code in my 25 25% off of your purchase. So yeah, go ahead. Use those codes. Share the cold with your friends. Give yourself some money off. I've definitely noticed, like, a reduction and bloating because, like, I don't know, like, I'm a pretty skinny girl. Like I'm don't weigh that much like, I'm pretty small as it is already. But it has definitely helping my bloated because I do get really, really bloated, like after AII and stuff so is really nice. Like how, like, produced by bloating in the mornings, like, you know, feel nice and good throw today Just a moment. All that I do It's my face before class like I really don't do make a hole, make up the guys. It's just like I don't have time to do it. So, you this is a typical outfit for me for class. Just my lunch table. Honey, it's some leggings and my vans. These leggings, like actually, of course, crosses in the you said we don't even make Yeah. Okay. Oh, uh, good morning. It is the first day of class. Gang eggs is a 35. I said I was relieved by e 30 which is good is really high long Hey, some away to my first class of the day, which is calculus. Excited because I didn't really get a couch in high school. Shout out to my 12th grade last future, Miss l She was amazing. Literally like the best teacher I've ever had. So that's why I'm excited for Cal. Give us and I mean, like, I really don't like math, but like, I'm excited for math because my teacher was amazing collecting me. I don't like first cosmic response was in a battle. All I got done, I like 9 50 almost like 10 o'clock. And it was actually pretty chill was account class. I've got some girls that are also in my class as well. And then I was chilling at Starbucks. I was filling out my player and all that stuff because I realized that I have a lot of stuff to do. I can't keep it all my phone. You guys. So I just got done with my second class of the day. Like, it's like we're going here. But I don't feel like 15 minutes for 30 right now, Professor, Feeling actually talked a lot and stuff like that away. I'm I like what I like Broad. I got no book to that class because we had, like, a reading to do and stuff like that. But it really wasn't that difficult. And like we had a discussion, it was a lot of fine, actually. Yes, My first class was calculus. Pretty straightforward. Like I have to get one of the like, textbook things online. I've stood by that tonight because, like, it's definitely required. I've never been on the side of campus. I didn't even know this existed. Like what? That hag. This is so pretty well and okay, I feel like I took a long way, but whatever. I'm away my last class of the day, so that was cool. Some people who's asked me if I was lugging, so yeah, I'm having a really good person classes. Okay, Tilly. Oh, Tilly. Oh, way to a spin class cycling class starts at 7 37 17 or now. And you were on our way got our new like shirts that we got from T. J. Maxx of you having to see my first week in college log. I'll link that up in the car that time alone. God can see us on our first day in college. He's ever done spin. I've never done it before. I don't know what to expect. I don't know if I'm a hit out on love it, but, uh, we're gonna be Oh, I tell you, I think you take a break. That was intense. Um, she wasn't really gonna instructed, but it was a lot. We're not doing 15. No, you're not. You're not staying active. Those are the stairs. We have to go up those stairs right there. We have to go up those stairs. Thio leave literally. I think I need to learn down so you don't need a trial. okay. I just drink so much coffee right now, Like I'm really hyper in this video. Like I like the way walking back to my channel or welcome to my channel if you're new here. My name is Maya, and I would love it if you hit that subscribe button so you could join our little family here on YouTube. I'm gonna close in college videos, beauty videos, flogs and all that stuff today in this video advocates held by the title down below. I'm going to be talking all about college and my experience applying to college where I'm going to college. What schools? I got into my GPS, my s a T scores. Because I know a lot of seniors are about to start that college process, and it could be very stressful. I have any other questions that you want me to answer that I don't answer. This video related to college search is applying to colleges, my college essays and all that stuff. Just let me go down below. In the comments, I would love to help out any way that I can. Before we get into this video, make sure you go ahead and turn on your notification. Just hit that bell down below after you hit that subscribe. But he can't get notified every time I post a new video. I'm sure the main reason why you click on this video if you guys have not seen my Daniel at Summer Blawg I mentioned to you guys that I might be going to community college, all of that stuff. The biggest question that I've been getting recently is a Where am I going to college. So now I can finally announce and say that I will be attending 1000 University in Towson, Maryland, in the fall. So, yeah, now that we have gotten the cat out of the bag, let's go back to the beginning of my college process and I'm gonna be I'm going with you guys. My s a t scores my g p a psychologist that I applied to before you started. I just want to say that I'm not bribing in any way or trying to show off in any way about the schools that I got into the schools that I applied to my s a T scores my g p A. What I'm trying to do is just give you guys a look at what my processes and what my scores look like. Because if your scores are close to mine or if your numbers are close to mine, you could kind of get an idea of like what schools I applied to, what schools I got into and all that stuff. I'm just trying to give you guys like a reference points. You guys can have something to compare toe. So I B s 82 times our house recommend taking it twice, like alleged to go. Once you get, like, a really, really good store. I honestly recommend taking the S A. T at least two times that I took in the spring of my sophomore year and I got a 10 20. I didn't study or anything for the S A T. I probably should have, like, done some review or anything like that. But also super shots now. And I was like, You know what? I'm just gonna take it and see what happens. And then I took it again in the fall of my junior year, and I got in 11 70 so I went up by 150 points, which is like crazy when in terms of the S a t honestly speaking, I just took the test again and I didn't study. I didn't do anything different and I improved by 150 points. So, yeah, I definitely recommend taking it twice and also definitely recommend studying if that's like what you feel will help you for me. I was super stressed out about it, and I was like, You know, I don't even want to study for And so I didn't take the A C. T. Because I didn't like how the time restraints were, because with the A c T, that's a shorter amount of time to take the test. And there's like more questions or something like that, and I'm really bad at time. Management when it comes to standardized testing, solves like the agency is definitely not for me, just kind of find which test is right for you and then take that test. So when you're applying to colleges, you usually apply in the fall of your senior year. So when you're standing in your transcript and that has your GP A, your classes and all that stuff, you're usually standing in your cumulative G p A. That includes freshman, sophomore and junior year. Here's what I said in my transcript and all that stuff I had, like an 89.4 something g p a weighted. So that includes, like, the honors classes I was taking my GP. I was 3.4 when I applied for colleges. I took two honors classes per year. So it's a two software year and two honors classes junior year. And then I took three art of classes. My fresh now moving on to the colleges that I applied to in the college is that I got accepted to brown a few college visits over spring break, and I didn't flog that. If you guys want to check out some of the schools that I visited, I visited Towson University, University of Maryland, and I kind of like went to Loyola. Just a look. I'll have it up in the courts, got some check out my college tour logs. Another tip that I could give you guys if you're looking for colleges and stuff like that is to kind of know, if you want to start with the basics, do you want a big school. Do you want a small school or do you want a medium size school? Do you want to school with, like, over 50,000 caves? Or do you want a school that has, like, oh, almost like 5000 kids? So you kind of just want to know, Like what? It's going to make you feel more comfortable. And I picked Kelson because they always say that Towson's like a small school with the big school feel. So it has, like 20,000 kids at the school of 20,000 undergrad in which was really appealing to me because I still wanted to be in, like, a smaller setting and how smaller class sizes. But I also wanted to have with that big school field when it comes to like events and activities when your finest clothes usually there's like a November 1 deadline for early action and early action just means that you just apply early, you get your really early decision is when you apply early and it's a binding decisions. So that means like if you get into that school, you're committed to go to that school, and I would only recognize early decision if This is a school that you're wanting to go to and you don't want to go to any other school. Like if you get in, you know you're going to go. Me? I'm very indecisive person. So I did not early decision Tow any school. I don't think any of schools I applied to actually had early decisions. Oh, the schools that I applied to I probably records University of Delaware State University. Which the HBCU I don't want hbcu an HBCU is a historically black college or University of Morgan State University. Nelson University stopped in University and Temple University. So I applied to six schools and total And when applying to schools, I honestly recommend you applying toe whatever school you think that you want to go to what will be a good fit for you. I don't like saying like reached target and safety or whatever, because I feel like that gives you the connotation that have reached something that you can't really contain and the safety of something that, like, you know, you're going to get into because honestly, when come to the college process, you never know what the college admissions counselors are going to be looking for in a given year, and I feel like if it wasn't for, like, my counsel saying, brooch target safety, like drilling that into my head, I feel like I would have applied to you no more schools that were in that reached category, because when I applied to all those schools, I had no idea if I get into any of them, and I actually got accepted into all six of the schools I applied to. So all this was I glad I got accepted to, which was crazy. And I'm so blessed and thankful it wasn't for, like, the Reach, target and safety names. I probably would've applied, like Ivy School or something like that just to try. But in my head, it was like, Oh, that's a reach I could never get in there. I got accepted Thio all six, the schools that I applied to, and I'm gonna talk about why I picked Callison University. So when it came down to picking my colleagues, I was stuck between Towson University and Temple University. I know I didn't want to go to Rikers because Rutgers was just entirely like too big of a school for me when I looked at it, and like the campus, I didn't like how they were separate campuses. So another my fourth tip, I guess, would be when you after you get accepted into the schools, look at the pros and the cons like Make a pro and con list if you're stuck between one school and kind of see what you like about the school and what you don't like about it, and then just kind of do that for all the schools that your you think you really want to go to. And so at the end of the day, I was stuck between housing diversity and Temple University, and they are very, very different because Temple is straight in the city. It's straightened Philly. There's not really a campus feel about that. And that's why I kind of leaned away from Temple and more towards Callison because I didn't want that campus feel. I really wanted that, like traditional college campus and all that stuff. At the end of the day, I decided to go to Towson University because they had the major that I want will be majoring in sports management, probably with a minor in Spanish. I was also accepted into the honors college, which was a big plus for me because that means I get, like, kind of a little bit more opportunities and also be in the honors level classes, which are a little bit harder. And I feel like that's gonna be good. So I just kind of push myself and challenge myself in certain classes. I also got a very, very nice dorm, which, honestly, I think that was the part that sold me because I get my own bathroom in my dorm, which I don't know. You just kind of have to think about these little things that will define your college experience. Like if you are going to school and you know that you're gonna get a certain dorm and you really want your own bathroom like these are things that you might want to consider, like the dorm that you, the dorm options that you have in the food and the activities in the clubs in the sports, like Do they have a football team? Do they have a basketball team? Do they have, like intramural sports that have club sports so like when it comes to deciding you're what school you want to go to. You really have to think about the little things, not just the big name, because sometimes it's not really about what school you go to. It's about how well you do in the connections. Are you making college? So don't get caught up in the name and all that stuff because, yes, if you do get into, like, a very big interesting, like University of Pennsylvania or Stanford, like something with a big name that might help you. But at the end of the day is at a place where you're going to be comfortable, and are you gonna be able to do your best? The number one reason I forgot to mention that is it is very diverse, like the campus is so diverse there, so many different types of people. I'm talking about races, ethnicities, backgrounds, religions like there's so many different types of people at Castle, which was probably the number one reason why I picked Alison because it is so diverse. And I love that about the school. In high school, I went to the high school that was predominantly white, and I definitely wanted to trick the Shinto college setting that was more diverse. So that's pretty much all about what schools I got into where I decided to go all that good stuff. But before I in this video, I wanted to just make a quick know about community college. So community college is never a bad idea, Honestly speaking, because I was just in the position a couple weeks ago where I thought that community colleges where I was going to go, and I was very, very upset about it and very like I thought like, Oh my God, this is the under the world. Like I don't wanna go to community college, all that stuff. But financially, my parents died. We didn't know what was gonna work best for us, and thankfully, they were able to figure it out. And I'm so thankful and so proud that I can go to talk to university. But just no, never not community college. Because as I started looking into it, I was like, Okay, this isn't really that bad of a choice. If financially, you're unable to go Thio four Year university or if you just don't know what you want to dio definitely consider community college as an option. So, honestly, I just want to let everybody know that community college is never a bad decision. There's a really big, like stigma around it, saying that like community college isn't good, that it's really bad and all that stuff. And I really want people to understand that it's not that bad, because I was in a position where I got accepted into all of these colleges and I had to consider community college as what, like Community college, is still college. All right, so that is all that I have to say for this video. If you have any other questions or any other video ideas that you want me to do when it comes to college, just go ahead and comment. Those down below the eyes have a maid all the way to the end of this video. Want to go ahead and come and eat tiger emoji because that is the mascot for Towson. And yes, I'm taking this video a big thumbs up from below. It has that subscribe button if you are not subscribed already, and I will see you guys in I don't know. Because you've got so much way are going to wait. And so just realize my outfit for today. My shirt is from Victoria's Secret and then persuading these genes from American Eagle and my Adidas superstars because I'm basic and my holidays like pinky toes, I think I'm gonna put too much on, but Okay, so we're at the university merely and it's so nice outside. So I'm about to go on a tour and we'll let you know what it looks like. Yeah, so far. So far. I like it. That's because it is your first battles Bridges. So why wouldn't you like it? Hey, you're okay. So we just finished the tour in the campus. It's so nice. Like so pretty out here. What did you think That I thought it was really huge camp? Yeah. Cameras gigantic today is beautiful. So I think it's your turn. I was so nice. Like overly. Very. I learned a lot of stuff about it. So now we're going back to the student union. Probably gonna get something to eat. I'm like, getting hungry, and then we're gonna go to tell son. Yeah, What are days like Hey, haven't seen you in a minute. Check Blade was double way. Was digging the channel 10 out of 10. Highly recommend this for food purposes only. So Hey, guys, we are at Towson University right now. Uh, torta, too. And it's, like, 2 30 So we're pretty much late. That's recycling. So, yeah, we have to grow to like the place with toys are we can catch up and figure out. Wait, wait. Like the other school too. But this school, it was definitely a lot smaller in comparison university, Maryland, And yet it looks like it smelt of rain. But so we are on our way to go look at little over quicker than a drive quick, because wear that close. So right now we're at the loyal oh versus Syracuse lacrosse game, and it got cold. So my jacket, So yeah, it is. Right now it is 9 to 10 in Syracuse is winning loyal a loss. It was 11 toe, 16. 16. Syracuse had some really good goal. So I like to get them because I'm really not good at recording and my phone like kept crashing or something, but I think we're gonna end the block here, which is gonna end up going to the hotel and then go to bed and we really want to go home. So yeah, don't forget to like this video and comment and subscribe, and I'll see you guys in the next block. I like you Don't know because you got Wait. It's really a lot. But today in this video, it's a new lock. It's early in the morning. Too early for this. And we're on our way to a complication. Excited, very excited, very excited for this way. Don't know what they're going to talk about. But they all told us, like, where this certain Sure and nobody has one. So yeah, they want us to wear like the shirt from orientation. I don't know. I mean, I wore it last night. I was like, I'm not gonna wear it again. Secure enough a lot. I'm not even hungry. Wait, No one So beautiful. So, Tina, that's Tino. And this isn't Mitch Mitchell Gang. Wait, are you saying goodbye to you later? All right. Good stuff, guys. Good morning. So it is. All right? So close to 11. Right now. After today. Justice white shirt for all it leggings in my pants years. Tilly. She is a psychology major, and that's, uh that's cat looking gas. Your relative is popping. Okay, so you're a nurse, you know? Yeah, we're working on it. You got here is only our third day out, you know? Hey, are free water forgot my water bottle. Quick story time. So we were supposed to go to this, like session about music dogs. That's the way we're closing of the session off on, like, hot topics. Like we're supposed to be there. Not once we get there, and it's like 1 30 We did not know that Steven Tall was 30 minutes away from, uh from the West Village. We're late. So then we just sat there and chill on our phones. It was actually kind of nice, like, actually, children's that because, like, pose a formal role chanting it was a really long walk. You know, we're just showing It's like, 4 10 I'm gonna start editing my moving logs. So by the time you guys watching this, it should be up, and I'll leave it up in the cards for you guys to check out a link down below. You can check out a moving block. Just one last session and they were gonna get dinner at paws and it's gonna be so good be popping. And then after that, you're so honey. Oh, my God. I'm sell a She's a popping because like OK, yeah. Good tigers. Oh, hit it. Hey, hey, Hey, Electric, you're right. There's no you come back all right? If you guys are, uh goes hand and you guys are Eagles fan, just calm it down. Go eagles because say drones and then go before the rave. It would always Maryland's financed Ali, I'm going. No. Follow me on instagram ads. Extend. You know, man, I'm fine. Okay. All right. What's your name? Major exercise signs as of right now on your instagram name. Uh, call Myra Mea j a n e a l m a I r. Yeah. And you're living in your major in your instagram handle. My exercise science major ad My instagram is Pedro. You look like try and think of what you look like. All right, I My name's Karl. Wages, audio production. Your Snapchat right where you want the snapshot. K J j Drummer. We know you like this Are you MMR you shot out way. Don't care time, Sofia. I'm nursing Major, and my instagram is s o p h I underscore are a subscriber, Kiki. Okay, really, But right now it's like this. Like dining please on campus on seconds. I'm a beauty year. And yes, it was my God Oh, my God. Texas told Texaco's bomb Chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion and possible sauce on it comes with fraud, but it comes like like chips in them. I brought some strawberry lemonade in my room. So this is, like dinner. Really bad thing. Like, it's like the opening of the like, our gym on campus. And Jim on campus is so nice, they literally just opened it like last semester. So we're on verdict right now, and they're doing, like, a three point shoot out. And you're like a tracking everything but here. Are you throwing that? Wait, the lighting is so good. Like OK, this one does. Good morning, guys. What's up? To sneeze you with this? I just uploaded my moving locked. Yes. Haven't seen it. Go check it out. Little link will be down in the description. I just uploaded it and I smelled a lot of stuff wrong, because I will go. I will come like 7 30 And I was like, Are you on board? So I was like, Harlem use at this Uploaded, right? Why was that hard? You know, I really should not have been that hard. I don't know what I did but whatever. Anyway, we'll go really early, like, at it and everything. And I made some mistakes in that block, but, hey, you gotta move Lock. The link is on a description. So I'm drinking some green tea because my voice I lost my voice That was screaming. I only remember one night he was, but we were like, it's a little like part of the union. So screaming there my little cup for my arts. Think about marrying or about to go to the gym. I'm so excited. Hashtag throws day. If you get that, you watch the movie. Hey, Hallie. Oh, my boys. I need you see, Kareem, How was your night? So it is later, like, four is a four. Yes, it's for it right now. And I took a shower once a dining on, everything in ate lunch, and now we're about to go to Target and TJ Max, we're going with TJ Maxx. Worries. You have, like, a couple things that need to get her a room, and you guys might help. Sophie is calling you right now, and I actually put on real close. Actually, this okay? Actually put road clothes on surprise. So I put this rubber on robberies from Agent M's, just black. And my necklace on that I got from Express. And my purse is just from Steve Madden. But I actually got it from Plato's closet for, like, $20 when I was like a sophomore. So, you know, don't. They were wearing looks he break. You got the Forever 21 0 h and okay, Yeah, uh, are because we love her. Oh, yes. Oh, we're just gonna go to the store. It's like the first time we were actually going off campus and doing something leaf. He's great conversations. I'll be the judge of the check in for you. Get them is like she is not like you got your mom when you could just be like, Oh, Mom, you could pay for you over get some. I added up in its under $24 then here, Sophia will be under 25. I'm literally under $25. All of this stuff I got this m toe hang up over my bed. I'm not succeed with everything, Honey, I have like one, too. I have five things that I'm not 24. So we're in that TJ Maxx, For now and stuff. It's like a Holmgren's last name Max type of thing. Because TJ Maxx near my house, like way only have, like, only clues and so decided against a So now I'm down to wait. What? Oh, yeah. Take Polaroid picture. So that took me down. $7. So 2120 now. Hey, good luck. Yes, and we're going to go toe target first. But like my smart, beautiful roommate over there, she has suggested Don't forget your butt about all this. Sofia suggested that we go toe gear first because there's, like, a lot more stuff a lot cheaper. And we really don't need to go target. We're just gonna end up in a Wal Mart if we don't find everything. Okay. Okay. We need help. I got a red light. Oh, no. Are broken. I have exactly I have. That's so exciting. When you're paying out, there's no one like I was like, you know, like a Maryland. Hey, guys, it's my and welcome back to my channel. And today in this video, it's a new log. Good morning, guys. It is currently August 20 seconds. Today is moving day. Literally Got no sleep last night. Like I'm just so excited. Like you girls go in the college. She did it. So why don't you go take a shower, do my makeup and get, like, a little bit presentable, but also great guys. Happy influx. I did. Oh, my God. This is gonna be like, so much fun, guy. It is almost time to leave. Today's like 8 25 Right now my room is empty. Like shut up, Michael. Look at my room like there's nothing in here like it's so first off. My mom was really clean. So, like this the first time you ever see my room. But like, besides those back, that's close. I'm getting rid of it. It's kind of messy with their but like everything is like empty. Everything is packed into the car. We had everything in the living room. I wasn't sure you guys would look like, but I forgot you started putting stuff in the car and this lighting is really good. There's my dad in the back. Daddy, Say hi. Yeah, we're gonna Leo. It is currently 8 35 right now, and we are about to leave my mom. She just I forgot something in the house, so Yeah, but the car is all packed. I took some cute pictures. Uh, yeah. And I'm so excited right now. I'm just really happy, and I can't wait to get there. The drivers like, two hours, so we should be getting there, like, 10 30 ish. So, yeah, and there's all the stuff in the back right there. And also, my dad's car has some stuff in it, too. I don't have, like, a set moving time. So they said to this movement anywhere between nine o'clock and four o'clock, we're gonna be moving in at, like, 11. 12 ish. I mean, honest college. The only people moving in today are honors college students. I thought you had the O King are open about the key. It's the key. Still hanging up a typical difficult way. Don't have the keys to the car. Like What are you doing? Mommy has about that Morgan. Morgan Morgan. So she's like a Morgan State because she went to Morgan. See when we're gonna see in Tallis. Unlike rivals, football players, good living. Stop remaining. Watch. Hey, guys. So we are in my dorm right now. So there is Michael in my dad and some really nice, like orientation leaders they helped out with, Like, I'm packing all this stuff. Now we gotta set up my bed and everything like this is so crazy. It's just like it's starting to feel real now. But let's get you enough to know why. That's what I'm looking for. My resume at your stuff. Um, okay, he goes, Hey, wait, no. Do hole time like dorm tour video. Haiti. Uh, okay, so is that what time's it? ISS 1 17 right now. And we've got to say we've got a lot done. The moving help. They helped a lot while my crew they helped a lot like those Really helpful in my bed is all set up and everything, but I'm gonna be doing a dorm tour, so Yeah, I'm gonna be doing a dorm tour soon. So, like, also you guys everything, but yeah, a dorm towards that door. If you need some pepper way got it. E love red pepper flakes. Oh, my goodness said I literally said it was gonna be a lot quicker than you thought. Like a monopoly theme in my hole. There's Allie. I got her back of stuff because I'm a great friend, so Yeah, it's a little steamy. And here's a little cube is a little bigger, right, don't you? Oh, yeah. They don't wanna D'oh! Welcome. How many this is Doug List. This is a bar in I don't know where anything else is that? Because I don't live over here living with Dukie Towers. Get this nice here. Like I live in the towers, they kind of look like almost being, like via just talking cameras. Like like, right now, we're gonna drop Aliyah because her ankle's broken and she has ground. Then we're gonna go to target and get some things that we need. Okay? Anything. All right. This is Tyrone from Target. You okay? Do you have any any shadows to make? No, you don't shout out your instagram. Okay. Okay. So what? Really, really Okay. It's right now. This is Maggie. Just met her on We're at honors orientation right now, and I'm really tired, but we're going outside to play games. Okay? My parents left me having a great time, so yeah. Hey, guys With So it is currently 80 wait right now. And I am so freaking tired. I am a exhausted. My parents left and everything, and I'm officially in my dorm room. This is what you guys could see now because I will be doing a dorm tour in an upcoming video. I don't like the first part of our honors. College orientation would actually really find like, at first I was super tired because we're just sitting there like getting to know each other. But we got to run around like, play like silly games and stuff. I still have a lot of stuff to like, clean up like if you're asking totally. I have to put, like, clean up all of this stuff and, like, there's, like, organizer's that have to organize the food somewhere and like, take out that trash. It's crazy that, like I'm living in college like this is this is my new home now. So far, it's been really fine. I've got a bunch of people so far. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Don't you to get this video big thumbs up comments on below that subscribe button if you have not done so already and I'll see you guys in my next Okay, so, hey, campus reels are start right now. I'm going to give you guys a full tour of my dorm slash apartment here at Nelson in the ten West Building, because this is a once in a blue moon chance that my room miss clean. I just finished cleaning, so I might as well show you. So first thing, let me turn on the first light. There's a light right here as soon as you get to the door. This is my door. This is from the inside. And I'm gonna show you guys the outside because I don't want to show the room number, but like, we have, like, a theme going on in the front of our doors and our days, like, put, like, our name tags and fender doors. So yeah, I don't I also don't want to show that for privacy reasons, but yeah, it shows you like their emergency escape. Just thiss used to be a hotel, so there's a little bit hotel information on here that they couldn't remove, I guess. And then over here is the kitchen and this Mike Fishman. I just decorated it. I just have my dishes here that I just cleaned. And then the poster fridge ends with a freeze. Fridge. I don't have a lot of food. Yes, I have a lot of drinks. Good, because I like to drink, use. There's a lot of cabinet space here. I would have seen it. The top part is like there's a lot of space. But like, if you have big stuff like you did he find a place in this small England's to put it in? Yeah. This is my stone. They give you a microwave? They did not give me the rice cooker in the toaster. I thought those separately own. And then the other thing is I have an extra room in my room because mine is not here. So, yeah, I have an extra room. It's called again again. But my uncle, he used to go to Nelson like, a long time ago. And he said that when he used to live in this story before they turned it into a hotel and back into her dorm again. But he used to stay in one of these rooms, but yet, so I decided to move my desk into that little den area. So I like my own little study space. I'm still kind of working on it. Try to put some word. Corkboard and different stuff over here getting like a bookshelf so I could put my books and getting a trash can. So this is a working process right now. Oh, again, going to turn on this layer here, then we got the look. You know, this is my winter hats and still have Tio and everything. So working progress, working on this, my dining area, It's kind of messy. A little bit. Then. Here is my living room. The bed actually pulls out the couch, actually pulls out into a bed, so that's pretty cool. Look, if you have guests or whatever, they can kind of just like sleepover in the couch bed. She's super cool. I don't have a TV at the moment. I am working on it. Um, this skull thing. Yeah. Spooky season. Definitely coming up soon. So, yeah, I have one of these little things that I got from five below, and it's just the school wanna goes, and I think it's it's really cool. And I'm still kind of decorating for Halloween. Yeah. Then we move over here and here is my fullest turn on a plate. Here is my washer in drier. It's just in a little closet. Everyone's is different. Every room here and ten was his different. Like nobody's room is going to look exactly like mine. Except for this one girl that I met her. It's, like, planned out exactly like mine. But all of them are different. And each floor in each room number because there was a hotel, But then also, you get what I need. So then here is my bathroom. See, they don't provide you with, like, medicine cabinet. So I had to bring in my for I'm so thankful that I bought this ahead of time, and I had no idea where I was gonna put it out. You know, with the floor outline was gonna look like I don't know, like what? They were gonna give us what they weren't gonna give us. I'm glad that I got one of these because it definitely helps for my after and I keep all my stuff in here, and then I keep stuff in here is well and the stuff in this little shower caddy. I feel like I should get the little bathroom back thing, but I'm still thinking about it. And then this is a show her in that my friend gave me. Then we're making my making our way into my bed around. This is my bedroom. You know, the lights on. Still working on it. Still working on it so we can progress. It smells really good in here. Um, let me turn on the light this late, Obviously. So, in my room, I just put up these little stick. Who's that I got from the dollar tree? Like I said, I'm still working on decorations and everything. Theme of my room is white. I mean, yeah, white rose gold or pink blush, pink and black, but like a hint of black, you can't even really help. So, yeah, the walls, They look kind of like yellowish, but they're cream. I think so you had. This is no then, Yeah, I got this tapestry from this website. It's crazy, but yeah, I made this mirror, which is really cool. And then this is my bed. My bed is a queen size. But tip, if you're going to stay here in ten wise, I say get a mattress pad and I should have gotten one instead of the only thing I got was like those mattress protectors because somebody said that they had but bedbugs in their bed. But I'm planning on getting a mattress topper. And I suggest that anyone who's planning to move Teo tells in dorms get one as well, huh? I've been up here is my closets, which my cause is super cool. As everyone always tells me, I have a big walk in closet here. It is really, really cool. If I had a higher and I wouldn't put it right there and then I put like my bag and hear my duffel bag just this little birthday slept, stash satchel that I have and I put some emotions appear too. So what and that's really it, guys. That's my room. That's my door work. I am wearing pants, by the way. Um, that's my door in for, um I hope you