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2020 GW Dorm Tours and Info

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What percent of freshman live on campus?

According to our research, 98.0% of freshman live on campus at GW?

What type of housing does GW provide?

The below table outlines the different housing options available at GW, and how what percent of students are estimated to live in each type of housing.

Available Percent living in Accomodation
Co-ed Dorms true 88.0
Women's Dorms true 1.0
Men's Dorms true -
Sorority Housing true 3.0
Fraternity Housing true 3.0
Single-student Apartaments true 5.0
Married Student Apartaments true -
Special Houses for Disable Students true -
Special Houses for International Students true -
Cooperative Houses true -
Other Housing Type true -

What are the dorms like at George Washington University?

You’ll have to watch the CampusReel videos to see for sure. However, George Washington University dorms are similar to most college housing options. Most on-campus residence halls include singles, double, and suites. Floor plans vary from residence hall to residence hall. CampusReel hosts dorm tours of George Washington University, and every one is different. As you’ll see, every dorm room is decorated in a unique and fun way - students are creative with their setups to make George Washington University feel like home!

What are the dimensions of George Washington University dorm rooms?

The George Washington University dorms dimension depend on the residence hall. This information is usually contained in one of the dorm room tours of George Washington University on CampusReel. Supposedly the average dorm room size in the U.S. is around 130 square feet, and George Washington University likely has dorms bigger and smaller than this.

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We are my friend Luke Way, have different pastries and stuff. There's something love, a cinnamon roll Here. Here we have a strong hall, which is a sorority housing. The bottom wars are high. Five top floors or chi omega. Wait here. We are still straight eighty. Very beautiful, very nice. And they're always usually events out here. So today there's histories for the senior class run by one of my good friends, Luke. When you're doing other matter. And this right here is strong Hall. It's senior only dorms. I don't live in a dorm. I live in an apartment building, which I could show Hey, guys. So I'm here of my friend Jag. He's going to tell you about why he chose to come here. So initially I came. You can't beat the location in terms getting internships for, like during the school year and also over the summer makes housing options easy over the summer. But, I mean, yeah, any of the embassies, thie, FBI, CIA, just governmental agencies, Capitol Hill, if you're interested in that type of stuff, this plenty of internships for that. And it's also, you know, like topping School for international affairs, which is what I'm studying on. And I also came here because it doesn't it's It's not like just a bunch of people. It's not like a state school. And it's just a bunch of people from the same state. It's ah pretty diverse student culture. And I've lived in eight different states over the course of my life as well as Japan s O. It was nice to just have a a place with people of similar backgrounds on and on. When I came in, I was also on the rowing team, which is a great culture. I liked it better than a lot of other schools, rowing teams. And that's why I came. Awesome. So, yeah, our school is very specialized, especially. D See you like this city so well on that one look like great things about G w. So in order to find out the pricing of each dorm, you could go to G W U housing rates. Think on it straight to Resident Hall's a living G W e d'Oh. And then it kind of depends on which one that you are first to your upper classmen, you know, like a first year. Then the shows that shows you all the dorms. There's Madison, Clark, Cole, Hensley, Lafayette, Madison, Merryweather, Mitchell, Potomac Summers, Thirst in West Hall and reach of them. They have pictures. Or if you want to see this housing rates. This all in the living thought g w you dot edu website. So if you're a first year student, you're gonna want to click on the first your housing, which has two thousand six hundred twenty seven bets. Click on that and land right below. You got all the dorms, so you have the choice to stay in by clicking on any of them. You can look at the amenities at East Room has the housing per semester per year and the dining plan. Obviously, they're different kind. So depends on which one a person is the biggest first year class on dorm. About forty percent of the freshman live in Thurston, Potomac, and if you want to see it's too person. Units within joined bathroom, too Personal, Private. All this depends on the cost. Mitchell has one person dorms of the common bathroom. West halls. Very nice for person. Unit four person bed. Summers, Summers and the West Hall as well a CZ, the's hillside halls. All these are all dorms that are on Mount Vernon, which is Thie other campus. It's about a fifteen minute drive from Foggy Bottom, and you usually have your university writing class there. So there's a shuttle. They're two stops at foggy Bottom and two stops at Mount Vernon, and the shuttle comes about every five minutes and leaves every five minutes. So it's definitely no rush. Your classes. It is the newer campus, so they do have larger, higher ceilings in their dorm rooms. But it really depends on where you want to stay. Yeah, so in terms of which dorm is the best for freshman students, it really depends on the person. You could live in Mitchell and have one bedroom all to yourself. But you do have communal bathrooms, which mean that there is one bathroom on each floor with stalls and you share with your floor mate. Um, I think personally that having roommates is really nice. I seem into DW not knowing anyone. And I did a random roommate assignment, and I had no idea who was going to end up with I had no idea what hall I was going to get what room? I was gonna stay in, but eventually got a quad. And I got to meet so many new people. And I love my roommates so much. And you can always change during school year. I think that the doubles a really nice because you have only one room mate, and then you share a bathroom. I always get option. And if you are looking for ah, bigger, newer, more innovated dorm. I'd say that Mount Vernon is a place to go for you, but usually for convenience. It is nice. Is down funky bottom right in the city by all of your classes, You could walk essentially anywhere, and you feel a little less isolated. So depends on the person. But I loved having roommates, and I'm probably gonna have more roommates in the future, Hey, guys. So now we're here in my dorm room. I live in Fulbright Hall, which is usually an upperclassman all but they had too many freshmen my year, so they just kind of current us in here. This is a quad. We have one kitchen unit and our own private bathroom. So let's go. So first when you enter this dorm, this is a studio style dorm room. So that means there's one main room and then back there is a private bedroom to the left. We have a kitchen unit. We have a stove. Which is how little dirty. Sorry. Even oven, kitchen sink, full refrigerator like a wave and cabinet space. Let's go over here. There are four people living here with three closets, one there and two back there. Each person has their own desk, their own chair and their own set of drawers. It's a little messy, but this is my desk right now and I'm on a bunk bed. I have the top bunk that is one of our other roommates. There's another desk over here. We have our shoe rack, and my lucky roommate over here has her own room. There is a vent system down here. She has her own desk closet, all these windows. We go over here. Um, here is our other class it with some storage space up there. And lastly, we have bathroom. This mere actually opens up. So we keep stuff in there. Scott safe, other supplies, cleaning supplies, toilet towel rack and this nice shower. We bought our own current. That's about it. Um, it is a little cramped, but we do all get along. There's a Christmas tree. Hey, guys. So this is my campus dorm. West Hall on the burn. See, this is our mix. These for us. Hog words Door Dix. So you're happy with your campus ID for door? And so it's top here doing? Hands. This is our room. We have a suite. So now I'm a freshman. Get this. Most of Russian living thirst in this town foggy. But if you live on the burn, I recommend West Hall because it's the biggest dorm you have most base in the living room. Pretty cool. We hang out here all the time. No, a whole phrase microwave. And here's my room. So we each have our own individual room with sheriff, nobody. And so, like you're bad. I have a TV and bookshelves and all like good stuff. So your desk and everything it was a desk. Sounds pretty cool closet. Everything and they provide everything dressers and all essentials. And we have our own bathroom street cool. It's of anything and here it is. I want to literally used bathrooms. Well, here, shower. Prickles No. And also there is a kitchen out here for us to use. And it's pretty cool because you can cook well, you're right or where, Right across from our room. So we have a kitchen, basically. So you're required. Um, if you're a student to live on campus with G w u housing for three years, so freshman sophomore junior year, and then your senior year, you can live off campus and won the apartments. But essentially, the difference between all of them is that as you get older as you go up the ranks of your class and become an upperclassman, then the dorms essentially get better. So in Thurston, like you saw are that you can see in the living dot gov you dot eighty website that I showed you before. If you google it, you can see that Thurston has the option of having six people in one dorm sharing one bathroom. That's very common. And then you also have triples. You have quads. Your five people have your own dorm, but then share a bathroom with the whole floor. But as you get older than you have definitely more housing opportunities. You can live with Greek life. They have their own house on campus. You can live in a townhouse. The bunch of other people you could live in affinities. They have their own dorms in district um, and then your fourth year. You, Khun move out, um of campus and you could live in any apartment. But they do have one fourth your housing on it. Called Southall. It is beautiful. It's big. It holds tons of people. It basically looks like a hotel. So it really depends on what you want. Essentially, your first, your dorm is fine. But as the years go on and as you get older, you definitely have more options. Great. Now I'm munchie w's Mount Vernon campus, which is about a fifteen minute shuttle ride away from Foggy Bottom. The main campus shuttles are twenty four seven service, so you'll never get stranded on one or one campus. The burn is a completely self sustaining campus, so there is a dining hall, residence halls, academic calls, and there's also athletic facilities and a gym. And about a third of the freshman class lives on the burn. Uh, which you either choose to live here or you might be placed here, and a lot of people don't like living here, but, uh, a lot of people really like it. It just depends on your preferences. The Verne is a little bit more like a traditional college campus. Uh, there's Green space quad and everything like that, so I will show you guys around a little bit. Uh, this is the quad area right across from his uncle's library. That's an academic hall. A lot of the club sports teams practice here on the turf. There's also tennis courts over there, there's an outdoor pool here. So. So whether or not you choose to live on the Mount Vernon campus, you will at some point have to come out here because this is for the university. Writing classes are held, uh, and university writing is really the only required class that we have here at U. W. And so there are plenty different varieties on topics of the class. And I'm right now in selling with social media, which is the topic of my writing class. There's also classes on science fiction. There's classes on science and really, whatever you're interested in, So in terms of essentials, what you want for your dorm room is basically probably some air freshener here in a room with a lot of people comes in handy. Um, I q face laugh and he's home stressed in my room when I'm studying usually facemask help keep your pores clean. I have my own cure. IG, Um, it's a single cup, keurig, but I get my own hot chocolate and it's great. I keep it on my desk, so whenever I'm studying, I want sparkle. Go. I just make it. I would say another great thing is a sewing kit. You never know if your clothes they're gonna rep or if your room miss clothes, they're going to rip or anything. So it's definitely help with that. And lastly, I'd say that a great, great tool tohave is a first aid kit. You never know if you're going to get sick. If your dorm from if your roommates get sick, then you're probably gonna get sick, too. So it's nice to have a first aid kit on. You have a lot of medicine, antibiotics, pain relievers and you have the essentials to keep you healthy. Hey, guys. So this is West Hall. It's a pretty big building, largest on now. Vernon campus has dining all your mail if you live on here and it goes to this building. If you don't live in us all. Um, and there's the only really true die ology W. Has is here, because everywhere else on the main campus is is Use your G world to buy the restaurant. So it's like a kind of credit card system. And so you have a budget and just but yourself, Tio. People feed yourself basically so it's pretty cool. We have a gym in here. It's really small agenda. Main gym is hell. Well, which is health? Well, in the center, it's down on Foggy Bottom. Campus is the poem Commons traditional type of place. Get food, go the grill and they can make whatever you want. I was many over there. Yes, if there's open till we days, it's from, like eleven Teo, twelve midnight. So sprinkle to me if you have to be stuck out here. Um, it's pretty awesome. And there's dying spots. Tables over here, Sit down, watch. Have a meal Yeah, that's pretty much it. What has a garage parking garage back here? You go through there, and that's where the package services Senators. Also, there's like a box depot. Um, back here where you just get Cody, open your box kind like the Amazon boxes you have, like, down like a store or something into your code, and it opens up a box and then you get your package. Three. Cool. There's mail boxes down here, too, and there's a theater in this building. Also, music, a practice room and dance studio was all the basement for. And, yeah, it's just some stuff to do at your So this is like the sorority row, I guess you could call it. It's just a bunch of townhouses. It's on twenty third Street, which is kind of the end of our campus. It goes all the way down. I think there's like five different stories of townhouses, and this is Ivory Hall. It's for sophomores and juniors. It's very nice. I love it a lot. They have doubles and cause here's the town houses and I don't know if you can see here I'll try All right. Here we are. Six for Katie left. Also decorative with pumpkins. Wait, can you tell me about this room? Okay. They happen, Paul. Every single day today is which pickup line is smoother. You must be. This feels like because time stops when I'm with you. You by Einstein, of course. And why Chamber is nearby. Keep care to join me in the pursuit of happiness. Clearly this's the winter, Ben Franklin. Gotta lot yet. You are a who very important. Oh, yes. Many of this goes unnoticed. This's Allison, a sophomore Hannah, a Frenchman who lives with Kay. This is our decorations. Very cute. Great. What? What? I'm making a video. So this is their room is a serious. Yes, that's fine. The stuff on the left and you guys share this between two people, right? Really later. And this is a quad. Here's one of the beds. Another one of Z bets. Which one is yours? This one course. California. Yeah. Just hand. This is your bed. I like this shelf that you got. Thank you. It was built in. Were you one of the first ones here? Is that how you got this school? I was the second one here. Yes. Nice. These deaths all came with the room right here. So it's nicer than the dust that we have fresh from here. And then this's a walk in closet connected to a bathroom, which K is using current.