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What percent of freshman live on campus?

According to our research, 81.0% of freshman live on campus at Georgia Southern University?

What type of housing does Georgia Southern University provide?

The below table outlines the different housing options available at Georgia Southern University, and how what percent of students are estimated to live in each type of housing.

Available Percent living in Accomodation
Co-ed Dorms true -
Women's Dorms true -
Men's Dorms true -
Sorority Housing true -
Fraternity Housing true -
Single-student Apartaments true -
Married Student Apartaments true -
Special Houses for Disable Students true -
Special Houses for International Students true -
Cooperative Houses true -
Other Housing Type true -

What are the dorms like at Georgia Southern University?

You’ll have to watch the CampusReel videos to see for sure. However, Georgia Southern University dorms are similar to most college housing options. Most on-campus residence halls include singles, double, and suites. Floor plans vary from residence hall to residence hall. CampusReel hosts dorm tours of Georgia Southern University, and every one is different. As you’ll see, every dorm room is decorated in a unique and fun way - students are creative with their setups to make Georgia Southern University feel like home!

What are the dimensions of Georgia Southern University dorm rooms?

The Georgia Southern University dorms dimension depend on the residence hall. This information is usually contained in one of the dorm room tours of Georgia Southern University on CampusReel. Supposedly the average dorm room size in the U.S. is around 130 square feet, and Georgia Southern University likely has dorms bigger and smaller than this.

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Also, I'm here with my friend Benito. She currently lives on campus right now, basically a basket, just like couple question that she's going to kind of describe what living on campus that upperclassman like. So did it come with a little more about like where you stay this year? I currently live in freedom, slaving its we call it freedoms for short. Take off one word. It's ah, university like apartment complex like Type Thing, and it's very nice. It's very spacious, the like, apartments themselves. They're pretty large rooms. They're pretty good size. It's not that far from campus on. We have a pool, a gym clubhouse with really nice computer lab like pool table, all that kind of good stuff. Me, I'm pretty lazy person. And so I can just get up. Walk five minutes to the shuttle, the university shuttle that will take you to the main part of campus. And it's one payment, like personal Esther, instead of one payment every month. These these apartments, we don't even call it the dorms and call them apartments. Because there, for upperclassmen really like that's mainly who lives here. And until they tried to suited for upperclassmen, and freshman. It's like what you see on TV time of like everyone's kind of outside and like in the hallway like care, people running past your door like things like that, taking in laundry down the hall, like in here. We have laundry in the apartment, and it's just all different not saying that those features are in other dorms, but it's just everywhere here. Yeah, I stayed at a freshman only dorm my freshman year, and it was definitely like it was honestly, really, really highly did like who will be running up and down the hall like all times of the night, like the laundry is full of. Hey, guys, Welcome to my general. Welcome back to my channel. As you can tell from the title today, I'm gonna be filming a hole and the same for about a look from this video. I'm finally doing it. If you don't follow me on and scram, we should It's gonna be lengthened description box below and we'll just get started with the first item. So we're gonna start. I have Tommy 16 bucks and I feel like it's a pretty good deal. I'm going Thio Georgia Southern on my door. I have a full day. So that's what the sheets are. I'm not sure Price for twin size, but I'm sure you'll find a bill at Marshalls. I got this rock lab also from Marshall's and it's on the box, but it was $8. I remember it's not always dirty, but whatever. And I also got this player also for Marshall's and it waas for 99 and basically just a month planner. I wanna be prepared in college, but we know, uh, bathroom. So is Matt from Urban Outfitters. But it's here. It's white and screen. Next. I got this letter board. I I don't know. I think I got from Target. It was probably about 12 $14. I'm not sure, but you could probably find somewhere else for a cheaper prize. Next two of these huge things. A coffee from Costco. Just because I drink like three concert coffee today and I know that, but run out and remain so between the two of us, we probably got their coffee pretty quickly and go coffee filters. Years 325 year happy from big lots and I really can't remember. But in next, this coffee maker since I have a full kitchen, I really don't want a cure that kind of hate it here. So about a new coffeemaker and it's a 12 coffee maker and it was only $20 from big Lots. So I would definitely recommend checking out the loss because they have a lot of stuff okay from Urban, these two Polaroid frames. This one obviously has a lot of glitter. Mr. Regular ones like Whiteside's and they were six bucks each. You definitely buy cheaper ones run from home goods. Just think fake fur rugs and it wa sw $20 and spring soft ago. So my thing My thing is white, gray in pink, also from home goods. I got this plan, but it's a sense of plant. It's a vanilla Coke and it's an iridescent chain. And it was by 99 about this water bottle. I would have that from Starbucks. It was, I don't have to stick around anymore. It was like knowledge. Next I have these two pillows and they're just being very close in there from marshals. And I got before $20 and you probably confined. She feels like I know it's hard Penis on pillows for 10 10 to $20 but definite five girls Next have this desk organizer. I really wanted a spray painted rose gold, so I came back to my name. Don't know if I ever actually do that, but I got this from Target, and it was about maybe, like 7 99 I'm not sure that's that price, but they have a lot of these desk organizers. Next, we have towels out of these pink towels for Marshall's, and they were $20. They go my team and I think it comes with two tiles to hand towels to next. I have these two fingers wasn't great with Rose Gold. And these are like Rose go blush color and they have gold. And they were 9 99 That's what. Is this about this laundry basket? This is great. Yeah, and in the inside, just as the drawstring. So if you want it that way or handles washing dry in my dorm so I don't have to worry about going to community laundry, anything with that So excited about about this painting? I bet from Marshall's. It was literally five bucks, and I thought it was so cute. It goes in my name, I might put it either. My room, my bathroom. I'm not really sure yet, but it's cute if I say what I say like so many times. Thank you. I got this calendar also. Yeah, it has, like Rose Gold details. It just goes from July until June 19 2001 of these three bowls from Target and I got a blue because my roommate likes Blue, saw that blue one for her and then picking Gray also, and I go back and get another great one so they both could have, too, And this waas literally 79 cents go to target if you want to get some cheap dishes. I know they sell plates and bulls for 79 said. Also, that cuts literally just because they were cute. Probable, every musings by measuring cups and everyone. Next, I got a shower curtain. This is actually a more pricey shocker. It was 14 99 that from Marshalls, but I wanted it to match my bathmat. Control this. It's open to make sure. Jesus, it was in my bed, and it is just a white and gray reversible comforter. And I got this for Wayfair. It was pretty cute. Feels like very four dollars or something like that, and it's just gotta be nice lightly. I heard from a company called Parkland, and I'll put their information in just a few blocks below. But I'm gonna definitely for my dorm just because it matches everything. It's a very suitable bag. It's pretty big. It has a laptop sleep inside, and that has all these pockets, and that's Oh, my daughter. I know it was a lot. This video's gonna be so long. I'll go back and edit it. But thinking I so much for watching if you want to see more college videos in the future. Make sure to let me know. And I'm definitely thinking about doing a moving block. So hopefully fast before to that. And I hope this helped you out. This mess I created I hope it helped you get some ideas. What to get for dorms. I know this video is a little late, but if you want to get some a little extra small things to pick up for really cheap, you could go to any stores like they have so much for watching. Sure, like communists inscribed. And I'll see you next week two guys. So I'm here. I'm going to give you another dorm room toward this one. I'm gonna be visiting my friend Carlos, who lives that Centennial place. He lives in a two room dorm, so let's go check how nice those are. What's up? So he can show me your room? Yeah, well, basically there in the kitchen. Bye. Are yours? No, because I don't cook in here. We'LL have. Yeah, and this is the area of the saying. So my roommates things down mine, and we just have to chairs in here. I like people to come in. Okay. My room. So I have a pretty well down here. There's a lot of, like produce that have done last message. This Master sums are missing because they're in a hurry. Keep on, Uh, this is my area work. So the computer, uh, let my intern. What else should I have? All my art stuff they used for. Okay. Do the beds come elevated like that? Yes, I fixed it. Okay, Some good. And there's all this furniture. Come with the room, or did you have to buy any of it? All of this stuff here wass so fully furnished. You have a closet by chance. I do. Is right. Hand door, oise. It's pretty big, actually. It's big enough for a student has bigger than mine, Smalls. Yeah, Okay. Sounds cool. Well, what are some things that you had to bring stuff around to bring? Well, the only the only thing that they don't start that will secure was like the college for nature and spray machine. I have to buy the patterns, for example. Some stuff, too, to like stuff all day. Somewhere on the bed sheets, all the pillows off stuff for the kitchen under the clinic for like what about the bathroom? Did you buy anything for that? Yes. That wasa lost way had to buy all this for clean toilet. They think they can wait. Everything basically like mist off the shower. The only thing that wassen there what was that stuff you put into? Totally that if you get stuck, you know? So that was the only thing that was there. But besides that way. Okay, what would you recommend students bring? So students should bring here, besides old stuff that they on that they need the most on the world. The basics are your bed sheets, Some stuff for you to work. And you're on that stuff like this. This is stuff. Spree is full for you, like bands and stuff. This thing is pretty nice, because in his life work, especially if you're an art student and wyles on this stuff for cleaning your your door, you cannot leave the mess, you know? So all of the stuff they need to clean the toilet. Wait, Uh, spa, lish and some dishwasher. So, too on. That's primo *** of room up on DH. They say those surprise our old purposes price are recommended by one of those paper flowers. Um, do you have fire drills here? Yeah, we do. Usually every two more. How much and what time are they? Just random times. Uh, last more wass seven p. M. I guess. I believe bye there around the time frame of six p. M. Night. Like when all the students finished their base. Sounds good, Carlos. Thank you for your time again. They also you're my friend Kyle. He stays on campus at Southern. He stays in the place called Southern Pines. Yeah, he's a Southern pines and basically is going to tell you all about where he lives, how he likes it or doesn't like it. Kind of throws and cards count. I'm a little bit about what Southern Pines kind is and that Southern Pines is a freshman oriented dorm. It's some, I'd say pretty open around here like there's like it's for next two Greek row and everything so it can get get kind of loud at times. But it's pretty nice overall, our floors doing like, a game night this Thursday and everything. So do try to, like, build, like sort of like a friend group between, like, certain Florence have tryingto put everybody together. What, you think it's kind of nice? Yeah. My roommate, freshman year. We're kind of the same way. Like you, I'd be out. Both of them were and I stayed and equal village in that, staying in a three person Reuben Eagle village. So, you know, I was then and the other two are out for the virtue ran that route or I was out war very rare that we were all there together. That's kind of how it is. I mean, remains click. And they're always saying there other roommates like Kyle and mind. Basically, we're never really there, really. Since we getting involved like different organisms, know what I like most is just the convenience of everything because it's so close to the stadium and to all, like all the different like class buildings and everything. Nothing ever feels like too much of a like a long walk, but it's just longer than actually getting activity and and everything. So it's this nice balance of convenience making me I could get off my pa. The whole idea of what people have, the dorms like you sharing a bedroom of somebody, those communal showers and that every building. I'm Southerners like that they have different styles of living and everything. And it's kind of just like living in apartment in a lot of ways. Finding my room the first time. It took us, like three laps around building one just to find it basically. But once you kind of got the layout makes more sense, but you no order a pizza and just stay in your rooms, go down into the clubhouse easier for everybody, because they will be just hunting you down and not being able to find you at all. And I noticed like there's obviously no washing drier in here. So where's laundry? How do you kind of like laundry room with about? I think it was like nine or ten dryers. I think ten washers and essentially it just communal. You just go in sai pure card and you get to go in there free to use as long as you have probably bring you out in church in everything get really crowded Somedays pursuing the weekends. Right? So obviously you guys heard from Kyle pros and cons for living on campus. Is there anything you wanted, Teo? Personally, I think like just like from experience and living here. I've found with on campus living for a longer stay. Probably not one so freshman oriented like one with a bit more like freedom to it. Like I'm villas. I have a couple friends over there. It seems really nice. It is no problem. you guys. So we're going to Centennial Place. Pretty sure it's a four bedroom apartment, so Yeah, Let's go. Hello. Welcome to our place. Nice to have a kitchenette, right? Yes. How many rooms? Because they called a four bedroom apartment for a four bedroom suite. Four bedroom speed. So it's like yours a little bit. Isn't Centennial place, which is, like in the centre of like, cancer's basically So basically wearing a party up there where the dining hall is? Khun, See that? Okay, Cool. Take me on this Centennial place for bedroom suite to work. Kitchen. Okay. Very nice days. Party the place. Come, furnished. We just brought, like, accessories like pillows. Desperation. Cruel. Can you show me the kitchen? Now? What is the kitchen include? I mean, you could get out of this, right? Saddle up. The kitchen comes with the force. Wait. Just having fridge. That's like freezer. Make sure to bring your own ice trade because it doesn't make ice cubes in fridge, which I don't have a lot in there. But that's where the dining halls for also uses shapes. So bring a filter, Britta. Because we don't know that this in the waters so good to know. What is that? A little closet area? Yes. Nice. So our human are air. Much is people come over. Okay, Awful. Now let's go to the room. This is Weir. Okay, So has an elevated bad. Like the other campus. I mean, the other dorm we went to. So do you feel like this is a pretty big Yeah, compared to, like, other schools? Way have our own space to get away from people compared, Like you here, taking all share everything. And here we have, like, our bed tomorrow closet and And I share that with less next to me and then on the other side, there's another for the others. So this is the bathroom. That's pretty Two sinks and then we have our own Camden spaces. We divide it up like get no. Okay, so my dorm has separate toilet separate. Yeah. So you're You have a toilet in the best one. It's a pretty big ben. And when you call, make sure you bring hurt Max because it doesn't have curtain wrapped in a trash can bring tower. So that's on the left side. And on the right side, there's two other rooms that also share back. Yes. So this is my share. That's my side. My roommates WeII just have, like, the same bathroom. Very play for your charter. And yeah, and just like this whole storage thing. So, like, you could feel like twelve fever and whatever you need supplies there. And then this is my room. So I d like, can you come in and like, this is my closet like, it's pretty big. Like I fit a whole bunch of stuff in There was very much I would reach you, Rex, if that would be. Actually, you just did. This desk, like everybody else does have, like, sliding thing for your workout and this chair, which I actually covered with a rug. But it's just like the same. Like green chair, whatever. And the bed. But I got it lifted, and I just put out even more. You gotta lift it even more. Yeah, When I came in, it was like this load of the ground. Yeah, it was. So I don't like, where am I gonna put myself? So I like all the storage underneath here, So I just have, like, three cabinet. Such a slide open And then these two are just sliding cabinets as well. And now when she's opens, he's just put whatever you want so you can put anything on your walls. Just don't leave any marks or you'LL get a fine Thank you so much. Thank you. Two guy. So he was the new video. Is this the video? Where Show you my dorm room and to get started. I have AH, four bedroom suite and Nico Village, which is one of the freshmen on campus storms. Georgia Southern offers. It's not that far away from like, where are your classes? Are the buildings? It's like a ten minute walk. Teach class. No matter how far it is for this, you walk is probably fifteen minutes so soon as you walk in the living room. There is two couches and actually doesn't come with the TV. There's one of my roommates. TV's Yeah, it comes with furniture. Earlier the storms during hurricane was that a hurricane? There's a hurricane in obvious on whatever will windows fell and broke on. We gotta replaced, and it wouldn't cost us anything because we didn't do it. But you? No. If you have, like problems, you can contact the office or the clubhouse, which is really located right there. A little lightness. And they'LL come for you. No problem. So the little room is right here. Tory, wait. Kitchenette. Four stools. A little boring. And then this is the long Holley on this side. We have all the bedrooms minus e. So we're a little light between the two bedrooms. There's bathroom. So this is to have that and the other ones have microwave fridge. They didn't come with all of this. Doesn't come with a coffeemaker. We have to bring that all on your own. And you? I can do a couple cabinets, you know, something that came with that trust. And I think we got that Something more down for ABC rooms Chase two bathrooms. Oh, on one side, we have the toilet, and on the other side, we have soured towards my room. Right. See you. Stuff four. Great my room. You decorate a lot the best team in the world's flag union and, yeah, the better. Pretty hot, usually put like shoes. Laundry, laundry is down the hall. It's pretty simple to use, so yeah, it is my money. The bet's elevated its twin extra large mattress. So if you stay at one of these freshman dorm's, I'm pretty sure all of them have to actually matches is so get ready to buy sheets and stuff for turn extra arms. Okay, so on this side we have myself up. My peers for TV. The furnitures are here, but you have to bring your TV and whatever you want. You know, I bought a printer because we print a lot in college, so I recommend a printer. And yet I recommend bringing a white board and calendar to write down everything you do so you don't fall behind. And, of course, I recommend snacks because you know, you get hungry studying on you don't want to walk like a five minute walk to the dining hall, which I show in the next. In the next video, I'LL recommend some food, some little snacks and read some more, and You know, we have window right here on my essentials. Actually, I forgot to show the closet. So So you walk in, there's a door you walk in, assumes you walk, and there's a little closer here cause it's not really that blank eyes keep jackets, jeans, towels and, you know, laundry stuff, bathroom stuff and your laundry basket. That's pretty much it. Okay, guys, what I do recommend some essentials for your dorm would be a trash can in trash bags. Maybe the have snacks in your room. Uh, you don't really necessarily, uh I need to keep them in your room, But you know, some of your roommates My try your sex, I guess calling out, not calling anybody out. But, you know, I keep him in my room. So dorm room essentials. What I do recommend is some kind of entertainment, you know, a TV or something. Uh, because you know, when you're not studying and you want to relax, you might watch TV. Oh, big big thing is sandals or slides. Whatever you wanna call him eso When you shower, you wear them. Please wear them. Because the showers are have been used by other people and you don't necessarily know what those people have on their feet, you know? So I would recommend using sides like I use, like every time I shower because I don't want to get athlete's foot or like fungus on my toes, you know? So I would recommend slides. Big thing slides. O n a big thing. Oh, my God. How did I not include, um So you have, like, three different outlets in your room, and I have I have a lot of stuff like, I have my computer, my TV, my PlayStation, my phone. So I don't necessarily plug it in all over the room. So I just get an extension cord with, like, multiple outlets and just plug that one in and just plug the rest of my stuff there. And I have, like, a little three port one that I would play my computer and my phone. Oh, and for doing laundry. You want to have some people use type pots? I don't necessarily use type pot, so I had to buy detergent softener and, uh, drying sheets. I hope you enjoyed this video. Please stay tuned to the next videos. Where I show you my favorite places on campus. Uh, buildings Will classrooms look like And my favorite places on campus. So yeah, I'LL see you then.