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What percent of freshman live on campus?

According to our research, 100.0% of freshman live on campus at Harvard University?

What type of housing does Harvard University provide?

The below table outlines the different housing options available at Harvard University, and how what percent of students are estimated to live in each type of housing.

Available Percent living in Accomodation
Co-ed Dorms true -
Women's Dorms true -
Men's Dorms true -
Sorority Housing true -
Fraternity Housing true -
Single-student Apartaments true -
Married Student Apartaments true -
Special Houses for Disable Students true -
Special Houses for International Students true -
Cooperative Houses true -
Other Housing Type true -

What are the dorms like at Harvard University?

You’ll have to watch the CampusReel videos to see for sure. However, Harvard University dorms are similar to most college housing options. Most on-campus residence halls include singles, double, and suites. Floor plans vary from residence hall to residence hall. CampusReel hosts dorm tours of Harvard University, and every one is different. As you’ll see, every dorm room is decorated in a unique and fun way - students are creative with their setups to make Harvard University feel like home!

What are the dimensions of Harvard University dorm rooms?

The Harvard University dorms dimension depend on the residence hall. This information is usually contained in one of the dorm room tours of Harvard University on CampusReel. Supposedly the average dorm room size in the U.S. is around 130 square feet, and Harvard University likely has dorms bigger and smaller than this.

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I just wanted to talk to you guys briefly about freshman dorm ing and distort me in general at Harvard. So what happens is freshman year everyone gets put into a freshman dormitory in a random lottery. So your roommates or random, you're where you live, is random, and everything is just random. But they do take into, like your opinion, just a little. You fill out like you housing, housing, opinion survey or something in this summer, and then they match you up and you find out in August, like, three weeks before school starts to your room. It's going to be it worked out particularly well for me. I mean, my roommate and I, we get along so well, we have, like, this same sleep habits. You have the same sense of humor. So it's really chill. Might some room? Um, sometimes you're roommates and you don't like you don't really get along with your roommates. In that case, you're always talked with your proctor and sell out and move out of the, uh, out of the room and move into a different room. It really depends on your situation. And then, after freshman year, you get put into something called houses, houses, air, upperclassmen, dorms. They have each house has a library, a dining hall, a gem, work spaces and everything is just amazing. It's like little dormitories with, like, little like housing systems, which is why it's called the house, and yet they're a bunch of them here. It's like Leverett, Quincy, Lowell, Dunster Mather and Cab It foa ho. It's we have about, like, nine different ones, I believe so you find out what around February which house you're going to be in, and you find out with your blocking troops. So blocking is something that's done in like January February, and you and up to seven other people can form a block, and you guys are guaranteed to be in the same house together. It doesn't mean you guys have to room together. It just means that you guys will be in the same houses together, which is pretty nice. It's like you and seven of your closest friends. But it can be a little stressful because you coming realizing you only have, like, five months to form a blocking group, your closest friends, and that could be a little stressful. So we're walking to this person, Terry Fear and they'll show you guys a little bit more in So this is the end that so this is the end, and the end is used for swing housing. Swing housing is occurring is what swing housing is is it's like temporary houses that people can live in. So what Harvard is doing is they're going through like a like a remodeling process of all the upper Houseman upperclassmen door Ming's so one like house, a time to re modeling it, like keeping the outside. But like changing up the inside. And so during that time period, the houses live in the end or like different places, like up on these like business on the second or third floors. Those air actually residential areas. For Harvard students, the end has the dining hall and stuff. Right now, Alehouse is being under constructed. And so because of this full house, like people in the whole house have to live in the end, which is mostly sophomores. Living in the end. And, uh, sweet livings of in the business areas on Little House is famous for two Academy Award winning actors and actors on Natalie Portman and not Demon. So yeah, they also graduated Harvard in the Live in So, guys, this is my friend Kevin. He's in UC under construction with Mito Acapella Group on DH. He volunteered to answer some questions. So coming Can you just, like, introduce yourself and explain why you chose Harvard? I've been in this company, you say? My name is Kevin, you say, And the reason why I chose Farber was because I want it. I wanted to top into the resources and the opportunities that campus had, and also to I like the community here, both the faith based community and also like a black community here. Great. So described this community that you're talking about what's like this doing body like at the school. So I went to the third most diverse public school in Massachusetts, and yet still, Harvard is extremely even more diverse than that school. So I really like the student body here. Everybody's really supportive and open until, like understanding each other's backgrounds and diverse perspectives. I actually very shocked by that when I came to So everything about the cause. Like, you know, he said, that require people call like people who live in the river houses. Reverend rats. Similarly, a law people, Um, everyone who doesn't live in the crowd makes fun of everyone who lives in the clouds. I say, like, Oh, quad, where is that? Is that, like in Europe? And so there's a lot of, like, fun like cancer and stuff between, like people who live in the body in the river houses. Yeah, I'll tell you so regarding how you get selected and your brother, you go into a river house or Claude's house. What happens is, I mentioned this earlier, you and eight blocking block groups you and you and up to eight of your friends get together to form a blocking group. You submit a form, and the very next day there's kind. There is something called the dorm storm. I believe it's called were like on the house committees, which is like the student government's of each house. Ghost dog goes, knocking on your doors like tells you where your new houses so everything is randomized. They're like conspiracy theories about, like only like certain people get put in the quad as punishment, etcetera, etcetera. But none of that. It's really possible because on administration has about twelve hours to get there a thousand eight hundred kids. So I really don't think that's those theories hold true. Um, there are those theories, and that's how you get into Claude House or River House. You don't really choose. It's whatever random selection they put you in and regarding blocking groups, if you have more than some another friends, then there's something called linking groups, and you and another block can link together on this guarantee, so you guys are not in the same house, but guarantees us old people and close proximity to one another. So like at me. So then one of your group's isn't in the quiet one is in the river house. They'll both be in the River house ordeal. Both we know Claude and stuff like that. So if you have a bigger friend group, at least you guys will always be near each other, even if it's not in the same house. e i e. I got you. I got you okay with the same people. It's like two seconds. Later. Way just finished. We just said Bye. Frankie. Are you captain? Now? I think we're checking in for actual movement. Because today is early movements. A. It's 4 45 Shall we move in at five o'clock? So what are you doing Santa thing? Thank you. Well, so you're you know, it's the blog's hiding. Oh, snap. Wait and look through everything. Yet this common room is reasonably sized. Is this a single? Yeah. Oh, they see. Ok, OK, si o has a word of that kind of isn't out all t l shape it is. Oh, snap thes doubles air Really big. I was so worried about them. Okay, so my roommates and I have four roommates. I remain tonight. Just sort it out. Who's could get what? I got a window in the pool. It's really all I wanted. I don't really care. So now I'm gonna start unpacking my first week stuff, and then the rest of my stuff will come from our by Gary. Ok, Gordon. I just realized I just realized that they had show I'm gonna need space to put those shelves somewhere. Maybe here. I don't know. I'm tired. I don't even know what time it is. Okay, So basically, I'm over there at Weld. Well, like in front of world. Yeah. And my family is over here queuing up to move our stuff in, but they have to, like, across the bridge in order to get to be because there's a long line and yeah, that kind of sucks. So we'll see what happens. Okay. Loving gay blogger. This'd my That's Erica's ward. And you told us to bring you the jury had I was in the room. You hold us, break the shoe. I forgot my back or not. Yeah, my darker path. Frankie said, Well, we're gonna confiscate it anyway, so I don't want a fantasy. You know who and plus, where's my bag? Your bag. Oh, yeah. Your bag. Really? I didn't say anything. I just started kind of dad And do what I do. No pillows, no rocks for Christmas life. Wait. Moving five. Okay, now, just yours. This one probably has a lot of stuff on it. Okay, So what time do you think it's 3 23 way. We're moving in. Like my parents came at, like 9 40 something, I think so. Me, mostly due to explain the guitar, like, just a few seconds ago. And then he just left it to be all screeching. Whatever. And then he just jumped and ran away. And then some do try to stop him thing. Okay, so this this is our duties, actually crazy, like man's was over on our side of the tree, like this apart sight thing. Wait, I'll even though, Okay, there's a flying. So wait, we're just sitting here, right? We're sitting here and, man, just like on our side of tree. And he was just, like, going crazy. He just left the thing like screeching. And he wants away, like, over there, over there? Yeah, over there. And then he jumped over the plains. So basically, this man left his amp on, he jumped over the fence, and then he started recording people's reactions, and we were in his video because, like, he was in that corner. I showed you. Yeah, he's gonna be in my video footage of him. So he was over there, and then there were two girls sitting here Yeah, they're two girls sitting there and then we're all looking like and laughing, Kind of like what is happening. And then he was recording eyes from the corner. And I'm like, bro, I don't know what you do. You think this is funny, Like, this is a prank channel Like I was confused. So he thought he liked laid on the floor and was crouching like looking at everybody. And I was like, Wow, this way has actually grace. Then he walks back and that start off camera because I was gonna, like, show this would not fly in New York. Um and then he went over to the tree. They're like a future. You see, Margaret says that the back one and then he took off his shirt and then he threw it on the ground. Like all dramatic. He was like, e was like, screaming like it was like laying on his computer. It was rolling on His goods are I was like, what is happening here? Like, man is actually crazy. Then we turn and he turns around and we see his wearing a thong. This kind of peek at it is a song I thought his butt crack. Yeah, I think I like like you know how. Yeah, like, yeah. No, it was It was like a like you could see. You could see the lines of the underwear that his butt crack and then his fans I was like, This is too much. This is not what I came. I think you know. No, I saw blood. She saw a tan. But Chief Okay. My cameras, about time and my batteries back at my door. But it was it was crazy by ready smile. I love it. I love it. Oh, by the way, we have visitors. Juicy Jonathan and King Kevin. Love that. You turned my juicy to a jealous. So today is September 1st 20 by P. M. And I'm editing my moving day block and I realized I didn't record it. Outro So here it is. So moving day was August 26 2 27 I was able to go in early on because I did a pre orientation program. So that was my movements. A vlog. Hope you guys enjoyed it. My dorm tour will be coming soon. Also expect all these like first week of college video dorm whole. Expect all these videos to be out of order because I'm just gonna edit them based on when I want to end of them because I like some more than others and match a city on vacation. It's tomorrow and the classes start on the third. Can't wait for you guys to join me on this This is Little House. When the house is that, um I was talking to you about earlier. It's going on their construction. As you can see, because of this no one's living in here. They do have a bell tower. That race. Um, every morning, I believe I know you like different songs there and stuff. It's really cool. I'll show you guys more about upperclassmen, So bikes are rather common in Cambridge. So we have something called Hub way and hopefully is like a biking thing up subscription that you can do. They have a subway. Stations all around the country are all around campus on so people can I just subscribed for something like sixty dollars a year, too? Actually, like, be able to rent out these bikes whenever they are, uh, no need of them people owned by. I just bought a bike because I have a class in the quad, which is a twenty minute walk from where And so we're now entering the yard again. This is behind Matthews. I showed you earlier this morning on DH. This is another freshman dormitory behind. This is very like this area because it's quite towards Don't really come in here a bunch of bikes again. And yet something about. So I'll go quickly into Mom freshman dorm ing again. So most dorms have like, different sort of amenities. Common rooms Most storms have actually, by common. My dorm doesn't have a common room, but we share a common. You're at the dorm right next door. Move a lot, but not all have laundry rooms. Once again, My dorm doesn't have a laundry room, so I have to walk. Theodore, I'm dorm. Next over, Teo, do my laundry. We also have some on some have printers. Others have like kitchens Really depends where you get placed. Um, and so regarding freshman dorm Either be placed in a suite, a double or a single. Um, if you're in a single, you most likely have, like, a hall bathroom. But if you're in Apsley court, which is one of the freshmen dorms you actually get and then used, be a hotel. So yet singles and a bathroom to yourself for me, I prefer holly bathrooms because it gets cleaned every day and you don't have to replenish the soap yourself or anything like that. But sweets and singles who have like they're single use bathrooms will have to, like, bring their own soap, clean their own bathrooms and things like that. Which I'm not really. I don't really have time to do that. Right behind me is Massachusetts. All We looked out briefly. This is where President Drew Fosse's offices are. And yeah, I'll see you guys soon. So we so we have now entered a quad. Right now, there's something called the quad best going on because they're so nicely and you have all this space. There's a lot of events that happened here. Thie activities here happens here right now, there's a performance going on. You were on blankets and stuff that is Elliott and go home in that building right there. Ellie has their dining hall underneath a roadless. Above on all of our eggs are Cabot Hazard, Danny called Underneath Cap. It's buildings are that one. And that one and that one and that one and blouse, too, and everything. But those two buildings are connected underground by a tunnel, which is really nice. One benefit of plot is that there is such a good community here because you guys are so isolated. So it's really a debate of like which passed there, Barry Quad or the River houses. The plot is preferred for people who like the isolation and that inter community within the community at Harvard, feeling versus the river houses with your closer and more convenient, I'm out. All the houses have already been renovated, which is also plus, so regarding one houses. You either have singles. Know you. What I know is specifically for Cabot. You all have singles, so this could be within a suite where you have a common room. And then singles were just a single room where you sure, like a bathroom in the hallway. And right now they have a future at this quad. First that's upon me and a Belgian waffle truck. Bonnie is a really popular food truck. It's like it's American now. American. Nice Asian food on DH. We have division Waffle Place. I have a food truck here. It's really good food. Typically, you pay a lot of money to get the speed trust like, but the quad like houses got together and they're paying for everyone's meal, which is really nice there. So, so little barbecue going on right now over there. Um, and, yeah, so quick thing about food trucks. There's a lot of food trucks at just in front of the Science center. But because the Harvard law I was having their celebrations with Big Ten trucks couldn't get in so I could show you them and then their usual spots, but you're getting a glimpse of them. Right now. So I want to talk to you guys about upperclassmen housing. This is winter possum, one that was most recently renovated. Every upperclassmen, housing has a dining hall, a gym and different study rooms regarding upper class in house, injuring two different kinds of rooms that you could live in other sweets or singles. Some houses are exclusively single summer exclusively suite and stuff like that and some really cool. We're like they have, like a suite where the first floor is a common room, and then you go up to a second for which has your bedrooms, and that's just one sweet that you can live in. So there are also different upper Hausmann class upper Houseman houses, uh, very classified in two different ways. Bigger houses and the quad. So we are currently at one of the river houses, and that is because we're right by the river. This is, uh, Charles River, and there's a street rate going by, and because of this, it's Quantum River Houses of Quad is actually what used to be known as rack. But college. It was the woman's like sister College of Harvard on Before Harvard let woman into school. We're gonna be visiting there in a little bit. I heard there's, like a festival going on, so I'm excited for that. So we have, like, different bridges going across across the river. We have Mohr Harvard schools, but those are all Harvard grad schools. They have the business school across there and stuff like that. We also have the long with center, which is the Harvard Medical School. But you actually need to take a bus there. Get there? Yeah. This is the outside view of went there, pass. And this is where he could possibly live in. But one Claassen Eri advice. I heard that river houses. I have a lot of rap, So people who live in the quad say not everyone who lives in river houses are known as rats. There is a bit of both a little contentious like relationship between people who live in the river house and dickwad, but it's all in like a good, like, manner, like friendly manner. Sorry about that. My phone ring. How memory You're back so quickly. Could you just talk more? Finished with your thought was saying looking to other schools that may not be on your radar right now, because, you know, you might actually find a school that you end up falling with. So just really look into it. Try to visit schools, if you can. No. Yes, yeah. Hey, so thanks. So this is another view of Cabot House, but from the outside of the cod area, this is another view of this saw for the social. Yeah, and there's this little alleyway erode. And then this is where the shell picks you up. So we're just waiting for the show.