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What percent of freshman live on campus?

According to our research, 97.0% of freshman live on campus at Loyola University Maryland?

What type of housing does Loyola University Maryland provide?

The below table outlines the different housing options available at Loyola University Maryland, and how what percent of students are estimated to live in each type of housing.

Available Percent living in Accomodation
Co-ed Dorms true 100.0
Women's Dorms true -
Men's Dorms true -
Sorority Housing true -
Fraternity Housing true -
Single-student Apartaments true -
Married Student Apartaments true -
Special Houses for Disable Students true -
Special Houses for International Students true -
Cooperative Houses true -
Other Housing Type true -

What are the dorms like at Loyola University Maryland?

You’ll have to watch the CampusReel videos to see for sure. However, Loyola University Maryland dorms are similar to most college housing options. Most on-campus residence halls include singles, double, and suites. Floor plans vary from residence hall to residence hall. CampusReel hosts dorm tours of Loyola University Maryland, and every one is different. As you’ll see, every dorm room is decorated in a unique and fun way - students are creative with their setups to make Loyola University Maryland feel like home!

What are the dimensions of Loyola University Maryland dorm rooms?

The Loyola University Maryland dorms dimension depend on the residence hall. This information is usually contained in one of the dorm room tours of Loyola University Maryland on CampusReel. Supposedly the average dorm room size in the U.S. is around 130 square feet, and Loyola University Maryland likely has dorms bigger and smaller than this.

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Hey, so welcome to my apartment. My crib. So I am currently in my apartment and I'm really stoked to show us around. So I am in my bathroom classic your Selfie. I really like the housing situation here at Loyola, because after freshman year, you are almost guaranteed to being in an apartment style dorm. If you live on campus, I live in senior housing. More specifically, McCully. So here. Here's. Look around. It's nice. We have a full bath, a shower. This is my living room. I share my apartment with three other people. Yeah, we have a full kitchen. The full fridge came with the place. I'm making dinner right now, so that's what's going on. So I have a couple of veggies roasting in the oven and we also got an electric stove. Sat school. Some apartments come with gas stoves. Our apartment came with this table, A couple chairs, each bedroom gets to desk and two beds. We don't have much space in our bedroom, so we moved the desk out here. Our apartment also came with a couch. Thiss coffee table side tables on DH thes things I brought myself. This is my room. Um, I got a closet and everything that I share with my roommate. One thing I like about the living situation here is that we are allowed to bring a microwave basically as many appliances as we want in here. We have a microwave, a blender, a cure egg. So, yeah, they're pretty lenient about most things, as long as it's not a fire hazard. The candles or technically contraband. But we'll keep that on the D L. But we haven't gotten in trouble for it. So do with that what you want. Roommates. They can be super tough. I did random last year because I didn't want to pick my roommate. I thought that that mate not work best. Just I thought I would leave it up to the loyal A selection committee. Whatever they do, they have a system. Whatever. Um, So I did that and I had a director. May we? We work together pretty well. She ended up transferring, uh, second semester. So for all of second semester, I had my own room, Uh, which was really awesome, but about my roommate now, um, Danny, she was my sweet mate. So, uh, she lived in my apartment, but in a room next door. And she was just my best friend from the first day. She is awesome. I visited her this summer. Way worked together. Really, Really? Well, you have the same sleeping schedule. She's my best friend. So, uh, that was really easy. We knew from the start we wanted to be remains. Um, as for my, uh, other roommates this year, they're on the track team. So I am meth, then threw my other roommate Daniel. In fact, I have three roommates. Name Daniel, Daniel, Daniel and Davy. Um so I met them all and their orders to really, really sweet girls. And I think we all knew that we were just room well, tear their clothes were all pretty organized way always decorating. And we're all pretty relaxed. So that's why when I think that works really well between us is just direct communication. Like if I want to move something Oscar if I think something's wrong Lasker It's all about communication because owning your space I say I don't really have a problem. I would say I've never really had a problem. Um, like, owning my space, that Danny, because we're pretty similar, But, um, I think having a remain in general is just about owning your space. Telling your roommate what you need specifically and how this living situation is gonna work for you. Direct communication is just always the key. So this video is about dorm room essentials. Um, there's a lot of lists out there. They will tell you what you need for college, so I don't need Thio list off, but you need to get, like shampoo and conditioner and haters and along basket. You know that, but for my building specific way. And this isn't true for all buildings at Loyola, but it's helpful either way. Don't have overhead lighting in Newman, except in a few spots in the living room. So my bedroom, all the bedrooms just don't have overhead lighting, which you get really, really, really frustrating. When you want to walk to the library. What do you work? Because for me, the libraries across campus But the good thing about having an apartment is you can do where in your appartment. So we have lights all over the place, standing lives desk. It's just because we need them. Otherwise we won't be able to work in here, so that's necessary. The other thing is some sort of rain gear. Baltimore is so rainy. In fact, in two thousand eighteen, we had the most rain. I'm pretty sure we've ever had. But you need it because there are times when it will just start raining. All of a sudden, when you're in class, before you're about to go to class, it's necessary to have a rain jacket, an umbrella rain boots the whole time. Because otherwise we're gonna be stuck in the rain like I've been so many times. Um another thing that has to do with so when everything that has to do with the weather is. It also in. So another thing that has to do with the weather is the fact that it gets really, really human here. Um, so another thing that has to do with the weather is the fact that it just gets so human here. It's a way where he had the name, which hasn't not prepared for it. Sometimes we go outside and I'll just be dripping down your face because we'LL be so sweaty. But that's why you need a dehumidifier. Luckily, the school provides them, and they can attach to some of the case to the unit. But if you don't have room for a big de humidifier in your room, then that doesn't really work out. So I bought just a little one into the corner of my room and it helped. Uh, right now, it's in storage, and I'LL probably have to take it out in the next week or two because starting to get on together. But that's necessary because there are times that there are times that all walk into my room, and there it'LL be wet on the walls because it's just so human. Um, another thing is probably a fan. Uh, those are necessary just gets so hot. The building's gets so hot, and sometimes you just really can't control their A C units. We have communal bathrooms like I showed in the video of my apartment, but it's not really necessary to have a shower caddy. I want say, um because you just have such a close proximity to, like an actual about around with a locked door and a lot of privacy, so a shower caddy. I have one. I don't think it really used it. I don't think any of my roommates relieves. There's It's just not super necessary because you can keep your shampoo in the shower, especially if your friends will your remains. Another thing that is really necessary for the bedroom is definitely a mattress topper and definitely some comfy pillows. I know when I came here for orientation, I did not think I would ever be able to sleep in one of those beds. This is just so hard. It's a college address, but with a mattress topper. I sleep like a baby I knocked out every night. I I think I have a four five inch matches topper, and I am out, um, comfy pillows to just necessary. You're going to need it. You're gonna need as much sleep as you can get. Another thing that's really important is probably in essential oils. Diffuser. I know from my building I live right above you, Eddie's Market and the dining home. So a lot of times our home will smell like the food that there could be downstairs and well, that's not entirely bad. You don't want your whole room to smell like whatever they're cooking on the menu today. So we can't have candles because of fire hazard because it's a fire hazard, which is understandable. So a lot of us just haven't essential oil diffusers that will turn on whenever a G smell comes up. But I would say that's really necessary. Right now, I'm heading over to my friend Elizabeth. She lives in an apartment in a Campion, one of the buildings that is partially inhabited by freshman. And there's also a couple like sophomores and juniors and maybe a few seniors who live here, too. It's the only apartment style dorm that is available to freshman, but then again, it's pretty nice that freshman gets to be able to live in apartments. So, yeah, let's go check out her place. Thank you. Thanks for having me over. How cool Do you want me to show you, right? Yeah, that'd be great. There's a kitchen. Uh wait. Yeah. Seventeen. Grace, This is right. This is This is the small eyes. And that's about one. What? This was the digger. I like the difference. Any of the beds? Because our events are, like, lofted in the other room with the work. You know, you have the cabinets here. That's like pulling a difference. Yes. How do you feel about living in a really big residential building with a ton of other students? Like isn't weird at all? No, I don't think it's. I mean, you don't really notice because it's everything. So spread out like stuff could be going out gone and like the other hauling. You have no idea. I think it's nice because it's so big like yourselves. Friend. How many people are you happy you chose Campion? Yeah, definitely. Like I I want time for the one remaining so I can have more people Yet now so But I definitely like having the kitchen and like all that, Like, it's a lot better living like I could have met. And they have a bathroom too. Like you walks away. But every other bathrooms are sensing. Imagine living in a the two door. So what have you heard about the other freshmen buildings? I like it. I hear the flans. Like, I think the nicest of three, right? Yeah, I think it's like the newer one. And they have, like, they have the bathroom between Ben and planned. I haven't been in the other two guys that you think about me. Oh, well, I'm gonna head out now. Thanks for having me over. Hey, guys. Sam here. I just want to take a moment today to tell you about the loyal of first year housing selection process. So your first year you may be coming in. Uh, freshman, kind of unsure of what housing is gonna look like your first time living with somebody. And well, that makes this really, really easy. So your first year during summer orientation, they're going to ask you most likely to fill out a survey. So this survey will ask you things like, what time do you go to bed? What time do you liketo wake up? Can you sleep with Lifetime? Can you sleep with a lot of noise? What type of music do you like? Toe? Listen, Tio, um what does your schedule look like? What's important to you and I'll be these really, really important questions. And they also ask you things like, do you find important to be best friends with your roommate? Or are you kind of quiet and just kind of want to coexist with your roommate? And you can write all of these things on a scale. So then, closer to your actual movement date, you'll get paired with your new roommate. You'LL get their contact information, and that's who you'LL be living with. And if you want, you can choose your own roommate. If you know somebody that's going to the same school or if you meet someone at summer, Oh, that you really think that you could mess with. But I highly, highly, highly recommend doing random pairing. That's what I did, because if you meet someone at summer or you have a friend in high school number one, then you're confining your friend groups. Just that person, those people and a roommate is a great way to get to new no more people, but also the process that little has actually really great. I still live with my randomly paired roommate from freshman year. It is not my third year. It worked out great for us and a few of my other friends. Still, they're best friends are their freshman year roommates and even people whose housing situation's didn't necessarily work out. It wasn't anything crazy Trask tick that affected their living style. That living situation, everyone's living styles was a paired up really well, and in the few few instances that it's not, you are given a move week at the beginning of both so ministers where you can move no questions asked into a open slot in a different apartment. And if the problem comes up throughout the semester that you really can't resolve your aura and student life will work with you to move apartments. So it's really just a great, great process the rest of your years, you are accountable for making your own roommate group. I think it's super super important that you asked the right questions. Make sure that you're not just moving in with your friends. Make sure that you're moving in with people that you can really live well with because it makes a big difference. I do not live with my closest friends. I live with people that I have a someone living style Teo on DH that has made my life a lot easier because my close friends and I do not have the same sleep schedule, and I know as much as I love them, I wouldn't be able to live with them. So there are things like that to consider your first year here. Also, able Teo choose if you would like apartment style housing or traditional dorm style housing. So traditional broom style house in comes in a few different forms here. So we have a butler and Hammerman that is the most traditional dorm experience that you were going to get. Butler's where I lived my first year and what is nooks S O. The floors are by gender. So the first two floors of Butler my freshman year, where veil and the top two floors were female. There are four notes on every floor with a bathroom and eight to ten people share that bathroom. Two stalls, two things. Two showers, and they have a common room on the floor. Then there is a Flannery O'connor in Flannery that is the nicest freshman dorm Everyone wants to live in Flattery. There are two bedrooms connected by a bathroom that has a huge sink. There's storage space and plan. It's really beautiful, is the news building. Everyone wants to live there. And then there is Hopkins. So Hopkins is on the west side of campus. Where's Hammerman but learned Flannery are on the east side on Hillside, Um, and Hopkins is a double, and then their bathroom's across the hall. There's long hallways and set up a little bit differently. But I have a friend that lived there is really nice. You like it. So that is, if you select dorm style housing, you will be placed in one of those apartments with your roommate, and it will usually be based on what Messina here in which is our first year program. You'LL live most likely around people that are in the same Messina program as you, just so that you have your core group of friends or people that you have, um, known or have familiar faces around you your first year and kind of helped to ease that anxiety. Unfortunately, you cannot choose which of those storms you're going to be in. Believe me, Butler was not my first choice, but it worked out. And then, if you decide that you don't want that traditional storm experience, then you can choose to live in Campion. Campion is an apartment building that is for freshmen and sophomores, so that is apartment style Housing you have a kitchen, a bathroom or to bathroom is depending. If you're in a six a common room, though, they're really, really nice. But again, it's not for everybody or for living with more people that way. So you know more chance that you're not going to get along with your roommates. Also, traditionally, people that like to party will live in campaign in the apartment style just because you know more space. Um, so that is something to consider of what lifestyle really is going to be vast in the freshman experience that you want. And really, both options are great. I have friends that did both, and it worked out for everybody. But those are kind of the two options that you're giving your first year here at loyal and again, there's always the option to move. There's always the option to work with student life and be placed somewhere that fits you better. So please don't have excited about housing, because if there's one thing little does right, it is first your housing Right now, I'm on the west side of campus. Here's where a lot of the student housing is. Over here. There's Newman Towers, Campion We have gardens, which is right next to me, which is composed of four buildings. There's also seating court laying. The only non apartment south housing over here on West Side is Hopkins Court and those air dorms that are reserved for freshmen. The only freshmen housing on Westside is Campion and Hopkins Court, but most of the freshman live on East Side. Over there, there's Flannery, Hammerman and Butler. Flannery is definitely the nicest of the freshmen dorms, and it's also the U. S. The other ones are a little bit small and a little bit old. Flannery's nice because you're only sharing a bathroom with three other people. But in Hammerman and Butler you are sharing four bathrooms between you and the other people on your floor. In your room, you're gonna be living with people of the same sex. But, um, on your floor, that's going to be a mix unless you live in Hammerman or Butler, and they're like the floors are separated by gender. If you do decide to go here, and live on campus. They try to make sure that you are living with someone who's pretty compatible with you. There's an online survey that you take where you state your preferences and kind of like your living style, and they try to match you with the person you're most compatible with. I really got along with my roommate from freshman year, and in fact, we're still friends today, and we lived together for two more years after freshman year. But of course, these sorts of things air hit or miss. So if you don't like your roommates, there are moving days and you can move into another apartment then.