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Hey, guys, welcome back to my Chandu. And if you knew that my channel issue girl teammate today and this baby I'm going to be doing a dorm room tour. I said I was gonna be doing this a while ago, but I finally cleaned my room and I felt like it's video appropriate. And I do share room like a whole apartment type style with three other people. So it's four roommates. And then there's two bathrooms typically share bear from, and we have a liver Mary in the kitchen area. I'm tryingto a tour now. I'm not sure yet. I feel about it, but just let me know in the comments. You made me do that. Thanks so far. She just woke in. First thing you see is the door. The closet. I have my mirror River. This is me. Yes, body looking out. L can obey my work. Addy keys, you know, was the mists of Ramallah agencies at my school behind the door. Just a fan. My dirty clothes hamper my bring life. Some go to the left first. This is where I eat my stuff, my munchies and stuff. He's got some cereal buried, another regular stuff. Then I got the mini fridge. Yeah. Oh, you drop it. Okay, I got the fridge. You know, Preston, Terry knows a healthy foods. This side is just a little few awards. I was a favor executive board member from my team last year, and this is my induction ceremony certificates for N. C. And w organization that I am here in issue section cousins. If you go to live, this is my backdrop for my videos. It didn't take up the whole wall, but, you know, just for my torso area, it's like holographic sequus. You're cute. No below that is just a little share that everybody likes sitting in all the time. It's very comfortable, Rouleau I wanted to learn. Or here is the deaths area. Have my TV and this desk came with the room. God's lumps of everything. My jersey for my team. Naomi. Nice to me. Haven't worked my way up so below you have the item. And I got, like, my slides like Sam's and stuff in here store could, you know, just get in code now is only because the trashcan more snacks in there. My stripper heels. Okay, start from left to right. So right here. I have all today because I just bought a lot of stuff from there. I'm going to Ah, whole undead and reviews on different items, so yeah, I'll be watching out for that. I just got a pallet sunglasses. This is just like random stuffing. Kill my received news. No tax is about to come in the room. Make of our shoes. Now I want to get I want to get, like, a critic organizer. So could be like, Mork Lassie. Just keep everything in there, but I don't know yet. Right here. We have, like, hygiene ist stuff. You know, the basics. Yeah, but it gets you are less samples. Be recognizable. Noon piggy bank low mirror, eh? Jewelry section, fastened necklaces, hunger. This is mostly like bracelets and chill, quiz and stuff Benson polishes like there. Now I try to do like a little gray, white black and Torquay scheme, but I didn't have a lot to look. We were just like a few things here. Now I'm very simple, basic. I don't need the extra stuff. So this whole row, this school's bless thinking on my laptop, but everything isco's glass I said no TV, Mr Redlich. Tenets of age removed some incense money. Then I have two pictures. This is my grandfather. You can't see the light. Me and bay. This is my view. Outside My room is in the parking lot. I see your action and then that regular black hurt. Now I do have Christmas lights. It looks lighter like women in that house right now. But the camera's picking a pretty dark, but as cool. Okay, now we're going to my bed and area. This is the picture somebody drew of me, eh? I love Morgan Week. Yes, that's me. Chin strong is who this is a picture about Mr Got me. We was on the fire for when I shows. So he's blew it up for me. Surprise that. We look so good. Okay, this is the bed change. Very simple. You're not had him? My body pillow in the back. This is a talk ways. I was talking about to whatever color you want to say. This is the grain I need. No one knew you Could I keep again or you in different stuff on there, messing everything up number, work my way down left its organizer pin. Just get, you know, basic stuff her by here. Hear department clean like it? Yeah, And I had ever where? I don't feel like a couple of years. I just use it. We're here. It is the rack for my shoes. I'm trying to get rid of some shoes and so I could get some more, like every time about something every time by something I'm tryingto take something else away. They already have side because I don't need all this shit. You feel me here, does my shoes. And over here is just a little miscellaneous stuff. You know, I'm has some stuff into bed, but you don't need to see all that. And then I just have a basic We're just not right no more. I'm just thinking. Yeah, another view of everything. Okay, that's all for this video. Michelle, You like this video? Give it a thumbs up Comment described from, or videos. what's popping with your filters? Nah, but for room Welcome back to my channel Is shit okay? Issue girl. Teammate. So today is Saturday, March 3rd and age. Agassi. I'm sorry, being I must call for more everything. Get my breeze under here. I don't know what we're gonna wear today, but I'm a school. I think the homes begin. I probably go home tomorrow after work. Not sure yet. Pop artists, but And Baltimore with a d M V period. It's been so windy. Light 40 miles per hour. Winds it like So you step outside every everything just goes everywhere. It's Jimmy says Tree's been falling like big trees falling on the streets and stuff like it's dangerous out there, your power outages in a lot of places. But today, though, right back from yesterday, like, yes, I was fired A. But I didn't know well, like I just love that body. I had a competition Wednesday and we used to parties everyday delights over here. So I'm still gonna just It's a light shining star. So my body just not reacting, right? Like I guess, Lee. But I like the sleep pattern would be over, and it's done my body balance off. Like, if that makes it. But I'm just like that. Barry, I need to go to Walmart. Order to blender sex time Because of smoothies and study. Get a glimpse of a grocery store. Someone going out today Get some fruits is the because I need a detox, my body and food to cook down my God a player's closet. If you don't know players closet is it's basically like a high end third store, and you could sell your stuff and they give you money for depending on what they're looking for. So I got a couple things they say, like it's like they want to get my sandals and spring stuff because, you know, spring is around the corner. So I had to do that in the rest of the day. I don't know what I'm doing, but I want to re I wouldn't have birth to do. Yeah, so I'm her child when I'm not leaving on the road, you know? Okay, I'm done. Gin dress. Never specially that to face you. Whatever job was to the oh, so so Oh, t day. I mean oh t d dis in shirts. Deed is every day. No h, no swat Got this bomb off. I got this one. Paxson in New York is over here being And I got my long ago. She bails for D. I need a big sigh. Shoes a couple of punches. So Yemen to hit out. Thank you. You, You shot Klaus is right there. So you're so right. Pool is big. And so Plato's is Fight their damn going to go to Audi, which is down there and a dollar trees over down there so way just waiting on my clothes Be checking out in the store way purchase, you know, comfortable. Thank you. So, guys, I got 19. All right? From Klaus. I had to put up to something that found the Oreos jersey. And I found a short spring. So most of what he was saying The purse head of older to end pg and e go with somebody. I know that it's physical. Some more stuff is too small, so well, I just don't have saddled with Even when it's in my presence, I feel like I'm getting came in for something. I gotta go too. Three Still gotta go. Dollar tree. I can't $56 were for shit. You like That is so good. Going Dollars three. Just leg. So I am at school in the student center. I decided to come seen Mei. Is Mal attaining? They don't know I'm coming. This just lying there here might as well just go see if they don't. Then I'm gonna go to the house, but stuff because that you guys are frozen stuff. What? Wait, What showcase? So, what are y'all coming out like a little dusty right now? Trying to wait to show you all will be giving me. That's on me. In the calm, I lose my breath. You did I have kids, too. Yeah. However, he also back in the house. Finally, I went to the little practice of whatever tie. So it was so high here. But I just go through everything real quickly. What? I have a dollar store. I got some cleanest us. I guess some powder, you know, make your most forest of some what it's called air freshener. That's not one of the first. And this is like some some sense and be stuff got there because we use in rags And the race began wet stuff. And I wanted to get please, but only with the trees. It's okay. A guy shower liner and little bras that go, Dre. No tube has been stuffed, so make a wife. He's the rich rating is cocoa butter claims and wise and tried easel and some deodorant. Now we're gonna go into my favorite part is the food part. First thing I see, I'm just gonna throw it out. The first thing I see is some orange juice. No pulp. I don't get those. Most of organic is cheap formality prices, but I'm just cheap. I want to have these on corn puffs pop. So, honey free only light week burger. I don't like white. Yes, I'm spending some pepper jack cheese. So fresh broccoli. He I got a garlic and ginger. I might be making some sleaze with ginger. Cooking up some meals with garlic moves look smooth. I like great apples, brother than bread. Apple cities, The great Smith apples. Got some butter limit in line because I'm gonna be doing something some water. So I had a really want that and other bag. I got 12. Some honey in that cereal. Seriously. Grills and we'll crackers on me. I got so many left. Just the blueberry worries for my meals using your bro. Sugar? I started like brown sugar over white sugar sauce. Of what? It's a Speedos. Use with care. Somebody. You got some tomatoes? Some blueberries for my So you need shells and white cheddar. I thought you before these. So that's some garlic powder seasoning using it on my eggs. That's a secret, right? He was not secret. Morgado the teriyaki sauce or some soy sauce. As you know I do. It was a couple cans of green beans for each and everything else that I didn't get my part. I'll see, like, border and milk and stuff like that already have that stuff? Yeah. Pretty see, Like the condiments already have. This that was needed. Like the more I don't explain it, but I should get another one. He's a serial like that. And then we have a freezer fridge right out there, too. So this is everything bottled up on top of each other. I'm just gonna be cool enough by now to stuff up party. Start editing his videos. I could have it done by tonight. I don't know why I'm going back out the WalMart. But I'm not in a rush right now, and I'm gonna clean the pair from to so I get back to your see where I'm going to do. Yeah, I want you to see me, like is dark now, uh, I have not eaten all day. It is 7 23 Everything lie. I want the Walmart. But I had to take a detour because I think a building and caught on fire. All you see is sparks just flying everywhere. So these but mysteries I was lost. And then when I got to Walmart, I couldn't find a pick us that the pickup spot. It was like, It's not like that a counter just like seats and stuff right there. So you just gotta look for literally So finally, really about to go home this time and hitter Jay with my man because, uh, it just It's been a long day, but yeah, I'm in this block right here, miss. You guys subscribe. Get his video thumbs up. And if you like, um, if you like these school show, we can blow. Let me know down in the comments. If not, let me know what you want to but the male dummies We all here in the brain. Hey, what's up, y'all? I gotta go get some bears, then go. First day complete. Oh, no, It's really raining, though. Hey, we were just Cassie. Just be She did too. Noon in this shoe. Hey, that's our recorders. Hey, first, you just don't feel like it. Two people are really talk to you, which is you are. But my classes in that this morning was different because I learned my schedule changed, but I'm learning. Wouldn't I Don't know a bit. Only I was sure you would. Mmm. Today was chicken Y'all with me, period. You know what he does with his transition? Um, I got a back world for like, my video was like my videos and stuff. But Michael's tweener it's not all right. Oh, honey. Oh, my gosh. I have first Thio, We really can't speak English. But it could be gravel because I don't know, let me know me like that. But what Firstman expose even But he don't care. I'm trying to pay this year to me. Complications? Don't you know when the y no, you go hard? No! Oh, shit! Oh, my God! Oh, my goodness, That's pretty cool. Pee on blow. Wait! Smooth. What kind of music? When did you should be taking it in and out? I don't not be seeing her. I had a good day. I was sleeping with my classes though He was born, My lord. No Forage Cuomo cover! Come. Oh, come. Oh, is is first to But it's it's Belle comment she shot makes you know. So like, Justus, Manage one over here. Can you say something for the book? Yeah, me neither. Cast, that does that'll. That means she fucked your *** last night and you'll be what you say i e we have une though I cast there. Oh 207 Yuri No, wait. Don't put that Never! Yeah e look funny shirt got people my lease but were here We wouldn't be doing their last big Lexie, you're i'ma Put her shit. Your two wives, she does principal in the corner. We could be that damage of the press before. And that's not all. I'm making a picture, You know, I look without fucking lashes himself. Nothing to give information is gold. I'm sorry, Chapo, but the truth is that I don't think you have information valuable enough to get you out of this one. I have something that will destroy one of the main enemies of the president. I also like to keep up with my country's politics in the press. The after You want the things to say on depressive state? Yeah, I'm a walk around with a piece of tape. Let me get up on vague asleep a little bit. Let me get some light. My hair made it down. Send her coochie is shit, Charlie, Who's now? You gotta start first time toasting my posters to get better. You can't get it. You know, I'm looking at bigger look a McDonell all the way of room. They'll tail pose like that. Yeah, They got me walking everywhere. Yeah. I can't go to Morgan. A young of the Dixon building is over there by communication. Not even back communications before the bridge by Spencer. All that shit. She want me to go to market view and Dan walked the marble. It's my 80 is hat is hat like my new clues about the mill off and a on the one printer work library. So, to my syllabus, didn't print out, not go back. But I need him doing son. My arm hurts. You get dress, actually. Go to class, bitch. Cancer. I'm not I don't know what to eat Chicken chicken this night in a row. Chicken. So I want to do it. My name is not so three Got French. But, you know, going today there were tears. You wanna blow? Siri? Hi. What is a back in the house? Would it? So shop you see? Maybe not go too close. He's looking me. You blowing me right now? Legs. How's she looking today? She kept her here. Yeah, they Mr No suspects shock, Cassie. And in this one, you know, Don't start that first bacon burger. How is a Beckett It again? You gave me. Don't touch me so you won't miss me. Okay. Really? That was a big crystal. You What? Last legs. You are here fully tryingto connect my computer to my TV so I could wash his necklace, Show the killing. I started it, but I watched the first episode against you know, like we can't bring stuff. I guess you could be running. Wash Netflix or life away sleep. And you Are you talking my manager about give my bonus touches. She says she's going to call me back so we could sit from things that you build me. Update. *** ain't gonna shut. It was running. How was your sleep? What? Ah, training ship when you know it and run. Yeah. Update could Yeah. Try to get tomorrow. I'm not gonna blow. That day there was good. Y'all say hello? Reality. She figure we were not way to a motor call. No hills required. And she got me out here. You guys cold? She got me splitting poles. Impose. Yeah, one. They was keeping her fishing on the clothes All she has. All right for you. The color, I think in my nose. Yes, it is. Okay, we out. It was a nice little me and whatever. Yes, about to slay him. State So four block for the show. How many ways? Couple weeks. Couple weeks through, ese. But man is log right here. Make sure you go subscribe. Get this video phones up, you know, stay back. Brief. Oh, you know, I mean Hi, guys. It's Kai here. Um, this is my very first block, and I wanna welcome you all to the illustrious Morgan State University. The best Hbcu out here. Okay, So let me give you a few facts about myself before I tell you all what this college tour entails. So, for starters, my name is Chi area. But I go ask, I I am a YouTuber here at Morgan State University. I'm a sophomore, and my major is marketing, um, some little fun tips. I love bright things. Um, I love fashion. A love of music, Allah to smell good and look nice. So, yes. As I said before, I goto markets the university and I really wanted you guys to see the life of Hbcu student from my perspective. And, you know, people say college gonna be the best years of your life. You know, you get to experience so much and I want to share that experience with you all. I want you all to fellas. Though you come to hbcu or you attended a specie you through me through my stories do my experiences. So I hope that's what this campus tour does for you. And I hope you enjoy it. Motivation is the key. All I do is hustle Buck