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Thinking about The New School and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting The New School in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet The New School’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to The New School, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the The New School experience. These The New School video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hello There

Casey, this is the second floors making centre. This right here is to shop. So here you can get any of your tools. Just give your student pass and you can rent them out. Okay, so there's all these available tools for you to check out, and we have sewing machines for our fashion students. And then over here, there's just tables. We have these cool, like extension cords that come out from the ceiling. It's really innovative in tech savvy. They just come down like that, hang from the wall instead of in the wall because we're cool goto persons. Got these cool contraptions for sewing. There you go. This way. Additional tables but also in the back there stop. Most amazing part. The wood shop. Sorry. All right, So this is we, actually. What was this place called again, though? Is it just the wood shop? Just the wood shop? Yeah. The wood shop case. Elvis's. The woodshop got Aaliyah's amazing machines back here in this area. They're scrap wood, which is very useful. I got to say, in all the times that I've used the wood shop, I've never bought wood. I've always use scraps, got all these available tools. Very great resource is here. Okay, so This is the working area. You could see them working on there. So today is technically Day one of orientation. I wasn't actually gonna go to these events, but I kind of got talked into it. Just like you to meet some of the people at my school and meet my leader for my orientation group way. Just went to the Stumptown to get coffee, and we're gonna stop by the goodwill of about an hour to kill. But then I'm gonna be doing, like, a meet and greet with my organized leader. Whatever. And they meet some kids from my school on. Then we have, like, a president orientation welcoming seminar or something. I don't know. It's gonna be about three hours. I think so. Be a little bit long, but do what you gotta do. What is that, e? I cheated myself like I do. So I don't have any orientation stuff this week, But I'm just gonna be meeting my dad and sister probably for breakfast or something about the World Trade Center. You can see it somewhere. I got some clips of it, and I'll just inside the oculus waiting for them, But they're like five subway stops away, so I'm just gonna probably go get coffee or something. We have any orientation stuff today. Like I said, it's all pretty much tomorrow and the rest of the week. But I'll definitely be really busy tomorrow, and there's some other events that aren't mandatory for orientation, and I'll probably end up not doing this because I won't have more free time to do whatever else I did a little bit of deep hop shopping. I posed, like, two things so far from stuff in New York. But I need to post the rest of my stuff at home that my parents are gonna be running. But I have just been really lazy and didn't have photo shop for a long time. So now that I have it downloaded again with my student account, then I'll be able to post it what is on top of the Highline right now. We just reached the end. There's nowhere to go now. There's so much construction. We just finished up at Chelsea Market and started walking across the Highline Way were down in like near Wall Street and we went and saw Trinity Church, which is where Hamilton got married, and him and his wife and son were buried. I'm not a Hamilton play fan so that it wasn't super interesting to me. But the architecture's still really beautiful, but I don't really know we're gonna do now. I might meet up with a friend later and goto be an H photo supply. We don't really have too many other plans or just playing the day by year. I mean, my dad and sister for coffee. Right now it's about 11 o'clock. I believe that I have ah event at 12 o'clock. I need to get to, but it's super close to the school, so I'm not really worried about it. But I have to be there, I believe 12 and ends at 44 30 or something s o. B. Doing that most of the day. And then I'm not really sure what I have planned for the rest of the day. I just hanging out with my family before they leave. But I'll try to remember to get some videos for balloons, and nothing else is clear. But I do remember that stuff to rest and in, you know, now vegetarian and tell your parents that you professors are multiple income stream people, and they would probably like that heading in tow, Brooklyn before my family leaves and then I'm going to go to orientation. We have this, like experience in meaning thing, kind of getting you in the mindset of what it's gonna be like working as an artist at the school. I was kind of dumb because you have to be like extra work. It's just orientation, which is kind of weird, but it does kind of get us ready. Classes start on Monday, where we have to do actual work. I was ready. Tell them to come out. Passion. Motivation. Okay, It smells like a public swimming pool in here. A single video, my talking for well over 24 hours. Basically, what I did the rest of the day after my dad and sister left is me and some friends. I went to a New York City welcome week party that we just went to go dance and it was really fun. But we could have just left early because we didn't know a whole lot of people, which I guess kind of the point to meet. People Way just ended up going back to their place. And Styx, which was one of the dorms at Parsons. If you don't know what Parsons is, it was really fun because there's just a lot of people downstairs talking and meeting each other. I got to meet some people that were in, like my orientation groups and stuff and people that I've already got comfortable with. But it was really, actually really fun being able to meet people like that so that this little like dance party thing that we went thio it was nice, just like talk to people and hang out. And then yesterday me and some friends went drifting. We skip some of our orientation step just because a lot of orientation has been stuff that is literally has been repeated 100 times or is like, available on the Web site. So there's some events or some things we went to that weren't that bad, like they were actually really beneficial. But a lot of it has just been like repeating information that way already knew or would come to find out later, which I guess is the point of orientation. But we just wanted to hang out and we would have got with Drifting went to Salvation Army Tokyo seven, which was very expensive on. And then we went to no relation. Vintage Andi. We got sound like ice cream that was stuffed in between donuts, which was amazing, would recommend. I can't remember the name of the place, but she was sick. Then. We just kind of spent the rest of the time at Styx again, up in their rooms, all hanging out together, getting to know each other a little bit better. But today I had a little orientation thing this morning. Nothing that exciting at all. It was also information that we could just learn from the website. But Deep Pop is having something tonight. I don't know exactly what it is, but I want to stop by there with a friend and then might go hang out with some more Parsons people tonight. Not really sure what we would do, but I don't know. We'll see nothing. Yeah, I sort of deciding just like, based on what I was wearing, like, change about things that I had. Who is she? Welcome to. Yeah. Wait. What's her name? What's her name? Who is she? I don't know her for a year. And already preparing your mom would be so proud fabric is glitter. Oh, I I don't know if it's actually better. If it's just smooth, blink first. Your kid. Let's see what we got. You get one strategically designed package already owned those glue stick these blue six races a grinder, razors for exactly, like actual box out. Exactly this stuff. Actually, I like a lot. Wait. Hey, guys, welcome back to another video. And if you're new to my channel, my name is Cody and I am a freshman at Parsons School of Design. I mainly make videos about drifting and styling. Those drifted close. But today I'm gonna be showing you my portfolio that I used to get into Parsons School of Design as well as Pratt Institute and possibly one or two other schools. I only submitted photography from my portfolios, and I know quite a few other people who did that as well. So if you are worried about that, like you feel like you should add drawings and paintings. Of course, those things will help your eyes, but it's not essential for youto have those types of mediums. Unless you're planning on going thio a school like riz de, then you're probably gonna need to be able to show some more fine art details. But it's not essential that you submit anything other than just photography, which is what I did just because I submitted my portfolio over a year ago. I'm not gonna be able to show you step by step, how to apply. But I'm gonna be able to walk you through the website a little bit, at least the website that Parsons in a couple other schools used. I'm not screen recording, and I'm gonna start out on the Parson's portfolio, show you my photography and then at the end, show you my Parsons challenge. So the first thing that you have to do for the parson's portfolio is have kind of like an artist's statement about your Parsons challenge. I'm gonna read this and put this at the end of the video, but I don't want to have a whole chunk of just kind of like pointless reading in the middle of this video. And so, if you want to listen to that, you can skip to the end of this video. Basically, all you do is you write about your process and what it meant to you and how you kind of did this challenge. I'm gonna talk more about mine, which will give a little bit more answers to some questions. You might have been a little bit, but I'm just gonna move on to my photography now that I'm already halfway through the school year. Parsons on have submitted this application like a year ago Obviously, these aren't gonna be to my standards now, So I'm gonna probably just talk about which ones I'm still proud of, which ones I probably would have left out. His first picture is a picture I took in New York. And I really do love this picture, especially because of the camera that you used with that For a lot of these pictures, I actually use this plastic toy camera called The Whole Girl 1 20 in if you Are Unfamiliar With It shoots 1 20 film, which is just a pretty big negative compared to 35 millimeter film. But I'm just gonna read the little caption I wrote about this picture was taken in my plastic toy camera. The whole go 1 20 m. I was walking near Wall Street in New York City. There are so many unique pairs of lines and repeating shapes in the scene. The sharp, angular lines and sparse horizontal lines send the eye in every which direction. I think it is interesting how the film was crook corrupted in the top left corner, because when the viewer's eyes drawn to the upper left their eyes quite literally being drawn to nothing and then back the clear center of focus. So I do think it is very important to include a lot of art vocabulary. But I feel like a lot of these ones that I'm gonna be talking are very overdrawn, kind of like obviously it is important to point out things in your work and just being like I like this picture. You should kind of explain why you like that picture and what initially drew you to in the first place. But I don't think it's important to use some huge or not huge but just use so many art vocabulary words my teacher calls it art talker are speech or something. Also, I want to note that a lot of these titles are very dumb. I also think that is another thing that is not really that important. Obviously, you should include titles and centric brainstorm some, but it's really not gonna be like I make it or break it, deal as long as your photography or is long a CZ. Your pieces are good title this one where the trains converge and I said, this is a 35 millimeter color photo I took while changing trains in Paris to go to her side. His photo is pretty representative of my architectural photography, due to my observation of repeating shapes and leading lines. If I would go back to change anything, I've got lower to the ground and tilted the camera more sharply up. Since I was using a 20 millimeter lens, it would have exactly the height more with more intense, converging vertical lines. Well, I'm reducing empties, negatives or reducing empty space of the bottom. However, I'm still really happy it with this and how it turned out and its ability to pull the viewer's eye towards the background and push it back through the rest of the first I did use quite a few are terms. I guess you could say in there, so that part's it was a little bit overdone, but I do think that when I included the part about the 28 millimeter lens in what it would have done if I were to got lower, it really showed that I kind of had an understanding of wide angle lenses and what it would have meant to get lower and how that would have affected the rest. The image because it kind of show that I have the ability to think a little bit further ahead without having to actually do it. I can kind of predict outcomes important to like, recognize that your work is important to you and recognize that you are proud of your work. But also, it is really good idea to kind of critique yourself because nobody wants a person who thinks they have all the right answers and doesn't need to grow in any way because that's what you do in colleges. You grow and you learn. And so if you kind of show that you know what could have been better or what could have worked in the future, I think that really would help your chances. This photo is called Boxed In, and I said this was a four exposure picture I took well On my senior trip in Paris. I took it using a whole go 1 20 n why I took the picture as enormous as I normally would and then took three more exposures, each time rotating the camera 90 degrees. This is a technique I've been experimenting more with ever since. The reason I admire double exposure so much is the interesting shapes and intersection of lines that occur. It involves a level of pre visualization and a willingness to take risks and experiment with what can be made. So that's another thing I would recommend as well, if not only if you are a technical artist like you, like drawing and painting. But even if you are a photographer, whether it's film or digital, I would encourage you to experiment with mediums within that. And so this wasn't really experimenting, necessarily. Mediums boost. Definitely experimenting with technique. I did something called double exposure, which is something I prefer to do when I take pictures with the whole camera. And so I basically tried to explain that I took a picture like this, and on the same negative, I flipped the camera. This way I flip the camera upside down and I flipped the camera one more time. 90 degrees, and each time I took an exposure. I can show you what the bridge would originally looked like because Louise I wanted to go. There was it's the bridge from inception. But when I did this, it kind of showed a willingness to experiment while doing something like film photography, which can often times get expensive. And really don't. I'm trying to say, but just I experiment within your medium's, whether that's just by technique or if it's something more technical like If you're a painter, experiment with different types of painting or different materials to paint with this next titles Really dumb it is called littered with litter. And I said, This is just one of the shots from a series of portrait I did with people and glitter, I thought was interesting how the glitter essential hated her neck and created a disconnect between your head and the rest of her body. This is another picture of the subject. Came toe look less like a human than some type of artificial intelligence. The symmetry in her face, offset by the messy hair and uncoordinated use of glitter, questions the reader about what could be happening. I don't really know why I included that part of the end that really didn't make any sense to me now reading it. I really like this photo, but I'm not really sure if I would have submitted it looking back at it now. But hindsight is always 2020. This next one is called Piece of the Puddle, Also down with a piece of the puzzle. Anyways, I said this photo I took while in New York City using my whole go 1 20 I did not really go to New York with a lot of ideas of what I wanted to photograph, but I knew I wanted to take a picture through a reflection of a puddle. My dad and I walked around for miles to find the perfect one until I got this. I like it because it almost has a collage esque element to it. The building almost seems to have been cut and paste into that spot I love making digital collages of photos for a friend's birthday cards were school projects. It allows me to see an array of images I have taken and arrange them based on theme, color and storytelling capabilities. Now I still really do enjoy this photo. I don't think it's the most visually striking. I did like how it kind of talked about the collage aspect of it, because I still think that is true. It does kind of look disconnected, almost as if it was superimposed there, and I think in a way. Obviously, I don't think reflection photography is that unique of a thing, especially with nature photography. But I do think it does include ideas about how I noticed things and what vision I may have had, even though I said, I don't have a lot of ideas of what I wanted a photograph, I said. But there was this one shot I wanted to get and the fact that I pursued it and took the time to go after it. Now this is a digital and film hybrid of collage. Thebes. Portrait of the Girl is a film or sorry is a digital picture, but the one behind it was a black and white film photo. I really like to do double exposures in camera with my film cameras, but it's also really fun to do them in photo shop. And so this is what I did, and I titled it headspace. I said This was a black and white film photo I took in New York City, blended with the portrait I took on a digital camera. Usually I like to do double exposures in camera, but this was an experimentation. I was working on I love how it blends from this weird negative filter on the left into the normal black and white look on the top, right? It speaks about our thought process, not always being linear or seeing things in black and white. If I could have changed anything, I would like to take the head shot with the same film camera on the same negative. But this allowed me to learn more about skills and Photoshopped and experiment with a Rhea with arrangement of images. So basically explaining what I was trying to tell to you guys. But I do like how I said at the end that if I would like to have done this on the same camera, But I also like that included that I was talking about working with photo shop and working with kind of like beastly digital collage by saying arrangement of images. But it is important to know that if you do know any applications like Photoshopped, illustrator in design or anything like that, this photo is called into the line and I said this was taken on 35 millimeter color film in London at the train station where Harry Potter had been filmed I Love How long hated this photo field, How the architecture up above tapers perfectly where the man is standing with his suitcase. This photo could also be strong in black and white, but I like the a little blue. The curved vertical lines give a feeling of height and dominance that I wanted to emulate with the long, narrow crop of the frame. Now I do really enjoy this photo, but mainly the reason I included it was because within my major at Parsons, I am a communications design major. The way online says that there's kind of like subcategories to calm design in the one that looked most appealing to me was advertising are and so that's something I really do want to pursue in the future. And so the reason I included this was they felt a little bit more like an advertisement like not as fine, arty like obviously I think it is a fine art photo, but I think that it kind of has some qualities of like an advertisement. This is a portrait that's called Split in two, and I said this was a quick photo shoot I did with a friend. I'm convinced her to walk down the street with me because earlier I had seen some pink flowers I thought could be interesting to incorporate into a head shot. But then I saw these lines of light made from the sun shining through the fence and knew I wanted to split right down the middle of her face. If I could have gone back and change something, I would have taken from a higher vantage point to get rid of the distracting object in the top left of the image. The two important things that I said in this kind of caption was that, um, I was able to claim to, like think on my feet and because I saw these lines shining through the fence that I knew, I had an idea of what I could do with that. So I think that is really important, being able to actually say that you went out and to do a photo shoot. But then something else piqued your interest, or you wanted Thio experiment with and I think again, I think it is important to critique your work because I do like this photo. But I think it is a car in the top left corner and is really distracting, and I don't like it there. And so, like I said, going from a higher vantage point would have been more successful. And this is a self portrait. I don't really know why I included this. I still think it's pretty, but it's called I look and I said, We have a mirror upstairs by a window, and every time the shuns sun shines through, these colorful rays are projected Against my bathroom door. I used my front facing phone camera to frame the beam on my face and then pulled up my DSLR to snap the shot. And then I tried shooting Maur. But the colors are always too faint. What I enjoy about this picture is the super close crop, where the viewer viewer only has the eyes piece together. My expression. I also love the texture for my hair, eyebrows in the skin that makes this photo especially. Stand up to it kind of interesting that I included that I was using my phone to kind of help myself, like as a digital tool, not as the digital tool on, So I guess that's important. But I don't really think anything else was that important. This next one is called the Eiffel Towers and I said a double exposure on my whole got 1 20 end of the Eiffel Tower I only tried to shot once. It was incredibly surprised when the two lined up the way they did. While on my trip, I was really focused on taking new and interesting shots of iconic pieces or places to show my way of thinking, responding to my environment and using my film cameras. Definitely my favorite way to get inspired and produce images like these, a lot of people think is hard to get images of well known places without being super cliche. But often time. The only thing limiting is their creativity. Now that was a drag against people, and I probably wouldn't have said it like that again. But I do like the way that I talked about trying to respond to my environment again, like I was talking about a little bit earlier with the total picture, I believe. But this was a nobler another double exposure where I took the picture of regularly and I flip the camera 180 degrees and took the picture upside down and how they lined up perfectly. I just thought that was really cool, and I mentioned that. But I don't really know what else I could say about, and this last picture is called Train of Thought, and I said this was taken on my whole go 1 20 animal on the subway heading into Brooklyn to do a college tour is interesting because easy to tell what it is. But there are components that the viewer gets decide what may or may not be happening. I love the extremely dominant, yet cut off vertical line in the center and the angled line stretching from the center to the top corners. Then there are all these repeated curved lines that pushed the viewer's eyes into the center and then back out following the lights. I would be interested to try this photo again except using two or four pictured double exposure. I don't know if my description was very helpful. It didn't seem very helpful, but I'm just glad that I guess I was kind of using kind of my observation with the repeating lines. I don't think that was the great, great description of why I enjoy this photo. Let's say lovey. And lastly, I included this California snapshots video that is post on my channel. You could go find if you want to see. I'm not gonna include in this video, but I did submit a link to that, and I said pictures from my road trip through northern and Central California. I took a rapid series of pictures out of them all the same way and then spend them up in final Cut pro. I really do artistic videos like this one on my channel, but I'm always interested in expanding my comfort zone and posting videos that people may not exactly be subscribed to me to see. I guess the only important thing about that is talking about wanting to go out of my comfort zone and just kind of doing my own thing. But now I'm gonna show you my Parsons challenge on kind of explain it a tiny bit as they go. Basically, if you don't know what the parson challenges is, you basically take one piece from your portfolio, and then you make an entirely new piece inspired by that other one. Now, if you want to, you could do like if you say you are a photographer, you could have a photo from your portfolio and do another picture inspired by that. But I think you will impress the way, way more if you go from one medium to the next. So say you go from photography to video or photography to painting, photography to fashion or vice versa, like fashion video, anything like that, as long as you are doing the same medium. Obviously, I know people who did that, but I think it is just more wise to show a little bit wider array of talent for wider array of experience with other mediums because they want to see someone who is well rounded, not just niche to their one field. So this is the picture that I use for my inspiration, and I called this illusion. I almost called it disillusion, but I guess I kinda titled it this illusion on I said, This is the image being used for my Parsons Challenge. One of my favorite aspect is how it is hard to tell when certain lines and where some begin. I'm really happy we decided on a white sweater when doing this, so she could blend in with the background and become part of the green screen. If I could go back and change anything, I would have kept more space above her head. But I also enjoy how it was cut off and makes her feel even more tall and dominant. So, basically, for this photo shoot, I used a looped gift using a projector. We started with some other things. We started with some Van Gogh paintings. I can't just a few other things and eventually got around to doing some optical illusions. And I got this picture and I absolutely fell in love with it. I still really, really enjoy this photo on, and I knew that I wanted to do a video using the same technique using the green screen as well as using the gift optical illusion. And I did the entirety of my person's challenged by myself. I did all this set up the editing and filming on day was pretty much just self portrait CE using video and using this projector. There are parts of it I think are really cringe E, but I do really like the skills that I showed not only with green screen but with storytelling, I guess, and composition. And so I'm just gonna play it right now. And from the caption of this video, I said after realizing I would be stupid for not applying to Parsons, I began working on this video knowing I had to show what I'm capable of Creating my strategic angling of the projector camera and various lighting sources stems from my work with YouTube. Every Sunday I post a video on various topics related to fashion, everyday life and occasionally a stop motion. On January 13th my computer crashed, and I was unable to edit my video and work on this. Though it does not feel completed, I'm still really happy with how it came out. Some of the supplies included green screen projector, green light bulbs, glass prism, green paint, googly eyes and my phone's macro. Right now, I really enjoy working in creative problems alone because it allows me to learn by doing, and it's convenient. But as I enter the college landscape, I'm excited to collaborate with other students, and I think New York City is the absolute best place to do that. And one other thing you can do with your Parsons Challenge is, you should. I only did one photo, but I believe you should do at least 2 to 3. Are your process photos? And so this was a process photo I did when talking about the macro I shot set up. I said, This is how I shut up the macro shot in my eye. I used an attachment for my phone's camera that had lenses for fish, eye wide angle and macro capabilities the green lines enabled so I could key away certain tones and spots on my eye to play around with layering clips, the mirror help me so that I could one reflect the green light more effectively and to watch my phone's coming to make sure I got specific targeted shots in my eye while remaining and focus. This is something I talked about in that self portrait. I included Earlier rounds is using my phone or like a mirror to be able to use. But I don't have that ability of my camera to flip the screen out. We have to get more creative and have to problem solve when you're working by yourself. That is why I included in the parts and the caption of the video that I do enjoy working by myself because it allows me more creative freedom, and it allows me just to experiment in convolutions to problems by myself. Okay, so that was everything in my Parsons portfolio. And now I'm gonna move on to my Pratt portfolio, which is also just photography. I'm going to skip over the ones that were in my Parsons one just because you've already seen them and just show you the new ones on. But I guess I will just go through every other applications have. So this was another photo called Repent on Guy Didn't actually include long descriptions about this, which I definitely should have. I got into Pratt so it wasn't a problem. So it is not entirely necessary. If you are worried about your work, though I would highly recommend that you do write longer captions about why you included things in your portfolio or why you captured them. If it's photography in the first place. I just said this photo was taken. A small church in Paris with 35 millimeter film. I'm glad at least noted that it was film and not just digital, but I should have talked more about what captured my eye in the first place. This photo is called Trains stopped, and I said this picture was also taken at King's Cross Station, London, using 35 millimeter color film. I thought the long crop worked well to create the feeling of vastness the viewer could get lost in. So I do think that is true because it was a vertical shot. I very much do like really long and narrow images. I think it just has a really, like a long needed to feel to it and just makes it feel like it can go on longer. It's like God, I did include that. This one is called Flowered Girl and I didn't even include any caption about it. My photography teacher at the high school I didn't actually like this photo, but I just had I don't know if it was just the color or the expression in her eye, but I really did enjoy this photo. I don't think it is as strong as some of my work now, but I really do like the color of it. So I included This photo is called off the on ramp. And that said, this homeless man kept walking back and forth up and down these steps right by the Santa Monica Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles. I knew I had to wait for the perfect moment for him to align himself down the middle. I don't think I would have included this photo now, but I do like that. I talked about how I was waiting on, was patient with my surroundings when knowing that image would be stronger, because if he had been a little bit off center, I don't think it would have been a strong image. So I'm glad that I included that I was patient and waited for a moment. I wanted to capture This photo's called Circling New York, and it said this photo was taken during my second trip to New York City. Days before touring crap. I was shooting with 35 millimeter film at the southwest corner of Central Park. I was going to take pictures from the Mandarin Oriental, take an aerial shot Columbus Circle and snapped this photo on the way down. I think I should have again included more information about the photo itself, not about my trip that created the photo. I don't think it's that important that I mentioned I was touring proud or that where I wasn't necessarily in New York City. I think I should talk to Maura about you know I can't come up with on the spot right now, but the moodiness of the like, the fog in the distance or the fact that it was wet outside there's kind of reflective qualities on the street. I think I should have talked more about specific details of the image and not about my trial. I called this one the Manhattan Bridge and didn't say anything about it. This was a film photo, so I should mention that it was taken. Hold a camera again, and I should have talked about how dramatic that tree Phil and how the corners were a little bit blurry to bring it into the center. But I didn't say anything, which, obviously I got into the school, so it's not that big of a deal, but I would highly encourage that you do write on your captions. This next one is just You're here now what? And it's just this signed captured. I don't think I would have included this. Now I still enjoy this photo, but not for a portfolio. This one was called Stargaze, and it again was another one of those series of using people and glitter. So I should have mentioned that I should have talked about, like included the other girl with Glitter as well. So I should have mentioned how they were related on and talk about some qualities of this, and I titled This one. Girls Will Be Girls. I don't think I should included this one. Necessarily. If I was thinking about advertising art, then it would make more sense because it kind of looks like a bra advertisement. But I just don't think I would have included this again. Also for the Pratt portfolio, it says BF and writing and B A and critical and visual study applicants are required to submit a story. So I submitted a story I had done for honors English. My sophomore year of high school. I won like the prize in my two class of the two honors English classes because we were supposed to write a story using John style language on DSO. I touched that as my writing just didn't really have anything else. And so now I'm gonna go through a few pictures for the School of Visual Arts. And this is one called Mind the Overlap, which was just a stupid pine about the subway metro system. When they say, mind the gap, this is a photo I took while in East London, which explains the title using a T SLR camera to create this multiple exposure. I like how the two work together to Fillmore of the frame and give a dimensionality that would not have been there have taken a single exposure. I like that idea where I used the word dimensionality. Obviously, like I said, you don't have to use big art words, but I do think there are words that aren't necessarily art terms but have a lot of riel meaning when talking about, we're talking about how you knew that something was gonna happen or how you wanted something to happen and give it that effect. This is a photo that I called the male gaze, and I said I included this in my portfolio because of how intense the models expression is, especially in his eyes. I made it black and white to take the focus away from any distracting colors and bring the viewer's eyes back to his face. I think it is important, but why? I mentioned I turned it black and white. I could have gone further with that, but I do think that was important. No, this is another double exposure. I called Double take and I said yet again. Another hole got 1 20 in Dublin from my trip to New York City. I like that The overlapping buildings give a lot of dimensional qualities to it, and the shapes that resulted move the viewer's eyes across the page. I took a similar photo on my first trip to New York City, so I wanted to experiment Maur during my second visit. Like I mentioned before that I like that I used the word dimensionality. I don't actually like how I used dimensional qualities. It seemed like I was trying a little bit too hard to say something that wasn't necessarily there or something. But I just don't like how I included it or wrote about it, at least in that way. And now for the school. The Art Institute, Chicago. There are only two other pictures that I haven't talked about on this. 1st 1 is called Dis interested, and I said a photo I took on a T SLR Siegel camera while the Palace of Versailles. I was thinking about compiling all the photos I took on the trip of iconic places and people, giving them no attention or being distracted by their phones. So I do like, I don't like this photo necessarily in a portfolio, But I do like that. I included that I kind of had started to see themes or was thinking about kind of like a collection or a culmination of photos and just things that I was noticing. So I had taken quite a few photos of people, obviously not like they weren't necessarily enjoying the place, but that for a split second there on their phone, not paying attention. And so I like that I had begun capturing kind of people, kind of ignoring iconic places and not paying them enough attention. So I do like that. I kind of included that and how I was already kind of visualizing like a Siri's. And lastly, the only other picture included, which I really don't like, but my photography teacher. My high school really didn't like and so she thought I should include it in a portfolio. It just called underway. I didn't give it any description, which I don't like, but it was basically just under the subway system in Brooklyn when I was in New York. And so I do think I should I don't really think I should have included this, but I do think I should have given it some type of description. So those are all the places on slight room that I have access to that I could talk about and show you. I wish I could give you a little bit more of a walk through how to do certain things, but it's pretty self explanatory. When you get on to the website, it just takes you step by step answering questions. I was actually gonna cut out this part and not include me reading my Parsons Challenge essay, but I do think it is important to hear kind, like the reflection in my voice and what how I met things to come out. I said, For a long time, my friend and I wanted to do a portrait shoot of her using only green screen and projector. We experimented with some van Gogh paintings, black and white film and finally got around to projecting optical illusions on her face. It was not until then I got the photo that made it all worth. It eventually took the image in the photo shop, turned it black and white and edited it edited it until it appeared unrecognizable. I've been traced. It filled it with a Sharpie and figured I could make a cool screen print from it. However, I was still not satisfied. I knew I wanted to challenge myself. More conceptual E as well as technically in this desire had to be trembling from it to Dee peas in tow, a time based form. Originally, I thought creating a loop gift gift image would be fine, but conceded that creative video would be more challenging and labor intensive. Now I think this certainly helped my chances of getting into the school kind of showing that I had a drive to challenge myself as an artist and to take things further with my work. Obviously, it I only did this video because of the person's challenge, but I could have copped out way easily and just have, like, made like a shirt using the picture or done something a lot more simple than what I had. I think it is really important that you show that you are willing on wanting to challenge yourself, because going to an art school is just that you go outside of your comfort zone as an artist and you do things you're not used to. And so I think when you show that you have a drive to make meaningful work and spend time on something that it really shows in your work. And then I continue saying the original photo of my friend is really interesting because it focuses on the shapes and lines of her face dude dissection with the projector. I do not know how to explain what unworldly creation she was made into, but the white sweater she was wearing become some became some sort of tent like structure that descended below her neck. There, a result was her looking like an artificial intelligence that a human being. I've decided to continue this project by using myself as the model to force myself to be more creative with angles and considered different shots that night. I may not have tried if I had used a model. It also allowed an environment of intimacy between myself and the camera because experiment without any fear of outside judgment, I could simply try a shot. And if it didn't work, but it did not. I did not use it. But every time I learned something about what could or could not work and the project continued to evolve, this is the reason a lot of my artistic work happens When I'm by myself. I can compare and contrast ideas for and further execute them to be more successful. Now. I think it is really important again that I included. I do this all by myself because it just seems a little bit more impressive that you could do these things by yourself, because then when you're in a team setting, then you can just do even more because you have the experience and expertise of other people. The time a photographer I love trying out unique ways of shooting my favorite way is the use of in camera double exposure. Using film using my green screen and projector became the perfect way of layering clips. To emulate this effect, however, this was a lot more challenging than clicking the shutter release. A couple of times, there were so many moving parts that had to maneuver. With film, you take two shots and there ain't permanent chemical reaction. But digitally, there are hundreds of different arrangements that can be made. This is where decisions had to be made to communicate my messages most effectively. The parson's challenge is an excellent way to understand applicants style and creative capabilities beyond their preferred medium. Creating this video excites me about my potential future. Parsons and I thank you for considering me in the admissions process. Now. I don't necessarily think that that ending was entirely needed. But I do like that. I talked about how going out of my comfort zone in making this video. I'm like, obviously I've been doing YouTube for so long. I was familiar with video, but I wasn't as familiar as creating art through video. Then I have a photography. I just like that. It showed my excitement for school, and it showed my excitement to be an atmosphere where I was creating and pushing myself creatively and technically. I also think it was important when I include that information about how I enjoy multiple exposures in how, using green screen and keying out those colors, he came away of being like that styled I'm familiar with just in a digital landscape with video, which is not really commonly used. Green Screen has its obvious purpose, but I don't think people capitalize on that Maura and pursued that idea further. That's why I wanted to create this video in the first place. But that's pretty much all I have to show you about my portfolio. Do not hesitate to leave any questions you have in the comments or Sydney A. D. M on instagram. Thank you guys so much for watching this video. Definitely give it a thumbs up if it is something that you enjoyed or if you want to see more in the future on, definitely subscribe. If you want to see future videos, I have a lot of ideas coming out on. I'll see you guys next to another video by questioning, and if you're not sure, hey, I got. Already. So this is the carry halls, washing room. Students come here that can use, like, their star pass, uh, car. We're not Star pass card is just the ID car. And you put money on that card. And yes, they are not free. He swiped in, and essentially, that's how it goes. This is where students go to pick up their mail. If you have a package, you go over there to those wonderful ladies in that room, and then you just pick up your package that in there to go to the different floors you actually have toe scan your card there like the elevator won't move like that's some high end security for you. No, I don't think that's No, it's like Felix. No, bro. All right, So can you go to the Carrie Hall like main building through the Carrie Hall dorms you get. But so once, once, stand, go and enter again. Video man, there's a dog. Yeah, The doors are dry. Erase boards. Like what? What? Something swipe in your car. And here we are. S O. This is one of the double rooms, Mom. So which one would you All right, so down here's nice clothes and no problem camera. Okay, so the Carrie Hall dorms, it's pretty integrated. But when you're a freshman, it's kind of a hidden Ms Nam to get into this dorm. But for the most part, is for all students. There are just certain buildings that are for freshman, such as the Styx building. And then there are also other dorms that are for the upper class man. Like juniors and seniors and freshmen are not allowed. And those are like the sweets on those air, like the big fancy rooms. Right. Okay, so this is a double room. So each bed has a desk that it comes with as well as additional space underneath. Obviously, they both come with beds and then over here is the closets. Well, it's pretty symmetrical. What one side has the other side has Well, and the heating is right over there. Place conveniently by the windows, and there's a nice big Hey, guys, welcome back to another video, and today is gonna be, um, kind of like a finals week at Parsons slash Like a week in my life video. I think I'm gonna try to get footage over the next two weeks because we have two full weeks and then, like, a little bit of the next week, which I think I only have one class on, like the Monday But I'm gonna try to record these next two weeks, Gonna show you some projects I'm working on, hopefully get some footage is of my other friends and what they're working on, Um, And then just like general stuff throughout the week, kind of just showing you like what I do every day, Um, and especially regards to finals if you are a Nen coming freshman at the new school, Parsons just to kind of see, like, what finals we kind of looks like in a way, I was gonna try to start this yesterday because I had two classes, but the first class was just a work day. So I was just working on a photo shoot that I had done for my final project, and I can show you some of the footage and photos from that. And then the second class I have that was later at night was kind of just like a lecture time and like he was showing us step on Adobe premiere and just like, video editing stuff that I can already knew. But right now, I'm just gonna finish getting dressed. I'm gonna head to the post office really quick and then head back into Manhattan to go to my friend's dorms to start working on that video. Um and then I'll probably end up going somewhere in the school are like a coffee shop to keep working. Is it? Thanks to your drugs, You told me it is now Thursday. I didn't go to my class yesterday because it was like a work day in class. And I thought I'd be better toe work just at home and do some stuff that I needed a film for my video. So I didn't go to the actual class. But now I have a 9 a.m. which is my like writing class. It's called my seminar class. After the class, I need a ship out, these pants and one other thing and I have two finals due tomorrow, one for my sustainable systems class and another class called Made in New York, which is basically about manufacturing. And I had to design a table on get some quotes from, like, riel, um, woodworkers or places in New York that make furniture and, like, figure out how much would cost to me. I'll show you my outfit. Right now, I'm pretty much wearing the re colored turtleneck with the U S or U P s shirt on top of these black palace sweat pants just to stay comfortable in class. And then I got these really cool new Adidas I've never seen before. They have this really cool green soul. We stand in line and you'll be transferred to the next available agent beauties. Morning. How are you today? I'm good. How are you not getting a condom? Oh, totally. We're saving the conduct in. Both are one thing. I believe you. Both our deaths. Hello? Can you hear me? And that thing Is he okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I was one question. One question watches. Do you follow the American color? Well, really? Why? Oh, that's voicemail. Can I speak to Robert remember. I doubt that. Wrong number, Robert. I know he's there. I'm about to drop up to these packages right now. I got myself little tea. I had to go. The school pranks. We ran out of ink in our printer was gonna drop these off for a quick. So I just shipped out those two packages that I printed labels for on. I just had a print, a bunch of other things for class because he wants us to print off these worksheets we've been doing all year and put him in a sketch book or something. So I have to finish putting all those together on. And then I have a one more project, my sustainable systems class, which is about, like, thrift stores in New York. I guess so. I have to finish, like, finalized that. So I'm just gonna be working tonight and I have my two classes in the morning tomorrow, 9 a.m. And I have a class of 12 tens. I have to get it all done by tomorrow. It's is 9 20 right now, and I'm heading to the train to go to class. My class actually starts at nine, but the teacher pushed it back an hour. So I was going to show up, and I have to print something currently 20 minutes late for critique. But I got this printed. It is now Sunday. And if you cannot tell, I am very sick. Um, I started feeling sick, like, Thursday night. I was started, Just like not feeling super good. Um, Friday morning, I had two classes that morning, though, I had my sustainable systems final, which went really well. And then I had my maid in New York, Um, kind of final. It wasn't my final class because our final presentation, my nose is just been really running hasn't outta sort through it, which is good, but like that. And I've just been having, like, body pains in general. Um, so I literally didn't do anything yesterday. Um, I take a shower and pulling in to do some laundry. I just took some photos of these clothes for deep pop. Um, we need to post those wash them, um, and then just start working on my project. That's due Wednesday. Even I have no idea what I'm gonna do. I'm supposed to shoot more for it, but I literally like that. That's really don't even know if I'm going to do that. Um, I'm just comply. Gonna edit it a different way. And I'm planning on doing, like, a two panel installation of video. So I'll have something on for the projector, and then I'll bring my projector and probably project something on the ceiling. So appropriate. Polly, be having that to channel installation. I've seen a figure out, like which parts are gonna go on which wall? And then when the video switch, what will the counter act those clips or, like actor opposition or, um, what will, like, agree with those clips? I was just trying to figure out what I'm doing. So it is Monday. It is officially the last week of school, and it could not come any faster. I have two classes today which were pretty much both work days. Um, the first class, they have that 12 and my final four is on Thursday and then I have the paper that is due for that class because it's like a two part class kind of that is do either thursday or Friday. And then the second class they have today is from 7 to 9 40 pm and then that final. I believe it's due Wednesday. I was supposed to have shot more footage for it and done more work on it. But just being sick and all the other finals I have, I literally have not worked on it at all. So I have to figure what out? What I'm gonna do for that figure out what? I have to shoot. I was actually gonna skip this first class if I wasn't feeling well enough, But I'm feeling a little bit better. So I was gonna force myself to get out so I can actually get some real work done. I just shaved like that yesterday and now I'm gonna hop in the shower on go to my class because I have about, like, an hour to get ready and be there so we'll see. Here's the fit of the day. I got my weird ass veil crew shoes on. I got these black and white pinstriped pants on and I got my distressed ups turd on about 67 degrees out. I think so. I want to keep something kind of flowy and airy, but, um, also like, we're some pants because I don't know if it's gonna get colder later in the day. Come on. Look at me. It's never too deep. It is 12. 30 and I just got off the train in home. I'm gonna make some food, package some deep up stuff, and then go to bed. Thank you. Yeah, it is Tuesday. And today is my last day of not having class. Because Tuesday's don't have class. I have that video project due tomorrow. I shot a little bit of it just now. Um, I have to go into Manhattan right now to work on that, um, and then work on those other designs and print those. Hopefully, I can get some paper that I don't want to pop by, like, a whole pack of it. And I also think I'm gonna be helping my other friend prints. So just a lot of random things to do today, and hopefully I can get it all done and show you what I have on this blue Miller lite T shirt. I have I believe these are 505 jeans from Levi's. And then I got my high top Reeboks on, um matched a little blue blue So today was a flop. I literally didn't Absolutely nothing. All day I had Premier opened working on my video, probably for actually like four or five hours. Didn't do any event, but it is now 3 a.m. And I am finished with that. The class isn't until 7 p.m. So have plenty of time to sleep in. Um, but I want to try to clean up my room for some reason right now, um and I also have some deep pop stuff to get packaged. I'm just getting a little more stressed out every day about getting everything packed away. So I just want to do that right now. It is Wednesday in about 3 30 in the afternoon. I pretty much have been at home all morning. I did a little bit of grocery shopping and spent about, like, the re hours, probably taking photos of deep hop clothes and posting them. So I have to run a few things to the post office, and then I have to keep working on those designs for my critique tomorrow on. But I have to get those four printed, which I'm not exactly sure how I'm gonna do yet is keeping. All the princes are really busy. I may outsource them. Thio, um, this copy or this printing place right by our school, just so it can be, like a lot more professionally done. Um, but worst Kim's toe worse. I'm just gonna print them at the school. I have my seventh class, so I have about 43 and 1/2 hours to do everything before that. Um, but that's pretty much all said and done. I just have to pick up my projector for the installation. Um, And then, like I said, just work on the other project for the critique tomorrow, because the critiques at night in the morning. So I have kind of to have everything done. Um, either before this class starts or I have to work on it afterwards. So it is almost 11 o'clock and the stupid printers at working. I have four of these prints done of crappy paper, but I need four more of the nicer paper, but the printer isn't working. So I have to walk thio a few more streets up to our other building and pick those up. And then the train is becoming every 20 minutes. So I'm not sleeping too. Now, wait. You should. It's kidding. Oh, no. If I drop my fucking phone. No, that's it Is now Friday, my last day of school. If I end up not going to my class on Monday, I'm super late, so I'm just gonna film us really quickly. But I am meeting someone at Union Square from Deep Pop to sell them a pair of shoes. And I have class at 12. 10. Um, which is kind of just like finishing up other people's presentations. And then we're gonna be, like, talking about the school year. Um, and then that will pretty much be it. My only class of the day. I had, like, four packages. I need to drop off her deep pop stuff. Um, and I need a print some labels to ship out some other things as well. Um, I'm just gonna go meet that guy, Rode quick and hope it all goes well. Yeah, Most people are like, Oh, you know what? She kind of looked like a person e. Saturday. And I've been doing very bad at filming and keeping you updated on what I'm doing. School wise, but right Now, I'm just gonna try to clean up my room just because there's so much deep up close and just random stuff that I really don't need. So I have this little donation bin right here, so I'm just gonna, like, fill it up with some more things that I absolutely don't need that I condone. Eight, Um, and just try to cut back some stuff a little bit. My friend is gonna be subletting my room for a few months in the summer, and so I really just want to clear out some space for her so she can store her clothes and whatever she has. Um, while she's here over the summer on dhe Just kind of like, cut back on the things I have to. So I'm gonna clean up my room. I'm gonna drop off some packages for deep pop. And then I think I'm gonna go to Starbucks because my parents gave me a little gift card. Thio, uh, get through the finals week, and then I'm gonna head to the dorms to say good bye to some friends because some people are leaving today. I don't leave until Wednesday, but there's quite a few people leaving this weekend. Um, just because they don't have class, whatever. So I'll be over there. And then tonight my friend is screening a little film. She made, um, of all these clips of us throughout the school year. So really excited about that tonight. But that's pretty much all I have on the agenda today. You got good. Oh, God. Really? Oh, so it is Sunday, Mother's day, and I have pretty much been home all day. I've just been cleaning my room a lot, organizing some stuff. I spent a lot of time hanging up some pictures and posters that I've had from home to make it feel a little bit more like my space. And then I was also doing a few deep pop things with I had a few items to post. I had a few items to package. Um, and yeah, just been a very rainy day in Brooklyn, So I've just been staying inside, and then I think I may be helping my friend move some of her stuff in. Um, I didn't get home until 3 a.m. last night, so probably try to catch an early here night tonight. Oh, okay. you can do it. Okay? Yes, she is sweet. Black graduated Oxford. If you're questioning, if you're not sure e got we can talk more. I got it. Okay, So this is Marcy Market. It's right across from the university center. A lot of students come here, they accept. Dining bills for students who are on mill plan. Florence character. Right? So it's like a buffet style place. Come here. First fruits. And food. Hello. Okay, so yeah, basically, you get a discount from this place for being a student. It's pretty neat. You just show them your student ID and you can get discounts on the food, but upstairs, get sandwiches, all types of things. The cafeteria. What's here? So we're part of the meal banking. Tell us how that works on the milk way. A center. Well, money were outside and you're going to get a job. I've got your money, Freis. Whatever you have in your heart. Yeah, I'm a commuter. Students so? But especially living on campus lives here. We're hungry. Sounds great.