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Already. So this is the carry halls, washing room. Students come here that can use, like, their star pass, uh, car. We're not Star pass card is just the ID car. And you put money on that card. And yes, they are not free. He swiped in, and essentially, that's how it goes. This is where students go to pick up their mail. If you have a package, you go over there to those wonderful ladies in that room, and then you just pick up your package that in there to go to the different floors you actually have toe scan your card there like the elevator won't move like that's some high end security for you. No, I don't think that's No, it's like Felix. No, bro. All right, So can you go to the Carrie Hall like main building through the Carrie Hall dorms you get. But so once, once, stand, go and enter again. Video man, there's a dog. Yeah, The doors are dry. Erase boards. Like what? What? Something swipe in your car. And here we are. S O. This is one of the double rooms, Mom. So which one would you All right, so down here's nice clothes and no problem camera. Okay, so the Carrie Hall dorms, it's pretty integrated. But when you're a freshman, it's kind of a hidden Ms Nam to get into this dorm. But for the most part, is for all students. There are just certain buildings that are for freshman, such as the Styx building. And then there are also other dorms that are for the upper class man. Like juniors and seniors and freshmen are not allowed. And those are like the sweets on those air, like the big fancy rooms. Right. Okay, so this is a double room. So each bed has a desk that it comes with as well as additional space underneath. Obviously, they both come with beds and then over here is the closets. Well, it's pretty symmetrical. What one side has the other side has Well, and the heating is right over there. Place conveniently by the windows, and there's a nice big Casey, this is the second floors making centre. This right here is to shop. So here you can get any of your tools. Just give your student pass and you can rent them out. Okay, so there's all these available tools for you to check out, and we have sewing machines for our fashion students. And then over here, there's just tables. We have these cool, like extension cords that come out from the ceiling. It's really innovative in tech savvy. They just come down like that, hang from the wall instead of in the wall because we're cool goto persons. Got these cool contraptions for sewing. There you go. This way. Additional tables but also in the back there stop. Most amazing part. The wood shop. Sorry. All right, So this is we, actually. What was this place called again, though? Is it just the wood shop? Just the wood shop? Yeah. The wood shop case. Elvis's. The woodshop got Aaliyah's amazing machines back here in this area. They're scrap wood, which is very useful. I got to say, in all the times that I've used the wood shop, I've never bought wood. I've always use scraps, got all these available tools. Very great resource is here. Okay, so This is the working area. You could see them working on there. Okay, So this is Marcy Market. It's right across from the university center. A lot of students come here, they accept. Dining bills for students who are on mill plan. Florence character. Right? So it's like a buffet style place. Come here. First fruits. And food. Hello. Okay, so yeah, basically, you get a discount from this place for being a student. It's pretty neat. You just show them your student ID and you can get discounts on the food, but upstairs, get sandwiches, all types of things. The cafeteria. What's here? So we're part of the meal banking. Tell us how that works on the milk way. A center. Well, money were outside and you're going to get a job. I've got your money, Freis. Whatever you have in your heart. Yeah, I'm a commuter. Students so? But especially living on campus lives here. We're hungry. Sounds great. Okay. In addition to the workshop, we had these three D printers. This awesome student here working on his project were really nice. So with thirty printer, do you like Is it paid with printing points? How does a thirty printer work? Yeah, like you can. Just, like, send your stuff here. And it prints. Or is it like it takes printing points to like all the regular princes do, Just like you. You come, We make a quotation on line and come here with your name on the lease check machine. Okay. So you do. Yeah, yeah. Okay, so this is a little behind the scenes. This hallway here, I can get you into a number of auditorium. So this is one of the largest auditoriums that we have. This's in the building. This's where, like, orientation takes place. As you can see right now, there's band practice. There's a nice big screen that comes from the ceiling there, but just a little side note. This auditorium is also taken a lot of times, and they play like this nice, cool jazz music, and he turned the lights down. So, like in between any of your classes, you happen to catch this place empty old boy, you're going to have the soul of your life.