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Thinking about Loyola University Maryland and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Loyola University Maryland in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Loyola University Maryland’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Loyola University Maryland, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Loyola University Maryland experience. These Loyola University Maryland video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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We're now going to make her way into Boulder to China. Boulder, to point out, is my favorite place to eat on campus. They have a lot of options, including this entire Mediterranean salad bar. They have sandwiches over there and just overall, healthier options way. Also, have a yogurt bar where you could make your own yogurt and it is the price of a meal slight. So boulder to point. I was one of my favorite places to eat because it's never that crowded, and I think the food is better and it had some healthier option downstairs. You can get pizza and burgers and things like that, but it's often rowdy. Um, dinner just started on there, so let's go take a look. No. Boulder also has some outside seating for Welcome to Newman Towers. So when you look in your face, Inglis while entrance hallway we have some lights hanging up in some pictures just to make it feel more ***. Smoke detector. And there's a whole way late. We have these key hooks hanging up that I made for my roommates there. Six months lived here, but, um, at the switch of this masters, we had two people leave to go abroad and people move in. That's why there's eight. Let me just have some art hanging up some campuses that I painted again to make it more ***. Go and we have a calendar or painting. Just some decorations. Make it ***. It's the first English use our kitchen a little bit messy right now. This is, honestly, the worst part of this apartment against six of us. Live here is really small. I don't know if you can get that by, but it's not a lot of room for six people. It's a lot of us have other little storage areas to keep our food. As you can see, the counters gets covered with people doing their dishes and yeah, so it's not the best, but it works for what it is. We have our fridge. It as you see we actually have a second fridge. So if you go into the living room, there's our second fridge. So our fridge was just not big enough to comedy for all of us. So maintenant to put in a second one. It was really nice. These two wardrobes that you see out here go to that bedroom and there they just don't fit in there. That's the smallest bedroom. It's actually used to be a dining room. What? This was apartment housing assisted living facility, which is what this used to be. So we have our dining room table and then just a storage room. That's our alcohol fridge. A lot of my army to twenty ones. Who you're a lot have alcohol in the apartment. We just keeping us up. Fridge. This is our little seating area. It's pretty cozy. We put um, some sheets over the couch is just to make it feel more *** and some decorations on the wall of a photography minor. So how's the art hang up. We have a beautiful view of the park and then lights hanging up and our TV. I have some painting supplies down there because I just love to paint in my free time and then off of this is the first bedroom. So this is the smallest bedroom. I mean, it works. They're certainly it like enough room to live and be comfortable, but it is smaller. This is about the small bedroom that you can have it. Lila causes don't fit. But you know, it works and they're comfortable began just our dining room table. It's what it looks like. We moved it around a lot just to make sure that everyone was comfortable and at the space feels more open. So we're going to continue down the hallway through a bunch of closets so we don't actually use most of our closets. We don't have a purpose for them. Like you just kind of have some extra bins. Grocery bags in there. In here, we just have our vacuum and some winter coats because pretty warm right now, this closet we do use a lot of this is all of our cleaning supplies. Usually there's toilet paper and paper towels down there, but we're running out section could make a note of that go to the store. Send brings his second bedroom. So again, too. You will live here. This is like a pretty normal sized bedroom at Loyola. Come on. So just give you a tour. So yeah, they really like living in here. It's a good space for them again. They decorated it. So they have this one. Big closet is for one person, which is really nice. And then they have this other wardrobe for the second person. Works out really well for them windows again. Um, it's a nice space. Those two bedrooms. So the one I just showed you in the one, um before they share this bathroom since their bathroom, it is pretty tight. They don't usually keep their stuff in here. Hi. Um, so they have just a stand in shower. Um, you can see this kind of keep their stuff on the floor. It works for them. Cool. It's functional in this tiny little area. Um, this apartment's old. So, like, little things are missing. Like this toilet paper dispenser rack. It's missing in my bathroom to a lot of them. Have sinks like this. Say, do you have the mirror with some A little bit of extra story space, which helps, so continue on. And that brings us to my bedroom. Um, I just have a little white board up says Reminder explained grace, mercy and love to each other. It's a tough world out there. Don't make it tougher. Um, so when you walk in and I will note that I have the biggest bedroom by far, but we walk in, we have our standing mirror get ready during the day and again, just a little bit of a painting. The on ly overhead light we have in here is right here. Actually, um so that is one really big downside to this room is that we had to buy extra lighting. But anyways, you walk in and here is the bathroom. So just me and my roommates share this bathroom, and, you know, we're using every ounce of space, um, again, more art. Hang on the wall. We actually have a full set of which is really nice. I will take a bath. So it works out. And then I brought this shelf just to make some extra storage room. And then again, we have one of the mirrors with storage and what's really nice to have these vanity lights. So there is actually pretty good lighting in here, and then some more storage underneath there. We just keep more cleaning supplies in there. Okay, Well, we have two big closets. So the first one, this is my room mates Closet. She has a walk in closet. Um, so yeah, so she has a lot of room to step in there, Keep her stuff. Just totes in there. This is my cause it when you step in. So I have a ton of stuff in here. Most of my clothes are in here. I keep my laundering here. My shoes, totes, jackets. Um, this is really, really helpful storage space for me. And then when you walk in, you have my roommate's bed stop, and she has her light, her dresser and all for decorations. And then she uses her desk mostly just to do her make up in the morning. So she hasn't set up for that. Continue. This is my side of the room. I find it really important to have a nicely decorated space, so I put a lot of work into decorating the side of the room. Um pretty clean right now. So I have flowers. Hang by my bed. I have my bed kind of lost it up. So I have a ton of storage underneath this kind of hidden and then my desk Come. I made this cute little photo wall area and calendars. Um, it was really nice. And then I have these two things which I brought. So I have my mug holder that I actually made, and then I'm an English major. So I have my read a *** book signed with a bookshelf and just a nice little area carpet. It's nice and soft, and I love coming home to it. Be out. Basically, that's it. So that basically wraps up the tour portion of Newman where I live right now as a junior, Um, it is usually sophomore in junior year housing gins, not my favorite place to live. Last year I lived in scene court in substance free housing. I personally like that a lot better just because of the location. It was closer to campus. This is the furthest you can live in from campus. That's not senior side. And I also kind of like the setup of those apartments better, and I found it to be quieter. But some people, some my roommates like living here a lot better. I will say that we are on the fourth floor of a nine storey tower. So our upstairs neighbors and our downstairs neighbors on the weekends are super loud, which is this kind of luck of the draw. You can't really predict how that's gonna happen, but we've learned to deal with it. I sleep with a white noise machine on, and that helps a lot, definitely investing a white noise machine. Um, for any school that you decide to go to and yeah, that's basically it. I hope you've enjoyed your tour of human towers and that I hope so. You decide what college is right for you and what the housing is like. A different schools, um, loyal a handsome, great housing and is definitely one of the sellers up to one of my personal favorite spot on campus that is a hidden little gem, and it is the nine eleven Memorial. I spent a lot of time here my freshman year. So, as you can see, there's this cute little fountain here, and this is a little hidden corner of campus, right next to the Donnelly Science Center and the chapel. It is hidden away. I had some bushes and trees surrounding it, and as you can see, I walked up there, a little path to get here. So it is kind of after Wei of the main campus, and the reason I love this space is just kind of water. You get a nice breeze sitting here. It's not too much in the sun, but you get enough sunlight on you, and it's a great place to stop and think. My freshman year, whenever I was anxious or was having a rough day or needed to talk to a friend, I would always come sit. Here are my friends, and I would come sit here at night and just have nice tops. Our campus is really safe, so it's a safe place to sit on. Also just again really relaxing with water benches. It kind of gives you a break from the academic life. I usually don't work here. It's really just a great place for conversation, sitting in reflecting, kind of getting away from the hustle and bustle Right now, I'm heading over to my friend Elizabeth. She lives in an apartment in a Campion, one of the buildings that is partially inhabited by freshman. And there's also a couple like sophomores and juniors and maybe a few seniors who live here, too. It's the only apartment style dorm that is available to freshman, but then again, it's pretty nice that freshman gets to be able to live in apartments. So, yeah, let's go check out her place. Thank you. Thanks for having me over. How cool Do you want me to show you, right? Yeah, that'd be great. There's a kitchen. Uh wait. Yeah. Seventeen. Grace, This is right. This is This is the small eyes. And that's about one. What? This was the digger. I like the difference. Any of the beds? Because our events are, like, lofted in the other room with the work. You know, you have the cabinets here. That's like pulling a difference. Yes. How do you feel about living in a really big residential building with a ton of other students? Like isn't weird at all? No, I don't think it's. I mean, you don't really notice because it's everything. So spread out like stuff could be going out gone and like the other hauling. You have no idea. I think it's nice because it's so big like yourselves. Friend. How many people are you happy you chose Campion? Yeah, definitely. Like I I want time for the one remaining so I can have more people Yet now so But I definitely like having the kitchen and like all that, Like, it's a lot better living like I could have met. And they have a bathroom too. Like you walks away. But every other bathrooms are sensing. Imagine living in a the two door. So what have you heard about the other freshmen buildings? I like it. I hear the flans. Like, I think the nicest of three, right? Yeah, I think it's like the newer one. And they have, like, they have the bathroom between Ben and planned. I haven't been in the other two guys that you think about me. Oh, well, I'm gonna head out now. Thanks for having me over. Hell, it's up. My name is Marie and I'm from Silver Spring, Maryland. Thanks for deciding to check out Loyola. I'ma seeing you're here. So I'm pretty familiar with this school, and I'm excited to show you guys around. Lola is a medium size school located in Baltimore, meaning there's a lot to do both on campus and off of campus. Our school is pretty involved in the community, so there's a lot of volunteer opportunities. Baltimore is a really culturally rich city, so there's a lot to do in town. A lot of museums. There's a zoo, the aquarium. And because Baltimore is so old, there's a lot of historic sites and a lot to learn about in this town. On this tour, I'm going to show you guys the different dorms on campus. You guys know what life is like here, what academic life is like here, the clubs, sports night life and, honestly, everything you need to know about this school. So let's just keep this intro short and sweet and get to it. So I moved from Donnelly Science Center, which is connected to knothole to knothole. Um, not Hall is the home of the Technology centre. Um, I actually have a couple friends working in there right now. Um, so we'LL go say hi to Mom, but the technology center is always there. If you're ever having any technical issues with your laptop with printing with anything like that. Wait, what do you guys up to? We're plans from chess. Like, Good. Thanks. Warlike strategic side of life. And what do you do here in the technology center way? Work with computers and fix problems when we're not saving the world. So in reality, they just help people with their computers. I know Derek, the one who didn't talk and he has been working at the Technology Center sends freshman year. Um, Boyle has a lot of opportunities where we really get jobs on campus. Didn't This is just an example of one of them role reversal. Just kidding. So here is a typical classroom at Leola. I would say this is a little bigger, actually, than most of the classrooms on, but this is for math. Class is usually, I would say, that's what the first floor of not sport. So I took a math class in a classroom that looked similar. Leader this I'm pretty sure most of not all classrooms have thes projectors that side down. Um, and then, of course, to jock board's Not like anyone ever uses them in this digital age, you know. Oh, go on. Okay, that's that seems better. But anyway, this is all the classrooms are pretty high tech and that sense where it's easy to connect within inside Loyola and easy connect in general. So this is the downstairs of not home. There's only two lecture halls in this building, like big lecture halls, so This is where I've had a lot of my lecture classes. I'm not sure if there's anyone in here. Let me. So one of the most convenient thing is about not is that it is right on the bridge. So this is not home very tall. There's me. And then here is the bridge that was So this is a be loyal and Notre Dame library. It is connected to Notre Dame's campus over there. Um and so we share materials. And resource is honestly, people don't spend a lot of time in the library here because we have apartments. So we are able, Tio, uh, just study in our room, But let's go take a look. So this is the first floor of the library right now. They have an exhibit right here, but during finals week, they had a waffle stand set up right here. So here we have the help desk, which can help you if you need any sort of sources. All right, computers are accessible here, and people often host classes. Here. I have had teachers move our classes to a classroom just like this, so that we could hear from librarians about how to use the library's database to find research for upcoming research projects. And then this is just a view. Of the first floor of the library. One cool thing that I've never seen before is this Chrissy charging station? I think this is new, but that's really, really helpful for those late nights. All right, let's go. Yeah. So this is an example of another study room that you can reserve thes air smaller. So it's just you in a person, um, you can just come in here and do your work with very few distractions. These air often open except during finals week. So it's easier to our muse. But as you can see, there's a few of them. A lot of hard working students. I think this is a big one, huh? Well, yes. One's bigger. Um, there's someone using it right now, but these tables are also available, and this is just such a quiet space, like most of the library. So I'm sorry that the library is a quiet video. Um, but I haven't spent a lot of time there because we have places to study in our room. We have a quiet areas at the bottom of Newman and all my roommates are really respectful my study time. But it is a good resource if you're doing research. Or, um, if you're doing something for a class like finding a really good place that's consistently quiet is just So you're going to college. Wherever you pay, you're gonna finally be on your own, huh? Not to be super super scary, but I really loved all the freedom that I got here. A little of is probably one of my favorite things. Just being able to, like, choose whatever I want todo whatever day if I want to stay in and if I want to go out or whatever, so a typical night end, I Well, we have a week, so that's have we used. It's nice because we have an apartment so I can just hang out in the room. And I'm already surrounded by all my best friends. So another place that we hang out a lot is on the hands in community. It's about like a five minute drive away on DH. It's just a stretch of a bunch of restaurants and little boutiques, which is really good when you need some retail therapy, even though it's kind of crazy. But there's just a lot of fun restaurants there. There's like a waffle store. We can get dessert waffles, theirs a bunch of restaurants where we always go to brunch. Handon is amazing. It's so cute. And then in the winter they have a little festival where this whole street, thirty fourth Street yet thirty fourth Street sets up all these lights and just big Christmas decorations, and it's beautiful But I would say overall, there's just a lot to do around here just cause we're in a city and that's one of my favorite things coming from a rural place. I just really loved being in the city, and now when I go home, I'm like but yeah, but there's always something to do out there just cause we're in a city. There's a range of different restaurants is a lot of Baltimore and Maryland based on chains. So even if you're not going up to bars, there's still a lot to do just in the hand in Yeah, well, I'm super stoked. I'm hanging out here with my friends. Okay, Sarah, thanks for making food. It's super easy to cook stuff here because a lot of the apartments have, like, full kitchens and way usually just hang out here in our apartment playing games, play video games. I get a good game of Mario brawl going, and today we're just gonna stay in and watch the Super Bowl, and I'm pretty stoked, even though I don't pay any attention. Typical, but go team. Wait. So it's after the Super Bowl game and I'm just chilling here with my friends were playing way. It's super fun. I'm pretty good at this game. I went sometime, so it's okay, but it gets pretty I have a I really buy stuff. Staple community. Yeah. You're drinking Starbucks right now. I just can't. I would say that, like, Starbucks is number one beverage of consumption here, like no one goes through their day without having Starbucks. I just grabbed lunch from my school Sushi place. Wei have a couple food options on campus. We have sushi way have Mexican place called Talking Rio. We have this thought called Green Peel, where you could get smoothies, a camp booze. I think that's what they're called and other stuff that involves fruit. Our main dining hall is colder gardens, and they have a couple of different food options there. Each night. They try to have a good ride, But as a vegetarian, I sometimes struggle to find something good to eat there. And but the good thing is that they always have a salad bar that has a lot of different types of Venice's and toppings and sauces dressing, which is always a pretty good option. A lobe. Inexpensive. There is a good sandwich bar. Oftentimes they have begin bologna and ham and chicken and cheese. Even so, that's pretty cool. And sandwiches and wraps there tend to be pretty good. Of course, you customized and last year the added a second level to the Boulder Cafe. Honestly, I don't go there often, but they have some salad and some options up there, too, in the fact our fitness and a product center. There's a pretty good food spot. They're wearing it like sandwiches on healthy eats. After you work out in Newman Towers, where a lot of students live, there is little grocery store of sir shorts, and that's another main of dining spot. Recently, they added a convenience store, two flannery, which is a freshman dorm. So Flannery market. There's just quick dinner options, snacks, drinks. And then in the soldier business school, there's a little market and there that you can find little things to eat when you don't have time to go to dining