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Thinking about Hofstra University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Hofstra University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Hofstra University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Hofstra University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Hofstra University experience. These Hofstra University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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All right, So I just sat down to eat, and I got salmon and all this wonderful stuff that they decided to load into my, uh, into my dish. So I figured that I would take this time to talk about his diet. So we have so many places to eat on campus that I already know that I'm gonna get right now. I'm in the main dining hall, just student center to show that I am. On basically the students under this kind of set up like a food court mall where there's just like a bunch of different options to eat. We have a Starbucks, We have sushi. We have smoothies. Sabar, Oh's, pasta, fish, you could tell. And just so many other places. Teo, get whatever basically you want. There's twenty four hour breakfast, which is awesome. Um, we also have a smash burger on campus way. Have a kind of like a convenient story that makes really good pizza. We have a Dunkin Donuts coming with this really cool way. Have the opera can express. We have the regular all bump in, which is kind of like Pinera's. We also have dining in the education building. We have dining in the one of the lecture halls on and actually do the lecture halls, and we also have something called Bits and bytes, which has a red mango frozen yogurt we have in there. There's also Rahman. There's pizza, salad station, just a bunch of different stuff, and it's all really good. Oh, also, I keep forgetting that there's so many, and there's also one more We have more of like a diner esque feel in one of the living areas called the Netherlands and April's had deli. I think that's it for dining. So this is the final video. I figured that I would leave you guys off with where we all started, which is Hoster Hall, which is the oldest building on campus. Just want to thank all of you guys for looking into Hofstra. I picked off because it has amazing opportunities. Awesome. Major's. Awesome teachers. I'm working with top of the line people here, and I know people who will help me succeed. So definitely, definitely don't lose hope during this whole entire college picking process. I know that it's a stressful one, whether you're applying to one school for seven, like I did. Don't lose hope if you hear the word. No. Because at the end of the day, you're gonna wind up in a place that was made for you. I hope that this tour helped you guys choose Hoster over other schools. Hope to see you at the So if you haven't watched any of my other videos yet, let me tell you a little bit about honors college. At Hofstra, there's a building called Vanderpool Hall and its exclusive Teo Honors. College students living there, and they often have a lot of honors college events here. Most popular event would be the open mic night that they do probably twice a semester. The's offense, cars so much fun because they're very low maintenance and not very stressful. And you really can do just about anything. So what you're watching right here is a guy do a magic comedy standup routine. And when I was making this video, I originally planned underst talking about how cute and fun this sort of thing is. And then I realized Open Mike night. So this girl wanted to sing at Open Mic night. Our phone wouldn't connect to the speaker so that you see me here coming over offering to help. So I ended up letting her play the backing track on my phone and you see here connected to Speaker, everything's going great and dandy here. So I plug my phone into the speaker, this girl that I don't even know, hands me her phone and says, Can you record my performance so that my mom can see? And I'm like, Sure, of course, No problem. And then she goes on and she's singing beautifully. It's going great. And then this happens. No way. And that's the story of how it ruins an honors college Open Mike night. So right now, we're in the Wushu office. I mean, the two of you Raju studios. I went back to the W. Raju Studios closed. No one was in there. This is the phone booth You could also record in here like regular, but this is the exact replica of Studio South, which is where they go live from. So I'm just going come in here, Harris. They're playing stuff from Hamilton. Alex Hamilton again on the drive fifty finish, Jeremy Sanguine streak Like a statue trying to take the charge there. But like you said, Kevin, a great finish for Hamilton. A single finger roll rather from Alex Hamilton, right? Exactly. Look for Murphy now. Sailing off top. Good ball movement to more the corner. Three. After the pump take won't go beautiful. Sent up there for more. Great pump fake to get that open. Look, they're so I didn't want to mess with the levels that they have been there, but usually the sports departments doing stuff, Actually, right now, I believe, very active. Where? The only school in the country that worked with it. Professional Sports League. Ah, but, yeah, Thie Exact replica. This is sometimes we're a record for my show myself we used were actually getting upgrades. That's what I meant to remember. We're getting upgrades in this room, so the time you come, there'll be new boards in there and all that stuff. So I'm really I'm really excited this both of all the stuff for Debra Chu, we use Adobe audition because industry standard for radio is Adobe audition. We used to do the audition in the purity. Hofstra's to business buildings. This is the new one, and this is Sophie. Start the older business building. So this is an inside look at C. V. Starr Hall Thie original business building here. C. V. Starr is pretty much where all of the business classes at Hofstra are held. The new business building is predominantly used for work spaces and offices for the professors and other sorts of business adventures. And this is the bridge between the two business buildings. This building here is the new business building, so let's go look. This building basically hosts anything that it's business related, but not a physical classroom. For example, I work in this building as part of the idea hub. The idea How about Half Street is the entrepreneurship centre, and they're hosted out of this new business building different out office space like this meeting room to start ups in the area? I have to end this tour. Here's a look at the very fancy woman's Welcome to a lecture hall. So this is very strange for me to be setting up here. But this is an average lecture hall at Hofstra, and it houses about like, ninety people. And here, let me go into, like, this little audience to just show you guys what it looks like. There's like, all these conferences and what's not going on. So I had to try and find someplace to show you guys where there wasn't too many people. But so there's room was free right now, and it's really big, and it's really quiet. And I feel like I'm about to teach a lecture in here when I stand up in the front, but pretty nice, and the seats are attached to the desks. This is usually for basically any subject had biology in here. So yeah, this is your average lecture hall again. Houses ninety people. So Okay, chip with you guys when I show you guys a classroom. Hofs, just not a big party school, and it doesn't really have a downtown area. So I'm going to show you what a weekend after looks like for me. There's a club on campus called Entertainment Unlimited, and what they do is essentially provide free entertainment for students on campus, which means pretty much every weekend they play at least one free movie just about every weekend. There's some sort of live performance that's taking place on campus, and these are almost always free for students. Plus, you get an extra ticket to use for anyone, even if they're not a half your student. So you and a friend get to go for free, even if they don't go here. Most free trips off campus. Our exclusive for honors college students, but not always. This weekend, I got to go Already, guys. So now I'm gonna show you where it's been the majority of my time, and that's my door. So I live in a four person suite, and we have a little common room just right behind me. You have many a marvel and Harry Potter posters. We have our own refrigerator on DH. If we have a TV with some of our old Christmas lights on it, and we still have some of our Christmas lights hanging because why not? The best part about a four person suite is that we get our own bathroom, which is really awesome. And we have this huge mirror right over there, guys, um, where we I don't really have to share with anybody else, but like just four people, which is also because, you know, communal bathrooms can be disgusting. But the best part about this is, in my opinion, that I get Teo clean this myself, so I know that it's getting clean twenty four seven. So here's that. We have a bunch of snacks right over here, right underneath our TV because you like TV and you know, And here is my room and my roommates room we decorated ourselves. First part that I'd like to talk about is thie closets. So we get to closets that you can basically fill it with it. Whatever you want. Here's mine. I am. Then here's my roommate's one. My roommate has her own little shelving system, and we got a fish. His name is Tony. Uh, yeah. And then here's mine. My desk is mainly my makeup table, where I just put, like, all my memorabilia and whatnot and we get to decorate our room's kind of, however we want Teo. So I decided to put a bunch of pictures and a nice little calendar here. Welcome campus. Really, Hey, guys and paintings, and we decided to make it a little bit more homey this semester by adding a rug on DH these awesome lights and just twinkle lights. So she did the same. She decorated her own. Yeah, and that's it. My roommate and I actually work together. Last year on DH, we decided to go back in on a room together this year because we became really close friends. Haley suggest going random. I know that that's really, really our thing to say. But I want random with her and she's not my best friend. And this is also the set up of another room. It's really spacious in here, guys. So cool way also offer singles, and we offered doubles, but a lot of times they don't have a bathroom element, which is the best part, so yeah. Okay, so right now I'm showing you this center. This is what it looks like. The dining hall and Oh, yeah, that's my friend, Lauren. But this is they have so many different choices here. This is all gluten place. I believe there's salad bar. There's a two go and eat Chinese food. This's freshens where I get my smoothies. It's so good. Oh, my God. This's a sushi place like a sushi bar thing on DH. We also have another cafe on the quad, which is like a Starbucks. All right, this is a cafe on the corner and on the quad. But like St Difference. And then, sir borrows another to go place. This is aab. Um oops. I can never say the name. Um, I never actually eat here because it's, like, kind of, not in anywhere that I think out, really? But I just thought I should show you have actually only been in this place twice Oh, yeah. So come. So I'm going to show you all the good places to eat on campus. I'm sorry. It's really cold. Adjusts known. Yeah, it snows a lot here, and it's like march in front of a girl. I know. So I'm a little salty about that. Put, We're going to go two. It's a nights and I just showed you ob um, hug. I don't even know how to say that. I'm sorry, but we're going over there to bits and bounces another place on campus to eat. We're actually walking by, Uh, the old. Starbucks, but that they're renovating into Dunkin Donuts, which is right here. It's right in front, the com building and, um, which the com building is where I live. So yeah, Oh, my God, it's so cold. So right now we are on our way. Walking two bits and bytes, bits and bytes is a awesome place to go to if you want to get like like main dishes, like not a snack, but like a meal. You know when you're on the academic side of campus, you get a nice view. It's great to study with. I sometimes study there. Ah, ah, lots of different beverage choices. Their burgers of chicken and fries. They have Italian food, that pizza, pasta and a yogurt and smoothie place. It's pretty good, but this is what the overall place looks like. Definitely a nice place to study. Thiss right here is Netherlands. The Netherlands is for is like a freshman deworming area. It's kind of secluded, so they have their own place, Tio eat like their own little cafeteria thing. So But that's This is the Netherlands. I don't really hang out here because I'm not a freshman and I've never lived in the Netherlands because, yeah, but that's everything. So addition to all of those places on campus. See, I forgot to actually go to Hoff USA, but if you say is currently Smashburger. But it is the place to eat late at night. It's open till two a. M. But the dying, this particular dying halt doesn't open until five or six and then it stays open till two a. M. So I was kind of like doing other stuff at this point when I tried to film. But there's also the Dutch judge treats that's right next to it. That's kind of like a little store. They like Little Hofstra store that you can kind of just by, you know, if you wanted Oreos or Yeah, crackers or even like a many deli, definitely the place to go. If you ever live in the in the Nassau, Suffolk or C squared dorms, that is going to be your go to place because you're not gonna want to walk to the student center because they'll be too far, Uh, to be completely honest, but, uh, yeah. This building right here is a Vanderpool Hall. I lived in Vanderpool for my first three years here at Hofstra. Vanderpool is exclusive to students in the honors college here after university. There's fifteen floors to Vanderpool Hall, but only thirteen of them are still living spaces. The thirteenth Florida Vanderpool is a communal lounge area with the kitchen that you see here. So this is open to anyone living in Vanderpool, as well as honors college students that might be commuters so they can say, swipe into the building and access this floor. What really makes Vanderpool so unique is this thirteenth floor area where it's accessible to everyone to come hang out or do work together. There's all sorts of games and puzzles available, but in addition to that, there's constantly events being held up here for honors college students. So if you're going to be a part of the honors college at Hofstra, I would highly recommend living here.