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So this is my room, and I share it with another roommate. But I'm not going to show you her side of the room right now just because it's really messy, and I think she would prefer you not see it. It's a pretty decent sized, but we are upperclassman. So most freshman and sophomore housing would be a lot smaller than this. Here's my desk. I don't really like doing work here just cause I prefer to do it in the library and want not have my sewing project on my chair right there for my costume in class. I just have some decor and my Polaroid over here. Our rooms, cactus themed and some dead flowers that my parents got me for the show I was in a few minutes ago. Surprised. They're still like investigative condition. I thought they really falling apart right now. I have this portrait of my dog that I've had since my freshman year, and they keep all my books right here. And here is my bed. I keep my dirty laundry and stuff under the bed. I think that's one of the worst parts about my room is just all the stuff I have under my bed. It's not aesthetically pleasing, but I do really like my dick auras. I've said It's cactus themed and here is my dresser and I have my salt lamp, my essential oil diffuser. And then I have have some slimes that I play with books. I have some slimes that I play with when I'm stressed and some and then on my closet. I like to write affirmations and reminders for myself and your closet slides open and our tapestry, no everyone, I'm Margaret. I am a junior theater major here at Muhlenberg College, and right now we're a little bit busy. Well, but messy because it's finals week and we're running around like crazy. So Muilenburg is a very small liberal arts school in Allentown, Pennsylvania. We have twenty four hundred twenty five hundred students. Might experience so far has been really positive here. I actually transferred here as a theater major because I found that a larger conservatory style school wasn't so much for me. And that's what we're really known for is our arts department and the fact that we take a unique approach. Teo theater and dance majors by accepting pretty much everyone who meets academic qualifications and not having an Some here in the cardio evolved in the life SportsCenter and this actually, upstairs jam. And they don't is on tour, so I'm in it for Teo. Expend a lot of time here. Got so many different types of equipment into machine's over there. So downstairs is waiting. It kind of scares me. It's mostly used by you, but they can't technically rents it out. So you are comfortable doing that. Go down any time you want way. Also have fieldhouse, which isn't here. We're gonna pan into I'm getting this close as we can. So that's kind of the same deal. Sports teams use it, but they can't actually, you know, just rented out. So you are welcome to use it whenever we want. We also have Yeah, that's it and which I personally love. I use that a lot. It's super great. It's big. I think it's eight lanes. That's definitely what about ways to work out here. Hey, inside of me. I'm taking you down too. Fish ball and box off soon Consider come in a Speedo looking injured. It takes me a while to go places. Okay. Welcome to the fish bowl. A lot of stuff happened here beginning of the year. There are auditions downstairs for the red doors. A lot. Ten. There's people, always persons would be walking on a sidewalk upside dance for her. Soles are red door missiles, which I'll explain later. Um, Tom is going to come in and explain all the theater department and announce. So now we're gonna go downstairs to the box office. We're gonna go look at that. Hey, guys, Welcome to the box office Over there. You could buy a ticket. There's a dance. You behind me here is a box. Can I go try to speak? So we recently just finished the show. Um, right now it's like they're cleaning up for it. There's always shows happening here, so they're probably getting ready for the next one. So I'm here in a great typical classroom. I'm in warrior right now. It's home to philosophy and education of the other things. I've had an Italian class in this in this building, definitely a lot of different stuff happening on Important thing about every classroom is there's always a projector, everybody. There's always talk Border some kind of dry erase board. Usually like these are the typical kind of desks that you'll have. I'm lucky because I have most classes in the anthropology building, which is in the basement of a Well, just really far help. Uh, you probably won't get over there. I mean, take you tomorrow when I have class, but for the most part, most classes costumes are gonna desks like this, But that has long tables, a lot of space, which I really appreciate it. So, yeah, this is a normal classroom that you'll probably be in if you come to the library. Hey, guys. So I just wanted to show you my room Really quick. Here we go. So this is my room. I live in process, so it's a little smaller than walls and brown. Which of the other two freshmen norms. But we make it work. This is my side. Um, it's my tapestry. Got some Star Wars pillows from Maryland. We got a lot of pride. You've never met anyone from Maryland. Do you know we love our flag? I'm half stark. And no one can ever convince me that any other houses better. So important thing about dorms is everything in this room that you see is wooden is provided by the school. So you know, your chair, your desk, your bed, you get one little drawer thing, and obviously I don't have to provide my own closet. So they've got me covered with that just for some extra storage. I also got some drawers just for my ski stuff and some extra clothes just to stay organized. Ma house. Have a pretty impressive T collection down there. Um, yeah, as faras desks go there, They're actually mine is bigger. Just because I have I folded out this little thing. If you don't want to do that, it's totally fine. Um, yeah. So the beginning of your mind was this part was actually broken. It wouldn't come up all the way and I put in a work order and it was done within, I don't know, two hours, so especially towards the beginning of the year during move. And they're very accommodating with that. Farr's beds go, minds lofted a little higher. Ah, then me and phillipos air both lost it a little higher than the normal person, just so we can fit all our stuff underneath. So the school also has a program We have a I'm not going to zoom into much because my magnets are little vulgar, but they're pretty funny. So this is my personal fridge, and I have my own personal microwave that I bought. But basically what the school has is a program, especially if you live far away. Let's say you're an international student. You can rent a fridge, a microwave for the year, and I think it's a lot cheaper than buying one. But I just had one for my sister, so I brought mine. Um, yeah, this is my room. That's my brace. Really cool kind of stuff. My skis and my crutches from a female identifying people or, you know, anyone who's interested in here? Um, I just have Should be this hack, so, you know, definitely very useful. That's what I my own mirror here. Because the only Mary we have is that one. And, you know, got it got have more than that. So I got this little fancy one. It's pretty cheap about the closet, So mine are, But mine is built into the wall. People in walls is not. Theirs is, like, separate from the wall. I'll try to get in there and show you a room, but, you know, we're about to go on break. That's what? My suitcases here. This is my closet. Heard. Still messy. But, you know, um, not a ton of room in here. See, you have to make do, but we do have these little doors Phillipa has heard closed currently. She just left for break. Um, yeah, You can choose if you want to open. Most people keep it open, but it's just something that's pretty useful if you want it. And it's there if you need it. Hey, guys. Welcome to freshmen. Yes, this is where all of the freshmen dorms are, and they meet in the middle here. And this is the plot. This is like the main outdoor hangout area for freshmen. They're speaking tables. My roommates over there doing your homework, Uh, between these two trees, I usually put up my hammock on a nice day and, you know, just kind of wing. Have a good time. So over there is walls. That's ridiculous. And then this is brown. Just the all girls dorm and behind me is my home. This is Prosser. It's something else. We'll get you in process on. We will explore a little bit. I'm not gonna do it all the way. Well, you're too nice. So, hey, girls, from that go one like it makes no. Yeah, Pretty much pretty. First you is a revered slow. So what you do, Joe? Pick up? Yeah. Yeah. Look it. Looking good. Looking good. They were going to go to the drink station. And that is our first time.