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Thinking about Skidmore College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Skidmore College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Skidmore College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Skidmore College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Skidmore College experience. These Skidmore College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hey, got some Nikki's letting me fill in her room because I live in a single and not a dorm. But this is what a typical triple looks like. It's good morning. Most freshman's live in triples or double. So this is what it looks like and they live on the eleventh floor, which means they have a really, really nice view. And all rooms come with a window seat, which is probably the best part. I love my window seat. I loved studying my Tennessee. You got a desk that looks something like this and then some storage. When you live in a triple most, most likely, your bed will be raised, so this is what it looks like. Thank you making the whole campus share sweets. And this is kind of what the streets look like. There is a bathroom right here, which is just a toilet and then two things behind the same. There's some storage that you could keep lawyer shower things. So how old here? So this is what it looks like. You most likely share suite with sixty people. That's my room. So welcome to typical Johnson town asleep. Arrived. It's just a sprain. This street is Broadway, which is the main street. And, um, everything you need is pretty much on the street. So we just get across and I'll give you a little running out over there. Glass building iss, uh, the movie. See down on Wednesdays, they have a special office. I think movie is, like, five dollars or something like that. So a lot of fun friends who have been enticed an animal. You probably should not jaywalk. Just kidding. We will wait until the late prince screen. So I'm over there with some restaurants and shops to trigger fi, which is a bigger shop, events and gelato, and then a little. It's not really a mall, but it's like a collection of stores over there. Coffee shop across the street right now, her walking that's Mrs London's, which is a pastry shop slash coffee shop. They have the best pastries in there. It's a little pricey, but for special occasions the pastries are to die for, um, there's some shops here. Toys a diamond. Like anything. I think it's Holly heading two on common grounds, which is one of the more popular popular coffee shops in town. Another one and sakaki trees, which is right over there. Really. They have some really, really good coffee. But, um, I wanna show you in common because that's kind of where all right now. This is our street way. Somebody getting married looks so exciting. I know. Basically killing street is we're all the bars and clubs are. If you're over twenty one, this is most likely where you go on the weekends. They also have some eighteen plus events which you can go to your eighteen. Plus. This is really cool. Guys, I'm so glad. But, yeah, there's someone like pizza Yeah. So we're going downtown. I'm gonna go study in a coffee shop. That's the bus. It's just arriving now. So I wanted to show you what it's like to go downtown to say toga springs, dear. You excited? Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Here. It's really cold. So I'm really excited that the buses arrived are for fifty feet. Yeah. And rages outside, It's really means. So just like him. We're in the bus and it takes around five to ten minutes to get out. I'll keep you updated there, but before I do that, I just wanted to let you guys know that it's freezing on the bus. What we have here, it's a good idea if you don't get a constant thing around two dollars. But I go downtown a lot, so it's really nice to have free passage, so we'll see you soon. Church. So you're just getting in. Just stop about no. Thank you. So right now I'm on the fourth floor, pal a mountain. And this is where the language department is. Language lab and the president's Office. So I have class here. This is one of my classrooms of a class called Life on the Border, which is about the Mexico US border. It's really interesting, and over here is the office of the president. He's not hearing out because it's six and he most likely also has a day health because it's Snow day. Uh, over here, we have some offices of language professors. Italian professor is over here. More officers over there. And I'll try to see if I can get into the language of love. So I'm still in the fourth floor. Elementary. This is a classroom I showed you before. There's some offices here. My advice is all faces over here. Here it is. Classroom. Here is the language lab. So they discover language about it almost likely be here. We have a lot of languages offered its good mor like a child Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Arabic cooties. And this is the language of love. If you have one of the big language classes, you will most likely have class here. So I take it Italian there. I'm now in Italian driller, so help me get our students practice there speaking and running time so pretty cool. So Hello, everyone. I've taken over the camera right now because Alicia doesn't have any classes in Dana. One class, one class and all right, I remember when the first of us. So this is Dana and to the main science building or on the bottom floor right now, and the lease is playing in the sandbox, and I don't think it's on right now, but this projector usually just makes like, a topographical map of the area needs really cool. I just play around it all the time. Unfortunately, it's not on right now. There's not too many people are out because it's a snow day, but, you know, we can show you around. I'm real excited about the microscopy lab, which is closed. It's over here. But as an artist who was also interested in biology, I just want to make cool images like that one on that poster over there, that one. So it's really exciting to me. And, uh, we can well go upstairs. All the different floors are different sciences. So I think first mistress, I'm not mistaken. Okay. Here. Sure. You some lab open. I'm not sure if they are. I think this is a kind of cool See snow out there. Lot of big windows were big on windows here. Fuck. Okay, so this is the chemistry main floor in offices Go all the way down there. I think the professor's office is over there for to my classes that I had. We can get all the way down the hall here, and there's a bunch of labs and there's more loves down this way. You know, we could maybe see if we can find the lab to go into give a peek into usually kind of closed when it comes to just snow days and whatnot. So we can see, maybe give it a piece. But a lot of posters going on like different research. It's really cool. Sure, it will be well, see any labs. I really love. Look at all these research posters. I don't think you're going to be let into the chemical storage room that he's. Essence can. You don't have a lot of classes here. Alicia doesn't really know what's happening. I am your welcome. I'm here. Gosh, I really wished loves world. No, it's probably you probably need a code. Okay, we're just gonna we're just gonna, like, assume, you know, the way to the lab. Looks like you could walk down this way. This's a student logical for chemistry. This is fun. So, like, one of my favorite professors, um, is over here. She taught chemistry last semester to me on DH. You know, she was really available on like, you could just come to our office hours, and she'd explained things to me. This is the lounge, or we'd usually just hang out and do exercises. Chemistry. Uh, yeah. Well, I guess we can't see a lab, but, you know, just basic lab equipment. Soul singer. So let's go this way. So here's gonna auditorium. There's a bunch of stuff that happens over there like a performance. An important thing to know is that this is like, a really big block about building. Yeah, over there. Yeah. This is Dana. We, like, Just walked out of danger. We're in Bolton now. Pala mountains over theirs. So let's don't know. It's kind of continuous. Yeah. So you convey come into this building and have all your classes here one day. It's not very common, but theoretically, you could there's a lot of humanity's this kind of humanity before this war is language floor and over there is this. Yeah. And if you go up to the top floor, I think that's bio on DH and physics. So this is a town, As I mentioned in another video, It's an independent own museum, and it has over two thousand pieces in its collection, some dating as far back a sprinkle on me and Miss America, so really also meet a resource on campus. I really love it. I love to come here and study when it's warm that have little tables and benches outside. It's a really nice quiet, please, that number what people know about for some reason, but I put it there like lesson mystery when it was still warm. Yeah, you basically really have taken damage of the warm months if you decide to come Skidmore. But I get that all the time, all the time, all the time, because you don't You just have to study inside when this is happening. But also in the thing there is the tank party that happens, uh, like around the end of, uh, this semester. So the end of the year and there's like a lot of artists lines going on and like, he was like, I'm going to apply to see if I can get an installation done. So we're going to see how that happens. But students are like, allowed to apply and, like, you know, have something actually happen on at the tank party so that I'm actually starting a project like a capstone project that hopefully end in an exhibition at the Tang. So the ting iss really, really amazing and really accessible your students independent. But like that's really, really tied to it. And it's a teaching museum, so its entire purpose is to teach. So there you go. I learned some stuff. Yeah, it's really solution, which is why we're walking so slow. But we're getting there. Looks almost. Listen, classroom. They took a class in there. No. And admission is free. Hey, guys. So I just got back from the thing I was filming in the tank, and apparently you're not allowed to film within the thing. You can't take photos, but not video. So there's a lot of photos from the thing in the Tang website, which I highly recommend you visit. But I was basically just showing you how they have a lot of interactive exhibitions, which you khun go and study there. And they also have a lot of exhibitions that are just like photography exhibitions or visiting artists and stuff like that. And it's really cool because they often new projects with classes. So I'm taking a class about the border, and there's an exhibition about the Mexico U. S borders. There were writing labels for the exhibition, so it's just really, really cool. How intertwined them you see them is what's getting our life. Even though it's not Skidmore Museum and the way the tangos set up is really, really cool. It's really quiet, so really good place to study special in the interactive exhibition. So if you get a chance, you should definitely check their website out. I'd like to put some video, but I can't so I think this is probably one of my favorite places. This is the night city of Jessica having the name. Basically, what happens is that you come here to have dinner and then you end up saying like three hours and you don't really so anywhere it's anybody. The chicken is really good. Yeah. Hey, guys, wait. Just survive this dining hall. Skidmore only has one night. So this is it. If you live in the dorms, you have to have a cramp. So there's a lot of options or some pizza over here. At least. Garden Emily starting always. For right now. This is a crime, Delhi's over here and basically even your sandwiches. Fountain, Whatever you call it here. Coffee? Yeah, the very best part. Dysart over here. This is a time and talking about coming to you. This food is really good. Actually, there's a lot of I was hesitating for a year. There's always options. Whether you're being factions and tolerance gluten free, you always find something. Here are cereals and milk clues pasta During lunch, classmates personalized pasta, pasta you have and Link Level Cafe, which makes a lot of different foods from around the world. Yeah. What's your favorite station? Probably diner. Because I got something. So welcome. No, no. So I'm here with Lisa and Lisa's gonna answer some questions for us. I'm when it was easy. I'm a junior at Skidmore College. I have international affairs and religious studies, double major and I have a media and film minus, and I think that's what I like best of Skidmore. You can't You can really study everything. There's a lot of flex flexibility with the academic system, and it's perfectly you're undecided or if you simply have lots of interests and you are, um What system? Body like the students here are late. Yeah. Mm. Students in every college, They're very diverse and thinking like where they come from or Hey, holy function. I mean, there's people that liked to party this people that like to simply stay in public, reading those people here of every kind of everything and that makes it fun. Overall, I've had a good experience with straining body. Hey, there are very accepting their only nice inviting. What's the academic climate? Leg endemic climate depends on what your studies so in. I'm I'm studying humanities, so there's a lot of reading in humanities. There's a lot of dialogue as well. So if you like that kind aliens movie, also late setting small settings where you can doubly interesting conversations rather lectures that's reserved no place to go. Um, why they do this? I took him to skip more. One of the major reason that I came here was because of my first semester. I got to go to study in London, and so that was like something that is very special and skin more. It's a very good program. It's it's super unique. So, like it's unlike any other Chris, your college experience. And that's It's also because it's a small liberal arts college and you have room to explore before deciding what you want a major. Um, you talked about this a little bit before, but what are your favorite and least favorite parts? Skip. My favorite thing about Skidmore is the way in which you can just go through every department and take classes in every field without having to Lake Street weed. Enter the college in one department and sticking there. You can You can just go everywhere exploring me where like Skidmore wants you to you. No. Have ah, Liberal arts, a foundation. In my least thing my least favorite thing, I guess. I think it's Maybe the climate sometimes gets very, very cold and you don't want to leave your house. But in that I know. I feel like you can adapt to it. You do. You have any last parting words or advice to give anyone that's looking at Skidmore Any last words? Skidmore is a good college. I highly recommend it. It is very it is. Very helpful. Like there's always someone you can talk to you. You're stressing of your uncertain about anything, Have questions he always won. I need to feel comfortable to be able to reach out in life. Yeah. The school also wants you to be okay at every point. So late. That's That's another thing I wanted, Okay, So fun fact, guys. Who's Alicia? And we found a squirrel on a tree. Really? Fun fact about squirrels. If you have ever seen Ice age well, I think it's a girl based on a skimmer, Skrill. Because apparently the animators either it came to Skidmore that has some association. That's good morning and skimmers. Good. Good. More spells. Are you crazy? They're in there around where you go. It's up there around the whole year. They don't hammer. Nate is basically there's always they will jump out of trash cans at you and, like, a whole piece of pizza. Yeah, because there's so much food around that they don't have to hibernate. And they're also addicted to tobacco. And I wanna go there a little crazy, but yeah, just imagine this I say, a Skrill. That sort of Skidmore squirrel is like, Yeah, there's a really literal ice age. Really big part of campus life and campus culture. So there you go. Can't see him anymore. He scuttled out of here. I can't see him there. I'LL be on me.