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Thinking about Bryn Mawr College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Bryn Mawr College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Bryn Mawr College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Bryn Mawr College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Bryn Mawr College experience. These Bryn Mawr College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So right now I am in the building called Betty's in its core. It is a psychology department building, also with education. So someone who's pursuing education as a minor here. I'm here often, or I will be here more often next year when I take more classes. But yet let me show you around so that over there is the entrance I take and then these air some classrooms that they have here. And then there's little walkway where you can go to more of the professor's area. There is a little mail room here that you can pick up the test, pick up anything or just leave anything here for your professor. These are some professors or department chairs offices, and if you go up the stairs, there are more professors offices. But let's go back to the class roots. I'm going to show you what a classroom looks like. They accept some elevator's over there. Actually, let me show you a computer lab. This is Betty. He's our coed computer lab. bless you. I'm Morgan. Wait, We're going. Thank you. Victory. No. What is that packing, right? What? Here. Why stop college? I need it. They're two diet halls on campus, urban dining hall and new dorm dining hall. New dorm is also a dorm, and it's actually not connected to the new job dining hall. But it's right next door, so that's also very convenient. Nude are joining. Hall is the one on the road to be showing you guys because I preferred your dining hall because I love making my own deli sandwiches. And New Dorm has that option of always making you doubt a sandwich any time to go for a meal. And Erdman actually has the only for lunchtime, but they always have spaghetti like his little spaghetti bar at night. So each dining hall kind of has own like menu or like they don't have a specific menu. Every day is different. They repeat some meals, but it's relatively different. And it's like, really nice, because I would say if I had to, like, kind of sum up what Urban Zion, how food is like it's more Americanized. There's a lot of fries, burgers, chicken burgers and all that like gets that let's get. But then there's also new Norm is that also has a pizza bar. Also, all the time and then they also have, like some months. They have an Asian bar like Chinese food. Someone's have Korean food, someone, they're Japanese food, someone's. They have Mexican food and they really go with the cultural food every couple months. And it's really nice because the food's really good, but yeah, so I'm going to show you guys a new door. It's a little smaller than is actually a lot smaller than Erdman, but it's very cozy, and I personally This is a typical hallway in Park. I think we're near the physics department because I see a lot of physics stuff, and then there's also a Britain more plasma lab stairs Classroom slash lab. I'm going back. There's a lab right here. Fares going up the stairs. Department of Physics. This is also another hallway. Actually had a math class here. So classrooms, this is where My math classroom wass. Okay, so I found a light. This's what my my costume look like. So this is a typical goal lap classroom. Well, like a science class view from the front, this's pretty big, um, in comparison to other departments classrooms because, wait. Last class. I'm ready. And I just got back from Chinese on DH. You car start at twelve. Ten iss currently alone. Fifty on DH. I'm going to go now because it takes me a long time to get there. That See you later. So I just got back from my Cal and research class, and it's two. Forty five right now, and I haven't, you know. So I am serving, so I'm gonna make myself some food. Yeah, no way is doing my e i e. I was like, no way You in about told me for the gym and I found something church to fifteen percent. But that's okay. Yeah, I'm probably seen it for around twenty, thirty minutes, twenty, thirty minutes. So that time to come down here, come back to my room and finish Homer that I have to do better to wait later this week. Tomorrow, forty five And my work, I'm going to work all my classes are actually very pretty light on this smaller sty. E think so. I would say like my orchestra is the biggest class, but that's like orchestra. And that's also a lot of havoc for students and a lot of immerses together. But excluding orchestra, I think my Internet film is pretty packed because it's an actual class. They're freshmen in that class. I'm a sophomore. I'm pretty sure there are a couple of juniors. I think there are around, like, maybe twenty students, and that's not even a lot either. But yeah, twenty students in that class. My education classes, like ten students on my sociology cost, is probably like maybe fifteen students. My photography classes probably like ten, ten, twelve, maybe maybe thirteen. Fourteen students around that. So they're all relatively like under twenty students. Um, actually, my film Class thirty students, which is not even a big difference to conserve colleges like I know there are so many colleges that I like hundreds in each room, and it's a huge electrical. But mine is just like a normal high school classroom, obviously doesn't look like it, but the size is pretty similar. Yeah, the biggest confit actually had was last year. I had entered a psychology, and that was a pretty big class. And it was one ever bigger lecture rooms. They probably let's say, if they're like, I don't know, maybe, like, eighty students, maybe even less maybe like fifty students, I'm not sure, But that was the biggest class, and he wasn't even that think. Probably fifty students idea all the classes here, since we're such a small school are pretty up a smaller side because it also gives you a good opportunity to get closer to your teacher, a professor or even be closer to the classmate. Even for sitting in the back, you're still pretty close. Oh, and teachers pretty much know every student you have one I want. Then you have. They encourage you to go to office hours and all that, which is really nice. And then, yeah, that's like class. That's all about my classes that I really know what else to say. But, yeah, there's so many Sony like departments here. There's stem program. There's an education like minor, where you could get assertive, forget a certification for to be a teacher. They're like programs. You could costs have referred T class A fourth. Or you could take classes at U Penn and maybe sometimes even Villanova, which is also really close by like a trick. Oh, with comfort. And it's worth more. We would bus that takes you to have fun. It's worth more, so you don't need to worry about in transportation fees. Phil Nova's honestly walking distance maybe like fifteen twenty minutes. There's also accept a train to Philly and everything, and it's very convenient. But also, I thought it would be much closer to the city, which is not. But there is a train that takes you to the city in, like twenty thirty Okay, so this is an overview of my room. Okay, so this's the door where you walk in. And then when you look to the left, I have some shoes. So and then I have a fridge cloth, a little organizer kettle. And then here is my closet. And this is my cause. It actually has a door, too. But I keep it open because we're not. And then over here we have my bed. This's a captain's bed, which means the jars are on the bottom. Some rooms have beds and there's room underneath the bed, and there's they actually have another six drawer thing. But this is a captain's bed. And then over on this side, we have a little bench. I would say I keep some storage water, my friends camera, and then I have this view, which is right, Nice and a heater. So and then over on this side, I just have my suitcase because they just got back from my fall break trip. My backpacks, Um, there's a little storage. I put my towers on there, Um, over here is my desk. So I just hang a towel here, so it's just easy to get over here some skin care. I have my water bottles and jars notebooks, and my guess is pretty empty because I don't really do work on it. I don't want to do anything on my desk, maybe watch some TV. But, yeah, I usually go to the library or somewhere else to work. But it's really nice because I have this whole empty space to just do anything I want. And then over here I just have some Chargers wires, extension cords, and it's a pretty simple room. So there's a light right there in the window light. you don't. C is gonna help me out with this slight. So this is what your arm looks like. They're people studying, eating, hanging out with friends. Um, it's just like a very cozy dining home comes in peace so far as starting earlier. There's a salad options, dining halls. Actually, when you're done eating, you basically just go to Okay, So for dorm's, uh, this is my favorite part of college life on DH. I also was mainly interested in my dorm life and like, what rooms looked like death from our college before actually coming to college. But I couldn't really find a lot of videos. So I'm here to show you all that door life stuff and just talk about that. So, um, basically to start off, I live in a dorm called Erdmann. It is a very nice storm. I think. It's mainly single rooms there. Some quads, doubles, triples here and there. But assed foreigner, as far as I know, there's a lot of singles, mainly in this store. There's also a dining hall. Urgent dining hall that is connected to treatment. So it's really convenient if you're trying, if it's like snowing, and you could just go through a different door and you don't have to step outside to get food, which is really nice. So I, uh, I was putting a law a draw. So here, a job offer at the end of freshman year, and the room dries basically where you get a priority number. So my number was around like one sixty, which is kind of low. So I was the one sixtieth person to choose a dorm. And unfortunately, there were no dorms, no rooms available for me to get sounds and put on a weightless. And I selected Erdman because I wanted to live in German. So in the summer, unlike other people who got their dorms at the end of the year in the summer of an email saying that I was, uh and turd like I was accepted, basically like they have room for me and urge mint. So I got a single and our marriage is really nice. I'm really enjoying it. And yeah, it's really amazing because first semester, no, first year I was in a quad and I was basically living in the common room, so there was like, a lack of privacy and like all that stuff, which is like, which I was kind of okay with, But now that I have a single room, it's like so much better. So earns really nice. so this is in common, and basically this is the way they want to get a cup of coffee. You could also just chillin study. You know, there's lots of tables and, like it's a ritual atmosphere. So this's our school little store, you know, Booth. Case of ideas and this. This is the best part. We also have a little study play room area and then our campus center. Yeah, this is where I usually pick up our mail, and if it's if it's, it would be in one of these lots. It's been three weeks, and I still have mail. So right now, Destiny and I are waiting for the lantern van wasn't you wanna fill them in on what the Lantern man exactly is. Basically, the lance event is like this vehicle that school provides for students who need Teo get from point A to point B wensley at night. So are, for example, I lived in braking, which is a dorm that's really far away, like a fifteen minute walk, and it's like one a m or maybe earlier than that. But basically the idea or the concept is that the landscape and you could call them and I'll come get you and basically driving to what we need to be as long as it's just a song. It's like somewhere on campus, you know? And if it's really late at night and it's past lantern been ours, there is Speaker e beautiful. But what is there? What else is there? If it's given safety campus safety, campus safety will also do the lantern vans job Pasolini. Um, so if you call him is past one and they're all really sweet, So yeah.