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Thinking about Stevens Institute of Technology and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Stevens Institute of Technology in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Stevens Institute of Technology’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Stevens Institute of Technology, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Stevens Institute of Technology experience. These Stevens Institute of Technology video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Okay. So when you introduce yourself Christopher Judah, I made two out of five computer engineering student Susan course. So, what do you think? Steven's, pick Stevens for a couple of reasons. My three major reasons were how well it was located. Right mix in New York City. You could see it from a word from Castle Point. Possibly your door. The caller program and internship program, which was which is very strong. As a writer, I won't cooperate. And thirdly, the name for general, a company job Okay, so I'm outside the Stevens building here. This's the main engine academic building here. So for an engine, eh, Major? Here. Ah, most your class. You could be in this building. I'm going to take you inside to show you around with the interior. Looks like, uh, this was actually one of the original buildings to campus. So probably the oldest as well. Scoped steps. To be honest, not May. People who actually used these steps here. There's a side entrance that most people use continue inside. Done interior. So t you upstairs where most the academic buildings actually are pretty cool architecture in here. So, Yeah, I I on average per semester, have at least three four classes in here. So going over here, this is one of the I mean lecture halls as well. Uncle Bones in here. Here we go. This is Ah, yes, two to two. It's a pretty big room. You'll have things like mechanics in here and a lot of other classes that are mandatory for most people. You'll be This room is definitely one of the more important areas on campus. So I'm inside the main academic buildings here. This is, uh, Pierce. And then Kitty, right here also referred to the M P K complex for the names you'll have once your class here, the TAL Department College of Arts and Letters house right up in here's building. So here you'll be doing everything, Kitty, right here. There's one of the largest lecture halls, so you'll be there a lot. Addition more. I won't say there's the music department here. Well, I was having a lot of good recitations here, and there's another main lecture, Mel's right on the bottom here of Pierce. So, you know, we could get a little confusing because the dining hall and, well, the main economic buildings appears just spelled differently so well, Time to get used to. But if I can pick it up, pick it up, So it was off by saying, Sorry. I know every video about puree, but I won't give you a really nice thing. There's people all over people always on the pier, and there are other peers further up. Hoboken to this is the one with the largest crafts park. So this is where it comes again. No picnic. Throw a ball around, play football on the other parks. People end up going running through walking through a nice day anyway, so yeah. Sorry, Harry. No, I did this one, but it's like I wanted to show on a nice day. So you two year old honor student body. I was talking about general intelligent people and gamers. You also see very athletic people on a lot of empty three sports, such there's soccer lacrosse of that nature. You were pretty diverse group. Cool. And so what song you like? Something just like besties. Things that I like about Stevens. There are things like Stevens Prime. I fear apart, as I said before, was this location being in Hoboken? Great food. I don't want plug any place in particular, but there are are all right, all right. But there are a lot of replace in Hoboken. A love of you New York City Manhattan style looks amazing. Things they dislike about Stevens. The biggest blaring one is probably stable work staying up pretty lake and worked on his so great thank you. Okay, so I'm right outside the Hoboken bus terminal. You could see right up there. This connects right through river streets. This goes right off campus. From there, it's maybe a ten minute walk in. Additionally, after the Hoboken bus terminal, there is the PATH station right there. Those little green orcs from the path. It is a ten minute ride into New York City. So even though your book is really cool, very young, when you wanna get Teo well, more of a big city field just ten minutes into a bronze in your city, I personally go in, maybe about once a month or so. I know a lot of people going for Broadway plays. Oh, things like that. So it is very easy. I love going to school in the city and so close to New York City itself. Uh, it's it's so having strokes. It's so nice and easy. Uh, I'm walking over to right now is the engine transit, uh, main station Hoboken. George Stevens. Student body lives, I'd say within an hour from campus or maim or somewhere we saw you with in New Jersey, New York, Tri State area. So a lot of the a lot of the campus ends up going home on weekends or it's very quietly so. It's very nice come from New York. So if I need to pop home, it's pretty easy after dispensation. So this right here is, uh, Hoboken terminal for the transit. So what? You said these three stations passed station A look in terminal and bus station are all easily ten minute walk from campus, right? Nice. My personal favorite restaurants here is you the specialized in wings. They even have this thing called nine one one Challenge which very hard on, uh, selling out good for Okay, so we're outside the peek. A complex. These are three academic buildings here. Stevens. So this is Kitty. Cheers, then. Morning. And, uh, that's what's called the empty cave complex. Uh, it does get a little confusing now, because this building here is Pierce and our dining holes also told Piers. So it took a little while to get used This is Pierce Dining Hall at the main campus. Lucky will come here for breakfast, but I want dinner. People are going to Colonel Johns or so over all So this is a typical room here, Stevens. This is in Jonas Hall. This is the doubles or anything. It comes with two beds and two desks. And while there are no standalone dressers or anything like that, we do have clothing stores. Right? When we walk in, I shouldn't ask. So it comes with three draws too shallow and one deep. The desk is pretty spacious as you until I have a lot of stuff out. Fact is, you have an idea. We do have our own bathroom. And complete with a periodic table shower curtain because, you know, very school. Uh, overalls. Pretty nice. It's you know, it's what you asked for in a