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The clod overhears Corsica, Chester and Surprise. These are all suites for because is hard for a lot of sophomores. Well, living sweets begin moistened your houses. See the state houses all have sorry letters on them. So they're the sortie on campus houses Corsica. Chester back there, Theo, next to the freshmen housing. Sorry, people. Others she here. But this is where I lived with freshmen housing. And this is what the Peter welcomes you to which is a freshman car here's Reed, where it's all female there, Mentor. So this is what Queen Anne's house looks like. This is where I live. And tonight I'll be showing you a traditional double. Looks like This is my side. So over here, you can earn some pictures. I write what I have to do for the day. This is my closet wardrobe. Here is where I keep my kids pictures. Get down. So here I keep my socks on Rose and just have my teacher is parents. John. It was my job And just leave my room shower stuff. Yeah, Sam, I mean, it's tapestry way. Have a cure, Mike. And if Rich Susan keeper numbers, my son. I'm here to test the just thing somebody knows. You sure you want your first? Countries, we don't get much. It's it's go. Show you what? Here two horseshoes and into yours. See a Martian? That's it. So how you pay is partner tuition, so we don't actually coins or slept or anything. You just put your choose what's a little cycle temperature in the store, just for thirty minutes. Just what temperature and dryers in an hour, sir. Grease ball. There's only two floors and grand, so girls on the first floor was on the second floor on each floor has a different launcher. So again, I live in a traditional double, and I was on the first war codes. Females is all on the first floor, and it's very cozy. And it's personally I really like that one first or because you want to walk up and down the stairs older, but I really enjoy it. Honestly, Some people say that the room is really small, but I think that they put everything perfectly well, and I think it's comfortable and a good size, so very happy with my room. And I think we have a really, really good house that we live in so well. What happened here? Hey, guys. I also forgot to mention that the Queen Anne's house is a speciality house. So peace Acquittal of England's means that drug and alcohol Free house and being said, Um, it's the wellness building, so we have a elliptical and analytical and our common room for people who want to work out a lot like fitness. See? So that's what Queen Hands is all about, and you'll see later that there's other houses in the freshman style that our specialty housing. So it's very easy to like me, people who have the same common interests as you. It's not taking you guys to the case, Academic son. Which is where emissions is held over at the bookstore is worth the, uh the mail room is and public safety is held, so let's go see it. Here's the bookstore. I'm taking you serious issues. Emissions. Over here is the football field. Here is our stadium. Where way some plays field hockey player isn't etcetera campus for a house in their house. So let's go see the Syrian. All right, So now I'm on my way to class and I'm talking about the weather here, so we do have four seasons. Sometimes you get them all in one week, though. Last week it snowed reign. It was sunny, sixty four degrees, all in the same way. So it's kind of crazy, but we are right off the water, so it does tend to be pretty windy and it rains a lot as well. Hey, guys. So I just want to clarify the reason why it's super hard two. Walk around and explain everything about all that government buildings is. A lot of people are in their study, and it's very disturbing if people are going around making good use of them and the noise. They sort of want to be super cautious of everyone into privacy. But I hope we'll be good to see someone overview of the buildings, and I'm gonna take you through each of the buildings I should. You are all about So first up his gold state Goldstein has the writing center and oil to do is go online and making appointment. Then go for the nose to our and look over and writings and resume NEES help you've any of your homework and very good. It's well, tohave, and it's paid their tuition. So it's free and also has the sociology department in with department and you'll have some. It's like a foreign language costumes in them. I have my Jun se clutching their iPad. Sociology cost them there. And yeah, I know some people have, like some of their force. We costs in there or business classes But overall it means sociology, English and foreign language. So next I took you to toll. Toll has all the signs rangers. And so that would include Valentin chemistry, physics, computers, I in psychology and environment. So basically, each part of the building is for a different department. I love that building so much or someone angry places to study. There's a whiteboards and big tables for groups study on, and it's just a very good environment to be in and on the sea like I'm all the time for different things. There's gonna be a stump here today, which I wasn't sure what that looks like, and there's gonna be a bunch of people recruiting for internships and jobs who are science majors. So that's really exciting. And that's when the pros of Ocean College and when the reasons why I chose to come here because they have all these great opportunities for science majors. Yeah, fuck it. I'm building. Showed you by Slow House. Also, it's the lawyers he house on. There's a lot of create everything. Costs is taken in there, and it's a great place for people to go and study with their friends. There's the print shop there and all the creative writing professors. Their offices air in there. So you'll be in there for how much of different things up to do. Creative writing and I just really cozy place to be. Hey, I was right. Now I'll be taking you through cold seeing, which is the home of the English department. Some foreign languages have classes here. There's a bunch of sociology cousins here, which is where the department has a house, and I will be showing you through. Hey, guys, I hope you can hear me with construction background, but right now I'll be taking through. Told which is the science building on campus so houses biology, chemistry, psychology, computer science and physics and be showing you good places to study and just what the building looks like. So I hear you. So the thing is that, well, if you got her now because it's super cold and get up for this, no. But we're just trucking along. Got disguise. I'm going to be just giving you a little overview of the literacy host reason why don't be talking in this, because a lot of times there's cost is going on there. And he'll study basically houses. Just where there's creative writing course is it's a writing house and there's like, waiting. So it's a really, really awesome place to go. They have free team free coffee, which this was well on. The reason why I chose this school, because it makes school so different from every other school. But I don't want to be rude to