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Isaiah Rivera

Florida, Global Public Health, Class of 2022


Lydia Mason

Kentucky, Politics, Class of 2022


Deja Green

Georgia, Drama and Dramatics/Theatre Arts, Class of 2021


Chioma Nzeduru

Nigeria, Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2022


Cecilia Parker

Washington D.C., Acting, Class of 2021


Megan Beattie

California, Drama, Class of 2021


I got to go into my calculus class and I'll show you what a lecture hall It's like now, most classes, those, like thirty to forty people. What have classes that everyone wants to take? You kind of have more kids. So this is a medium size electro hall seats about one hundred thirty students, by the way. Really quick. I can't really talk during a lecture, so I'm just going to show you what it looks like with all the kids inside. Yeah. I mean, like No. Yeah. All right, guys, I'm here with Edie. I'm going to show you his room. We're gonna go over here, walk, and he has an efficiency room, so he's with two other people. That's him. They have an amazing future. So there's his bed in his room. There's Josh's bed and private use. Sorry, it's a little messy. Were boys here? They say, I just look at his view right from his bed. That's the World Trade Center, the Freedom Tower, I think it's called. So you their bathroom really quick. They show everything. This one's more direct than my bathroom. It's got like just straight walk in, see. This is the hallway. You can see that have, like, different city abroad. Things on our doors that are did it's my friend Jessica. And why you has, I think fifteen global sites or you can study abroad, which is pretty sweet. This is Ruby r r a's room. You can tell by the purple. And she decorated all these doors for us, given us options. London, I'll be going here for my semester abroad. So we have Leora, you could see me in the mirror. Look at this. Look at that. Enormous near in the background, Behind the scenes footage. You could just jump right in. And, uh, can you tell us what your favorite and least favorite part of you? Sing, get it? It's like, Yeah, yeah. And like. Like this playwright can directing. Like just like you appreciate it. I like everything. Like. But like my least favorite thing, probably. Would be like You get like for us into New York. You think people are gonna hear? But like in the end, you have to realized who are you? It's scary. Let's go. We are What is your favorite and least a republic? And you, you're tied. Maybe a little bit specific tastes. Say my favorite thing. You are professional environment. We're like you're expected Teo trumpet on your sport either. And like the kind of people that that track, just like the blinds and creativity and there's people that I've ever met. And it's just like, so wonderful in this environment was cultivated Lee, for this lovely people on like to go up hospital, many smooth size of school because I know that outside of my bubble there are so many people just like words like out there never here. So kind of like make your bubble in order to live. Make your course good point. Right now we are in Rockefeller Center. We're got to go to top of the rock, which has the best view of the whole city. Please. Clamp. Go. I mean, there was that water, that's it. Lots. There's. No. If you guys come for a tour of you or just come to visit the city, definitely. Going top of the rocket has some of the Hey, guys. So right now I'm gonna show you what the subway looks like, Right near Washington Square Park. It's called West fourth. We're going to go put some money on my stuff. The subway is definitely my main form of transportation besides walking. If you ever want to go uptown, Brooklyn or anywhere, really take. Hey, guys, right now we're going to go to Pope's library, which is this huge twelve twelve floor library with one hundred twenty five thousand square feet of study space and books, and it's definitely an amazing place to go. So right now, I kind of wanted to explain the layout of the library. You have complete floors that are dedicated to quiet study. Then you have another floor that's dedicated to studying where you can talk, and then you have floor's completely filled with books. You have special rooms just for graduate students writing their dissertations. They have a lot of specialized areas throughout. They have some faculty offices, and they have a lot of books on reserve down on the first floor, where you can go to the reference desk recon, go the reserve desk and get them. It's organized really well. This is just one of the many room's full of Hey, guys. So this is my roommate, Christian on DH. He's going to help me answer some questions for you about what it's like to be here with you. Uh, Christian, You want to tell them what your major is and where you're from? So Christian has an interesting experience. And I where he actually got here in a different course that he wanted to. You want to tell them I got in for premed. But I'm not doing that anymore because I hate math inside. Try switching toe mcc, which is media, culture and communications. Yeah, it's a really cool program. My minder is actually in it because I'm learning about arts business. So I got to take business classes at the Stern school, and I get to take them in an artsy way. So I learned how to use it within my industry too. On a Christian. What is your favorite and your least favorite thing about you? Oh, definitely. How expensive is my least favorite life? That's true. Yeah, yeah, Favorite they give us like a lot of life, not like attention, but they look like they kind of cater to our needs, like letting us choose our classes. And, Yeah, that's tough, Definitely. And what do you think? What's your favorite thing to do in New York? Or for everything that you've done so far. I like staying at home with my friends. Yeah, that's true. Honestly, New York is amazing, and you can go out and find something fun every single day. Uh, but if you want to just hang out and chill with your friends at home, we do that all the time. And I can definitely say that it's worth it if you just want to hang out with people that you love. Um yeah, All right. Hey, guys. So right now we're gonna go take a tour of Lipton Dining Hall, which is the dining hall directly in my building. Next Washington Square Park. Let's go. A little back area back here. Yeah, Little ice cream section, ice cream. This is it. What a sweet fruit stand. Hey, guys. So I wanted to give you a quick tour of my dorm so that you can see what it's like in here. Um, everyone gets their own desk, their own bed and their own set of drawers. Eso you have enough room for all your clothes? Everything. There's even a closet. The nice thing about palladium is that they're actually walk in closets, so it's a pretty big space you can see. And there's enough side one for your roommate, One for you. Um, but yeah. So here's my bed. Put up some pictures because, you know, college on DH, then? Yeah. You have your desk for homework or books or make up. Mostly, um and yeah. So are dormant. Room is pretty small, but that's because in play diem and sweet style so we have a common room as well. Uh, this is our common room right here. We put up some light so that everyone can see I'll show you the view. We don't actually have a street view, but palladium has a courtyard because there's a dining hall down in the middle. So this is what you see if you look out, um you can kind of see into other people's rooms, so we try not to do that that much in each sweet. They also have a kitchen, which has been super helpful this year. A lot of sophomores that I know actually don't have meal plans any more because they've decided that they just want to cook for the whole year, which is super great for them. Uh, here's a quick shot of our bathroom, so you can see, uh, you had a shower toilet sink. We put up these cool shelves because there's a lot more space this way on one of our mirrors even opens up like a little compartment, so it's pretty cool. Um, and yeah, that's our suite. I'm here with some real life and what I used to do a little something to say about you. It's good, actually. Good. Yeah, I was a little bit. There's so many options. But if you want to get a burger, just be ready to wait in line for like thirty. But you can also order things on your phones. What? What is that? Yeah. Just like you like, I think. Ready by the time you want. Do you have any opinions? Yes, I think down scene has been my source of life for every breakfast. Third North's breakfast is not good. Everything else besides brunch is not gonna play him. Yeah. What is palladium Brunch. Have you ever been to a place? You've never been to palladium? Why let me talk about so late? Brunch is one meal, so you go in there. I think it's eleven to three on Sundays, and it's literally unlimited like it's there's so much food, there's deserts. There's like cheese. There's a papaya juice found naked. And then there's like, There's steak and chicken and like everything you could ask for brunch on. And it's like, All here, right? It's all here. It's already all around here in the place. It's wonderful. Yeah, amazing. Thank you so much.