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Thinking about New York University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting New York University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet New York University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to New York University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the New York University experience. These New York University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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I got to go into my calculus class and I'll show you what a lecture hall It's like now, most classes, those, like thirty to forty people. What have classes that everyone wants to take? You kind of have more kids. So this is a medium size electro hall seats about one hundred thirty students, by the way. Really quick. I can't really talk during a lecture, so I'm just going to show you what it looks like with all the kids inside. Yeah. I mean, like No. Yeah. So we have Leora, you could see me in the mirror. Look at this. Look at that. Enormous near in the background, Behind the scenes footage. You could just jump right in. And, uh, can you tell us what your favorite and least favorite part of you? Sing, get it? It's like, Yeah, yeah. And like. Like this playwright can directing. Like just like you appreciate it. I like everything. Like. But like my least favorite thing, probably. Would be like You get like for us into New York. You think people are gonna hear? But like in the end, you have to realized who are you? It's scary. Let's go. We are What is your favorite and least a republic? And you, you're tied. Maybe a little bit specific tastes. Say my favorite thing. You are professional environment. We're like you're expected Teo trumpet on your sport either. And like the kind of people that that track, just like the blinds and creativity and there's people that I've ever met. And it's just like, so wonderful in this environment was cultivated Lee, for this lovely people on like to go up hospital, many smooth size of school because I know that outside of my bubble there are so many people just like words like out there never here. So kind of like make your bubble in order to live. Make your course good point. Hi. I'm happy. Welcome to my door. Come on. All right, here we have the kid. Jan. We have lots of cabinets, so that's always good. Lots of fun. Storage. Yeah. Seeing my grave. Big fridge, stove oven. That's pretty cool. And some dishes was, uh, going to be a kitchen that we have our common area over here. We have a little table. You have a little main fridge over there and lamp. So four people live in this room by choose roommates live over here. That's Camilla. Thought eso these use. This used to be a one bedroom apartment, but they converted it into a four person sweet. So because there's no door here, my suitemates put there just like this. A little current. Give them some privacy, make sense their closets Right over here. We got here too. A closet over here, people to bathroom stuff and clean there. And here is our chore chart. See who's cleaning. Keep us cleaning. Oh, and also, we love to paint when you have a lot of artworks. There's an art over here and some over here, too. And then we have the bathroom bathroom shower sink. Here, here, here on the back of the store. And then we have support story there and Karen down here. And this is my room. My room, mate. Hayley lives on this side and I live on this side. You can tell he's clean freak. Um, yeah, I'm really just the posters. And I really like rock music. So I have a lot of rock man posters. I think lights is a super big essential tohave because, like in this room, we don't have any overhead lighting. So I have we have over here on my roommate has a lamp that's really important, especially at night. Also, something important I feel like is one of the usual Kanai shooter. And I'm asked because if you remain to staying up on the computer lately, this is really happening. My desk over here kind of give all my belongings, my books, painting stuff here, stuff make up everything. I need more artwork over here and then my beautiful closet. It's so big s o holy night. Sure, this cause it ourselves in the left, all ours. Ryan is on the right. We actually kind of rainbow colored it, which is pretty cool in the house cleaning stuff up there in the sides and shoes. My bike held it and also under my bed. I have a lot of storage to hear. I have, like blankets and bags, sheets and towels my guitar and then have suitcases for I go home. Also over here I have my dresser that they gave me a picture that my boyfriend gave me. Very cute. And in here I have medicine and bags and technology and chargers and stuff like that that steps all really important. A stool for a friend to see it. It is an essential and say so I go and why you. This dorm is located writing Union Square's called Carlisle Court. It's a really great location because units, where is awesome and the subway's right there. But I'm lucky because I don't have a view of Union Square, which would be really loud. I instead have a view of our courtyard, which is really nice to the other two buildings to the left and writer the other two towers of this dorm. And yeah, I think again, when the most important things is my lamp, because there's no overhead lighting in here, so it's super super important. Then I have my laundry bag. It's awesome because it's also a backpack, so it's really easy for me to carry it out. Here's what I have to do my laundry. And I think the most important thing about storming here is just making your own space and decorate how you want to. I really like that we have our paintings because that's really thought. I like seeing my drawings in the morning stuff. I just I'm going. It's good to see pictures of your friends and stuff, too. It's pretty much my door. hi guys and the soft board and way drinking, urban design and architecture studies, and I'm here to give you some final advice about applying to college. I think the most important thing is to stay confident in yourself that you're special and amazing, and colleges will realize that about you. It's also not the end of the world. If they don't back, whatever happens is meant to happen. And that is the place you're gonna find yourself. And at every campus and every university, there's always two three clubs and dorm events and lots of places where you can find your people in your community. And I'm sure that you absolutely will find that. So another advice definitely joined a lot of clubs. That is how I know a lot of people and have friends. So definitely do that. And also another good advice. My beats are early decision to school of You're really sure you want to go there because that does your chances of getting in that also, make sure you get a lot of reference letters from your teachers coaches. Anybody like that in your life knows how awesome you are, and they could definitely tell your also having trouble with standardized has s a t u R E C team. I definitely suggests going to group tutoring class, getting private tutoring. That really helped me my score. Also, make sure you pull your skills on there. You might be doing some activities that don't seem like you know about it, but they really do want to know how. Well, definitely put it down there and you're gonna do amazing. Don't stress. Good luck. Or But this is the main our main quad. We don't really have a quad because they say that the city is our campus, and that's really true because we're just part of the city. You and why you offers. Um, living space is in a lot of parts of the city all the way up to twenty third Street all the way down. Um, so the Tribeca area. So I'm going to show you a little bit of Washington Square park now. Here's the dog park, conceded dogs playing. Have trees were right on the outside. They say that the second largest owner of property in the city is in you behind the Catholic Church. Believe it or not. You can see the arch in the back for the park and see the arch and everything and all these benches. It's a really fun place to hang out. I wish the fountain was going, but it's too cold right now. That's over. We're lifting. Hall is again where I just wass. This is really the access way toe all of our classrooms. So I'm walking in Washington Square Park right now, and you can see that a lot of different stuff is always going on, like student filming and skateboarding. This found goes during the summer. First come to you. It's really pretty. You could see there's our I just wanted to kind of reiterate, like how central Washington Square Park is to the N U campus. Way owned most of the buildings in this area, and a lot of the faculty has their main offices and classrooms right here in the park, so they try to make everything close by. The park is one of the best places to hang out. Throw the Frisbee around a little warmer outside. Right now, it's about fifty degrees. It's really pretty right at sunset, he conceded. Park, this is our main quad main area. Hey, guys, it's Amanda. And long time no talk. But I am back with the new video. So, um, this video, I just wanted you an update or wait, not not enough. I do wanna do not date, but not him. So for this video, I just want to do a little reflection about my first year on. Why you, um I just completed my freshman year, so I wanted you a reflection about my first year at N Y. U. Um, I really like watching these videos from other people who make you two videos who are also in college. So I thought I would make one. Kind of just told you guys my experience, but also, I want to do a little bit of an update about where I've been. So basically, for the past month, I feel like I've been very busy because just finals. I've had tests City for as these right videos projects to make. So yeah, and I had a lot of interviews to at some point in, like, the last month. And, um, I started my like summer job. I traveled. I traveled to Jamaica and traveled to the Midwest like within a week. I was pretty cool. I have done more traveling in, like, the past, like, two months. And I have, like, probably ever in my life, which is really fun. And I love it, and I wanna do more traveling. But anyway, that's not what the cities I want to give you guys like a little update about right in. Um, I have some block clips from, like, the past few weeks that I just have Naga and the chance at it, And I just might put them on one video, Maybe. I don't know if you look cool. If you guys are interested in seeing that, let me know. But I don't want to like drug office injured too long, and I kind of just want to get into the meat or the t of this video my first year at you. But before we do that, I actually do kind of want to make a cup of tea. I don't know. It's just something so intimate about sharing like a hot beverage over talking to a camera. So I'm gonna make tea right now. Be right back. Okay, guys. So I'm back with T and my signature mug that I always use my teeth. This is also the only mug I own. So there's that, um Yeah. So, back into the actual video. What was it a reflection on my first year of college. So I'm just going to start from beginning, because that's what makes the most sense. Basically, ever since I know this sounds like really like dumb, but ever since I watched Gossip Girl in sixth grade, I had this, like, infatuation with New York City, and I knew I really, really, really want to go to college in New York City. So basically, that is one of the primary reasons in choosing my college was location. I just knew I wanted to be in your city. So you waas definitely the perfect place for me. I will say, at first I was a little bit like like going to school with campus, You know, I didn't get into Yep, uppers. I was a little bit I will say at first I was a little bit hesitant about, like, What's it gonna be like going to school like no campus? Well, guess what, guys? The city is our campus. The world is our campus. Our place in the world is everywhere. Violet Pride. Okay. No, I'm just kidding. But basically, yeah, So if you don't know and you is a little bit different than most schools, it doesn't have, like a traditional like this is the campus like, this is the plot thing, basically any and white building, like little building that is like campus. The rest of it is surrounded by a lot of mental you students, but it's just not officially the campus. Anyone can see there, which is cool just fine. You kind of have to dog strollers and dogs and construction workers on the weight class, but like, it's okay, you know, it's like we love it. So, um and also Washington Square Park is like, kind of like our unofficial quarters, but yeah, I always want to go to college in New York City, and I ended up coming at you, and I was just super excited to come here. But during the first week, the first week was honestly, probably the worst week of my life here. Like I'm 90 minutes Lyly. I had a moment one time during the first week, like it literally makes me that to think about it like it was so sad. Like I was just like in my bed and I was just like, writing in my notes like, Wow, I feel so walk out the door. You see someone that you know and they ask you how you are. You just have to say that you're fine when you're not really fine, but you just can't get into it because they would never understand During the first week was welcome week, which is a really fun and awesome because they have hundreds of events. Really cool fun events for the first coming for the incoming students. The problem with my experience with welcome week with that eye did not have friends. And I felt like everyone else around. We had friends and they had a friend group and they were driving in loving life and laughing at all of these events. And I was just there like by myself, just like loneliness is so much more exacerbated when you're surrounded by a lot of people who look like they're having a great time and you are looked like they were there having a great time with each other. So there was just like so many moments where I was just like like that. Like That's sheer loneliness, just like hit it hit me hard. So who welcome week? Felt like the longest week of my life And I was just Yeah, that was just not the best. But don't worry, it only got better from there. So, basically like in the first month or two. I you know, I met Darren, who turned out to be, like, really one of my closest friends here. And I'm so, so thankful we met and a lot of people I met just from my residence hall, which is Reuben like, I really love Ruben because that is how I that's how I became friends with, like, so many people, who I'm friends with her, who I was friends with, or even acquaintances with first month, like friendships like you don't have to be friends with, Like literally everyone. I think sometimes acquaintances like suffice and just people you say hi bye to get lunch with here and there like I don't know, I think that suffices, and you know, that's fine, too. But I definitely started to get more into my stride socially like in the 2nd 3rd month. And I mean, even still, there were points rise like, Oh, I don't have a friend group Which that was something I was really concerned about having like a friend group because I think it's really common for people in high school, too. Like you have your friends you've probably been with, like maybe since elementary school, middle school like, because at least for me, I basically just went to school with, like, the same people for my whole life. And you kind of like, just have your like high school. I don't know in general, to me, is very cliquey like that. Like people just have their groups. And I think college is a lot different that people are really willing to like step outside of their, you know, typical zone, especially in a school with N Y U that has, like so, so many different kinds of people. It's just very common to mix and mingle and with like whoever you just survived with and like, That's great. And I love that as long as you like, have people in your life who you're happy would you care for to day care for you and they support you? Yeah, it's Oh, Stillson t like, actually, Um oops. Yeah, I just want to say that really coming into Mou, One of my biggest concern was the social aspect, because I knew it wasn't like such traditional school. And I also knew I didn't really want to go to, like, a super traditional like Rob like football games, like parties like type of school. Like that's just not really me. So I obviously I really don't regret coming here, so But I definitely you know, it is a little bit more of a different social scene, I would say, but I think it's, you know, really the most You what am I think the vest, you make the best of it or you put the best. Okay, I don't know what I think. I do feel like in the first few months, I was like, really? Like I was trying to be friends live like anything with a pulse. Honestly, which sometimes you kind of have to be like that just till I get yourself out there. And as an introvert person, that was I learned a lot. I definitely kind of just, like, forced myself to like be the person to go up and introduce myself, and I've learned that I can do that in that. And I feel like for so much of my life, I always had, like, the label of, like being quiet on me. And I feel like just having that label on having people always call me that with, like, I just started to believe it, and I just started to not talk. I feel like I'm really not like that anymore. It's definitely learned too late. Get out of my own head and get out of myself. But from where I started to where ended in a you know, grown hostile college like you're not gonna like college with zero friends a point. It's like you're gonna meet people. But I think it's like so, like drastic. And I have, like met honestly from most incredible and inspiring and kind people who have just, like, really connected with and like I don't know, I'm just so thankful. It's like, really, really so thankful for my friends and acquaintances. Even acquaintances, like not a bad word like I feel like I honestly have a lot of acquaintances, and it's like not a bad thing like not every acquaintance. It doesn't mean that you don't like them. It doesn't mean that you don't want to be friends with them. It's just like people kind of have a certain social capacity, like you just physically can't be friends with everyone. And it's nice to just have those people that you kind of like sea around and say hi to you and give occasional updates, too. But like, Yeah, I've kind of learned the value of equates it suit So there's that. But yeah, that's kind of my social life arc at you. I went from being a very sad being toe have just having a really amazing, supportive people and friends in my life. Second, I'll kind of talk about the academics. So as a film, major academics aren't really thing. Just kidding, actually. But like that's kind of the mean that, like Tisch, kids like can't like do addition, basically, but no. So as a film, major academics, your teachers, honestly, you let you know that, like if you're trying to make it in the film world, you don't need to have straight A's to make it. In the film world, and you don't even need to. Goto films were making in the pool rules so but anyway, of academics, I mostly took classes that were required for my major, which is film. I basically had to Jen. It crosses every semester, and it's honestly kind of weird because I feel like my jennet classes that will not remain major is what I spent the most time on. And I kind of feel like it's what I needed to spend the most time on, which was my writing class. And then First master, I took microeconomics. Second semester took calculus, but yeah, those were the classes that, like had tests had that were, like, really worth agreed. Like the professors were not as chill as Titch. Professor is still say that, but yeah, I thought it was actually kind of interesting that I took these cloth that I took classes like Help in Micro and I honestly, it Weirdly enough, I I feel like I liked it kind of balanced out like a lot of the writing type of things I have to do for my film classes and remember engine. So I honestly I don't like that, like using the other part of my brain to do that. But in general, academics, I don't know. I didn't I don't have much to say about it. Like I didn't really hate any classes, but in general, I'd like to my classes like professors. Um, so, yeah, that's kind of academics. If you guys, I want Green also really happy because I got all A's this semester, so that's kind of cute. I want to talk about spirituality, religion really quickly. Like that once, definitely a facet in my year at college. So I knew going into college, I actually, like I grew up as Christian. My parents are Christian, like they just raised us like that always. But I I noticed that I became a very reluctant Christian in that. Like, I was like, it just kind of became a thing that I did. And I believed in just my parents told me to, and in college I really wanted my religion to be something that was for me and something that I actually wanted to do, and I want to take control of. So, yeah, I started going to church in, like September because they're invited me, invited me to this really awesome church that we will go to butt out of going to church and Bible City. I did meet a lot of really amazing people, became runs with a lot of awesome people. Um, and this year I really just learned to like, you know, praise God and go to God. And I talked to him not just when I, you know, I need help And when I'm in like the darkest hands, feel like when I'm driving and when I'm feeling great. Yeah, that's kind of like my little bit about religion relating to my school year for the last, but I kind of want to talk about just college life in general. That is kind. That's not that's not necessary, like in the classroom, so little about dorm life, dorm life. I learned that I really love my alone time, and I did not get a lot of alone time, especially being in New York City. You are around people 24 7 and then when you go back to the dorm and you have roommates, you were still around people 24 7 even in your seat. And like I just learned that I've really really value time to myself. I basically always had a room to myself, but I didn't realize how much I needed that until I was like living in a triple, which like, just like being around people for me is training and I I feel like whenever I'm around people, I there's to an extent there's just always a mask on me and acts depending on who. I'm around not to say that I'm like fake, but just I don't know. I feel like how I just feel like you are different versions of yourself around different people and I truly feel like you're just you're most yourself when you're by yourself and that's just the most comfortable state that I'm in. So I really I love being around people in the daytime. But after a full day of like, socializing and doing work or whatever just being around people, I when I come back to my room, I just really wanted to be a space where I could be alone by myself, which I honestly didn't really have that. So yeah, that was just an aspect I didn't really love about college, but I was kind of like well, you know what? You signed up for this, and I was kind of looks like I just have to push through it. It, like waas really training at some points. It was kind of something that I was like, I can't really do anything about this. And I kind of just have to, like, get through it and I'll be okay, so, yeah, next year I only have one roommate, so that will be a little bit better. And also in the summertime, I'll have a room to myself, which is, like such a privilege. So amazing, so happy. I hope that so, yes. Another thing. I want to talk about that out about college life in general, and it's like, kind of work slash time management slash like outside projects, going to school in New York City in and you there are really, first of all, really talented and really driven people here, and especially in a major where it's like, honestly, not very focused on academics. It's kind of focused on like what you are doing. It's a lot outside of the classroom. A lot of people are like crewing on like really exciting sets, or they're like directing their own thing or being the director of photography of their own thing, or they're like writing their show. We're having something produced. It's like people are doing really amazing, really, really awesome things. And I think it's you can. I think I may be a little bit got into this habit, Kind of like compares unlike Oh, this person doing this, that and the other. And I'm doing watching YouTube videos in my bed. So I think for a little bit at the beginning, I kind of let that compare something, get me especially being in a school where people are just doing really awesome things, like I yeah, like my fellow classmates are the pill in it, They really are. But I definitely think I got over that comparison thing. And honestly, the compared comparison is really the thief of all joy. But also even with myself, I I found that being around people who were so driven and doing great things, it made me want to do that as well. And yeah, I just had a lot of like blessings and opportunities this year outside of school, which didn't really really lovely, But yeah, this is basically my reflection on my first year of college. I truly like I remember, like going to college, like some people have told me. Or even, just like watching like, those YouTube videos about cause advice, whatever. Like like you're gonna change so much. And honestly, I feel like I I kind of have I've changed a lot about, you know, my spirituality. I've changed a lot about how I think it just kind of minds time. And I feel like I'm such a much more positive wrote mindset that I've ever been in my life. And, you know, I feel like I've changed in a lot of different ways and matured a lot and really for the better. So, yeah, I was just my reflection. I don't know if any fun, actually watch this bar, then. Thank you. That is lovely. But honestly, is will be kind of funny to look back on in a few years from now, But yeah, I hope that you guys with this video and this summer, I honestly have, like, a pretty free summer, and I'm gonna be in New York, say, this summer, which I'm so, so, so happy about and I really wanted just, like, create or content on here and really gave you guys and have, like, a relationship with my viewers. I think that's really pool and an awesome thing that you can do it. You two. So Wow, that was a lot. But I hope that you guys enjoy this video and got a little look into my college life. Leave any questions you have below any video request? Because I'm going. I really want to be making videos like crazy that someone like I just really wanted to be like a silver where I'm just like, creating a lot like those summers that I have, like super creative are just always the most fun for me. So yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed its video and I will talk to you next time. Hey, guys, it's Amanda, and I'm coming at you with a seasonally appropriate mug filled with some teeth. So today, I'm going to be doing a Q and A. I ask you guys my last video to ask me some questions about literally anything. Those things are, honestly, college class. And were you related? Which is expected. But you know what? I'm just gonna answer all your questions. This is, like, my third time China illness. So hopefully this actually works out this time. Um, yeah. Let me just call these questions. I just got into animal you classes 2023 I'm super excited. Could you make a video on my crush, My advice or how to save money with City Channel? Thank you. So so much for watching and congratulations for getting into any use. That's awesome. And, um, I will for sure makes those videos. I might do more freshmen advice ones after I finished my first semester. Uh, because you know what? Let's give me a better I'll be more qualified, I think by them. But yeah, I would definitely do those videos in the future. I love your videos. I was accepted with 23 3 And I was just wondering if you could talk about your dorm. Saucy other freshman dorm's. I'm kind of looking for my top choice right now in a threesome. First hand experience would be great. Okay. So thank you so much for watching. And congratulations on being accepted into the 2023. Um okay, so I personally live in Rubin Hall, The hottest hol. Okay, so ribbon I chose because it is the most affordable dorm. That being said, it does not have a C, which is, like, the most horrible dream, but, um, yes, sir, Reuben doesn't have a feed. Honestly, for the first, like, two weeks this. I thought I was gonna die. No. Okay. The 1st 2 weeks, it was actually like, incredibly hot. Like I had to change my clothes at least twice a day. Another reason why I didn't want to be improvement is because of the lack of a see. You actually tend to, like, bond with people over that. So a lot of people in the first month spend a lot of time on the second floor lounge because the second floor lounge does have a C. Thankfully and literally like a ton of people slept down there. I slept down there a few times and it was honestly, so funny. Was just like one thing sleepover on. And that is how I met a lot of people's in the beginning. I just going to the second floor lounge, literally like my first friend here, Daryn shot out. If you're watching this like that, with how I met one of my best friends, you're Darren's on the second floor lounge during, like the second week. So and I even like I slept down there a few times. One time it was like 12 and I just met like this group of people. We just randomly went and got ice cream because, like, Why not? So, honestly, it's like Ruben. I think it's really, really good for bonding, and I think, actually have like a really nice community. So I really do like Ruben. Um, then I'll just run through the other one's really quickly. I don't have, like, first experience with them, but I'll tell you what I know. So there's Goddard that is super super opposed to all the academic buildings. There's like a Starbucks right underneath it so if you want, like zero minute walked across was there also. I know you have to write essays to get in there. It's nothing like too intense, but like they have different themed floors that you can. You have to write essays, toe live in there. So I've heard it has good community, though, and then there's lifted. Lifted is also pretty close to the main academic buildings. It is right on Washington Square Park. It has a dining hall. It was like renovated in the past, like two or three years. So the dorm there are really nice. Then there's There's Britney. I've heard it's nice. I don't really know too much about it. Um, And then there's 1/3 North. Third North is like a 10 12 minute walk from like the main campus area, and they have kitchens and, like apartment styles, like a common room in the kitchen. Um, and there's also a dining hall, their Founders hall, which is super close to certain north. It's also like a tennis 12 minute walk from the main area. Founders has like huge rooms, though if you will live in a really big room. Also, I think founders rooms come with reason rich. Thank you. They come with bridges, they come with refrigerators. And then there's also U Haul, which a lot of freshman lived there this year. But it's also it's a mix of freshman upperclassmen and that also has apartment housing. So, yeah, those were all the freshmen dorms. Hi, Amanda was accepted. Q. And you cost 2020 three's congratulations. And I was wondering, How do you feel that it's just like they're just every party or are there lots of people who don't are you the party and have a big type things? Okay, so how would you feel socially? So in my other video, I'm hopefully if you watch that one. Hopefully, it didn't seem too negative, like, really, when I really had, like, a not grateful to my life, really only in like the beginning. It's definitely definitely got better after that. But, um, I would say I have had generally positive social interactions on why you like if you go up to someone and introduce yourself, especially within, like the first month or two school. It's not a weird thing. Everyone wants to like I have friends and meet people like in the beginning, especially, um, so, yeah, I feel like the social life is good. It might be a little bit not as every other traditional college, just because people are way more spread out. So sometimes it could just be a part. Keep in touch with the same people and make sure you're seeing people unless you actively is a scientific reach out. Yeah, I found that a lot. I really do have to reach out to people. It's not all the time that you kind of run into someone, but it has happened a few times. So it's all these. It's not impossible. Does everyone party or are there lots of people? Joe, I'm sure there are lots of people who do not party. It's not like a, um I don't think it's a huge campus culture. And my opinion, Um, I think students are generally independent, kind of like what they want. There's no sort of like pure pressure to do anything that you don't really want to be quite honest. So, um yeah, and I'm either party and have a big idea type. Personally, I am not. That's just no panties, but you know what it's honestly super common top. Big idea. Some people say that like you need a big idea, like have fun or surviving the city or whatever, but like, I don't know if you don't really have a strong desire to, like, party or go to bars. And I think you'll be fine because that's the book I'm basically in. So, uh, yeah, Viselman. Hey girl, how are the guys that you I know are old fashioned? But I was just wondering, And did you get along with roommates? Interesting to know. So how are the guys that you honestly, I cannot make a generalization about the guys and all you wish I feel like is a relatively positive thing. So there isn't stereotypes that there's a lot of you guys that you, which is true, but it's not. It's like it's fine, like it's not a big deal. I know it's far straight. Guys that go, I'm kind of assuming that you're asking, um, I don't know. There's, like different, like steered, have different ones like you have, like the stern like finance throws those generally having more negative connotations. And then there's like I don't know are the fish boys like, um, I can't really get I don't have, like, a distinct, like thing to say about the guys that you experience with them have been fine. I don't know. Not really. I don't have anyone, but yes. Oh, she also asked you get along with your roommate. Yes. Do you get along with my roommates? I have two roommates and I don't think we've been in any of my video. I think they watch them. Sometimes they just I don't know. I was gonna do the roommate tab with one time, but honestly, our skin was really kind of really different. So it's kind of hard to coordinate, but someone else asked what each of your classes like individually, Uh, what are Tish film students like? Okay, I Sometimes I feel like there is, like, a little bit of a stereotype about film students like wins in the end. Why, you see mostly, just like like Tish feel like so pretentious or whatever are, like, full of themselves. But honestly, I have not really met any people like that. Everyone who had met in don't have been really nice and really helpful, especially as someone who, like has like not really a lot of background with, like, even just the key is some of the upperclassmen I met. A really nice. A lot of people really like just have a really cool personal style. And I just like love, like people's outfits like I don't know, it's weird, but, um, but I think in general tissue from students are actually really nice, and it's a very collaborative major, so there's definitely a lot of bullets involved, even more so, I think in the leader years. But yeah, I have, like, generally positive experiences with Tish. Film students so far have a crude on any student films. Yet I have not proven anything. It's required for me next Messers. I definitely will. Yeah, I've never even like crude on anything, but actually it's kind of funny. I was I acted in the student films that semester. There was no it. It was a silent film. I randomly active, Mr, because someone I know they just needed inactivity. Last minute and I've been doing nothing. Okay, that was a critical experience. But what state do you come from? I am from New York, upstate New York. So those are makes me all the questions on the YouTube video. Let me check my instagram. Okay, so I have a pretty long question. My instagram Someone asked, Why do you have a question? Did you struggle with choosing to major in film and realizing that home was your passion? Definitely for sure. Because a literally every other school I applied to I applied undecided because I don't know, I don't You still I'm like, I don't know what I wanted you in my life for sure. I figured that out at some point. Hopefully. But, um, yeah, I ended up coming down on you. And, you know, I really I like it. I, like the major are still like, I don't know, like, if I'm a and y you, I'm like that's because the film program is like, you know, such a thing. I'm like, why not do filled with I'm here, so, you know, definitely liked. It wasn't necessarily something I've always wanted to do. I kind of just like, applied to it almost on a whim, like it's always kind of been something in the back of my mind. But never anything that I like actively, like pursuit. So I still have my doubts about, like, you know, my major and stuff sometimes. But, you know, in general, I'd like it. Okay, So I just wrote me a really nice like question, and I read the whole thing. I don't know. Oh, my gosh, we That was such a nice message. Oh, man. Okay, thank you so so much. And I definitely struggled with that same thing of indecisiveness and letting other people in need. But honestly, I would just say, like, follow your I got a feeling what really feels right to you and doesn't know that there's always opportunities to change your course of study or what you want to do. Really? You literally have your whole life ahead. So I wouldn't say so. I would say, Don't be too stressed out about that. And even like now, I even me a lot of like adults who majored in something that's completely different in the job. Whether that's a good thing sometimes is a good thing. Sometimes it's a bad thing. Most of time. I feel like it's a good thing. Most of the time, people are like happy where they are, despite what they chose to me during or not me during college. So you know what? Thank you. So sweet. Yeah. I totally wish you the best of luck. And whatever other advice that you want, I am here for you. Someone else asked. Have you had a major crisis yet? A little. Give me a name Shadow in the vid since I wasn't shocked for your blood. So this in some stage going my friend from She's one of my friends from N Y. U's and she is someone who I run into all the time, which is funny because I was talking about it before how it's such a big school. It's up, but I run into her like, at least two or three times a week. So Sarah shadows to sage, having a major crisis yet? Honestly, no, I have not had a major crisis yet, so that's a good thing. But I'm definitely someone who I feel like I'm like a chill person, like I don't let myself get very overwhelmed by stuff like I am kind of which I don't know what could be a good thing or a bad figure like my philosophy is that, like every moment in life is like, equal. So, like, I don't know. So I don't think you should put any, like, waited pressure on anything like to too much, because every second is a second. Like, it's that weird. Like it might do. I sound crazy. I don't know, but yeah. Okay. Someone. That's Jerry. I've been rooting to spending your bids, but next master, and yes, for sure we should. Um yeah, I definitely think. Okay, so someone asked what's the coolest thing about your major? Okay, I just think closing that my leader is the classes. Just like the fact that my work is, like, very creative. And it kind of like horses. You to be creative, which I think is fun. And I think it just, like, good practice for the real world to kind of have to force yourself, like, just come out with state should kind of just create constantly. And I think the more that you create, the better you are at it. No. One of my friends asked how school doing You managing yourself? Okay. Yeah, School is doing just fine because I'm not in school, but I haven't. You managing myself, okay? Actually, sleep schedule is incredibly off. I go to bed early. 5 a.m. It's fun, huh? Trip asked that trip, guys. Pretty cool, isn't he? I highly doubt that trip is washing, but yeah, he's cool. Um, there and ask you if you're made hope. Darren. Yes, Darrin, If you Sarah asked, What are your resolutions for the new year? Okay, I have a lot of revolutions, but some of my main ones are just to, like, create more. I really want to, like, get more into three writing. I want, like, a short song or like a TV pilot from that. And I really want to get a job or internship, like within the entertainment industry. So yes, flow asked. Do you think you've changed in certain college? Okay, honestly, I had always liked watch these type of college videos and people be like she'll change in so many ways. Like I feel like, really, really Um, but I honestly do you think I have changed? In some ways, I have done things that I didn't really think I would do. And I don't know, I think I have kind of just expanding how I think and I've become more like open minded person. Honestly, So yeah, that's definitely how sad. Changed in terms of college. Sure. A asked. Why are you trying to feel all my menses straight enough. Enough? Sure enough, I actually do not think she was watching this, but whatever. This is not true. So, yeah, those are all the questions for this Q and A. Thank you so much for asking me questions. And as always, if you have any more leave from below, GM eat whatever and definitely told me any more tips of video I would like to see for me. And I hope that guy's really enjoyed this video, and it was helpful for some of you. Um and yeah, I'll just be in my next video. You what? I always do this. It's like a coping mechanism. I don't know. I have no idea what I'm gonna wear. This is, um, the latest addition to my pajama collection there so Christmas, but I don't care. Okay, so we just got done eating breakfast. Now we're gonna head to our first class. It's looking pretty nasty outside. So So we just got out of our first class. We just got Well, I just got out of Spanish, which I love my teacher, but it has to be the hardest class I've ever taken. Guys, right now it's about, um 9 30 We just left the dorm or trying to goto Trader Joe's to get some stuff for some healthy shakes for tomorrow. Know that tomorrow morning, I'm not gonna feel like making a protein shake, so I'm just gonna see if I can buy one. We just got back from Trader Joe's. Got this organic vitamin D added whole milk yogurt, peach smoothie. It's a really good source of calcium and protein as organic milk and organic peach puree. So too right free. I knew it. That's what I said, right? I got Aria women's wellness protein powder. So basically, what you do is you put two scoops of this to around eight fluid ounces if they're cold water or milk. And lucky for me, I have both. Then I got these little tasting pomegranate seeds, which I'm gonna bust open tonight. We're waking up at, like, 77 30 tomorrow to go to the gym and then we're gonna go Thio are 11 o'clock class. I'm now. I'm just gonna go over to Alice's apartment. We're gonna maybe do some. No, we're not gonna do homework. I'm gonna start watching a TV show and I have a fire safety inspection. Cute piece. Good morning, everybody. Oh, that's a nice building. I am here with Alex right now. It's almost eight o'clock. We're meeting some friends to go to the gym. I'm actually super excited. My water bottle. No, we're excited. Come on. Oh, my gosh. But it's a really beautiful morning. It's sunny. It's a great day, like, start up. And, um, that's it. That's all I have to say. I will try to film some at the gym. Depends on the environment. So I'll catch you guys later. Okay? So I just got back from the gym. It's 9 20 right now, and it was good. It was really really relaxing, actually. Not like relaxing in the sense where like it, like, calmed my mind down, Not relaxing in the sense that I liked did nothing. I did waits, glutes, abs. And then I got tired. So we left. And then I went to the aster plate and I got a skinny GS movie. Now I'm going to take a really quick shower. I'm going Thio, do my hair and then I'm going to get dressed for the day, throw on some eyebrows, some lipstick and that's that's what it is. We have two classes today. We have Spanish and we have writing the essay, so I'll sort of maybe talk to you, like along the way. And it's such a gorgeous day, like after Spanish. I'm gonna go get, like, salad or something, and I'm gonna sit somewhere and it's gonna be really pretty end. I'll try to film that, and I'm gonna go to my second class and then after that, after Meet a friend for Stilic study. And that's all we have planned for today. Silver, See you later. So I just I got some coffee for my favorite bangle plays, but now I'm going to see if I can take you guys to Washington Square Park because it's beautiful in the fall, I'm going runway. I'm going the wrong way. I just made it to the park. Can't wait to show you. So I'm sitting in the park taking a quick break Look at these trees just to give you an update. It's a bound 3 30 I'm walking home from my second and last class. Look, See, I really don't have any eyebrows. Like, do you see what I'm talking about? Like to use the Andes amusing like it's just so beautiful in New York right now. Okay, so now people are starting to stare. I got Hey, guys, A few hours has passed. Now I'm getting dinner with me. No, by myself. Actually, I got like, Robin and I got a plan. Teen, some pizza, a nice variety, all of the food. All right, ladies and gents, we just left the apartments were gonna hop on the train to Brooklyn, okay? Somebody walked in the elevator, so it stopped filming. So all of you guys, when we get there, we made it. We're looking for the old Yeah, that we're staying in tonight What if I got a room? Shall we get a room? How much is the room? Like minded, I think. Okay, this is crazy. Hello. So I was just editing the clips that you just watched, and I realized that I never really explained where we were, why we were there or anything of the sort. So I'm really sorry if that was choppy or that didn't make sense. But basically, what happened is my friend Mary Alma and I I went to the one hotel by the Brooklyn Bridge. Um, I really love going to like fancy hotels, looking around, seeing what's up, See if I ever want to stay there because I don't live in the I live in New York now, but I don't usually live in New York. And Mary Alma came because Shawn Mendes was staying in the hotel, I think, that night before the Victoria's Secret fashion show the next day. So she thought it would be fun to really possibly saw him. We didn't end up seeing him, but it's fine. We went to, like the upstairs lounge and the rooftop area, and it was super fun and insanely gorgeous as you just saw the views were breathtaking. On one side was the Statue of Liberty, and on the other side was the Brooklyn Bridge. And then after that, we went to the River Cafe. That was where all the pretty lights were on the trees. It was right next to the hotel. So we just went there to film afterwards. Back to the video. Good morning, everybody. It's Thursday and I'm exhausted. But I'm gonna go print something up and go to class already. We're on our way to our first class of the day. I'm a little late, but that's okay. I have two classes today. You have the new student seminar, which is like a mandatory class for each student to take when they come to you. And then I also have Mac later. But this is a really nice breakfast place. It's called Smith. Sami Robinson was just there, and I missed her. But yesterday there was like this huge film truck parked outside. I think they were shooting some sort of movie. But today I'm so sore like everything just like, hurts so much because not only did I get out of bed with my thighs like killing because the work that I did yesterday was super intense. But I also got up and, like, immediately stubbed my toe on my roommate's bed. It's a really good thing I live in the city because it's not like you have to walk everywhere. You guys after my class, right? Here we go. So we're at Bluestone way. See, I slaughter days of ice cream shot of espresso. So? So it's about 5 30 Maybe about right now. And I have to go meet my friend to practice for our Spanish oral exam tomorrow. Guys, we just finished rehearsing Spanish. We're famished. So we're gonna go get some food, but we're all Spanish out. We have an oral exam tomorrow, and we're so nervous what we're gonna do. Really? Well, all right, I will catch up with you guys at the restaurant. Hello, everybody. And now I'm taking down the Halloween decorations. So much work. Wow. Uh, the rest of my night is gonna be pretty boring. Mature. Morning. I have class until, like, two. Then I'm gonna get dressed, and I'm gonna go meet my friends, Going to a little event at the hotel where, like her friends, staying at, which is gonna be super fun. And then after that, I'm gonna finish packing my clothes and some things that I want to take back home for the weekend. So excited. I'm gonna see my high school play. We're gonna meet up with some friends, but I think I'm gonna end of log here. So I hope that you guys enjoy this video and you should totally subscribe. And you should like. And you should comment on banking on the whole ordeal. You know how it goes. You're very familiar with this concept, I believe. And, um Bye, guys. Thank you so much for watching. Hey, guys. So right now we're gonna go take a tour of Lipton Dining Hall, which is the dining hall directly in my building. Next Washington Square Park. Let's go. A little back area back here. Yeah, Little ice cream section, ice cream. This is it. What a sweet fruit stand. I'm here with some real life and what I used to do a little something to say about you. It's good, actually. Good. Yeah, I was a little bit. There's so many options. But if you want to get a burger, just be ready to wait in line for like thirty. But you can also order things on your phones. What? What is that? Yeah. Just like you like, I think. Ready by the time you want. Do you have any opinions? Yes, I think down scene has been my source of life for every breakfast. Third North's breakfast is not good. Everything else besides brunch is not gonna play him. Yeah. What is palladium Brunch. Have you ever been to a place? You've never been to palladium? Why let me talk about so late? Brunch is one meal, so you go in there. I think it's eleven to three on Sundays, and it's literally unlimited like it's there's so much food, there's deserts. There's like cheese. There's a papaya juice found naked. And then there's like, There's steak and chicken and like everything you could ask for brunch on. And it's like, All here, right? It's all here. It's already all around here in the place. It's wonderful. Yeah, amazing. Thank you so much.