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The reason I wanted to do this tour for campus Riel was a It seemed like a good opportunity just to showcase my school and show everyone what I love about my school. But also, I think this is a really authentic way to look at University of Maryland because you could go on actual tour. You can look on the website and see the statistics and everything, but a lot of colleges have impressive statistics and have a really nice tour guides. But sometimes you need to see the random little details and like an authentic day in the life, I guess, and that really gives you a different perspective. But at the same time, I'm only one of thirty something thousand students here, so I guess everyone does have a different experience. But that's what's so special about a really big school like Maryland. Is that there it is. There's just so much opportunity here and so many places to live so many things to be involved in. You can have so many different experiences here. And if you try out one thing one year and you didn't like that much, do something else. The next year, there's endless things to try. I'm in the Xfinity center right now, which is our huge sports complex, where the basketball team plays G upstairs right now, trying not to trip. Right now, the women's basketball team is warming up their game at two really out of breath. Women's team has a game at two against date, and I think so. I'm actually working at the game. I'm gonna be running a camera down there. Gonna be really fun. Definitely a lot more people come out, watch men's basketball. It's a lot more popular. The way that the ticketing system works is that it's a lottery, so you can request tickets to any game. But all Maryland student tickets are free, so you can go to any game for free. It's just that you might not necessarily get a ticket because it's just a lottery. Normally, the band will be right down there under the flag and below that will be the cheer team and dance team. There's really loud music right now. This is not working out here. We are on the outside of the Xfinity Center. It's a huge, huge building, and it's so far up on North Campus. It's about to be like a thirty five minute walk home for me right now. But basketball is the main thing that's in this building That's really popular that a lot of people go d'oh basketball games. They usually give out some kind of free shirts or something. And that's a huge thing about Marilyn, too. Is that it? Everywhere you go, you get a free shirt. I don't know if that's an incentive to come here. Not. But I've gotten so many free shirts just from going here and going to different games and events. I literally don't have space for them anymore. All right, girls, where we're going, you're going to join the daddy? Hold it right there. This's our bill. Do they have a double walk? You have just site car in order to get into. Then you just flip again. What do you guys do at this death? What do you think? You pick up packages. You could have a room. Yeah, for action. Fun fact. I lost my key three elevator. You have to swipe again. Get to your floor. So will yer. Well, your slice work in any dorm? No, it only works in my door. How do you do your laundry? You go to Washington. Drunk washer dryers. No tired People. Guys, there's a mike. We've been there, which is nice, but we can't have those. Can you have fridges in your room? Yes. Do you have them? Sweet. We are in the hole. Oh, hidden in the dark home Sweet home. Oh, this is beautiful. Um All right, give me the tour. Well, whose bed is this? This's my bed. Look at this day, Cor. Uh, no way have my desk over here got the calendar, and then we kind of are a little Catherine, This is my bed. This is my desk. Got on makeup in the market. Wow. This is the most beautifully organized dorm room I've probably ever seen. And then we each have our dressers. There's actually a lot of storage space in the dresser. Yeah, you can fit so much. And under the butt is our fridge underneath. We have a little cart. Make the fridge taller and awful like snacks and stuff it under there has been. It's a really big closet. Yeah, the shelving on top is really nice for extra storage. And then if you like, Amanda has a shoe hanger in the back there. And then I like you things to give yourself more room. It was really more storage in here than you think. When we first moved in life, we had, like, empty bins that we didn't have anything to put it. Obviously. Now, because we've been here for a couple months, like we've accumulated more stuff and we filled them up, But like, she had an empty dresser drawer first moved in, but There is a lot What is your guy's favorite food to eat here? I want another girl. Cheeses. They have been like once, and you can see he wants twice. But I like Mr Rock Station on the rice like some noodles and chicken. They have like sesame and teriyaki sauce, acres. And on top of it, how is the food here? Overall, nothing's bad. Like it's pretty good, I'd say, but you just eat the same things over and over again. So you kind of gives it some things, but there's always something. You know that here you'll always find something that you like. It's not like you were walking and you look around and I'm really picky eaters for me to say that huge so and I've never not been able to find something what's like something that's so good that they don't bring in that off hand. But like when they have it, you guys have to get it. Wait Tenders on the way and fried pickles. I love friends and they've had them once. It was like a special one time, and I wish that they were here. How does this compare to the other dining halls on campus? I think probably more or the to do what it's supposed to be like the nicer Diner. I'd say it's more like cafe style. Um, South Campus is also bigger, I'd say, and they have more options. South Campus has come back through that. They calling it's Magnolia drill or something like that, and it's a build your own front station. And I really like that feature at South Campus. But the actual diner party, I'd say it's less options in this. Yeah, but like in size wise with sitting area and everything, it's probably work. Yeah, because that's more like those soft. How close is this to your door Way? Would like, literally right. We can smell it from our. It was always open. It's open seven a. M to a night on Mondays to Thursday and then Friday. Closes at ten p. M. Saturday closest. Saturdays ten to ten and then Sunday is ten to midnight, so you never start. You have a build your own omelette station, which is We're at Terrapin Row, which is an off campus apartment building. Well, it's actually three buildings, and they have a variety of apartments and townhouses. Right now I'm standing out in the courtyard where it's covered in snow, but they have grills TV. There's a volleyball court again, snowy. But these air, the apartment's up here. Um, it's a really nice option if you're looking for a place to live. If you want to move off campus after freshman or sophomore year, it's really, really nice. And a lot of my friends live here, and it's an actual apartment. You cook for yourself, you pay rent, you have a full year lease. So if you need to live here in the summer, this is a good place. There's a lot of other off campus apartments, but this is just one I want to show you. So let's go look at my friend lies his apartment. This is my friend Liza. Hi. And we're in her Terrapin roll apartment. So Liza, look, it was the tour. So we walk in. We have a nice stay living room, a big kitchen with lots of space. It's obviously not clean right now. Well, it's the authentic experience. Grams, this is mine. Okay, let's see. A big company. Bad dusk. And they actually really big deposits, too, which is nice. Lots of storage. Nice. Um, lots of clothes. And I share a bathroom with just one other person, but it's really big. The shower. Beautiful. Thank you. Is the rest Have this? It's not every mates room. We got these nice. And what else? It's just a really good living area. And they have a really nice pool, A good workout place. He's two floors below at should really go more. But what else is there? They free spray tans? I don't know why, but it's really nice. Um, and good study areas. A big courtyard, free coffee in the mornings, so I like living here. I'm here with my friend Suzie, and she's gonna tell us all the popular bars in College Park that students like to go to. So where we now? Okay, so this is Cornerstone. Cornerstone is my personal favor on Wednesday nights. Just because the deals are unmatchable, um and cornerstone by far has, in my opinion, the best food in College Park. So a lot of people like to come here to just, like, hang out. It's really chill vibes. Happy hour's air. Great. Here. Cornish is of a very reliable bar. Uh, over here, we have R J bellies, which is definitely it's probably one of College Park's favorite bars just because it's probably the most popular Most people go here. Go tto. Arjun, please. Um And over there over there, terrapins her on, and that's my personal favorite and the warmer months because you get a fish bull sit outside. Food is also really good there. Five. Really. So what Nights are like they're going out nights. So for Cornerstone, um, Wednesdays and Sundays, Definitely for bunch, usually Saturdays, Fridays, um, and Thursdays, closer in order and then for turf, definitely Tuesdays to Tuesday. Here we are at Toss Plaza, So it's three academic buildings that come together into this one little courtyard area. Little fountain right there. Um, Tawes is a building that houses a lot of humanities classes, like English. That's the education building. But however, there are a few different journalism classes that meet in tow full. So I do spend a good amount of my time and Tawes because that's where we have our computer lab. And, of course, as with everywhere on campus, there's a lot of different tables and picnic benches and just like places to sit down. Enjoy the outdoors, although getting to be that time in November where it's really cold and windy out. So that's why you're maybe not seeing as many people outside as you normally would. But I swear people go here. This tawes it's a very typical looking academic building. Nothing too crazy. Tawes has a variety of different size classrooms. This is maybe a smaller one. Maybe it's about thirty people. It does have some big lecture halls. Um, I mostly just come here for the computer lab and the TV studio, which I'll show you in a second. We have these two computer labs that AA lot of journalism classes Hughes. So it's really it's really small. These classes only have about ten people in them. As you can see, there's not that many computers, but and that's brand new teacher sits. And this is where I have my video reporting class that I'm in right now. So well, check out cameras from the journalism school, go out and shoot a story, our package, and then we come back to these computers and we edit the packages. And here's another lab that looks identical to the one that I just showed you. You probably can't even tell the difference, except for the colorful cards on the wall. But, you know, use the monitors on the wall to watch each other's videos and critique them. And this is one of my my video reporting class is one of my favorite journalism classes that I've taken because it's really hands on. And we got some really good critiques because my professor is an actual news anchor at WC nine. So it's really fun. But I'm in class. This is Journalism three sixty one, which is video report from What is it called? Really? This is video broadcast news, writing and reporting. This is my wonderful Professor Adam. Long ago today, we were pitching stories in class. So essentially what that means is over the course of the semester, all the students in this class have to do four separate news packages. Right now, we're on package number three. So everyone's got to come to class with an effective pitch. They have to tell us what they're going to shoot. What the story's about who the central character is of their story and why anyone should care. Why that story is interesting and deserves to be told. So we just wrapped up class. Everyone made their pitch. Everyone has kind of experienced into how to pitch their story now. So they're on it. They pitched, and we're going to leave about an hour early today. Wow. Great. And I'm a great student, right? She's all right. Thank you, Professor. Long ago. Yes. So that is my journalism class I'm doing today. So I'm going to answer Some frequently asked questions about Maryland. So the first one is. How big is your school? We have twenty nine thousand undergraduate students and forty thousand total, which sounds enormous. And that actually really surprised me when I looked it up because it just doesn't feel that big to me. What is the student body like? Well, since it's so big, it's the student body's really diverse. There's a little bit of everyone from all over. I will say it's a lot of in state Maryland kids, but in St I'm from New Jersey and I would say Half of my friends here are also from New Jersey. New Jersey is like the second most popular state that goes here. What is the academic culture like the academic culture? I would say people take academics really seriously here. I feel there is like a big pressure to do well in school, mostly just for myself, but also because everyone around me is also trying really hard at their classes. What are some defining features of our campus in community? Well, test youto our mascot is a pretty big deal. He's a terrapin, which is some form of turtle, and he obviously there's the mask out, the dresses up at all the sports games. But then there's also these like metal statue test you does. They're big. They're like a full life sized terrapin that they're supposedly like ten of them around campus or something. And if you rub his nose, it's good luck. That's like anything that we have. Greek life is really popular in Maryland. I shouldn't really popular. I think I've I looked up the statistic and it's only around thirty percent, which isn't a lot. But we have so many different Greek life. Chapter's a lot of people. Russia's a freshman or sophomore. I personally am in Greek life, so to me it feels like everyone's in Greek life. Just because I know a lot of the people I know are also in Greek life. But I do know a lot of people who are not, and it's not one of those schools where you have to be in Greek life, taboo, good time Like there's plenty of other stuff to do terms of social life and going out at night at midnight, all the parties open up and anyone can go to them. So if you're not in Greek life, it's not like you can't do anything because we also have bars. We have all the frat parties. Um, and yeah, there's just if you're into the going out scene, there's a lot of options. I think Greek life is a really important thing to consider. If that's something you're into, it's a really good community and network of people. And it's helped me out in so many ways. It helps me with academics. I find other people in my classes. Um, that can help me. It helps you with internships and having confections, and it's also just It gives you structure. Sometimes freshman year. You don't always you know what to do with yourself when you're not in class and you know not doing homework and it gives you kind of an organized schedule. You have weekly chapter meetings, you have philanthropy events, you have to do community service, and then you also have the option to go to social events. The sports culture here is huge. It is. I mean, we're big ten school. So our football games a really popular with the huge tailgate before the football, well, there's all kinds of telly. It's all over campus. But there's one big one on the practice field and on game day. It's just like everybody dressed up everyone with their Maryland pride. It's it's a really, really nice, big, um community feeling that you could just you could tell, What are some of the best clubs and organizations on campus? Paschal? There's some really unique ones like There's Gymkhana, which is this acrobatic troupe that I love to watch. They always have, like someone doing, um, tricks on the trampoline at the first look fair. And they're really cool. There's the lettuce eating club. There's the Quidditch team. Um, there's a lot of club dance teams. I'm on one of them there. I mean, there's just a club for everything. Something that's really popular is professional fraternities. So there's like multiple business fraternities, law, fraternities, premed engineering. There's tons. I can't even name them all, but I know people in them and those air really, really good for networking and having a community. Um, there are clubs, sports teams, which a lot of people get involved in and those air really fun. And, um, good way to stay active. I would say no. It's good to spend your free time doing a club or getting involved. It's something good to have on your resume. It something to do with your free time and kind of, um, channel your energy and passions into doing something outside of just her classes. Because if all you did at college was go to class and do homework, I feel like it really wouldn't be a super fulfilling experience. I'm here with my friends Sharon, Amanda, and we're at the North campus diner, which is one of what, three mean Dani halls on campus. So it's open till midnight tonight, so we're going to go have a late night dinner. It's Thanksgiving special, right? There's gonna be some Thanksgiving food. Sarah and Amanda are freshmen, so they currently have a dining plan. I don't anymore, but they're gonna show me around. So every time you enter the dining, all they have machines where you just swipe your hand and it'll say, Access granted. If you have a shining planet, you could just walk right in. About that thing over here. We have sandwich station. Wait. Have you our viewer? So thank you. Be very clear. Oh, my God. New Jersey. Yeah. Right here. Veggies and, like coming. What? It's late at night. You know their loans. Burgers. That's, um, five star dining right there, decorated for Thanksgiving but usually vegetables like carrots over. This's our favorite station. Always in the pictorial cheese. Oh, normally they switch between French fried potatoes. Wait fries station, which is one of never to the point. This is Vegan Station. I remember when I used to come here. They had these, like, tofu chicken nuggets that tasted like actual chicken nuggets. And I eat them all the time. This's like salad vegetables. So there's like always fresh rush. Make warm. Cookies are so good. Is there a limit to how much food you know? It's a limited income and as many times as you on and take it much food as you want every time. But you can't leave. Have to eat whatever you get. What? This has to be. My personal favorite station at the dining hall. Ramen noodle bar. Way to show it. Oh, there's none left. Okay, normally, there's like chicken and all kinds of things you could put in your ramen noodles that sign Amanda, What did you get for your second dinner tonight? My second dinner? I have some cream. Handsome like apple pie thing. I also got the apple cake. The people. I sell it on some Mac and cheese and sugar cookies, so I'm really in the health Amy. I was my Rachel. And on Saturday, yeah. We're gonna lose okay with everyone. Way off, Poppy. We play cornhole, we dance, We have a good time. And that's what we do on Saturdays.